Bury the Lead (2022)

☆ Bury the Lead Ý David Rosenfelt - Bury the Lead, Bury the Lead I watch sixteen football games over nine hours It s an extraordinary accomplishmentWith the remote secure in the palm of my hand or often resting on my chest I am all powerful I haven t missed an im ☆ Bury the Lead Ý David Rosenfelt - Bury the Lead, Bury the Lead I watch sixteen football games over nine hours It s an extraordinary accomplishmentWith the remote secure in the palm of my hand or often resting on my chest I am all powerful I haven t missed an im
  • Title: Bury the Lead
  • Author: David Rosenfelt
  • ISBN: 9780446612869
  • Page: 475
  • Format: Paperback
Bury the Lead
☆ Bury the Lead Ý David Rosenfelt, Bury the Lead, David Rosenfelt, Bury the Lead I watch sixteen football games over nine hours It s an extraordinary accomplishmentWith the remote secure in the palm of my hand or often resting on my chest I am all powerful I haven t missed an important play since the Carter administration His streak of murder case acquittals made him a regular on cable talk shows His recent million inheritance boughtI watch sixteen football

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  • ☆ Bury the Lead Ý David Rosenfelt
    475 David Rosenfelt
Bury the Lead

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  1. I would have interviewed Andy Carpenter for this review, except that according to him My interviews would be better suited to the E Network, providing E stands for evasive Or maybe the Sleep Channel, if there is one What I should have done was brought Tara his Golden Retriver and gone on Animal Planet.Once again, with his witty humour intact, David Resenfelt has managed to write a mystery thriller police procedural courtroom drama novel that is witty and intensely suspenseful at the same time I [...]

  2. A pretty typical courtroom drama that I love to read I like the characters There is just the right amount of wise assness and wit to the affable protagonist s take on the world that I was willing to embrace his take on his legal profession, views of the mob, charity, police, love, and dogs I end up liking the guy Virtually all of the other characters are rich in supporting ways from his low key love interest to his buddy that answers his questions in song lyrics.I caught myself laughing out loud [...]

  3. An absolutely fun book, it is a quick read listen and funny I listened to this book at work and it was perfect backdrop for blocking people in the surrounding cubes and still being able to follow the story Rosenfelt s Andy Carpenter is a defense attorney in NJ, has a bit of Colombo type underdog in him but with a dry, witty humour that had me chuckling out loud at work The reader, Grover Gardner, is several levels above excellent His Andy Carpenter has overtones of Andy Rooney from 60 Minutes an [...]

  4. You know a book is good when you are laughing out loud throughout the novel I love Andy Carpenter Andy is really good at being a defense attorney, however he isn t a defense attorney very often as he has a very large inheritance and gets to pick and choose his cases Andy s friend, Vince a newspaper owner asks Andy to defend one of his reporters, Daniel Daniel is a star reporter who keeps getting phone calls from a serial killer After Daniel is found at the scene of the crime with evidence in his [...]

  5. Another fun, short mystery that was well read plotted These are chip books because I can t listen to just one They re all pretty much the same, differing only in the details of the dilemma, but that doesn t mean they re not fun.I liked it enough that I went looking for books by this author found out that the Tara Foundation, a dog rescue started in the last book, actually is a going concern run by the author I have a book about it reserved hope to listen to it soon.

  6. Full review Smoke Mirrors books n music 201 I was in the mood to read the next installment in this series and have it checked out from the library, so I read it today Fun, as always, though this one was a bit grisly, to me I believe it had even twists and turns than the first two And they worked I love the fact that Andy is really rather a wimp at most times But he s a good person who always wants to know the truth of what occurred, no matter what His relationship with Laurie reminds me of my [...]

  7. I m beginning to look at this series in a new light I think I expected to look at it in a serious way However, taking it as a humorous courtroom drama, I like it better In this latest installment, someone is killing women and chopping off their hands When someone close to Vince is arrested, Andy is asked to help with the defense I like the character of Vince, and this was a good way to see him I m also really liking Willy He has found the perfect way to spend his money and his time by opening a [...]

  8. Andy goes off on a tangent to solve this one when the trial doesn t bring a resolution to the story Introducing a new characters, mob boss Dominic Petrone plus Driver Gorilla.

  9. Excellent I had to keep changing my guesses and in the end they turned out to be half right Terrific plotting Loved this Language

  10. Andy Carpenter is the role model for the legal profession wise, sarcastic, romantic and a coward at heart but he loves dogs and does great things for the innocent accused Fun book to read over and over

  11. Andy Carpenter is an attorney who is independently wealthy He gets involved in what he thinks is a serial murder crime He defends a person charged believing him to be innocent The book is well written, but I just didn t think the plot was all that interesting The only saving grace is that Andy has a golden retriever named Terra and he s involved with an animal shelter that he funded.

  12. RATING 4.75Whoopee Andy s back I love this series featuring Andy Carpenter, wiseass defense attorney from northern New Jersey And BURY THE LEAD, third in the series, does not disappoint.Andy lives a relatively quiet life He inherited 22 million, but it hasn t gone to his head He s used some of the money to set up a dog rescue foundation, together with Willie Miller, a former client who received a substantial judgment So when Andy decides to do legal work, it s because he wants to, not because he [...]

  13. Reporter, Daniel Cummings is being used by a killer to disclose stuff about murders Eventually Daniel is framed for the a murder Andy Carpenter takes the case A prostitute who is killed was once a wealthy girl She is the one the killer really wanted dead because she and her brother are due to inherit Her brother wants her out of the picture The other people who were killed were just to throw off authorities There comes a shocking point in the book where Daniel is not guilty due to another murder [...]

  14. I really liked this third installment in the Andy Carpenter series This is just a fun series, no doubt about it I really like the role of the mafia so far, too The characters are all interesting and the dialogue is lively and funny I must admit that the male characters are much developed than the female characters, though Still, it s a lot of fun and each of the plots are original although how many frame ups can one lawyer reveal It will be interesting to see how this series develops.

  15. I am reading these out of order, which I don t usually do, but the spoilers don t seem to matter I love the snarkiness of Lawyer Andy Carpenter, as well as all the secondary characters.He loves his dog and funds a dog rescue foundation He also defends his clients What could you ask for Well a good mystery too The twists and turns of this one were really good I did not catch the clues at all, so I never saw it coming,which I as a reader think is a good thing

  16. Bury the Lead is a fine example of a certain category of mystery one where humor, not suspense, in the driving force It s populated with wise cracking protagonist, an extremely eccentric secondary cast, and has just enough of a twist at the end to feel satisfying This isn t Literary Fiction complete with a capital l by any means, nor does it aspire to be Instead, it s a pleasant, if somewhat breezy, way to pass a few hours.

  17. This is part of a mystery series that my husband got me started on Certainly not great books but very enjoyable ones I like the character of Andy Carpenter, a defense attorney He is certainly not the super hero type, has a unique sense of humor, likes golden retrievers, and has to be protected by his girl friend, Laurie than once Rosenfelt s writing style is enjoyable.

  18. This very funny legal thriller mystery kept me laughing out loud all the way through, just like the first two books in the series It has a clever mystery plot with lots of surprising twists, wonderfully witty dialogue, a breezy writing style, a likable narrator and, as if that weren t enough, dogs A very entertaining read for those who enjoy a well plotted mystery with plenty of humor.

  19. This is fun brain candy a wealthy lawyer who has a dog rescue foundation, and who frequently has dogs prominently built into his cases This case involves a reporter accused of committing the murders he is reporting on Self deprecating lead is funny Lisa you d like this one

  20. Fun mystery with a touch of humor.Reporter, Daniel Cummings is being used by a killer to disclose stuff about murders Eventually Daniel is framed for the a murder Andy Carpenter takes the case.

  21. Light hearted legal police thriller I like the way the cast of characters keeps accumulating with each new addition to the series.

  22. Love this series A good story with lots of legal poceedings, a goody mystery and a dash of humor.Andy Carpenter defends a guy accused of killing several women The guy s dad is a friend of Andy s and he believes his son is innocent The son is a newspaper man and says the real killer has been contacting him with info about the killings Andy is doing his best to get him freed but is running into some serious roadblocks All the evidence is against them.Andy makes the acquaintance of the head of the [...]

  23. I haven t read one of these Andy Carpenter novels in a while and I forgot how much I enjoyed the humor and the character The plot was a bit convoluted but interesting I was okay until the end when he pulled an idiot detective maneuver by meeting with the killer to try to trick him into confessing Really He s already said a dozen times that this was a cold, calculated murder spree and that the killer must be very smart but he thinks he can outwit him all by himself That didn t play well with me, [...]

  24. I love the Andy Carpenter series And this might have been the best one yet Not going to give it a spoiler but I knew that when the story in essence ended with 40 pages left to go that there was going to be another bomb shell I had suspected the person involved was actually involved in some way but what kept the story from getting five stars is that the conclusion was very weak and completely non believable I think that Mr Rosenfelt just didn t know how to end this great story and he fumbled a ta [...]

  25. I read this book as part of a reading challenge and this Author was unknown to me prior I can say that I like the main character and his dry sarcasm He is funny and is not afraid to be honest about his flaws but in a witty way Also, he does love his dog but she does not take up a large portion of the story The pace is ok and I felt that the ending was anticlimactic until the very end and then there was a few minutes of tension That quickly passed Overall, I liked it and it was an easy read I wou [...]

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