The Associate (2022)

The Associate Best Read || [Phillip Margolin] - The Associate, The Associate A mesmerizing tale of deceit and criminal stealth in the high stakes world of pharmaceutical research from Phillip Margolin the New York Times bestselling master of the courtroom thriller Daniel Ames The Associate Best Read || [Phillip Margolin] - The Associate, The Associate A mesmerizing tale of deceit and criminal stealth in the high stakes world of pharmaceutical research from Phillip Margolin the New York Times bestselling master of the courtroom thriller Daniel Ames
  • Title: The Associate
  • Author: Phillip Margolin
  • ISBN: 9780751532432
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Paperback
The Associate
The Associate Best Read || [Phillip Margolin], The Associate, Phillip Margolin, The Associate A mesmerizing tale of deceit and criminal stealth in the high stakes world of pharmaceutical research from Phillip Margolin the New York Times bestselling master of the courtroom thriller Daniel Ames is living the American dream After an improvished youth he s now an associate at Reed Briggs Portland s most prestigious law firm earning money than he ever imagA mesmerizing tale of
  • The Associate Best Read || [Phillip Margolin]
    358Phillip Margolin
The Associate

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  1. Quick and interesting reading An Associate at a major Law Firm is asked to do another Associate a favor and go through the discovery for a Pharmaceutical Company that is being sued This ultimately leads to his termination for having let a piece of paper go through erroneously that said the law suit was justified After his termination he begins to investigate what happened highly unrealistic and goes to meet with the head of his former firm at a cottage in the country in the mid evening, where he [...]

  2. I always like Phillip Margolin s legal thrillers, and The Associate is no exception It s a gritty story of a young lawyer who, through one kind deed, becomes embroiled in a legal nightmare The plot kept me guessing, although there were hints sprinkled here and there to lead readers to the truth I liked the characters, particularly Daniel Ames, the young associate Margolin always delivers a terrific story I highly recommend this book.

  3. In the 2nd installment of Phillip Margolin s Amanda Jaffe legal thriller series, The Associate, he told us a tale of deceit and criminal stealth in the pharmaceutical world For Daniel Ames, he once had an impoverished life, and now was an associates with Reed, Briggs, Portland s prestigious law firm Then Aaron Flynn entered his life, claiming that their drug causes unspeakable birth defects Daniel claimed that his case had no merit Then he started to investigate the issue, when his world came tu [...]

  4. Sub Grisham drivel, really The protagonist is a complete pushover and tool, and I saw the setup coming so early on that the revelation only made me laugh The author signposts everything by almost explicitly telling us who we ought to root for and showing us that the apparent philanthropists are actually transparent slimeballs The writing was fairly poor and the ending an unintentional joke I ve only read a couple of writers who can make stories about lawyers interesting this guy certainly isn t [...]

  5. A good Daniel Ames Kate Ross book with a smattering of Amanda Jaffe thrown in for good measure Rogue lawyer tries to implicate a major drug company in a lawsuit by doctoring test results and killing to keep those results from being considered bogus Daniel Ames Kate Ross figure it out while Amanda keeps Daniel out of jail Recommended.

  6. While this was by no means a bad read, it s still a easily forgettable book Not a remarkable writing, not a remarkable plot, not a interesting protagonist.And also not the worst thing that I ve ever read.

  7. Don t expect a lot of Amanda Jaffe because she is barely in the book Beyond that, the book was great anyway I am hoping the introduction of new characters will lead to further books in whatever series Margolin writes The suspense continues to keep me entertained.

  8. Another good book This author is easy to read and really holds my attention since I have read two of his books in two days On to the next

  9. I worked hard to follow all the elements of this thriller but it was still a surprise when it all came together.

  10. Despite what says, or does not say, about this book, it is the second book in the Amanda Jaffe series after Wild Justice It s the story of Daniel Ames, who Amanda defends on a murder charge and who, by the next book, works in the Jaffe firm Kate Ross, who is also at the Jaffe firm in the next book, is an investigator at the firm where Daniel works.A great story about a young defense lawyer and an unscrupulous plaintiff s attorney and the lengths to which the latter will go to get big cases and w [...]

  11. I felt like something quick and easy and this fit the bill The plot was interesting and kept things moving I will probably not remember the story for long and that is okay Time to read something thought provoking

  12. Daniel Ames thinks he is living the dream, but finds out things never are what they seem I enjoy this author s books Especially when they have to do with corruption in an industry I don t trust

  13. This bestseller can best be described as an edge of your seat page turner I found it to be a bit over the top, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  14. I usually try my best to find something I like about a book, but I drew a blank on this one Choppy narrative that bounces all over the place from character to character of which there are far too many other characters that appear and then disappear out of nowhere, and what is probably the wimpiest protagonist I think I ve ever read.It turns into a completely different book 3 4 of the way through, shifting focus from Daniel to his stereotypical tough as nails female ex cop who follows a lead to A [...]

  15. Young attorney Daniel Ames agrees to do a favor for a female colleague He soon regrets this decision, as he finds himself spending all night going through a huge stack of documents on behalf of client, Geller Pharmaceuticals The client faces a multi million dollar lawsuit for producing a drug that allegedly causes deformities in newborns When a single page document shows up in their opponent s hands, incriminating the client, Daniel s stunned How could he have missed the document His problems so [...]

  16. The Associate Phillip Margolin 2001 Harper Torch 404 pages ISBN 0061030643.For a book with the most boring, unoriginal title, The Associate by Phillip Margolin is definitely a fun, quick, and suspenseful read Daniel Ames is a high powered, hard working lawyer who becomes involved in a large case involving a pharmaceutical company and a drug that causes severe birth defects in babies when taken by pregnant women As Daniel digs deeper into the case, he learns that not everyone involved in the case [...]

  17. THE ASSOCIATE Legal Suspense Oregon Cont OkayMargolin, Phillip StandaloneHarperCollinsPublishers, 2001, US Hardcover ISBN 0060196254First Sentence An icy wind whipped down Mercer Street, rattling awnings, scattering paper scraps and raking Gene Arnold s cheeks raw.Daniel Ames worked his way through college and law school and is now a litigation associate with the prestigious firm of Reed, Briggs, Stephens, Stottlemeyer and Compton The firm is representing Geller Pharmaceuticals, makers of a drug [...]

  18. Interestingly enough, Amanda Jaffe has almost a cameo role in this book It centers mainly around the life of Daniel Ames, a recently hired associate with the fictional prestigious law firm of Briggs, Reid Ames grew up on the hard and ugly side of the tracks, so he understands how difficult life can be He worries that he will one day awaken and learn that his new job was all a dream He is one of the lead attorneys on a case that seeks to defend a pharmaceutical company against lawsuits claiming t [...]

  19. This book was seriously disappointing The characters are somewhat flat and inconsistent Daniel is downright annoying in his meekness and pessimism He s so downtrodden and beaten from the beginning, it s really unlikely to me that he survived until the end, much less that he essentially saved the day And Kate s development, or perhaps the way she was revealed throughout the story, seemed unnatural, and therefore unbelievable it made her unlikeable Additionally, this book is far too long The autho [...]

  20. Im sorry, it s not the best book from the great Margolin It is too complicated a story, with a great start and a hard landing A company has been selling Insufort, to prevent gestational diabetes in women It works, but the company who produces is burned out, or its research labs anyway Women are claiming the risks for babies may be comparable with Thalidomide, where thousands of babies ending without normal arms Geller, the creator, has to settle, because repeating the horrors of Thalidomide is n [...]

  21. This book was slightly confusing to me, mainly due to the lawsuit I had a hard time following who was on team Geller Pharma and the main reason was because there was a LOT of story lines characters to follow There were a few surprises I enjoyed and the two main characters were endearing I also thought it was interesting that no matter what Daniel the associate did, he always seemed to end up looking guilty The book was good, but it lacked the excitement and most of the are you freaking kidding m [...]

  22. Short, and DisappointingWe ve read and thoroughly enjoyed Margolin s seven other novels This one to us, short at 292 pages less the equivalent of about 45 blank pages simply has an overcomplicated plot and underdeveloped characters Sounds like a book forced out to meet a deadline The fact that it s organized into 54 chapters so like 5 pages each gives you an idea of how choppy this story is Plus real lawyers just don t do stuff like this The one tactic we liked was the mini novel of an much earl [...]

  23. I enjoyed this book a lot A fast paced and exquisitely laid out story Daniel Ames a young lawyer with a big firm gets bamboozled by a another pretty lawyer into doing some paper work for her one night When the case comes to court and a piece of paper with damaging information comes out that shouldn t Daniel is screwed and soon to be fired As the woman does nothing to bail him out only a secretary helps him As he starts to dig road blocks are put in his way and the companies in house detective d [...]

  24. Daniel Ames feels everyday like he s in a dream Having grown up in a less than desirable environment, Daniel has gotten his license to practice law and is loving it, even though his degree is not from one of the ivy league colleges, as the others in the firm are When Susan asks him to do a favor, on a night when he s ready to go home, little did he know that this favor would change his circumstances and, becoming the scapegoat for a nasty situation he would not only be asked to leave the firm, b [...]

  25. Good, fast paced roller coaster rideIf the first two opening scenes don t grab you than you had better check your pulse and see if you re still alive Others have reviewed The Associate and correctly stated that it is not a pure legal thriller True enough There are legal parts to this story, but the case is not resolved through fancy legal footwork Rather, the thriller becomes a mystery too and we race along with our heroes to see if they can save everyone and expose the villains.Is it great lite [...]

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