William Shakespeare's The Jedi Doth Return (2022)

↠ William Shakespeare's The Jedi Doth Return ↠ Ian Doescher - William Shakespeare's The Jedi Doth Return, William Shakespeare s The Jedi Doth Return Hot on the heels of the New York Times best seller William Shakespeare s Star Wars comes the next two installments of the original trilogy William Shakespeare s The Empire Striketh Back and William Sh ↠ William Shakespeare's The Jedi Doth Return ↠ Ian Doescher - William Shakespeare's The Jedi Doth Return, William Shakespeare s The Jedi Doth Return Hot on the heels of the New York Times best seller William Shakespeare s Star Wars comes the next two installments of the original trilogy William Shakespeare s The Empire Striketh Back and William Sh
  • Title: William Shakespeare's The Jedi Doth Return
  • Author: Ian Doescher
  • ISBN: 9781594747137
  • Page: 129
  • Format: Hardcover
William Shakespeare's The Jedi Doth Return
↠ William Shakespeare's The Jedi Doth Return ↠ Ian Doescher, William Shakespeare's The Jedi Doth Return, Ian Doescher, William Shakespeare s The Jedi Doth Return Hot on the heels of the New York Times best seller William Shakespeare s Star Wars comes the next two installments of the original trilogy William Shakespeare s The Empire Striketh Back and William Shakespeare s The Jedi Doth Return Return to the star crossed galaxy far far away as the brooding young hero a power mad emperor and their jesting droids ma
  • ↠ William Shakespeare's The Jedi Doth Return ↠ Ian Doescher
    129Ian Doescher
William Shakespeare's The Jedi Doth Return

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  1. Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum Not since ol Harold Hecuba showed up on Gilligan s Island has Shakespeare been so much fun This is the third time Billy Shakes has done Star Wars so what do I even say I ll tell you what I say Not much because it s Super Bowl Sunday and I m earning my Wife of the Year Award by making a shitpile of food for the men in my house to gorge their faces on this evening I m also about 47 reviews behind for the year and fell into a porno scientific journal rabbit [...]

  2. The Jedi Doth Returned is the sixth installment of William Shakespeare s Star Wars by Ian Doescher I read this as pure guilty pleasure in between heavier books however, I find it charming reading the story I love in iambic pentameter I always felt that Star Wars is a classic timeless story of good vs evil By setting the stories to Shakespeare, Doescher validates this sentiment that I share with many of my fellow Star Wars lovers Additionally, he has done much research into the characters and has [...]

  3. Vrlo zabavan kraj za ovu trilogiju Ali imam osecaj da je ovo malo slabija knjiga mada moglo bi biti posto se bazira na filmu koji je meni licno manje zabavan nego prva dva Plus smanjili su na komediji Ali opet vredi procitati.Plus scene izmedju Leje i Hana su stvarno vrhunske

  4. The exciting conclusion to the trilogy.Again, I really enjoyed this Star Wars, the original trilogy, is such a great story It s very fun to read lines you have memorized and a plot you have watched for decades with fresh eyes I was swooning at Han Solo and Leia s love Very romantic It makes me think of how poorly romance and falling in love is done, in the usual books I read I love how Leia s such a boss She fights, she kills, she s defiant She gives orders and everyone listens to her not becaus [...]

  5. Disclaimer I won an ARC via a giveaway on Booklikes The book arrived with two posters.Are Ewoks too cute That is the question.Whether it is nobler to kill Vader or redeem Whatever I give in.Jedi Doeth Return is Ian Doescher s adaption of the last classic Star Wars movie into Shakespearean verse One hopes that it is not the last Star Wars movie Doescher attacks in such a way.Attacks is too harsh a word Adapts Please Doescher do because that way there will be some news about Star Wars that will [...]

  6. I really like the audiobook, but I recommend also flipping through the physical book for the illustrations They re great

  7. Return of the Jedi is actually my favorite Star Wars movie probably because it was the first one that I watched in full , so I knew I d like this one And I do, a lot I especially like that my favorite Star Wars character, Wedge Antilles, gets his own speech Doescher does some interesting stuff with the Ewoks, too.

  8. Ian Doescher s presentation of William Shakespeare s take on the original Star Wars trilogy has come to an end Hopefully Doescher stays away from the prequels if not, I d fear Shakespeare could rise from the dead to keep his name far from that garbage.Luke Skywalker and the rebel alliance are getting ready to make their final stand against the tyranny of The Empire The second Death Star is fast approaching completion and the good guys must find a way to regroup following the events of The Empire [...]

  9. If humor be the food of love, read on As with the hilarious Verily, A New Hope which I listened to in June, The Jedi Doth Return yes, I know, I skipped one has all the wonderful quotes from Shakespeare and the Star Wars films And if that isn t enough, this one brings in the brilliant Ewoks and a certain smuggler sings a little ditty at the end.While likely wonderful to read, I definitely recommend the audiobooks It is like sitting in the audience of a playor a rowdy performance at a Ren Faire I [...]

  10. So entertaining Like the author, this is my favorite of the Star Wars movies, so it was really enjoyable to experience it through Shakespeare It was cool to get inside the character s heads in their soliloquies, and I really appreciated the added or emphasized depth to the characters, especially Darth Vader I highly recommend this series for fun quick read And there are coming out too quirkbooks book willia

  11. Not quite as good as the first two, but still very delightful I love seeing favorite parts of Shakespeare plays spattered throughout Star Wars Lando doth protest too much, methinks I can t wait to see what Ian Doescher does with the prequels Perhaps he could redeem Jar Jar.

  12. Seriously, these books are the best R2 D2 is so sassy Han sings And the illustrations Omg.Admiral AckbarAll Star Wars fans should check these out So much squee.

  13. Ok, by 10% I d kinda had enough It s a cute concept, but I think my cockatoo got enjoyment out of having it read to her than I got out of reading it myself This is snobbish, I know, but I d rather just read Shakes himself.

  14. Who would have thought Shakespeare could be so awesome Not I, that s for sure But let me backtrack Whilst earning my undergrad degree, which was in communications, I had to take several required English literature themed classes Ditto for when I went back to school to get my MLIS So the works of the Bard were pretty much unavoidable Sure, I could tolerate watching those works performed, but reading them Well, I m gonna admit it Reading Shakespeare was torture Absolute torture Oftentimes I d read [...]

  15. Ditto as for my book four review Still super well done, maybe better now No bad content really, but some mild Shakespearean cursing And some shooting as it is a WAR and some killing, just like in the movies.

  16. I just realized I didn t have this one marked on so I had to add it Witty, wonderful, hilarious, perfect.

  17. One last time you know the plot.It s much on the same principle as the first two, with no major innovations Ewok speech got a different rendering from Chewie and R2D2, but like them, they don t speak standard English But it continues with the same principles Darth Vader has several asides or soliloquies to explain his conflicted heart over his son, for instance.The stage directions are such that I think this is aimed for an actual Elizabethean stage scenery what s that with two simultaneously sc [...]

  18. Doescher takes this installment a bit seriously than Verily, A New Hope Whereas that had moments of pure crack, verging on a parody at times, this is of a straightforward adaptation It s still fantastic, don t get me wrong The verse is a lot developed and mature He writes a lot of his own verse with lines from Shakespeare seamlessly blended in But there s not any drawings of Vader doing a face palm, or anything similar, and that makes just a little bit sad.Overall, though, I just love this s [...]

  19. A satisfying conclusion to the trilogy This one had a little less humor in it, but it was still enjoyable in a different way the Shakespearean monologues were fantastic I particularly enjoyed the Emperor s gleeful soliloquy on how much he enjoys being evil and how much he doesn t care about anyone Recommend the trilogy to everyone who loves Star Wars and Shakespeare now, on to the prequel versions to see if they re as good

  20. I really enjoyed this It s not just the script of Return of the Jedi with a few thee s and thou s thrown in the author did a fantastic job of really adapting the familiar movie storyline and dialogue into something truly Shakespearian I especially appreciated the extended soliloquies that a number of the characters had, the better to explain their motivations and true feelings A quick but fun read.

  21. These books make my little nerd heart so happy I don t think this one was quite as strong as the first two, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it.

  22. I apologize in advance for this review.Not only did I forget that I read this, and hence forget to rate it on for almost two months, I read it so long ago I barely remember anything I wanted to say about it AND ALSO I didn t take any notes Please refer to my reviews of the first and second books in the series for actual quality review material Here s what I remember This was my least favorite of the three adaptations Of course, when I say least favorite that doesn t actually mean much in this co [...]

  23. Kudos to Doescherd not the snack bar.He, carefully, wove 3 iconic films each of which has grand Shakespearean aka timeless takeaway themes into the pattern of classic 5 act Shakespeare plays All the while, he retained the unique personality of each Star Wars character large or small by both iambic pentameter description and importantly VOICE.He took snippets or whole chunks of Shakespeare s words from a good number of his plays especially Hamlet and inserted them into the Star Wars Trilogy wher [...]

  24. This one was a marked step down from the previous two installments I don t know if the gimmick has simply run it s course or what The first half of the book contained very little in the way of good Shakespeare or good Star Wars Luckily, once they get to Endor the story really takes off and I found myself laughing out loud several times This book does have my favorite exchange out of all three and it couldn t be simpler There are simply two stormtroopers talking about what potential bad outcomes [...]

  25. This has to be my favourite play of this trilogy I knew I preferred it to Empire, but it wasn t until the last act that I fully appreciated how awesome it was, and that I now love it even than the epic ness that was, Verily, A New Hope The main thing I loved particularly about this play was the character development It was outstanding Especially in Darth Vader Oh, wow, that moment where view spoiler he took off his helmet and became ANAKIN in the stage directions hide spoiler I swear I almost c [...]

  26. Honoring the story while also paying tribute to William Shakespeare, this book is funny, accurate, and, as others have put it, insightful Trying to read R2 D2 s noises and seeing beloved lines put into Shakespeare style made me laugh out loud The story moved just like it did in the movie yet also provided a new lens to view the characters Their monologues and when they spoke in their minds, gave new depth and insight into what the characters were thinking and feeling during different parts when [...]

  27. There is something very special about this trilogy While this book was not as great as Verily, A New Hope, it was still quite a roller coaster ride Ian Doescher puts to words the thoughts and feelings of the characters that I cherish in the movies Since Han and Leia are one of my favorite fictional pairings ever, his Han Leia verses alone get five stars from me, as well as his clever inclusion of my favorite quote from Hamlet I may be a little biased These are light, albeit powerful reads that I [...]

  28. OK, The first one was 5 stars, absolutely wonderful While the second seemed a bit forced, it was still worthy of 4 stars I liked this one There were some absolutely stunning moments But overall, it just didn t have the same punch as the other two I won t downgrade it to 3 stars, because of its high points, but I considered doing so.Of course, you should all know the story That didn t change The several soliloquys that gave the characters their character, while evoking that deja vue feeling of h [...]

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