Something You Are (2022)

Unlimited Something You Are - by Hanna Jameson - Something You Are, Something You Are Nic Caruana is paid to kill people Once he was destined for a white collar job in a middle class area But like many kids he made a fatal mistake Now he inhabits the bleak dark city that runs like Unlimited Something You Are - by Hanna Jameson - Something You Are, Something You Are Nic Caruana is paid to kill people Once he was destined for a white collar job in a middle class area But like many kids he made a fatal mistake Now he inhabits the bleak dark city that runs like
  • Title: Something You Are
  • Author: Hanna Jameson
  • ISBN: 9781908800213
  • Page: 369
  • Format: Hardcover
Something You Are
Unlimited Something You Are - by Hanna Jameson, Something You Are, Hanna Jameson, Something You Are Nic Caruana is paid to kill people Once he was destined for a white collar job in a middle class area But like many kids he made a fatal mistake Now he inhabits the bleak dark city that runs like a seam beneath London His latest job is to track down the daughter of an arms dealer using any weapon necessary to get to the truth But Nic has fallen in love with his dNic Caruana
  • Unlimited Something You Are - by Hanna Jameson
    369Hanna Jameson
Something You Are

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  1. The first time I killed someone I wasn t paid for it Something You Are, Hanna Jameson Meet Nic Caruana Actually, you better hope you never meet Nic Caruana because if you do it likely means you are in for a world a hurt perhaps some disfigurement.ive mutilationd only if you re really lucky, a quick death.Nic is your average English bloke just trying to make a living on the mean streets of London s underbelly He s not a psychopath, but he is a murderer for hire He s done some very bad things that [...]

  2. I thought this was a very good noir crime novel The protagonist and first person narrator is Nic, a freelance underworld enforcer and killer in London who is employed by a crime boss to find his missing daughter I found it fresh, gripping and well written, and I became very involved with the story.The story is bleak, very violent in places and very well told The prose is readable and the characters generally well drawn and believable I particularly liked the neat sketching in of how Nic came int [...]

  3. When someone gives you a book and says read this, it s by an 18 year old girl from my wriiting group you might be expecting many things, but it is very unlikely that you will be expecting this I certainly wasn t A crime novel of great darkness, with brilliant characters, taut writing, and many moments of sly humour Like many of the best crime novels and films this begins by introducing a character you think is bad and then says there are levels way, way beyond below this To me it read like a les [...]

  4. If you re looking for 21st century noir, then Hanna Jameson has something to give you Something You Are is a dark commentary on today Nic Caruana is a modern everyman, the guy we could all become Young, sharp, headed for the middle class dream, one stumble sent him into the dark world of paid assassins But, for me, the most stunning part of this book is the question she poses in the title, Something You Are, and the dark, but insightful answer she gives.

  5. Gritty, at times all too realistic London noir Think of Nic Caruana as Harvey Keitel s The Wolf in Pulp Fiction, only with blood, if you can imagine that Nic is hired first to find the missing daughter of a local mobster and his model wife, and in short order her murderers He does.

  6. Knap thrillerdebuut van een jonge vrouwelijke auteur Rauw en hard.Ben erg benieuwd naar het volgende deel.Alleen jammer van wat taalfoutjes in de Nederlandse uitgave.

  7. Orginally posted at thebookplank 2014Hanna Jameson wrote Something You Are when she was only 17 17 I actually didn t know this before I read the story and normally I would have had some major reservations when reading books written by young authors However when you read Something You Are you wont be able to tell that Hanna Jameson wrote this at this young an age, it feels like a very grown up story and her writing style is that of an almost veteran author, so as far as this debut goes, its a roc [...]

  8. Zum Inhalt Nic Caruana ist 17 Jahre alt, als er aus Notwehr heraus das erste Mal einen Menschen get tet hat, seitdem sind 10 Jahre vergangen und er verdient mittlerweile sein Geld damit Menschen aufzusp ren bzw sie nicht mehr aufsp rbar zu machen Dann wird er von einer zwielichtigen Gestalt aus London darum gebeten, seine Tochter wieder aufzusp ren Nic ahnt bereits vorher, dass es sich hierbei um keinen leichten Fall handeln wird Wenig sp ter wird die brutal zugerichtete Tochter tot aufgefunden [...]

  9. Kurzzusammenfassung Die Geschichte von Privatdetektiv sprich Auftragskiller Nic Caruana, der als Teenager unabsichtlich einen Mord begangen hat, und nun durch die Untiefen der Londoner Gangsterszene watet, hat Hanna Jameson schon mit 17 erdacht mit 22 hat sie nun ihren ersten Roman vorgelegt In ihm erh lt Einzel und Grenzg nger Nic den Auftrag, die M rder der 16j hrigen Tochter des Waffenh ndlers Pat und dessen enigmatischer Frau Clare ausfindig zu machen Dabei verliebt er sich nicht nur obsessi [...]

  10. I had a good time with Something You Are, Hanna Jameson s hard nosed debut crime novel But I also feel a little bit conflicted about it.I don t read a lot of crime, and usually when I do, the best I tend to think is That was fine I think what it come down to is that I m the worst when it comes to names, so whenever I stumble into an intricate plot with multiple characters, I tend to lose track very quickly Happens in films, too I guess I just have the attention span of a walnut and so when I rea [...]

  11. Ultimately I was disappointed Though I was impressed with the fact that this was a full and complex novel with some maturity, written by a seventeen year old, it just wasn t quite what I was looking for and hence I ended up not enjoying it massively, as much credit as I wanted to give the author.The book revolves around a kinda fixer bloke in London, who is employed to find the killers of a teenage girl and allow her father to exact vengeance This is the central storyline, but alongside this the [...]

  12. This book was hit and miss for me Nic, in my opinion, needed to be a bit consistent I mean, read the back It says, Evil, is it something you do or something you are Nic isn t evil and I wanted him to be At times, I saw signs of serious anger management issues but at other times he was capable of controlling himself I kept wishing he d either be a total nutter or be the bad boy with a heart As it is, he fell somewhere in between, as if he hadn t quite made up his mind which he is The plot also [...]

  13. I had known beforehand that the author wrote this when she was 17 I probably would have been awestruck throughout the entire book As it was, I liked it, but didn t love it The background between the main character and his roommate wasn t fleshed out enough for me when how did they meet What s the roommate s back story and a lot of the connections felt like the reader should have just KNOWN The Underground is what despite this being the first in the series, overall it was a tightly written read w [...]

  14. When I first started this book I was so excited that I couldn t put it down Finally, I thought, a strong male character that kicks ass However, as the book progressed through it s unusual twists and turns, Nic, the hired hit showed his vulnerability Normally I wouldn t mind, but this time, it irritated me I was not happy with the character s inability to remain detached and felt that it removed the fierceness of the story.However, the last two chapters had me tearing through the last pages, with [...]

  15. At the age of 17 Nic had one of those life changing events that can lead a person onto other paths And so he becomes a gun for hire , employed by people who work outside of the law When Pat s teenage daughter is found raped, shot and beaten not necessarily in that order , he pays Nic to track down the killer and exact the kind of justice that can put a man behind bars This was one of the most exciting crime novels I ve read in a while and I m sure some people will happily pick faults but I can t [...]

  16. Something You Are is Hanna Jameson s debut novel, written when she was just 17 years old, and the first in a trilogy London Underground Something You Are centres on Nic Cuaruana, an anti hero flung into a life of crime, shady dealings and murder by a horrific accident at a young age The prologue which outlines this incident is instantly gripping, and sets the harsh, uncompromising tone for the whole novel Excerpt from full review at For Books Sake.

  17. It started as a good story with the hero coming in to find a missing teenage girl, but it morphed into a different book after that The girls dad Is bad but nothing like the mother She hits herself and then basically allows the blame to fall on the husband It got a bit to convoluted for me at the end which left me thinking if I would continue the series Not sure.

  18. Very accomplished, and quite extreme, debut thriller Hanna Jameson creates a convincing, seedy London populated with dysfunctional, broken families, where hair trigger violence is never far from the surface Reminded me of early Simon Kernick the milieu with the bracing nastiness nihilism of Karin Slaughter Sanitised, would make a terrific Channel 4 BBC 2 drama.

  19. Terse, casual violence Main character didn t quite gel psychopathic killer or nice guy looking for a girlfriend Daisy I didn t get the point of Felix Hudson, other than to drive the narrative and create a sense of danger What was the motivation The ending was also too neat with Pat and Clare closing the circle

  20. Brutal, gutsy and challenging this was a hard hitting book that takes you places you may not want to go Yet it does so in such a way that you empathise even with the nastiest of heroes and it leaves you wanting Terrifying to think she was only 17 when she wrote this

  21. Very British I liked that I found it quite slow in parts, but all around a good read Loved the protagonist being so morally grey and the slow obsessive lust story through the book The guy is too jaded for love, it was an interesting spin.

  22. It was ok I mean i liked the mystery and these stuffs but some other details like drugs and other things,not so much Anyway if you don t have a problem with these details and you like the mystery, it is ok to just pass your time

  23. I really enjoyed this and am so looking forward to the next one Gritty and visceral and fast paced, twisted and unexpected, I warmed to the characters with all their weaknesses and wickedness and utterly human feeling.

  24. rauw, hard verhaal over de zoektocht naar de moordenaar van iemands dochter Heb me dikwijls moeten overtuigen dat de auteur een vrouw was en niet een man

  25. Reading this made me feel old I m not adverse to gritty thrillers but I m not sure I have the stomach for quite so much casually grotesque violence Amazingly well written by one so young.

  26. One dimensional, stereotyped characters, poor dialogue and dull story telling It s an amateur novel through and through, though I hope that improved storytelling comes with practice

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