And Then I Found You (2022)

É And Then I Found You ☆ Patti Callahan Henry - And Then I Found You, And Then I Found You Kate Vaughan is no stranger to tough choices She s made them before Now it s time to do it again Kate has a secret something tucked away in her past And she s getting on with her life Her business is É And Then I Found You ☆ Patti Callahan Henry - And Then I Found You, And Then I Found You Kate Vaughan is no stranger to tough choices She s made them before Now it s time to do it again Kate has a secret something tucked away in her past And she s getting on with her life Her business is
  • Title: And Then I Found You
  • Author: Patti Callahan Henry
  • ISBN: 9780312610760
  • Page: 247
  • Format: Hardcover
And Then I Found You
É And Then I Found You ☆ Patti Callahan Henry, And Then I Found You, Patti Callahan Henry, And Then I Found You Kate Vaughan is no stranger to tough choices She s made them before Now it s time to do it again Kate has a secret something tucked away in her past And she s getting on with her life Her business is thriving She has a strong relationship with her family and a devoted boyfriend whom she wants to love with all her heart If Kate had ever made a list Rowan would fillKate Vaugh
  • É And Then I Found You ☆ Patti Callahan Henry
    247Patti Callahan Henry
And Then I Found You

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  1. What will fill the place where you were For a book to be great, in my eyes, it has to touch me on an emotional level I want to feel everything the characters are going through right along with them That s exactly what I got with this one It s a little embarrassing to admit, but I was a total mess reading this book I laughed, I cried, I was extremely frustrated, but most of all, I adored this story.For Katie, the first day of spring became a day of firsts It s the day she experienced her first ki [...]

  2. I didn t start out enjoying this book In the beginning,especially during the first chapter, I had a hard time paying attention to what was happening in the story Soon after, during the second chapter, I felt the story took off and there was no looking back By the end of this book I was thrilled with it and couldn t wait to tell others about it This book is one that I think I will remember for a long time The characters are so well fleshed out and developed that over the course of reading this bo [...]

  3. So, twenty something Katie has found the Love of Her Life AND a job she really enjoys The job is hundreds of miles away from Love of Her Life, but that s okay because he is busy in law school Unfortunately, Love of Her Life doesn t see it that way and wants her to be closer Henry writes She tried to explain that if she didn t do this one thing she would never again do what she wanted, that if she could let someone even Jack talk her out of doing this, that she would never again follow through on [...]

  4. I was a little apprehensive about reading this novel at first, since I m a mother and under no circumstances could I even imagine having to give up my child However, I am glad I did read this, because it was a beautiful story even though things weren t perfect.Firstly, and I say this as a woman who was 23 years old and married when I had my first child, I thought Kate s reasons for giving up Luna were not good enough I know, this sounds very very judgmental of me But I simply felt that there was [...]

  5. I loved this e book Patti Callahan is one of my favorite authors and never disappoints This was an incredible love story, written and inspired from the author s own family A poignant story of love withstanding the tests of time Being from the southeast, always love the southern states, as they are so familiar and puts you realistically in the setting You will fall in love with the characters of this close knit family, the boutique, art studio, their homes all so charming This would also be an in [...]

  6. Great book but many lazy editing errors Times when Rowan was called Jack, Birmingham was in South Carolina instead of Alabama and little things like Kate following them to a pizza place in her car only to be dropped off later at the baseball field where she left her car Things like that take away from a story for me big pet peeve Otherwise loved the idea of the story and loved the fact that it was personal and happened to her sister.Favorite quote That s what love does sometines talks you out of [...]

  7. And Then I Found YoubyPatti Callahan HenryMy in a nutshell summaryYoung lovelost loveund loveon many levels.My thoughts after reading this bookThis was a lovely book It was a great story with just the right amount of angst It was the story of Kate Katie and Jack They knew each other for most of their lives They assumed they would always be together and then something happens this case Katie just wants to stop waiting for Jack and wants to do something of her own Andwhen she doesJack stops waitin [...]

  8. I really enjoy Patti Callahan Henry but I didn t enjoy her novel And Then I Found You as much as her other novels I have read For a synopsis, read.And Then I Found You is a story of lost loves her boyfriend s , a family, and for herself However, I just didn t care much for the main character Kate Vaughan She is an extremely ambitious woman with a successful career and as a young woman, knew what she wanted in life although is shut out the most important person in her life I also didn t like the [...]

  9. I won this book on a First Reads Giveaway The forward from the author grabbed my attention when I discovered this was to be a story of adoption As a mother, I can t imagine the love hard choices women make to give their babies the best possible life, even when it means their own hearts must break This was a good book, it moved a little slow until the middle, then it got good I was happy with the ending, I would read from this author again Thank you for the book

  10. This is a very light read, with a fairly predictable plot, but enjoyable nonetheless Pretty much what I was in the mood for, so it did not disappoint It manages to pull on the heart strings without being too sappy Sometimes eating the circus peanuts of literature can be enjoyable too, in small doses.

  11. For Katie Vaughn, the first day of spring was always a day of firsts the day she experienced her first kiss, the day she fell in love, the day she ran a marathon, the day she opened her boutique, and the day she vowed to love Jack Adams forever It was also the day she gave up her newborn for adoption in Patti Callahan Henry s tender, sincere, and deeply poignant novel And Then I Found You, the April Book Club Selection for She Reads.The plot of And Then I Found You is as swiftly paced as the cur [...]

  12. Another great read from Patti Callahan Henry This time the story is taken from a page in her life It s hard to tell you without a big spoiler Love the characters and the voice of this author.

  13. Story Description St Martin s Press April 9, 2013 Hardcover ISBN 978 0 312 61076 0Kate Vaughn is no stranger to tough choices She s made them before Now it s time to do it again Kate has a secret, something tucked away in her past And she s getting on with her life Her business is thriving She has a strong relationship with her family, and a devoted boyfriend whom she wants to love with all her heart If Kate had ever made a list, Rowan would fill the imagined boxes of a perfect mate But she want [...]

  14. It didn t make any sense, but she was beyond sense now Life, she believed from living in the wilderness, was tied together by hints, whispers, and unseen fabric makers She imagined someone far knowing than she, sewing together a fragile web that she wouldn t see until time was done She could ignore the whispers and threads, everyone could, and she often did, but this time she wouldn t And Then I Found You, by Patti Callahan Henry is not a mystery It s about the oldest story in the world boy mee [...]

  15. To thirteen year old, Katie Vaughn, March 20th was not only the first day of spring, it was the start of what would become many firsts in her life Walking in the moonlight with Jack Adams was something that Katie had always dreamt of Now it was becoming her reality They walked hand in hand down a stone path that led to the May River While talking about the occurrences of the day, Jack did the one thing that Katie had always wanted him to do He kissed her under the moonlight and that was the star [...]

  16. Contains spoilersThe year is 1988, the first day of Spring, and 13 year old Katie Vaughn finds herself walking in the moonlight with Jack Adams in Bluffton South Carolina, the guy she has a major crush on, and the night Katie gets her first kiss Jack says, So, you re my girlfriend now, right Katie s reply was, Of course Jack then proceeds to tell Katie about how his mother believes that anything you promise on the first day of spring is a promise you can never break After Jack leaves and before [...]

  17. If you know me, I rarely go out of the Young Adult genre I ve read some hard core science fiction, a few epic high fantasies, and some literary works for school, and some philosophy books like Foucault s Discipline and Punish which is TOTALLY good, by the way You may be muttering, That s actually a lot and you re right, it is a fair number, but if I can avoid it, I will But I make exemptions Especially when I can totally feel in my gut that the novel in question will blow me away.And Then I Foun [...]

  18. Kate Vaughan has loved and lost and will probably be the first to tell you that it isn t better to have loved and lost than never at all Losing those she s loved has been hard and that pain and loss have been with her every day for the past thirteen years She s tried to move on with her life and has a successful boutique and is in loving relationship, but she craves what she has lost In an effort to say goodbye to her past, she makes a trip to Alabama to visit her ex Jack has moved on with his l [...]

  19. Like others, I found it difficult to settle into this book through the first chapter Fortunately, this only lasts through page 21 The rest of the work is very well written, and the story line is solid This story is based on actual events in the life of the author, though specifically, her sister If ever anyone has had a first love, they will be able to identify with this work On my end, I was able to identify on another, personal level I was adopted at birth I grew up with this knowledge, and k [...]

  20. Doing the right thing can lead to a string of wrong thingsThe decision that Kate Vaughn made early on her life created a domino effect that has never stopped altering her ability to love again Kate is in a wonderful relationship with Rowan a man that adores her but there is a huge roadblock to commitment on her part This relationship should make her delirious with happiness and forget the pain of the past However, after so much soul searching Kate know in order to take the steps that lead to a f [...]

  21. This book started out slow In fact, I considered putting it aside I m glad I didn t Once the story started moving along, it was a page turner By the time I got to the final pages, I was sorry to see the story end And Then I Found You is emotional, believable and thought provoking It is a story that explores the heart of a woman who loved and lost not only her first love, but her first child It explores big questions without easy answers It acknowledges that what has been done cannot be undone An [...]

  22. I received a copy of this ARC through the First Reads program And Then I Found You deals with lost love and the fact that our past is never really in the past Kate, at the age of 35, still wonders about the daughter she gave up for adoption thirteen years ago and Jack the father , and her lost love The story is heartbreaking at times but is a beautiful story of never ending love love for a child and love for a significant other.I had a hard time putting the book down, as I HAD to know what was g [...]

  23. An A read from Patti Callahan Henry And Then I Found You is the story of a woman who gave up a newborn baby girl for adoption 13 years before the story begins, and has never stopped loving her, longing to know her, and missing Jack, the baby s father with whom she was deeply in love since she was a child This novel was so well written and heartfelt Henry based it on her sister s experience as a birthmother Personally, it was so interesting to me, as the mother of 3 children born to 3 different b [...]

  24. Kate Vaughn thinks she has fallen in love, but before she can take the next step with Rowan she has to put her past to rest and tell Rowan her secret She goes back to her first love Jack Adams to try to come to terms with the fact that on March 20, 1997 Kate gave birth to Luna and then gave her up for adoption.By the very first chapter I was hooked I could not put this novel down The characters were so real I could feel Kate s pain at loving her daughter so much but yet knowing that she could no [...]

  25. And Then I Found You Questo libro mi incuriosiva molto per il tema trattato quello delle adozioni Si racconta la storia di Kate che decide di dare in adozione la sua bambina appena nata, ma rimarr sempre con il desiderio di ritrovarla e sapere come sta Dopo 13 anni sar la stessa bambina a ritrovarla grazie a Facebook L Autrice racconta che questa la storia romanzata di sua sorella a cui appunto successe di essere rintracciata tramite il social network dalla figlia adottiva L idea di base veramen [...]

  26. And then I found you by Patti Callahan HenryBeautiful story of a lady who becomes pregnant but the guy has gotten married tired of waiting for her.Kate has the baby girl, Luna and gives her up for adoption Her whole family remembers every March 20 of the birth Jack and Kate exchange letters to one another about their life and reminiscing about Luna every year of her birth.Chapters go from present to the past and then onto Emily who we learn is Luna and she s trying to find her birth mother We ar [...]

  27. Life can be implausible especially when it comes to love but I found many things implausible in this book which I liked many parts of Some of the adoption issues made me squirm SPOILER ALERT I think I would have been comfortable with the adoptee using facebook to locate the biological parents if she had been older than 13 Not sure how things would have worked out plot wise with an older teen The author inserted lots of safeguards like the adopted parent knowing about the contact and being invol [...]

  28. Woman tries to move on in life after placing daughter for adoption And then said daughter finds her on Facebook That ultra drama plot idea drew me in like Lifetime movies and Nicholas Sparks novels did once upon a time And it did not disappoint I finished the novel in two late night sittings like a bowl of rich chocolate ice cream What really drew me into the novel, though, was having interviewed Patti I write for her local newspaper about how the book was inspired by how her own sister s daught [...]

  29. I won a copy of and then i found you by Patti Callahan through the Giveaway Contest.It is the story of firsts ,the first day of Spring,first kiss,first promise,first love,first boyfriend.It is the story of a women that gives her child up for adoption This decision will always be in the back of her mind and the fathers for years to come Then thirteen years later, they are reunited when the daughter finds them.It is about choices and tough decisions we make in life and the consequences that we are [...]

  30. I received this book thanks to a giveaway and the author It was very hard to put down The author did an awesome job conveying the emotions of the characters in the book, you could almost feel the struggle of emotions they were feeling It was a story of hard decisions and love lost and found A great story of knowing in order to move on you have to finish one chapter in order to start another But what happens when you aren t able to close a chapter when you wonder if your on the right path and man [...]

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