Hideous Exuberance (2022)

Free Download Hideous Exuberance - by Stephen C. Bird - Hideous Exuberance, Hideous Exuberance The predecessor doppelg nger kindred spirit of Catastrophically Consequential Trashy explicit poetic phantasmagorical blasphemous impressionistic inflammatory outrageous unstructured inane A hi Free Download Hideous Exuberance - by Stephen C. Bird - Hideous Exuberance, Hideous Exuberance The predecessor doppelg nger kindred spirit of Catastrophically Consequential Trashy explicit poetic phantasmagorical blasphemous impressionistic inflammatory outrageous unstructured inane A hi
  • Title: Hideous Exuberance
  • Author: Stephen C. Bird
  • ISBN: 9780615581705
  • Page: 338
  • Format: Paperback
Hideous Exuberance
Free Download Hideous Exuberance - by Stephen C. Bird, Hideous Exuberance, Stephen C. Bird, Hideous Exuberance The predecessor doppelg nger kindred spirit of Catastrophically Consequential Trashy explicit poetic phantasmagorical blasphemous impressionistic inflammatory outrageous unstructured inane A highbrow lowbrow post post modern comic fantasy nightmare A flamboyant surrealistic experimental study of abusive and self abusing characters It s the book yourThe predecessor dop
  • Free Download Hideous Exuberance - by Stephen C. Bird
    338Stephen C. Bird
Hideous Exuberance

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  1. 500 Word Synopsis Chapter 1 At Szczmawgwhorets, academy for sorcerers in training, the Unholy Trinity Higher Parterre, Whoremoania Gangster and Traan Mrs Beasley join forces with former nemesis Malfaux to thumb their noses at Head Neckro Mis re Kallous Humblewhore While submitting to Quasibzjhborg AKA He Who Would Not Be Loved of the Not So Krystal Lite Side Subplot Higher and Whoremoania are aggressively courted by Madame Saline, who sends them X rated, sadomasochistic missives Chapter 2 On the [...]

  2. The writing in this is often hard to read The names are often too long and used repeatedly, and it makes for some very long sentences where I forget the beginning before I even reach the end.The stories aren t told in first person, but some of them are written in dialects, which can get tedious since it s not confined to dialog.For all the parody and satire, the bits of A Clockwork Orange, the class warfare and confining religions and sexual repression I m just not sure Hideous Exuberance accomp [...]

  3. I do appreciate the effort, the time, the attempt to dwell in satire of the author The book itself however did not catch my reading eye in no way, shape or form I did give 2 of the stories a go, but found it extremely hard to read in places, the over repeated allusions to other fantasy works like Harry Potter, the Narnia series became unbearable at one point I understood what the author was trying to do with the change in spelling of certain words too bad I am a linguistics student and it seemed [...]

  4. Supremely satirical hilarity cleverly combining irony and dry wit, this uniquely eccentric and quite peculiar book is truly exceptional After reading the astonishingly impressive Catastrophically Consequential by Stephen C Bird, I was excited when presented with the opportunity of reading the prequel sequel Hideous Exuberance This collection of colorful stories that are cleverly inspired and totally genius had me glued to the pages for hours, as I lost myself within the insanity The bizarre and [...]

  5. I received this book through a giveaway The first chapter of Hideous Exuberance completely blindsided me I was expecting and experimental and unconventional satire What I got was 34 pages of almost insufferable vulgarity and lowbrow humor Mr Bird creates grotesque caricatures of popular culture in order to highlight anti intellectualism, egoism and other pitfalls of the modern human condition by exposing them in ways that utterly disgust the reader The first chapter, I think, succeeds in disgust [...]

  6. This is a new edition of Hideous Exuberance as I understand it the main difference between the two editions is that the first chapter has been revised and expanded The book is a confusing and exhilarating plunge into a funhouse madhouse Take Harry Potter, Finnegan s Wake, Thomas Pynchon, and Judy Blume, and run them through a Czech blender, and maybe you ll get an idea of what you re in for Let s see, maybe also a pinch of Douglas Adams And for you old time loners, that wonderful experience when [...]

  7. I received this book from First Reads and Mr Bird Thank you to both for providing me the opportunity to read it Firstly, I would have to warn those faint of heart this may not be the book for you If you are looking for pg 13 I d steer clear Luckily, I don t mind.I d call Hideous Exuberance a collection of at times intersecting short stories, or continuations of previous short stories There are times when you question the placement or just some things in general but no doubt this is intentional.M [...]

  8. Steve Bird is a major talent can people not see this In a very real wayBird must be as frustrated as John Kennedy Toole must have been when agents passed on THe Confederacy of Duncess, I am comparing Bird to Toole The This book is hilarious God bless Steve for taking the time to write it He is an original artist and a craftman in a sea of facebook fanatics and texters, who should mostly, like me, be reading NOT writing he is a marvelous anachronism 50 years ago bird would be famous Read the firs [...]

  9. This book was supplied to me free, for the purposes of reviewingAt times challenging to read, not particularly because of the content, but rather the manner in which is was presented Cause and effect are divorced in this book, as is a progressive story line, character development is out to lunch, sense and sensibility is neither, up may be up on the other hand it may be yellow.The author appears to have had a fun time developing his stories in the blender fashion This is when you throw all the c [...]

  10. Well I did manage to ingurgitate over 60 pages of this before it started spilling out my ears in the form of gooey yellow brownish fecal matter but then what would you exp ct from swallowing such non sensicalistic penned down vocabularaly I had to cease eye balling these farted out wordlings before a frontal lobotamisation occured in my groins.Had this been read in a mid 19th century smoke filled caf and recited by the beatnik du jour, perhaps I would have been able to absorb of it as it would [...]

  11. A vey fun, very well written satire.I know steve Bird as Being an alternative though obscure comdian icon in the Village NO one will tell you that he is not funny.I am very careful with my reading time and like everyone, I want to read good stuff Fact THis book has pages the rival A tools Confedercy of Dunces sorry for the spelling I am dyslexic The Charactors drawn and the topics taken on MYAHAYIAPOWA is a person in revovery and mind blowingly refreshing When you finally chatch on to what celbs [...]

  12. This is a very very weird, beautiful book Very difficult to put into a category or a genre Psychedelic and flamboyant and experimental I knew Stephen Bird as a stand up comedian in the East Village and even on stage his set was unpredictable and unusual the first time I saw him he was playing the depressed sad comedian who is tired to listen audience s laughter The same is this book, great work on the language, great beauty of images, references and situations English is not my first language, s [...]

  13. Reading hideous Exuberance is like getting really drunk and having the time of your life while remembering everything and having no headache the next day There are many lucid moments throughout this wonder journey that leave you feeling like you just had a brain car wash.I can t help but feel like Mr Bird s next book will be called, The expressionist s guide to hilarious depression

  14. May I rehash it is indeed a flam boyant portrait of hideous venal humanity, with love And I have gratitude for its very existence.

  15. 500 Word Synopsis Hideous Exuberance does not have a linear plot Many characters and references intermingle, and are interwoven, throughout the book Chapter 1 Ginger Bocey, a dim witted rebel bad girl teenager flirts with self destruction via adventures with degenerate Father Elizabeth Devil Horns Branigan, a priest pervert of unknown denomination Subplot the murder of Boris A the universally despised field hockey coach, by a maniacal group of high school girls la Euripides The Bacchae Chapter 2 [...]

  16. This review is based on a copy received via , First Read giveaway The Publisher, Author, and in no way influenced this review, my opinions are mine alone I really didn t know what to expect when I started this book, I understood that it was a fantastical, raunchy, and unconventional novel, but I was fully convinced that I could determine if there was a diamond in the rough Unfortunately, after reading, and then re reading the first ten pages of the novel, I decided it just wasn t my cup of tea a [...]

  17. won through GoodReads giveaway If Wassily Kandinsky and Francis Bacon had written a bookBird has an anomalous approach as an author that requires than a few mental double takes and pauses for reflection He s obviously in the possession of an artfulness and arsenal of or less latent brilliance This is often evident throughout There were a few stories that I was a bit disenthralled by, but I cannot say conclusively that this wasn t because I didn t pay the necessary attention.My favorite analogy [...]

  18. I m not sure what to think of the book.You can tell the author put forth a lot of effort, but maybe a little bit too much effort At times it felt like it was forced.At times I found it difficult to keep reading because there s so much writing in what appears to be Ebonics I already hate it when people speak like this to begin with because it s in my opinion just a poor excuse for a failure to grasp the basics of the English language, so I really had to pull myself through this book.There are so [...]

  19. A brilliantly clever read but I must admit at times I was rather perplexed The stories are bright and very original with some great and not so great characters bordering on a very eclectic collection at times The dream sequences left me baffled on many an occassion and inner monologues quite unsettling but for some reason the stories kept drawing me into them making giving up on the book an impossibilty All in all an extremely original and creative work but Iam afraid not one I will be visiting [...]

  20. okay i got this book from the giveawayand honestly as soon as i saw the title i was like this is book is going to be interesting and man was i right, at the start i was like what the hell is this i had never read book with this kind of writing style before It was a hilarious book and a real page turner i just could not put it down i loved the way it was all set out all in all i found the book one of the best books i have read in a long time and i recommend it to anyone who wants to laugh It was [...]

  21. Hideous Exuberance is a portal into the mind of Stephen C Bird He possesses a fractious world view His creations are filled with carnal cravings and self loathing for possessing them He skewers the high and mighty and the beloved with equally withering, bellicose, lurid excreta that will send the genteel reader into shock For those less genteel, Bird s wordplay and insights and acerbic humor will make the journey worthwhile.

  22. Ok, iv only read the first story and at first I thought what the hell am I reading then I found myself in hysterics, this is definitely a writing style I hadn t come across before The wording threw me off sometimes but I soon got used to it The only way I can describe it is writing graffiti It is no holds barred and the author has done what he likes not what convention would prefer him to do.

  23. I received a copy of this book from author it turned out like his other book.No plot at some time and misspelled words as I am assuming is on purpose can t really get in too it with character names I can t even say out loud correctly The only part of story I enjoyed was Chris Chusinguru I think that is the way it was spelt Mr Bird is in a world of his own that is far to strange for my mind And I read bizarre things.

  24. I won my copy via giveaways.I wasn t entirely sure what to expect from this at first I sorta just sat down and over the course of a few weeks finally finished The language was harsh, strange, and at time I honestly just didn t want to finish it With that being said I cant say I enojoyed any of the of the way characteristics from other books etc.

  25. Copy received for free through First Reads.Though the collection of tales does not follow many conventions readers are comfortable with, the collection succeeds at creating a comedic, enjoyable, and satiric piece The conventions followed alone polarize the opinions of the work, but truly contribute to the comedy that it features to such an extent.

  26. This book was a very difficult read due to the style of writing, with misspelled words and crazy sentences, you definitely have to get a feel for it This is without a doubt an imaginative, twisted, humourous read that will bend your mind This book will certainly appeal to those who wish to deviate from the norm, but not recommended for the faint of heart.

  27. I really wanted to love this book Instead I found it witty but for some reason I can t explain irritating It was fun figuring out the plays on words, but it just felt off to me Perhaps, I spent too much time thinking about the meanings and not enough just enjoying Overall I liked what it offered, I just think the writing was beyond me.

  28. This book is quite different than anything I have read before in a really good way A humorous yet sarcastic look at society with several intertwined stories It can get a bit hard to follow because of poetic license so I do want to read it again to fully understand and make sure I didn t miss anything Recommended for all those looking for new perspectives

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