Pale Kings (2022)

[PDF] Pale Kings | by Ê Ben Galley - Pale Kings, Pale Kings Emaneska is crying out for a saviourThe only question is Can they kill a child to save a world Emaneska s Long Winter remains as bitter as a blade between the ribs War is fast approaching Gods and dae [PDF] Pale Kings | by Ê Ben Galley - Pale Kings, Pale Kings Emaneska is crying out for a saviourThe only question is Can they kill a child to save a world Emaneska s Long Winter remains as bitter as a blade between the ribs War is fast approaching Gods and dae
  • Title: Pale Kings
  • Author: Ben Galley
  • ISBN: 9780956770035
  • Page: 411
  • Format: Paperback
Pale Kings
[PDF] Pale Kings | by Ê Ben Galley, Pale Kings, Ben Galley, Pale Kings Emaneska is crying out for a saviourThe only question is Can they kill a child to save a world Emaneska s Long Winter remains as bitter as a blade between the ribs War is fast approaching Gods and daemons are hovering on the horizon Long lost revelations arrive to haunt the lives of three men The Pale Kings are rising While Farden busies himself digging up his past inEmaneska is crying
  • [PDF] Pale Kings | by Ê Ben Galley
    411Ben Galley
Pale Kings

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  1. Another excellent cover picture, this time a Gryphon, a legendary creature with the head, talons, and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion.In the times when God s, Daemons Elves ruled in Emaneska, humans were nothing than slaves The Daemons grew to powerful and a great threat to the world Orion was the lord of the Daemons and coupled with a human slave, who bore him three human children with Daemon blood The gods were in hiding and the humans resigned to a life of slavery but the God s had [...]

  2. Full review over at Fantasy Book Critic Overall Rating 3 1 2 stars OVERVIEW ANALYSIS Pale Kings continues the story that began in The Written and is the second part on the Emaneska series The book begins events in a Malazan like fashion by focusing on events nearly two and half millennia ago The readers get to witness a birth which seems inconsequential however later on as they learn was of much consequence Things then begin only a few weeks after the events of the first book.Unlike the first bo [...]

  3. Absolutely bloody amazing I can t speak highly of this masterpiece of a fantasy epic, I loved every minute of it and even rationed it as I didn t want to finish it too quickly Damn I m finished and now I have to wait until the end of May for the last two books in the Emaneska series, Dead Stars parts one two to come out I can t wait There is so much going on in Pale Kings and so many important plots and answers that to write too much would spoil it for those of you that have not had the joy of [...]

  4. I read the first book in the Pale Kings series I think it is every bit as good as the Inheiritance series Whoo hoo Ben Galley.

  5. WARNING This review contains spoilers for the first book in the Emaneska series and some slight spoilers for this book If you want to remain unspoiled, please click away or skip to the last paragraph.A fortnight ago, I reviewed the first in Ben Galley s Emaneska series, The Written It was rather an occasion, as it was the first self pubbed book I ve ever reviewed and it was an interesting experiment While on the whole I d enjoyed the novel, I did have some issues with it some of them perhaps due [...]

  6. It s not always a compliment to say that you read a book in three days To read something so quickly that took months to prepare doing draft, redraft and further redraft can be quite irksome for an author and, I have to admit, part of my hast in reading this book was due to another obligation to the author However, another reason for so swift a reading was that this book is simply excellent and I couldn t help but complete it fully and immerse myself once in Emaneska.Reading this book reminded m [...]

  7. Much like The Written , Ben Galley s second work is a passable and enjoyable story I plan to read the third when it comes out For an author Galley s age, this is a very good work However, I think there is a lot of untapped potential here and I think some of his choices are sloppy This is not meant to be cruel to Galley After all, I read his first book when it was a free download on and it got me to buy his second There are just a few writing choices that I think could be done differently and mak [...]

  8. So, if you read my review of Ben s first book, I mentioned that my rating was on potential, and though I commented on a few areas I thought could use improvements, I thoroughly enjoyed the book overall Well, this book, the direct sequel to The Written , really makes good on a lot of that potential The magic system is expanded upon quite a bit, Farden s vambraces are elaborated upon, and the whole thing felt confident and polished The Written finished with only the smallest amount of closure, wi [...]

  9. This is a great follow up by one of the forerunners of the self publishing boom.Right from the start Ben Galley draws us back into the world of Emaneska with vivid descriptions and rich use of language Drawing heavily on Norse mythology, the book s well wrought prose often personifies the elements and natural world candles gutter shyly, skies cry, and fires bicker as warrior mage Farden sets out to find his long lost uncle and fellow Written Tyrfing.The story is well paced and takes us from the [...]

  10. Well, did Pale Kings deliver the goods that Ben Galley s first novel The Written achingly promised In a word Yes Pale Kings continues the story of good versus evil in the world of Emaneska Set a few months after the happenings in The Written , Ben s writing style continues to be as descriptive and absorbing as ever The story had unexpected twists in it than The Written and Ben is not afraid to kill off his main characters should the storyline call for it Personally 1 or 2 of the characters kill [...]

  11. A nail biting and fantastic follow up to the explosive The Written , Pale Kings is a treatise on how everyone is not as they seem Almost every character has an alibi that I didn t see coming, people portrayed as evil are good, good as evil So interesting and woven as thick as a winter tapestry, Galley s use of words and storytelling is masterful and makes this book hard to put down The Pale Kings are coming, and no one could ever know who or why, Farden is charged with saving Emaneska once again [...]

  12. This is the authors second book and wow what a difference from the first.The writing in this has matured and is smoother Characters are better described and accessible The storyline has deepened and I am starting to get little hints of a possibly good story.It continues the tale of Farden, who appears to be coming to terms with the betrayal of his pregnant girlfriend and the unveiling of his best friend as a daemon War is coming and even the vampyre is not who he seems.Looking forward to part 3 [...]

  13. The second book in the series and it didn t disappoint The proof reading was much better on this one so less distractions for me I love the fast pace of these books there is always something lurking, with the turn of a page, to twist turn the plot Can t wait for the next installment hurry up Mr Galley.

  14. I downloaded the first part of this series Written as a freebie, and loved it enough to purchase the second installment Definitely a great read This volume is quite a bit shorter than the first, and focused, but the two books together form a cohesive and complete story, but there s enough loose ends to look forward to in future books.

  15. I enjoyed this book very much It is the second in the Emaneska Series and the latest published The writing and editing has improved significantly over the first book The Written The story line is well crafted in both books and good if you enjoy fantasy literature I will be impatient to see the publishing of the next in the series Good teaser at the end for the next one.

  16. The second book in the series that follows a battle mage named Farden In this installment Farden must find his uncle, and battle with himself to do the unthinkable Kill his only love and his only child to save to world from monstrous daemons I made me sad when the book ended and the next in the series has yet to be released I am fully addicted to this series.

  17. I really liked this book The first book was great but this one was even better in so many ways The character development expanded and things came out that I hadn t even dreamed of The end made me wanting so there better be

  18. Great book dive deeper into Emaneska A great mixture of mythologies from around the world fleshes out the world of Farden and all its inhabitants A few errors in this one but as a self published novel you cant go wrong with it.

  19. It s fine, but could really have used an editing pass There s a lot of minor but noticeable errors Still worth reading Better than The Written, but not quite at the 4 5 stage yet.

  20. Ben Galley is a self published author who I met in my local Waterstones where he was promoting I came away with a copy of his first book, The Written he was a good salesman and I ve been following his work ever since I love a bit of world building and I really enjoy reading what other people think up and create, and it s inspiring to see what Ben has created essentially from scratch.Pale Kings is the sequel to The Written that expands and explores the characters and world that were established i [...]

  21. This book was definitely an improvement over the first one The story was good, the characters were really interesting this time, and the story was a tad less predictable although it still did not manage to surprise me very often.The grammar has not improved very much either, there are still a lot of missing commata, and I also found a few typos.All in all, I ll continue reading the series, not only because the covers are awesome, but because the end of part two has me interested in what will hap [...]

  22. Good sequel to the first book in this series Although I was a bit cought up in the story of The Written, Pale Kings still is a good book Decent story, interesting characters And Emaneska of course.There was a bit less of a sense of wonder, compared to The Written, but the story is bigger Or larger And at the same time, the story has little surprises or twists.Enjoyed it though, and will continue with the next chapter in the series.

  23. I got the first book in this series for free because I m cheap and loved it I had no problem paying for this second story Already thoroughly enjoying the characters, this episode brings religion to Galley s world His clever blend of world mythology and lore kept me on mental tangents as I worked through his many allusions Highly recommend Looking forward to

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