Coach Carter (2022)

↠ Coach Carter ☆ Jasmine Jones - Coach Carter, Coach Carter When former Richmond High School basketball legend Ken Carter agrees to take over his alma mater s floundering team he has the players sign a contract that demands good grades perfect class attendan ↠ Coach Carter ☆ Jasmine Jones - Coach Carter, Coach Carter When former Richmond High School basketball legend Ken Carter agrees to take over his alma mater s floundering team he has the players sign a contract that demands good grades perfect class attendan
  • Title: Coach Carter
  • Author: Jasmine Jones
  • ISBN: 9780060772529
  • Page: 163
  • Format: Paperback
Coach Carter
↠ Coach Carter ☆ Jasmine Jones, Coach Carter, Jasmine Jones, Coach Carter When former Richmond High School basketball legend Ken Carter agrees to take over his alma mater s floundering team he has the players sign a contract that demands good grades perfect class attendance and suits on game days With Coach Carter at the helm the Oilers record soon stands at and But when the coach learns that some members of his team are cutting clasWhen former Ric
  • ↠ Coach Carter ☆ Jasmine Jones
    163Jasmine Jones
Coach Carter

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  1. Great book for reluctant readers The topic is engaging The characters are likeable though not well developed Some offensive language for the tender hearted.

  2. this book was heart warming, i honestly loved this book, because coach carter has a new method to get along with the basket players

  3. The book was really good.I like this book because there is a lot of vocabulary that i didn t know but now i know the words.

  4. Once I seen this book on the shelf and picked it up, I figured this was going to be a book I liked.To make it better the author picked a very good cover It showed me that I would have a lot to relate to in this novel The book is basically about a small city basketball team that wasn t doing so good until coach carter returns to the school and begins coaching again While the catchy part about the book is that the carter isn t really a normal coach It s not all about winning with him it s than ju [...]

  5. I think that coach carter was a very serious book about how a basketball team of young teens live in Richmond Virginia They where very childish and un mature but coach carter teaches them to become respectful young men that he knows they can be even though they live in a bad neighborhood This book had me on the edge of my seat because it was jut so interesting and suspenseful They wen on a twelve game winning streak and just because they didn t do there wok when coach carter specifically said to [...]

  6. What i like about this book is that there are a lot of intense words in this book.I like the action in this story movie.My favorite character in the book it have to Kyra because i think she has a lot of things going on in her life with Kenyon.When Kyra said that she was going to have a baby,then when she told Kenyon,he freaked out.Kenyon doesn t want the baby,but they don t know what to do with the baby.

  7. Coach Carter by Jasmine Jones was a very good book Coach Carter was an amazing coach, he was always helping the students and he made them get good grades to play again He was always supporting the team and the boys I like books that have morals and this one teached me that if I work harder I can accomplish all my goals I hope to see the movie someday to see if it s as good as the book I think Jasmine put effort on this book and this book is worth reading.

  8. i thought it was good in the end Richmond didn t win the game against ST Francis like all of the dumb movie who let the when at the end of the game and the story was good cruz gave up doing drugs and being in gangs

  9. Coach Carter is a fantastic book, you ll enjoy The story line is simple, and Coach Carter teaches these boys to become better than what they are right now.

  10. I liked how it was realistic but at the same time it didn t seem so real, and i really liked that because i don t really like reading realistic books I liked how it has suspense.

  11. I think this is a very interesting book It has some good quotes that could help in life I think that that me and the class all enjoyed it.

  12. The book was very inspiring cause it teaches us that no matter how hard it is you can also succed It is a very good book to read so i recommend the book.

  13. 1 Author Background Her name is Jasmine Jones and she was always really creative and starting writing books at a very young age.2 Literary Time Period This book took place in the late 90 s and in a place where crime was heavy and a bad time period to be living in that neighborhood.3 Setting The setting of this story is early 2000 s in Richmond California, which was a very hard place to grow up and live.4 Characters Coach Ken Carter, Jason Lyle, Timo Cruz, Damian Carter, Kenyon Stone, Worm, Junio [...]

  14. I read the book Coach Carter by Jasmine Jones I loved this book This is one of my favorite books It starts with Ken Carter walking in the gym, as his old high school team, the Richmond Oilers, playing a preseason game against the St Francis Mustangs The Oilers are getting destroyed It doesn t help the Oilers that the Mustangs have the next Lebron James, Ty Crane The Oilers problem is not the athletic ability, but the teamwork and trust in one another that they lack They re constantly fighting Af [...]

  15. In Coach Carter former basketball star and alumni Ken Carter becomes the new basketball coach at Richmond High School He us a strict, and disciplined man nd believes you should work for what you want especially his basketball players I Can relate to this because my parents are strict and makes me and my siblings work hard to achieve our goals.This book is amazing, it is very creative and visual Once you read about what these young basketball players go through on a daily basis outside of the cou [...]

  16. Coach Carter by Jasmine Jones5 of 5 stars by Aden Sachsread September 5, to October 3, 2014 Basketball being my favorite sport, I loved this story about a small town basketball team This story written by Jasmine Jones had me sitting on the edge of my chair, making me feel as if I was apart of the team Jasmine Jone s true story of famous basketball player, coach Ken Carter and his team on their journey to the state play offs, is a book I would recommend to any sports fan interested in rooting for [...]

  17. I chose to read Coach Carter because I really love basketball and I knew I would like it the first time I grabbed it, and how this Coach can lead a fallen basketball team to become not just better basketball players, but better students.When I was reading this book it felt very inspirational and mind blowing It was a page tuner, it justs gives you urgency to see what happens next This book had alot of drama, having to deal with the struggles of the players in their life and how they are able to [...]

  18. The title of this book is , adapted by Jasmine Jones This book is originally a movie but Jasmine Jones the author wrote it as a book The main characters are Coach Carter and the Richmond, Oilers basketball team The setting of this book is in the Richmond gym This book has a great message and is based on a true story It all started when Coach Carter took the job as the Richmond basketball coach He knew he had work to do because the team was out of control After winning several games, Coach Carter [...]

  19. This book is AMAZING Ken Carter was a great coach in the book he turned a group of boys into men I like this book because it s based on a true event and normally when you read book or watch movies the ending is all ways either the good guy wins or a buzzer beater in this case My favorite part of the book is when Timo Cruz said Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us You re pla [...]

  20. Coach Carter is a very good book based on a true story People who are reading this or want to read this book should know its ways of telling what going on what make a team Coach Carter has taken a team of basketball players to make them from boys to men These boys have been doing things such as ditching school or just selling drugs to make money, even a person dies in the team from messing with drugs but then had came back to coach because he was scared that would happen to him These boys unders [...]

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