Cradle to Grave (2022)

Free Read Cradle to Grave - by Eleanor Kuhns - Cradle to Grave, Cradle to Grave Will Rees is adjusting to life on his Maine farm in but he s already hungering for the freedom of the road and his chance to travel comes sooner than he expects Lydia has just received a letter Free Read Cradle to Grave - by Eleanor Kuhns - Cradle to Grave, Cradle to Grave Will Rees is adjusting to life on his Maine farm in but he s already hungering for the freedom of the road and his chance to travel comes sooner than he expects Lydia has just received a letter
  • Title: Cradle to Grave
  • Author: Eleanor Kuhns
  • ISBN: 9781250050007
  • Page: 129
  • Format: Hardcover
Cradle to Grave
Free Read Cradle to Grave - by Eleanor Kuhns, Cradle to Grave, Eleanor Kuhns, Cradle to Grave Will Rees is adjusting to life on his Maine farm in but he s already hungering for the freedom of the road and his chance to travel comes sooner than he expects Lydia has just received a letter from her old friend Mouse a soft spoken and gentle woman who now lives in the Shaker community in Mount Unity New York To Lydia and Rees s astonishment she s in troubleWill Rees is
  • Free Read Cradle to Grave - by Eleanor Kuhns
    129Eleanor Kuhns
Cradle to Grave

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  1. Book 3 in the Will Rees historical mystery series In this edition, Will and his new wife Lydia are asked by a friend to come investigate an accusation of kidnapping That charge soon turns into murder Luckily, Will has a talent for investigating these types of crimes, something he developed while serving in the Revolutionary war.I really enjoy this series and I think it continues to improve with each novel as the characters become defined Also, author Eleanor Kuhns does her research in the time [...]

  2. This was the best Will Rees yet As usual, the social milieu and tone of the writing really transport you to the time and place Many times when I read mysteries, I am simultaneously figuring out the ending, but with these I am so involved in the story I don t even think about trying to sort out the ending and that makes for a much satisfying read Like Anne Perry, the characters are compelling and the place feels real enough to keep you invested the entire time.

  3. Cradle to Grave is the first book I ve read by Eleanor Kuhns, and having read the book I ll be picking up her two previous novels Death of a Dyer and A Simple Murder the latter of which was the winner of the Mystery Writers of America First Crime Novel Award Cradle to Grave is a good old fashioned mystery in the same vein of Agatha Christie s famed who dun its Set in a Shaker community in late 1800s readers are once again meet Will Rees, protagonist carried over from Kuhns first two novels Rees [...]

  4. Once again Kuhns succeeds in not only transporting me back to a time in America s infancy, but in also creating such a satisfying puzzle, revealing some of the history of that time, populating it with sympathetic and unsympathetic characters, and convincing me of the wrongs that people did and continue to do to one another in the name of things that should matter less to one another A great read.

  5. Well write historical fiction Going to be looking for books by this author and with these characters Love finding a new author that writes so well

  6. I don t know how to categorize what Will Rees does In a modern era we would call him a private detective In this, his third series appearance, what he does in the last decade of the 18th century doesn t yet have a name It won t have a name for 50 years.The fact that I struggle over this naming process is a compliment to his creator She has made Will and his world very real Who would think that a weaver in a small community in Maine, who has to travel to ply his trade, would be so engaging In p [...]

  7. Will and his wife Lydia go to help their friend mouse after she is in trouble for kidnap This later turns into a murder investigation as they set out to clear their friends name whilst unravelling secrets that have been kept for years Although this is book 3 I have not read the other 2 and this was ok as a standalone I really enjoyed reading this book and did not guess anything it kept you gripped to the end

  8. Will Rees sets off to the Shaker community in New York to rescue his wife s friend, Sister Hannah Mouse She has become attached to a family, but the mother isn t thrilled with it After setting off back home, they find out that the mother has been killed and Mouse is a suspect Turns out old secrets amongst the town folk are likely to have led to the mother s death.Periodically difficult to follow.

  9. This book follows Will Rees and his wife as they go to a Shaker community in New York to help out a friend A murder happens and Rees investigates This is the third in a series but the first I have read I enjoyed it but think I would have been vested in the characters if I had read the first two before reading this one Overall a good mystery read I received a free copy from but my opinions are my own.

  10. Weaver Will Rees and his wife Lydia travel to upstate New York to help a Shaker friend who is accused of kidnapping five young children.But Will is drawn into a murder investigation and soon finds himself unraveling a small town s long kept secrets to solve the mystery.This post Revolutionary War series continues to shine.

  11. I received this free copy from the author through Giveaways.This is the first book I have read by the author Since I haven t read the first two in the series, there was a bit of catch up and some missing pieces I liked the historical setting, characters, and plot It was a quick and enjoyable read.

  12. well written i liked it interesting story line which i enjoyed that it was historically accurate which is always a big plus to me and i did not guess who the killer was till close to the end which for me is good because most of the time i figure it out before the middle of the book

  13. very well written, I felt like I was right there in that era and small town I loved it, such a fun interesting read.

  14. This one is well done by Kuhns The story, while putting Will and wife Lydia in the middle of another puzzle that has to be solved, also shows some of the other interests of the day For example, Will is sitting in a tavern eating while the gentlemen all discuss a burning question What should be the capital of New York Kingston, Albany, New York City The story is taking place in 1797 and Will and Lydia have traveled to upstate New York at a request from Sister Hannah, a Shaker that knows Lydia wel [...]

  15. This was a quick, engaging reading I have read all three of the Rees mystery novels thus far, and after a good start, the series seems to be growing even better and confident The plot of Cradle to Grave may have gotten a bit too complicated I had no difficulty keeping track of events through 95% of the story, but I found myself re reading the extensive solution scene at the end multiple times trying to grasp the big picture of who did what behind the scenes and why I was only partially successf [...]

  16. Will Rees is now married to his beloved Lydia and they are spending the winter on his farm in Maine Lydia gets a frantic letter from her friend Mouse who still lives in the Shaker community in New York where Lydia lived She has been charged with kidnapping of five children and needs their help Will and Lydia travel to see Mouse even though it is in the middle of winter and travel is hard They find Mouse who readily admits to kidnapping but says that the mother of the children is not a fit mother [...]

  17. The 3rd in this series of historical mysteries set in post Revolutionary War New England, with traveling weaver Will Rees and Lydia, now his wife, as the main characters and solvers of mysteries In the frigid Maine winter they receive a letter from Mouse, a friend from Lydia s previous Shaker community life, pleading for their help Traveling through snow storms they arrive in rural New York to discover that Mouse has been accused of kidnapping 5 children and shortly after that accused of killing [...]

  18. A GoodReads GiveAwayThis is an extremely slow moving murder mystery, so don t read this novel if you re seeking rapid fire action Nevertheless, the story is interesting, especially considering the time, place and the novel s underlying theme.The setting is Maine and upstate New York, 1797 Will Rees is self employed in a profession that, I m willing to bet a Canadian loonie, isn t seen much any He s a travelling weaver He becomes entangled in a number of murders after he is called to the aid of a [...]

  19. Will is married to his love, Lydia, who convinces him to travel to New York from Maine in the dead of winter, in order to help out a friend.I enjoyed that the story did not dwell on the journey, but touched on the social milieu of the times, reminding me that the travel was so difficult them This was well written, in that it transported me, making me forget in part that this was a mystery There were multiple villains, and I was surprised at the prefidy of some, but not at the identity of the tru [...]

  20. In this, the third in Eleanor Kuhns s Shaker mystery series, the author traces a plot that opens with a modest crime the kidnapping or well meant rescue of 5 abused children from their alcoholic mother and descends into the far serious crime of murder and not only one Set in the late 18th century in Maine and upstate New York during the winter just reading about that will make you shiver and reach for another blanket , the story involves itinerant weaver Will Rees who has recently married Lydia [...]

  21. Thanks to First Reads, I received a copy of Cradle to Grave, the third book in the Will Rees Shaker series The setting is late 18th century upper New York where Will and his wife Lydia go to defend their friend, Mouse, who s been accused of kidnapping five children Of course, when the mother of the children is murdered, the situation becomes far complicated Mouse is implicated and questions arise concerning paternity, a missing will and land ownership Cradle to Grave is an interesting read and [...]

  22. Lydia and Will Rees receive a letter from Mouse, a Shaker friend of Lydia s To their surprise, she s in trouble with the law for kidnapping five children, claiming their mother in unfit to care for them Will and Lydia travel to New York, braving the winter weather to help their friend When the woman is found murdered, Mouse is the prime suspect Will finds himself embroiled in the midst of another murder case while trying to help care for the five orphaned children.Ms Kuhns historical accuracy is [...]

  23. When their friend Mouse , now a member of a Shaker community in New York State, is accused of kidnapping, and asks Will and Lydia for help, they know they must go to her aid, despite the distance and the weather What they find turns out even worse than they expect, especially once a murder is committed, and suspicion is once again pointed at Mouse But years, generations of secrets are about to be revealed, to the consternation of the entire community Well written, hard to put down.

  24. This book is an enjoyable read The pace was moderate, and generally maintained my interest The author clearly researched the time period before writing, and her characters are well defined At the end the story became a bit complicated, and I had to go back in the book for reminders I m looking forward to reading books one and two in the series.

  25. In short, I didn t care for the setting The plot began interestingly but the investigation into the complicated lives seemed bogged down and heavy I found myself very frustrated by the disorganization of Rees and Cooper s investigations I had a hard time finishing this one, as I was not excited to get to the answers.

  26. Set in late 18th century New York, this is an enjoyable mystery with a complicated whodunit storyline that is best enjoyed by simply following along with the lead character as he does the ground work in solving the murders, and closes with a very touching, very appropriate ending Read our full review, here mysteriousreviews myst

  27. The first half of this novel was a bit slow to me However, it became a real page turner I really enjoyed reading this well written novel The characters were well described The plot s excellent I would recommend this book to my friends I received a free copy of the novel through the First Reads program Thanks for sending me this great novel.

  28. The novel takes place in the 1700 s where hey travel by horse and buggy Upon receiving a letter from her friend mouse Lydia and her husband travel to find out what is wrong A murder has taken place and her friend is accused Will Rees solves the crime.May not be the most interesting book, but an enjoyable enough read.

  29. I love these characters and was excited to read this third in the series However, this was my least favorite of the three Without giving anything away, in several ways the resolution of the mystery seemed inconsistent with certain parts of the plot.But I still love her writing and the overall story arc of the series.

  30. Weaver Will Rees and his wife Lydia travel to Dover Springs near Albany NY in the winter of 1797 They ve come to help their friend Mouse save a family of five children from being evicted from their home When their mother is killed and Mouse accused of the murder, Will and Lydia must find the real killer fast Another fascinating historical mystery from Eleanor Kuhns.

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