Cold Fear (2022)

[PDF] Cold Fear | by ☆ Rick Mofina - Cold Fear, Cold Fear In the remote rugged corner of Montana s Glacier National Park known as the Devil s Grasp little Paige Baker of San Francisco disappears with her dog Kobee while on a camping trip with her family [PDF] Cold Fear | by ☆ Rick Mofina - Cold Fear, Cold Fear In the remote rugged corner of Montana s Glacier National Park known as the Devil s Grasp little Paige Baker of San Francisco disappears with her dog Kobee while on a camping trip with her family
  • Title: Cold Fear
  • Author: Rick Mofina
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 163
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Cold Fear
[PDF] Cold Fear | by ☆ Rick Mofina, Cold Fear, Rick Mofina, Cold Fear In the remote rugged corner of Montana s Glacier National Park known as the Devil s Grasp little Paige Baker of San Francisco disappears with her dog Kobee while on a camping trip with her family or so her mother and father have told authorities A multi agency task force launches a massive search as Paige fights to survive in the wilderness Time hammers against her aIn the remote ru
  • [PDF] Cold Fear | by ☆ Rick Mofina
    163Rick Mofina
Cold Fear

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  1. I actually finished this last night, but if I had written the review then it would ve been a lot meaner, so I waited I ll try to not be too mean, but there was just so much wrong with this book.Why is everyone so beautiful and perfectly attractive and in such amazing shape Yeah, that s realistic.The math A character has a traumatic event at 15 Then moves away and lives in Kansas for a year Then bounces around to many different locales for an unspecified amount of time Then moves to California, w [...]

  2. Just okay lots of typos and editing mistakes And too many characters to try to keep track of Not the best use of my reading time.

  3. A young girl goes missing while on a family camping trip An inmate on death row whose lawyer believes here has an innocent client An FBI agent with an emotional investment in making sure some one pays for the crime he believes has been committed The number of major and minor characters along with the resultant back stories can be confusing But pay attention and it all comes together I found this story to be nicely put together and the drama tightly woven There were some heart pounding moments Th [...]

  4. Cold Fear jabs you like a red hot poker The very first sentence made me gasp Then I smiled, because I knew this was going to be a thrilling roller coaster of a ride I was right Rick Mofina doesn t disappoint.A child is lost in Glacier National Park, a remote wilderness area where temperatures plummet to nearly freezing at night, and grizzly bears roam by day According to the parents, she ran offor did she The father, Doug Baker, sporting a cut hand, falls under suspicion The mother can t explain [...]

  5. Cold Fear had so many great reviews I could not wait to pick it up The story is about a young girl that gets lost in the mountains and her parents struggle to find her I was very disappointed, and struggled to get through the book however There were a lot of characters in the book that had nothing to do with the story, and seemed to be there just to add words I got a little tired of Paige almost getting attacked by bears and getting away suddenly, at least add a new threat in there somewhere Th [...]

  6. Aside from the lack of editing, this book was not great It can basically be summed up as Mom I have a secret but instead of telling you, I m going to cry Dad I m so angry at everything, I yell and see redDaughter hiding, running through forest with dogSearchers gosh we can t find her anywhereGuy on death row I m going to die for something I didn t doAnd a bunch of flashbacks I didn t care about any of the characters and there was no tension I only finished it to see what happened to the dog.

  7. I hate not finishing a book and I often push myself to read a book Reading should be enjoyable, right I couldn t make it past 18% There were at least 20 characters in that 18% and based on other reviews, there were a lot on the way I just couldn t continue reading this.

  8. Good, suspenseful book Several errors and inconsistencies but a good read if you aren t too distracted by the technical.

  9. I honestly enjoyed this book After reading some of the other reviews I felt compelled to write my own Let me start by addressing some of the concerns of other reader 1 If you are extremely sensitive to editing errors, then I would not recommend this book Yes there are errors, but if you are like me you notice them and move on They were not in every paragraph or even on every page 2 Yes there are a lot of characters in this book and at times it becomes difficult to keep them all straight I actual [...]

  10. Normally I don t like series, but this one manages to end up free on my kindle, so why not.t one was decent enough I suppose this one is decent enough too, but it never rises above that Mofina seems to be adamant about writing thrillers, not mysteries and to me the best part about reading crime fiction is the not knowing and trying to figure out In all fairness here, unlike in his first book, the author has actually tried to introduce some mystery aspect, but failed quite thoroughly Not enough m [...]

  11. An emotionally draining thriller, Cold Fear , runs the gambit of fear, betrayal, hopelessness, and optimism Paige Baker just age 10 caught between her parents vocal argument sets off onto a desolate trail with her dog Kobee The scene is Glacier National Park in Montana High up in the Rockies were few folks go to hike.Along on this trip with Paige are parents, Doug who is an English teacher, and football coach, and her Mother Emily, a renowned photographer This family has it s fair share of argum [...]

  12. 10 year old Paige Baker is on a camping trip with her parents when she goes missing Will she be found in the remote Glacier National Park Will a cold fear grip Paige or her parents How will the multi agency response handle her disappearance Will the reader feel a cold fear or is this book like drinking cold tea Rick starts his novel by casting doubts on the parents He develops a mystery surrounding their back story He brings in lots of characters who are on the trail of finding Paige He follows [...]

  13. Overall, this is one of the best books I have ever read However, either the author did his own proofreading and editing, or he needs to hire a new editor I began tracking writing errors at chapter forty three, and I found no fewer than twenty five Most of the errors included sentence fragments, repeated words in places they shouldn t have been, and words that had been omitted Occasionally, the wording of some sentences made them difficult to understand I found this distracting, as I am somewhat [...]

  14. I had read When Angels Fall by Rick Mofina had Cold Fear on my kindle for a year or so i am glad i finally decided to read this edge of your seat thriller.Paige Baker her parents Doug Emily go on a camping trip in the Glacier National park when suddenly Paige disappears looking for her dog kobee she goes further into the woods gets lost her parents try desperately to find her but to no avail.Doug Emily are far from perfect their marriage is on tender hooks as Emily hears voices in her head 22 ye [...]

  15. I finally started skipping over some of the boring part especially about the newspaper man He could have left that whole part out and I wouldn t have cared I actually liked the story line and felt it should have been about the Paige the little girl and what she was thinking and going through Those parts were few and far between I realize he had to get the bad guy out of prison to get to the little girl but I didn t like the way he did it Also I don t know why the San Francisco dick was there Did [...]

  16. I wasn t very impressed with Mofina s first Sydowski Reed book, but his second is much worse We get a biography on even the most minor characters this does nothing but add bulk to the story and make you want to skim over half of the book It has the most ridiculously coincidental plot with the only mystery being how anyone could rate this 4 5 stars Any seasoned reader will know exactly how this plays out at less than 1 3 of the way in, and by the end will be rolling their eyes Also, Mofina desper [...]

  17. On the edge of your seatEnjoyed the writers style Twists and turns kept me turning the pages Great ending Anxious to read the next book.

  18. A very suspense filled, frightening tale of hidden past mixed with a current missing child search The two tales are intertwined to keep the listener hanging on every word.Christian Rummel narrates this book excellently, keeping the listener engaged.

  19. This was a really good book I found parts difficult to read, in a good way, because of the intensity of the scene One thing there were lots of characters to keep track of Towards the end I didn t bother keeping track of who was who.

  20. 10 year old Paige Baker goes camping in one of the most difficult trails in Montana with her parents Doug and Emily Baker And the she goes missing with her dog, Kobee What follows is an absolutely thrilling chase to find her in a terrain that boasts of deadly bears and grim weathers The case gains national interest as FBI is also pooled in to find the lost girl.There are very few books which do justice to their title Cold Fear is certainly in that list The story of a 10 year old lost in a grueso [...]

  21. I think the book had potential as it is a gripping story, but the execution of telling the story was off point for me This is the only book I ve read by this author so I am not sure if this is his writing style or how he chose to tell this story In this book, the author uses every other chapter to introduce every person that performs an action in the story It is aggravating to be pulled out of a moment of gripping story to be introduced to a helicopter pilot, a reporter, a ranger, along with the [...]

  22. Took me longer than normal to finish but I just could never get properly into this book,it didn t grip or excite me,not being able to put it down 10 yr old Paige goes missing in the mountains and her parents Doug and Emily are basically suspects or so think the FBI and then interspersed with this is a convicted child killer on death row who has a history with Emily and the result is a good enough plot spoiled by too many things happening at the one time.Every chapter started with the introductio [...]

  23. Cold fear by Rick Molina was a fun read It takes you into the wilderness of the mountains in Montana With multiple points of view you are constantly jumping around the book With two similar crimes crashing into each other 22 years later, Doug Emily Baker are thrust into the middle of politics, pressure, passion, panicking, and Ten year old Paige Baker is a city kid from San Francisco Her parents have been fighting and to try to help Emily put some of her hidden past to rest she returns to her c [...]

  24. possible spoiler alert in this reviewI m not really sure how I feel about this book Mr Mofina seems to be a talented writer and the book held my interest Ten year old Paige and her dog get lost in the wilderness while camping with her parents Somehow, she and her parents were able to smuggle a beagle on the plane and into a national park for the camping trip Now, the two are alone in grizzly country Through a chain of events, the authorities aren t so sure that she s lost Her father has a gash o [...]

  25. This book exceeded my expectationsDoug and Emily Baker and their ten year old daughter Paige are camping out in a remote area of Glacial National Park in Montana Paige runs after her dog Kobee when he chases a rabbit and gets lost When the parents call 911 in a panic, the authorities put a rescue operation in place to find the little girl But soon the parents realize that the authorities suspect foul play, and are treating them as suspects There seem to be a lot of questionable circumstances Dou [...]

  26. Imagine you are camping in the woods with your wife and daughter.You and your wife had a bad argument which your daughter overheard Your wife goes off to cool down You take your anger out on the wood you are chopping but when your daughter wants to talk to you, you let it boil over onto her and send her off to find her mother She runs off with her dog and manages to get lost she has never camped before Suddenly, you are dealing with your worst nightmare.where is your daughter and is she okay Sea [...]

  27. This work of fiction should be required reading for every law enforcement officer, every criminal defense attorney, every politician, and every journalist reporting on crime suspected crime While it IS a suspense novel it s something even better a whopper of a cautionary tale about judgement without hard evidence and the dangers of tunnel vision when trying to get to the truth It was not what I expected but I was very pleasantly surprised.I was impressed to finally read a freebie e book that was [...]

  28. I enjoyed this mystery immensely I had a very difficult time putting it down to take care of business in my life I m somewhat new to mysteries I m not the type to try to second guess the outcome I enjoy the unfolding and surprises along the way in a good book Yes, there are a number of typos and bad grammar This kindle version, anyway, certainly could have used a good proofreader But there were not so many boo boos that it was distracting Perhaps I m less demanding than others.Yes, there were a [...]

  29. A ten year old girl gets lost in Glacier Natl Park Her parents had been arguing prior to her disappearance Her father thought she was with her mother and vice versa The next morning the father hikes out and seeks help There is an extensive cast of characters in this novel and at times it becomes convoluted because so many people are involved, however the plot never gets lost There is a man on Montana s death row who was put there by the testimony of the mother twenty some years earlier His crime [...]

  30. Outstanding Story by Rick Mofina Number 2 out of 4 in his tales of Tom Reed a reporter, and Walt Sydowki an investigative detective It grabs you from the start and lures you in, pulls you through the terror of dealing with haunted pasts, troubled difficulties of life, how that all plays out and affects relationships The horror of losing a child, and the intricacies of how law enforcement agencies and the media must handle these types of tragedies and the people involved Gripping tale that is har [...]

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