Seducing the Highlander (2022)

Seducing the Highlander Best Read || [Michele Sinclair] - Seducing the Highlander, Seducing the Highlander Of the seven McTiernay brothers sworn to protect their Scottish Highlands Craig is most willing to place duty before love until he s enchanted by the last woman he expectsBound By HonorMeriel Schelld Seducing the Highlander Best Read || [Michele Sinclair] - Seducing the Highlander, Seducing the Highlander Of the seven McTiernay brothers sworn to protect their Scottish Highlands Craig is most willing to place duty before love until he s enchanted by the last woman he expectsBound By HonorMeriel Schelld
  • Title: Seducing the Highlander
  • Author: Michele Sinclair
  • ISBN: 9781420126518
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Kindle
Seducing the Highlander
Seducing the Highlander Best Read || [Michele Sinclair], Seducing the Highlander, Michele Sinclair, Seducing the Highlander Of the seven McTiernay brothers sworn to protect their Scottish Highlands Craig is most willing to place duty before love until he s enchanted by the last woman he expectsBound By HonorMeriel Schellden knows that marrying Craig McTiernay will strengthen the ties between their clans She insists she is motivated by duty and responsibility nothing But when a mereOf the seven
  • Seducing the Highlander Best Read || [Michele Sinclair]
    150Michele Sinclair
Seducing the Highlander

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  1. I have loved the McTiernay family series from the very first book, so it pains me to say that this book just fell flat The two main characters were so shallow and the first 2 3 of the book was the insipid tale of the heroine s efforts to make the hero jealous so he d realize he loved her I felt so bad for the hero s friend Hamish, who acted as a willing pawn in the heroine s game and then actually lost his heart to her and didn t get the girl or even a conclusion to his story.When they finally a [...]

  2. Another hilarious, funny and highly erotic romance about the twin McTiernany brothers and the twin Schellden sisters Seducing the Highlander is Craig McTiernany and Meriel Schellden story These two have been denying there love for each other for a whole year now The reason is they want to stay best friends But after one very intimate kiss all beats are off Meriel is determined to make Craig admit there is to there relationship then best friends and brotherly and sisterly affections The story is [...]

  3. This one was hard for me to read Craig and Meriel have been best friends for years That bond has continued to grow stronger even after their twin siblings married each other Meriel freely admitted to it when she fell in love with Craig Craig fought his love for awhile, well until he thought someone else might get her Watching these two dance around each other was fun The love scenes were hot but I had to wait two years for this book With the way I read that is almost a sure way to ruin a series [...]

  4. I love the McTierney s I thought I knew how Craig s love story with Meriel would go at the end of the last book but wow, was I wrong This story keep me reading well into the night, the plot kept changing adding depth and real life into such a powerful love story Friends became lovers and had to find out how to survive real world marriage, I related so easily to this happy ever after because love and marriage is wonderful but also requires hard work and devotion I am so looking forward the the re [...]

  5. The story is not that bad, there are really funny moments But I truly dislike the hero , a man you could not dream of He is odiously chauvinistic and so selfish he can t see the others feelings In Meriel stead, I would have chosen Hamish.

  6. I had a feeling this was not going to be good after i finished Crevan and the sister this just dragged at times the only thing i like was getting to know Hamish since his book is next.

  7. I ve really enjoyed all of the books in the McTiernays series Michele Sinclair does an excellent job painting the picture of life for this highlander clan and I can t get enough For fans of Outlander, you must read this series These brothers and the feisty women they fall in love with are a fun read on Saturday afternoon.Happy Reading enjoy

  8. I liked it But it just felt so tiring The whole book seems like a big roller coaster ride, and not in a very good way.

  9. Reviewed by RachelBook provided by the publisherOriginally posted at Romancing the BookI absolutely adored this book I think it s because right from the get go as a reader you re led to believe it s almost a friends to lovers type story Meriel and Craig have for YEARS denied that there was anything between them They even set off to prove that very thing in front of their entire clan.Only to get caught up in a kiss that shattered their control and resistance.I liked Craig s character but I did fi [...]

  10. The McTiernay Brothers Series is probably in my Top 3 for my favourite highlander series And I had been dying to get my hands on this book for a year after reading Tempting the Highlander, which I loved.I always liked Craig and Meriel and I was excited to where their story would go Unfortunately, I didn t like this book as much as I hoped I would give it a 3.5 rating but I bumped it to a 4 because I did like some aspects of the book that I think some books in this genre don t touch upon.I felt t [...]

  11. This, my friends, is my favorite genre I love a man in a kilt and if you throw in a clay and a medieval castle or two I m in heaven So when this book of Ms Sinclair s came available, I was very excited to continue the story I began 6 years ago with her McTiernay Brothers, the 5th of seven, finding his soul mate and their Happily Ever After Everyone knew that Meriel and Craig loved each other, except them They would only admit to being best friends So the devious duo of Raelynd, Meriel s twin sis [...]

  12. SEDUCING THE HIGHLANDER by Michell Sinclair is an exciting Medieval Scottish Historical Romance set in 1316 Scotland 5 in The McTiernays ,but can be read as a stand alone Visit the author s website for a list of the previous titles in this series This is the story of Craig McTiernay and Meriel Schellden Of the seven McTiernay brother s Craig is the one most bound by duty,but when Meriel enters his life he is tempted by desire A powerful story filled with danger,mystery,passion,clans,a bit of sus [...]

  13. I really liked that a generous number of pages was given to the hero, Craig, and the heroine, Meriel I got to know them quite well I loved how she knew Craig so well that she could predict his behavior and conclusions It was easy to conclude that they were a love match without being forced to make the conclusion.I would have given five stars except I didn t like the near ending That should have happened earlier in the book so it could be resolved or not have been included After all, this was Cra [...]

  14. OMG I m so dissapointed right now I m a big fan of Ms Sinclair and have LOVED all the previous books in the series plus the Christmas Knight When I had those books in my hand I simply couldn t put them down until I finished them and was left wanting But this one, oh Lord, this one I had to simply force myself to keep reading with the hope that something would finally happen in the storyline that would pick up my interest, but sadly it didn t.Don t get me wrong, it was still greatly written and [...]

  15. I have enjoyed this series very much and eagerly look forward to the rest of the brothers stories and hopefully a happy ending for Hamish But this book just didn t do it for me it was well written and flowed well, but I just didn t love it Meriel just got on my last nerve and the whole working wife thing didn t work for me She was the lairds daughter she couldn t get a servant from the castle to help her with her house, since she was needed so badly at the castle As a working wife mother myself [...]

  16. Fun twins in laws friends to lovers with a love triangle story with two messy people as hero and heroine she s messy but not dirty Poor Hamish I hope he gets his own HEA at some point I did imagine Craig looking like Paul Marron while reading this book, something I don t often do Meriel, though, was Denyse Tontz from Dog With a Blog yes, I should stop having the television on while I read, especially the Disney Channel.

  17. SatisfyingAlthough thoroughly frustrating at times, I did like the characters Meriel definitely had some very modern ideas, considering the time period, but she was still endearing and even though Craige could be infuriatingly obtuse at times, he was a good man Plus I m a sucker for a happy ending.

  18. This should be called slapping the Highlander not only did Craig only want Meriel after another showed a healthy interest once he married her he wasn t at ALL happy I find it hard to believe that best friends would know so little about each other or communicate Soooooo 75% of this book depressed me And I liked the McTiernay s before this.

  19. I really didn t like this book While I loved the series, I found this book to be annoying and kind of stupid I really didn t find it realistic in the least and felt that the characters were abusive and childish.I stuck it through to the end and liked the book a little at the end, which earned it a one star Sorry.

  20. I love the friendship to lovers romance Enjoyed the development of Craig and Meriels romance and how everyone could see they had a thing for each other and cheered on their romance Well written points of view from the H and h Highly recommend reading this sweet and steamy romance

  21. 1 star I didn t like it A complete waste of time Thank goodness it was a loan from the library and not a purchase Absolutely nothing happened in this book other than How do I make Craig like me So boring I would like at least something to happen anything at all

  22. For some strange reason I didnt enjoy this book as much as i have done the previous four.Found it long winded at time,s and i just wanted to slap Craig over the head lolStill love this series though and looking forward to reading Conan s story PS I so love Brenna

  23. I liked this one better than the other twin s story I was a little surprised that the wedding was not the end of the story I did like her epilogue for the story I know there are two brother s, but I don t think this author has written their stories yet.

  24. Every once in a while i m a sucker for a good Historical romance , especially a highland romance This one for me was a little hard to get into.

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