Pies and Prejudice (2022)

↠ Pies and Prejudice ↠ Ellery Adams - Pies and Prejudice, Pies and Prejudice When the going gets tough Ella Mae LaFaye bakes pies So when she catches her husband cheating in New York she heads back home to Havenwood Georgia where she can drown her sorrows in fresh fruit fi ↠ Pies and Prejudice ↠ Ellery Adams - Pies and Prejudice, Pies and Prejudice When the going gets tough Ella Mae LaFaye bakes pies So when she catches her husband cheating in New York she heads back home to Havenwood Georgia where she can drown her sorrows in fresh fruit fi
  • Title: Pies and Prejudice
  • Author: Ellery Adams
  • ISBN: 9780425251409
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
Pies and Prejudice
↠ Pies and Prejudice ↠ Ellery Adams, Pies and Prejudice, Ellery Adams, Pies and Prejudice When the going gets tough Ella Mae LaFaye bakes pies So when she catches her husband cheating in New York she heads back home to Havenwood Georgia where she can drown her sorrows in fresh fruit filling and flakey crust But her pies aren t just delicious They re having magical effects on the people who eat them and the public is hungry for Discovering her hiddenWhen the goin

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  • ↠ Pies and Prejudice ↠ Ellery Adams
    315 Ellery Adams
Pies and Prejudice

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  1. Wow Yet another example of how bad a book can be when an author writes what they do NOT know The idea of this book is right up my alley Cozy mystery, a little magic, a little romance I was really looking forward to it Yes, the trope of food with magical qualities has been done A LOT, magical pies specifically are certainly not new, but I enjoy it could always have .However, so disappointing to start the actual reading First of all, if your main character is going to specialize in making pies you [...]

  2. EIGHTY YEAR OLD DOES CARTWHEELS DOWN MONARCH STREET Mr Jefferson Baxter performed multiple cartwheels in front of a crowd of afternoon shoppers and merchants Baxter, who has walked with the aid of a cane for the past seven years, claims that he experienced a surge of joy so compelling that he felt the need to express it through movement When asked how he was able to display such remarkable agility, Baxter was unable to provide an explanation His only comment was that the pie he d had for dessert [...]

  3. This is yet another cozy mystery with a dimwit heroine I cannot understand how authors expect readers to believe that these ladies are able to find a killer, when in reality they cannot find their rear ends with a map Case in point, heroine here is 30 years old, but she still does not know that her mother and her aunts and her housekeeper are all witches She herself is one, but let alone believing in magic, the lady doesn t even register the fact that strange things happen when she bakes her stu [...]

  4. I really liked this first book in the series and can t wait to read Ella Mae has just moved back home and is starting a pie shop Her pies sound fantastic I liked the characters in this book and the mystery was good I was totally surprised at the out come of it.

  5. Sigh, I just don t think these kind of Cozy Mysteries are for me I liked the story well enough It was interesting, but not exciting or magical to me There was magic implied and lots of pie baking and the characters were okay, but meh My favorite part was the Key Lime Pie recipe in the back of the book Yummy

  6. In Pies and Prejudice, the first in the Charmed Pie Shoppe series by Ellery Adams, Ella Mae LeFay returns to her hometown of Havenwood, Georgia to get away from her cheating husband Her mother and three aunts encourage Ella Mae to pursue her gift of making pies by opening a shop devoted to selling pies Over the course of the book, Ella Mae comes to realize that she bakes her emotions into her pies and shares them with those who eat the pies Her aunts cry blue tears eating blueberry pie baked whi [...]

  7. PIES AND PREJUDICE was the kind of story that I wanted to jump inside of The charming setting, engaging characters and well crafted mystery made this one of my favorite cozies to date The book begins with Ella Mae LaFaye returning to her hometown of Havenwood, Georgia, right after leaving her cheating husband back in New York Instead of letting anger and sadness take over, Ella Mae decides to live her dream by opening a pie shop in downtown Havenwood, with a little financial and a lot of emotion [...]

  8. Read for Fun Overall Rating 5.00Story Rating 5.00Character Rating 5.00First thought when finished Hands down one of my favorite cozy mysteries EVER I know the name suggests it but this is NOT a Pride and Prejudice set book.What I Thought of the Story Pies and Prejudice is probably the best cozy mystery that I have read in two years and I have read some really good cozy mysteries The story takes place after Ella Mae comes back to her hometown after a failed relationship She is dealing with a lot [...]

  9. The mystery and the magical parts of this story are enjoyable and I liked the secondary characters, particularly the aunts The main character, Ella Mae, is too passive She wants a pie shop, her family does all the work in setting it up She wants a divorce but refuses to go back to NY to take care of it or get her stuff, so she ll just wait for six months before she can file in Georgia, and wonder if she ll ever see her stuff again seriously Doesn t she have at least one friend from her years the [...]

  10. I enjoyed listening to this little cozy The characters were likable and funny There s an underlying magical thread that hasn t been revealed yet, or maybe there isn t and Ellery just wanted you to think that Looking forward to the next one.

  11. I really really liked this book, it molded the paranormal part and the mystery part so well together that neither overshadowed the other, but yet both were the stars of the show.Ella Mae LaFaye is a very strong character that deals with the stress of walking in on her husband cheating on her in this book, but yet she doesn t let it get her down for than a few days I d heard people say that they thought she was dumb to not see her powers beforehand, and though I think she could have seen them be [...]

  12. Not the best time to write a review when I am all grrr drama, I should not even post a review here Right, so this is my first cozy mystery I have meant to read one for AGES, trust me, ages And now I finally did It was cute, charming and with a sprinkle of magic that I really enjoyed.What I did not like is that Ella is falsely accused, I hate that premise, it makes me sad But I loved that she did not let it stop her She opened her pie shop, she went on a hunt for the real killer Go Ella The magic [...]

  13. I picked up this book thinking it might be a take off on Jane Austen, or at least that it might contain some kind of homage to her Aside from a couple of quotes from Pride and Prejudice though, it is not my kind of comedy or mystery The prose is too purple, the fantasy elements too weird for me, and the mystery not central enough or maybe the fantasy and romance elements diluted it too much for my taste But if you like a mystery with those elements mixed in, go ahead and try this one.

  14. Pies and Prejudice Not bad, but not particularly good The overly descriptive writing became monotonous and annoying after awhile By the time she described whisking eggs as a storm blowing in, I was pretty much done.Also, in one scene, Ella Mae is talking to her husband on her cell and throws her phone in the lake A few pages later, she is awakened by her phone ringing Could be easily explained, but isn t And that s my issue with this book overly descriptive language on unimportant things, but co [...]

  15. I loved this first book in a new series What makes or breaks a cozy for me is the main character Does she have the characteristics that would make her someone I would be friends with I usually stay away from cozies have magic or some supernatural element to them, but the magic in this one just worked Looking forward to the next in the series.

  16. More of a 2.5 read Not a real big fan of this story or cast of characters The mystery was interesting at the beginning, but over time, I slowly started losing interest in it I ll most likely, not be reading the next one.

  17. Such a sweet cozy filled with family connections, pie, and some magic Loved the characters a fun read that will make you hungry

  18. Three and a half stars A charming cozy mystery that makes you crave pie When the elevator doors whisk open to take Ella Mae up to her apartment, she is shocked and horrified to see her husband doing the nasty with two red headed twins in the elevator Without thinking, she chucks her pie ingredients at the adulterers and flees She arrives at her mother s door in rural Georgia with nothing but the clothes on her back and her puppy, Chewy Broken hearted, Ella Mae is looking to restart her life She [...]

  19. When the going gets tough, Ella Mae LaFaye bakes pies So when she catches her husband cheating in New York, she heads back home to Havenwood, Georgia, where she can drown her sorrows in fresh fruit filling and flakey crust But her pies aren t just delicious They re having magical effects on the people who eat them and the public is hungry for .Discovering her hidden talent for enchantment, Ella Mae makes her own wish come true by opening the Charmed Pie Shoppe But with her old nemesis Loralyn Ga [...]

  20. I loved the way this book started, but the rest of it felt very disjointed to me I thought the way Ella Mae went into Knox s office after he died was very crass, and after that she only became even annoying

  21. When Ella Mae LeFaye catches her husband in the act of cheating on her, she dumps a few baking ingredients on the guilty parties, picks up her Jack Russell terrier, leaves New York, and heads home to Havenwood, Georgia There she reunites with her aunts and tries to work out things with her mom Her mom was not happy when she got married and moved to New York and their relationship has been strained ever since Ella has a gift for baking the most delicious pies Her aunts convince her that her dream [...]

  22. This is the perfect cozy mystery Ella Mae is quite a catch from the very beginning, and Ellery Adams writes with wonderful wit Pies Prejudice is instantly magical and a thrill to read all the way through I m looking forward to reading about what other pies and crimes are baking in the Charmed Pie Shoppe I was inspired to make Shoofly Pie after reading this book too, and it was rather delicious

  23. newandusedbooks index.Pies and Prejudice A Charmed Pie Shoppe Mystery By Ellery Adams Berkley Prime CrimeJuly 2012Ella Mae LeFaye realizes her husband is pond scum when he and twins from the New York apartment next door are having a menage de trois in the elevator that arrives to pick up Ella She empties her bags of groceries on the group, goes after her dog, Chewy, and catches the next mode of transportation to Havenwood, Georgia She has been away from her home for seven years, the entire time [...]

  24. After catching her husband cheating on her, Ella Mae LeFaye leaves New York and heads to her hometown of Havenwood, Georgia She intends to start over in a place that s familiar to her, surrounded by her beloved aunts and her mother Ella Mae s dream is to bake pies in her own pie shop With financial help from her family, Ella Mae opens The Charmed Pie Shoppe and it s an immediate success She is stunned when she realizes she has her own special talent when it comes to baking pies Somehow she manag [...]

  25. After catching her husband cheating on her, Ella Mae La Faye Kittredge returns home to Havenwood, Georgia to fulfill her dream of opening a pie shop She is determined to succeed even if Loralyn Gaynor is equally determined to ruin her Soon Ella Mae has than Loralyn to worry about someone is murdered and she quickly becomes a major suspect Now Ella Mae must clear her name while also running the pie shop she may need some magic to help her Pies and Prejudice is the enchanting first book in Ellery [...]

  26. Pies and Prejudice should be every foodie s delight The descriptions of Ella Mae s baking at the beginning of this book had my mouth watering and my memories firmly in the past when, as a young child, I would watch my grandmother bake her own wonderful pies Although my grandmother s pies were good enough to convince their eaters that they d died and gone to heaven, Ella Mae s pies are indeed magic Whatever mood she s in while she s making her delectable concoctions is transferred to the baking I [...]

  27. Pies and Prejudice has an engaging heroine, charming characters, and an intriguing take on magic powers After catching her husband cheating on her, Ella Mae LeFay Kitteridge flees New York and returns to her hometown of Havenwood, Georgia Her mother and aunts soon set her up in a business, the Charmed Pie Shop Ella Mae s sweet and savory pies make the caf and bakery an immediate success Ella Mae s happiness curdles when her lifelong rival, Loralyn Gaynor, threatens her little dog, Chewy The plot [...]

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