Born in Ice (2022)

Born in Ice Best Read || [Nora Roberts] - Born in Ice, Born in Ice Born in Ice is the second novel in the trilogy of three modern sisters bound by the timeless beauty of Ireland from New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts Brianna Concannon is the kind of in Born in Ice Best Read || [Nora Roberts] - Born in Ice, Born in Ice Born in Ice is the second novel in the trilogy of three modern sisters bound by the timeless beauty of Ireland from New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts Brianna Concannon is the kind of in
  • Title: Born in Ice
  • Author: Nora Roberts
  • ISBN: 9780425266106
  • Page: 409
  • Format: Paperback
Born in Ice
Born in Ice Best Read || [Nora Roberts], Born in Ice, Nora Roberts, Born in Ice Born in Ice is the second novel in the trilogy of three modern sisters bound by the timeless beauty of Ireland from New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts Brianna Concannon is the kind of innkeeper who doesn t mind the harsh winters of Ireland and the empty bed and breakfast that comes with them But this year a famous American author needs a quiet place to stBorn in Ice is t
  • Born in Ice Best Read || [Nora Roberts]
    409Nora Roberts
Born in Ice

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  1. Loved it This is the second in the series, but it could easily be read as a stand alone enough back story is given This is a simple and very romantic story of a young Irish woman, Brianna, who runs her own BB in a remote area of Ireland In the dead of winter, she takes on an extended guest a famous author, Grayson, who plans to stay a few months and write his next novel He quickly becomes enchanted by her and involved in the lives of those in the village It was such a beautiful love story, and I [...]

  2. So I see that many people enjoyed this book even than Born In Fire, but alpha male Grayson Thane really wasn t my cup of tea I shall get to that a little later on Born in Ice takes readers back to Ireland, this time to tell us Brianna s story During the Irish winter, Brianna receives news that a mystery writer from America, Grayson Thane will be staying at her inn for a month This worries sister Maggie, now six months pregnant, that her innocent sister will be in a house alone with a man Yes, t [...]

  3. This book brought Grayson Thane into my life I will forever be single until I find the real life incarnation of this man.

  4. When you have aa writerd Irelanden you ll definitely have a romance You can see the following review also here loveandlivetoread.wordpressI LOVED IT Every single page of this book was great The author describes both the scenery and the characters with beautiful details and the reader feels comfortable with them Of course, I am a huge fan of everything Irish but it s not the only reason that I liked this book The main reason is the fact that the characters seems the real deal They made bad and go [...]

  5. SYNOPSIS Born In Fire, continues the romantic Irish saga the story of the Concannon sisters, three modern women bound by the timeless spirit of their land.When the harsh storms of winter descended upon western Ireland, the locals stayed indoors and visitors stayed away Brianna Concannon s bed and breakfast became a cold and empty place But that was fine with Brianna She enjoyed the peace and quiet, even when the icy winds howled at her window But this year she s expecting an unusual guest myster [...]

  6. I knew it would happen one day I found my least favorite Nora Roberts novel I was particularly disappointed because I really loved the first book of this trilogy, but Gray s jerkishness was souring, and Brianna s niceness fell into doormat territory too often I loved the moments she stood up for herself against her mother, and when Gray tries to manipulate her into being angry at him , but I think it s a personal thing I want a assertive heroine who goes for what she wants The old adage might g [...]

  7. Book two of Born In Trilogy, born in Ice was the story of Brianna and Grayson.And what a sweet sweet love story it was.Brianna is the shy and introverted owner of her own BB, Blackthorn When during the lone winter months, her deserted home is invaded by a recluse crime writer, he brings a wave of fresh air into her life.It s difficult not to love Brianna The tender, sensitive, caring young lady suppressed by her own mother, past and circumstances yearning for some happiness And she has so much l [...]

  8. 3.5 y me he abonado a esta puntuaci n ha gustado la verdad , es lo primero que leo de esta autora y seguro que la volver a leer, pero no me ha vuelto loca y quiz s da demasiadas vueltas a algunas cosas , y me ha faltado un ep logo.

  9. Al parecer la se ora Roberts y yo nos hemos convertido en grandes amigas, y solo hicieron falta unos cuantos intentos para enamorarme de su estilo Es lo que pasa a veces, que necesitamos encontrar el libro que nos llega al coraz n para poder apreciar el talento de un autor y ver su trabajo desde otra ptica En mi caso, el libro que me llev a disfrutar de la narrativa de Nora fue Nacida del fuego, la primera parte de esta trilog a, y fue tanta mi adoraci n que decid continuar con este tan pronto c [...]

  10. Rarely have I read a trilogy where the second book is better that the first This one is As a pure romance it ticks all my boxes and is just a lovely story This older NR does not show its age and is a timeless story of a hero wanderer who never had a home and a firmly rooted heroine who never wished to be anywhere else.

  11. Fue precioso, supongo que me gust a n mucho m s porque le el primero y se nota el contraste entre las dos hermanas D nde Maggie es fuego, Brie es hielo Estoy enamorada de ti, Grayson Sac otra s bana y empez tranquilamente la misma rutina Lo que sin lugar a dudas me convierte en una imb cil, por amar a un hombre tan cobarde que le teme a sus propios sentimientos Tiene miedo de amar porque no tuvo amor cuando era un ni o Y tiene miedo de tener un hogar porque nunca ha tenido uno Born in Ice nos cu [...]

  12. Deel 2 van de reeks de ierse zussen en voor mij is dit tweede deel nog net iets meer dan het eerste.Het blijft gewoon zalig om de zussen Maggy en Brianna te volgen Vlot geschreven en een mooie verhaallijn.

  13. Hac a 8 a os que no lo le a y hab a olvidado lo completamente maravillosa que es esta historia Ahora recuerdo por qu ha seguido en mi coraz n y por qu no he podido olvidarme de Grayson y de Brianna Mi favorito de la trilog a, de la autora y uno de mis libros favoritos.

  14. Really not anticipating on reading the second novel of the Born In Trilogy, I found myself wondering just how the time jumped to 4am and I already half way through Born in Ice Surprised at my inconsistency of taste, I enjoyably sped through Born in Ice although I didn t care much for Born in Fire, the first of the series starring Rogan Sweeny and Maggie Concannon.By no means a challenging and lofty piece of literature, Roberts uses the same template for Born in Ice as she did for Born in Fire Th [...]

  15. In Born in Ice, Nora Roberts continues her series with the emotional love story of the second Concannon sister, Brianna American born Gray Thane has arrived in Ireland to spend a quiet summer in the peaceful country and write his next multi million dollar bestseller Brianna has turned her home into a bed and breakfast a home away from home for weary travelers and being an avid reader of Mr Thane s books, she s downplaying her excitement about his stay to her family.I loved this book as much as t [...]

  16. Brianna s quiet composure, hiding a incredible depth of feeling, always tugged at me Her joy in giving her love, in everything she does is infectious and I don t know how one could help but love her.Grayson though incredibly stubborn in his thoughts that he needs no one and nothing permanently is such a fantastic hero His gleeful joy in his work murder mystery writer and curiousity, along with his unquenchable desire to truly know people makes his irresistible.There s definitely some pain caused [...]

  17. Yes Loved this one everything was so much better developed in this second book, the love story, the characters everything The ending was a little bit too rushed for my taste but overall I enjoyed it a lot I can t wait to read the last book and find out everything about the Concannon sisters I also hope Murphy is one of the main characters in the third book because I need him SO BAD to find someone and be happy

  18. Genial Me ha encantado.Esta protagonista es totalmente diferente a la del anterior libro y, aunque al principio no sab a si me iba a gustar o no, me ha enamorado.Adem s el final, en mi opini n, ha sido precipitado y por eso me ha dejado con muchas ganas de leer el 3er libro

  19. Book 2 in the Born In Trilogy Not only my favorite in the series, but my favorite Nora Roberts book ever, and I have read every one of her books that I can get my hands on I have lost count of how many times I have reread this series over the years I never tire of the characters or the stories behind them Set in Ireland Brianna is an innocent, yet strong woman, who runs a Bed and Breakfast Grayson is an American writer who stays at the B B to write his next best seller As Brianna starts to fall [...]

  20. Book two in the Born In trilogy by Nora Roberts turned out to be an even better ovary tickler than book one I think the reason Nora Roberts books are so readable is because her characters are so likeable It becomes very easy to lose yourself in their world and lives These books are great escapism and a wonderful antidote to the awful sad lives of people we read about in the newspaper every day.The only negative thing I have to say about this book is the number of typesetting mistakes annoyed me [...]

  21. Loved this story, again The wandering writer that chose a home and the deeprouted homemaker who made that home for him And oh, that scene at the end sigh, what a great way to end the story, which would have almost made this a 5 star rating, where it not for that silly bit of suspense thrown in.There are sparks, there are a lot and I mean a lot of cakes, the romance builds slowly and steadily and is totally believable for me.

  22. Loved this story Brie and Gray are so good together, can t wait to see what the last book brings.

  23. Brianna is a saint I wish I had her temperament but unfortunately I am like her big sister Maggie Grayson was very likable too.

  24. FINAL DECISION My favorite book of the trilogy, BORN IN ICE has two characters whose past has kept them from moving forward with their lives I loved how Brianna wins over the wandering Gray with a quiet simplicityE STORY Brianna Concannon has made a life for herself after converting her family home into a bed and breakfast inn The younger sister, the dutiful daughter and the one always seeking to make peace in her family, Brianna is looking forward to a quieter winter with only one scheduled gue [...]

  25. I didn t think it would be possible to love this book than I loved Born in Fire, but I think I did The second installment in the trilogy follows the other Concannon sister, Brianna, who manages the family inn and delights in pleasure she receives from household chores and taking care of others We find Maggie pregnant and enjoying married life, with Rogan, which was an interesting yet welcome surprise Brianna has been alone for the last 10 years since the love of her life abruptly walked out Con [...]

  26. I read all the books in the trilogy in one week The books have the classic Nora Roberts touch She makes realistic characters that don t have too many super powers They all have their strengths and weaknesses and she plays up both The way she depicts Ireland and the scenic views she describes take your breath away even though you haven t actually set eyes on the scenery The magical community this series is set in is almost dream like Looking for a slow romance that warms your heart You ve chosen [...]

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