Blind Fall (2022)

Blind Fall Best Read || [ChristopherRice] - Blind Fall, Blind Fall From three time New York Times bestselling author Christopher Rice whose novels have been called bold and ambitious by The New York Times chillingly perverse by USA Today and shocking sexyricate by Blind Fall Best Read || [ChristopherRice] - Blind Fall, Blind Fall From three time New York Times bestselling author Christopher Rice whose novels have been called bold and ambitious by The New York Times chillingly perverse by USA Today and shocking sexyricate by
  • Title: Blind Fall
  • Author: ChristopherRice
  • ISBN: 9780743293990
  • Page: 336
  • Format: Hardcover
Blind Fall
Blind Fall Best Read || [ChristopherRice], Blind Fall, ChristopherRice, Blind Fall From three time New York Times bestselling author Christopher Rice whose novels have been called bold and ambitious by The New York Times chillingly perverse by USA Today and shocking sexyricate by Glamour comes this startling psychological thriller about an Iraq War vet who seeks redemption and revenge when a fellow Marine he failed to protectFrom three time New York Times bestselli
  • Blind Fall Best Read || [ChristopherRice]
Blind Fall

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  1. While his mother, Anne Rice, is a master of imagination, I believe Christopher beats her out, hands down, with his talent for story telling His writing is flawless and much better than his famous mother, in my opinion In fact, he is so talented that he is able to take a subject that I have little interest in, war, and still have me hooked and reeled in before the end of the first chapter His descriptive skills and technique pull a reader into the story until they are invested fully in the charac [...]

  2. It s been quite a while since I ve picked up a Christopher Rice novel Not for lack of interest I buy each book as it is released but then somehow they sit on the shelf So I added Blind Fall to my 2013 To Be Read Challenge list I enjoyed the book, but not as much as A Density of Souls or The Snow Garden.I hate to pigeon hole any author I applaud every author who moves out of the genre they ve been categorized in But I have to say, I enjoyed Rice s first two books, which were firmly rooted in the [...]

  3. Blind Fall is the first Christopher Rice novel that I have read I have seen his novels in the past, but having heard the news that he and his mother, Anne, were writing the sequel to The Mummy, I wanted to experience Christopher Rice s writing style I picked up this book and another one of his, but given this was recent, I decided to start with this one The pacing of the story started out slow, but had the feeling of the threads being methodically placed for the rest of the plot The story beats [...]

  4. Ridiculous and ludicrous story, unconvincing characters and severely lacking in suspense or dramatic tension, and yet I couldn t stop turning the pages even though I didn t really feel invested in the characters, and found the plot sloppy and contrived Anywho, this is a sort of redemption thriller about a Marine who lets his Marine buddy down, and what might set this apart from the usual thriller or redemption tales is how it is issue driven in this case the heterosexual main character has to DE [...]

  5. Christopher Rice s books tend to be hit or almost miss with me I ve yet to read one that I just don t like altogether They re either really, really good or they re just ok This one for me, was a hit It tells the story of war veteran John Houck, who made a near fatal mistake that almost cost his fellow Marine and Captain, Mike Bowers, his life during battle Years later, while seeking redemption, he discovers that Mike has been brutally murdered, and finds someone fleeing the scene He quickly lear [...]

  6. Much like Christopher Rice s previous books, Blind Fall does not disappoint Good story and characters though they are not as developed as Rice s previous work the only thing that kept me from rating it a 5 For me, the strong point was the story line and narrative I don t put spoilers in my reviews, though what I will say is that Rice has become of a definitive author He knows his story He hooks you in from the start Then he s got you and you re along for the ride Just when you think you know wh [...]

  7. I HATED THIS BOOK The only way this book could have been good would have been if the lead character threw himself off a building in the first chapter and then the book restarted with a whole new writer, plot and characters.

  8. I ve read all of Christopher Rice s novels and this one is by far the worst While most of his books typically have a good plotline with flat footed writing , this book had both flat footed writing AND an unbelieveable and overwrought plot line.So, basically, these are the elements of the story gay Marines, straight Marines, a suicide, a missing eye, a murder, flashbacks, flashbacks, an AA encampment owned by a former domestic abuser, mistaken identity, a severed hand, and LOTS and LOTS of descr [...]

  9. In true Christopher Rice fashion, it s started out kind of slow but it sure pick up the pace about half way through The story is about two soldiers home from Irag, one gay one straight, who has a hard time dealing with his captain because he feels it was his fault that he was injured during a routine tour of Iraq He finally decides to find the captain and tell him that he s sorry for missing the pipe bomber but when he arrives at his home finds that there has been a murder committed The obvious [...]

  10. Great main characters John s complex life experiences and how he tries to handle them continue to unfold as the book progresses While Mike is hardly alive dies in the first 50 pages , his character both hangs over the story and is the catalyst for much of the characters growth Alex is a great, complex, innocent, guilty, exasperating and fuller human as the story progresses Christopher Rice also answers some questions at the end of the paperback version, which added some depth to my reading exper [...]

  11. The past s collision with the present casts lingering shadows on the future in Christopher Rice s latest thriller, Blind Fall In a bold departure only hinted at in his previous novel Light Before Day 2005 , Rice takes on the military and a straight protagonist in this breakneck paced psychological thriller Blind Fall tells a classic military themed story of redemption and revenge against the contemporary backdrop of the Iraq War and its aftermath on the brave soldiers who serve all wrapped up in [...]

  12. I can t find the words to express how much I loved this book It was thrilling, heartbreaking, yet it offered closure to the characters as well as the readers I loved how John s growth was depicted The man you meet in the last scene is hardly the guilt torn one we encounter at the beginning.Rice has a way of drawing characters that makes you deeply attached to them, such as Mike he only appears in 2 scenes and yet, his presence is so large that you never forget him throughout the book, not even f [...]

  13. I wanted to enjoy this book but just couldn t get into it There is a good story here, however, it is badly written and that is the biggest fault with this book The writing style did not flow and was so badly structured as to be distracting.He threw open the front door as if he was about to confront a band of insurgents, as if something about the room might have shifted and given up evidence of Alex s intention in the few minutes he had been gone His sister had to say his name several times in a [...]

  14. I thought this was Chris Rice s best book to date It s quite a change from his others, but it captivated me just the same Must have been the metaphor rich prose that reminds me a lot of his mother s writing.John Houck is a very intriguing protagonist his growth over the course of the book really touched me, no so than in the last few pages Makes me hopeful, even if it is fiction.

  15. I ve loved all of his books I put down everything else I was reading when I got the Advanced Reader Copy so I could spend time with his characters again It was definitely worth the wait because this book is as good as his others, though I am still partial to Density of Souls and Snow Garden.

  16. 3 1 2 Decent writting but I wasn t engaged with the characters enough to full care about them I will read of his, maybe something spooky.

  17. I enjoyed it Damaged characters were well drawn The pace didn t flag I hadn t seen the plot twist coming and I read it in one sitting.

  18. I was instantly hooked on Christopher Rice s writing after reading his novel A Destiny of Souls So when Blind Fall came out I immediately bought and read it I was griped from page one This book amazed me by the detail and depth of characters and the shocking and unexpected way their stories are interwoven and how well the story came together in the end As with all of Christopher Rice s books, I loved this one so much It may even be my favorite and that says a whole lot coming from me because I n [...]

  19. Eh It was ok The story was good, but it didn t pull me in the way I like to be I ll try another Christopher Rice book, although I will say, I was never a big fan of his mother I didn t know about the relationship until I finished this book That s probably a good thing I may have had a skewed opinion about this book before I even started it.

  20. I found the Advanced Readers Edition at the recycling book barn Including the salutary letter from Simon Schuster requesting feedback New author novel story line got me reading He kept me reading I gave it 4 but it s like 3.6.

  21. Here, Rice began to be able to create likable and relatable characters, and this is a character driven piece than what came before.

  22. I got this book as a gift and had never read anything by this author before This is essentially a thriller but throughout the novel the main character is forced to come to terms with the fact that significant persons in his life are homosexual The interesting thing about this book is that it does not just have gay characters to further the story, they present the challenges that are still being faced by persons whose sexual orientation still makes many people uncomfortable The author is gay and [...]

  23. I feel like I should admit my bias straight off next week, at the Saints and Sinners Literary Festival, I have the pleasure of being on a panel with Christopher Rice, Christian Baines, and Marie Castle, moderated by Jean Redmann, and I hate going to a panel without feeling familiar with some of the work of my fellow panelists.Also holy crap Christopher Rice I m sure I ll stutter, stammer, and choke Or pass out One of those Maybe all of those.But who cares about me Let s talk Blind Fall.I ve read [...]

  24. Blind Fall is a novel written by Christopher Rice the son of Interview with the Vampire s Anne Rice I wasn t sure what to expect when I picked up this book was it going to be like his mother s writing Because if so I m not sure I want to read it However, I was plesantly surprised It was quite good and I think I ll read some of his work.Blind Fall is the story of John Houck, a former Marine John served in Iraq with his friend and captain Mike Bowers At the beginning of the book, Mike saves John [...]

  25. Okay, so I powered through 4 of Rice s books in about 9 days By this point I m starting to see recurring motifs leitmotifs elements in his books That doesn t mean the mysteries are predictable or solvable he does keep the reader guessing, though whether you want to keep guessing is another matter.This book is a bit of a departure from previous ones the whodunnit part of the mystery is mostly solved by the end of the first third, with the motive and resolution revealed in the final third It s the [...]

  26. Let me start by saying how much I love Christopher Rice s other novels For years, I have enjoyed his style of writing and his compelling stories His characters are often brooding and tormented, but ultimately likable.Now for this book what a disappointing mess If you re going to read one Christopher Rice book, please do NOT make it this one From the very beginning, this felt like a writing exercise gone horribly wrong OK, Christopher, we know you re Anne Rice s son, the son of a once great autho [...]

  27. What kind of movie would you get if you mixed A Few Good Men, Brokeback Mountain, Karate Kid and Fatal Attraction I have no idea, but if it s anything like this attempt in book form to comingle storylines from each of those, think I ll save my 9 on the ticket This book, by the son of Vampire writer Anne Rice who seems to be a fairly successful writer in his own right, was both poorly written and fairly ludicrous in terms of the plot turns looking like a Moibus strip Not going to get into the det [...]

  28. I read this book in one day after it had sat on my shelf for about a year As a teenager I am caught in the YA Paranormal scene, so being attracted to this book was out of my reach since I am reading The Hobbit and A Clash of Kings at the moment But I do love a good mystery and having a gay character in the book made it appealing as well I didn t judge Christopher Rice or compare him to his mother He definately has a male writing voice, being very blunt at moments and hitting on emotions in brief [...]

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