All The Pretty Girls (2022)

[PDF] Read ✓ All The Pretty Girls : by J.T. Ellison - All The Pretty Girls, All The Pretty Girls Some secrets should stay buried When a local girl falls prey to a sadistic serial killer Nashville Homicide Lieutenant Taylor Jackson and her lover FBI profiler Dr John Baldwin find themselves in a [PDF] Read ✓ All The Pretty Girls : by J.T. Ellison - All The Pretty Girls, All The Pretty Girls Some secrets should stay buried When a local girl falls prey to a sadistic serial killer Nashville Homicide Lieutenant Taylor Jackson and her lover FBI profiler Dr John Baldwin find themselves in a
  • Title: All The Pretty Girls
  • Author: J.T. Ellison
  • ISBN: 9780778324430
  • Page: 332
  • Format: Paperback
All The Pretty Girls
[PDF] Read ✓ All The Pretty Girls : by J.T. Ellison, All The Pretty Girls, J.T. Ellison, All The Pretty Girls Some secrets should stay buried When a local girl falls prey to a sadistic serial killer Nashville Homicide Lieutenant Taylor Jackson and her lover FBI profiler Dr John Baldwin find themselves in a joint investigation pursuing a vicious murderer The Southern Strangler is slaughtering his way through the Southeast leaving a gruesome memento at each crime scene theSome secre
  • [PDF] Read ✓ All The Pretty Girls : by J.T. Ellison
    332J.T. Ellison
All The Pretty Girls

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  1. This book is the first book in the Taylor Jackson Series.I think this is a good start to the series I loved the gritty ending and will be continuing this series Nashville Homicide Lieutenant Taylor Jackson is called to the scene of a homicide, where the body of a young woman, and hands, has been discovered When a hand is found near the crime scene, DNA proves it doesn t belong to the murdered woman but to another woman, whose body was found in another state This brings the FBI into play, via Tay [...]

  2. I am the wrong audience for this book It s not that Ellison can t craft a good story She can However, that story involves a lot of rape and murder, which is not something I find enjoyable to read about In the course of this book, 9 females are murdered, about 20 are raped including two 12 year old twin girls and a 7 year old girl.It s not that I feel Ellison is writing rape porn She writes rape in the correct way offscreen And she doesn t go into details I don t feel like she is glorifying or ro [...]

  3. Like a songwriter who writes his chorus before he discovers his verse, I rarely ever start a mystery thriller series at the beginning ALL THE PRETTY GIRLS is no exception to this rule however, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed J.T Ellison s debut novel Sure, it s easy to make the argument that this book was a bit formulaic at times, but unless you write literary fiction, what book isn t With only 20 plots or 3 or 7 or 36, depending on whom you ask to work with, it s not like authors have an [...]

  4. It feels like I ve read this same book about fifty times before Police procedural Check Romance between cop and broodingly handsome FBI agent Check Escalating serial killer targeting attractive young women Check Mysterious tragedy in main character s past Check Above elements rendered in droningly unoriginal fashion Check J.T Ellison s debut is competent, well crafted by genre standards and utterly colorless The writer s voice is flat, wholly without affect, and actually becomes a complacent dra [...]

  5. I read Field of Graves Book 8 first and really liked it It was actually a prequel to this book so going from book 8 to book 1 in the Taylor Jackson series actually worked quite well.However, if I had read this book first, I may not have chosen to read the series All the pretty girls has an interesting plot but I felt like the character development was poor I relied significantly on Field of Graves , the pace was excruciatingly slow, and the plot felt all over the place There was the major plot o [...]

  6. After reading other reviews, i feel like i read a completely different book The stereotypical characters just killed me from the very beginning same as The Closer, James Patterson, etc Blond cop, FBI boyfriend, BFFs w medical examiner, blah blah blah I figured out the serial killer at the same time as the reporter And was there an editor I found myself rewriting some parts as i read them and inserting my own, appropriate, vocab words in several places I have never done that before My favorite p [...]

  7. This was a great mystery novel, and although it does get too technical at times, for the most part it was intriguing and near impossible to put down.

  8. RATING 3.5 STARS Review Not on Blog I have been wanting to read All the Pretty Girls since it first came out I love the suspense books that Mira publishing puts out, so I bought this one without even reading the synopsis Many moons later, I actually got to it when a friend suggested a buddy read Taylor Jackson, a Homicide Lieutenant in Nashville, is keeping her relationship with FBI profiler, John Baldwin a secret They now find themselves involved in the same case They are hunting a serial kille [...]

  9. at the start of the book i found the characters to be lacking something not sure what but it made them boring to read about, but towards the end i started warming up to a couple of themis story was told from a mixture of POVs an a 3rd person narrator at times which made it pretty intense and gave the book decent depth and we got a little looksie into all the characters mind which i thought was pretty coole gore was decent, it didnt go over board with it which i highly appreciate but there was a [...]

  10. I don t know how I went so long without starting this series This book was fast paced and kept me on the edge of my seat The characters were great and I can t wait to read of their stories Needless to say, I will be continuing with book 2.

  11. CONTAINS SPOILERSThis was the strangest book I have read in a while I am not usually picky when it comes to police procedurals whether the author gets them right or not but there were a couple of glaring ones that just about made me want to quit the book One was when Taylor was discussing with fellow officers about the best approach to telling the media about Whitney s death Now what pissed me off was that there was no way this would EVER happen before NOK was notified.This was the most glaring [...]

  12. All The Pretty Girls Taylor Jackson, 1 by J.T EllisonRomantic Suspense Mystery ThrillerPretty disappointed with this one The writing style was flat and storyline didn t grab my attention Just when things started to get interesting, there was a switch of pov and it started to drag again The characters lacked depth and I could not connect with any of them Expected from this story but it fell flat Nothing new nor suprising There are much better books in this genre.

  13. I loved this book, great characters I hope to read of this series If you love thrillers, you ll like this one.

  14. c2007 Thrillers are not normally my genre of choice but it was personally recommended to me by GR so I obediently checked it out Oh, so bland, unoriginal and I am not even sure if it was a thriller I am getting very tired of uber attractive but self deprecating , haunted, long blonde haired heroines And another cop falling in love with FBI colleague does this ever happen or is it like the old Mills and Boon chestnut of doctors and nurses The comment on the front cover is a quote by Lee Childs st [...]

  15. This is J.T Ellison s first novel, though you d never know it Ellison writes likes she s got a string of bestsellers behind her.I found the characters interesting and believable, with little human quirks that brought them to life The plot kept me guessing and turning pages While this was a story about tracking a serial killer, there was not the usual blood and gore that tends to come with this genre There was also not a lot of cursing Ellison holds the reader s attention with character developme [...]

  16. This was my first time reading a JT Ellison book and I was not disappointed Taylor is a rough, tough Lieutenant for Nashville homicide Her current case is that of serial rapist who comes to her town to commit his wicked crime Taylor gets to team up with her boy toy, Baldwin, to track and bring this killer to justice before he disappears Awesome read Defiantly recommend

  17. With a high body count, gory details and some added intrigue, this debut novel has a quite accomplished feel to it It is a fast paced and exciting thriller, and one that has a distinctly series feel to it In fact, it almost seems like a mid series novel with the way that Ellison so effortlessly incorporates many of the characters thorough backstories into the story These glimmers into an exciting past make the present all the engaging.And though the main plotline is rather predictable, the side [...]

  18. I thought this book was just OK It took than half of it to become interesting enough to really want to continue with it, but at the same time that point was where it became totally predictable and I saw the end coming There was only one thing I didn t guess right away but I really wouldn t recommend it to anyone else to read It took me over 2 weeks to get through it and for a short paperback, that is a lot of time.

  19. It was an okay read I wasn t impressed as much as I thought I would be as the story sounded great It seemed to get started off with a bang, but then it just fizzled out for me and I became bored with it Two stars for effort on this one.

  20. Awesome I LOVE these characters I m on a great roll this year I m SO glad to have discovered this series So good, I m moving on to the next book 14.Thanks J.T Ellison for such a great strong woman character a unique profiler

  21. This book was an experience, and not in a good way Before I say the bad I will say the plot kept me reading, so the basic concept of a murderer killing in one state and dropping the body, sans hands, in another was pretty good But, as I read the book I kept thinking that maybe this was the middle of a series The author keeps referring to things that have happened in Sheriff Jackson s past that me as a reader has no frame of reference.The characters are not fleshed out leaving them as cardboard c [...]

  22. It s not hard to see why J.T Ellison is such a popular writer Solid prose, action that propels the story from one page to the next, a strong, empathetic and likable heroine, all salted with just the right touch of romance make ALL THE PRETTY GIRLS another terrific entry in the Taylor Jackson thriller series.Here Jackson is drawn into a serial murder case from a number of different directions Taylor went to school with the TV news reporter who s in contact with the killer and the reporter s twin [...]

  23. I heard the J.T was a great author so I gave her a shot I thought the beginning of the story was slow and it did not hold my interest very well and it took me a long time to get through it By the middle of the book, I was interested, the pieces of the puzzle made sense and the flow of the book was finally going I was really worried about the pace of this book since it was supposed to be a thriller and I was not yet thrilled in the least until about the middle of the book I realize the author has [...]

  24. I do love to read a good crime novel and this just got the right spot Thrilling and keeps you guessing who the killer is right until the end Throw in a love interest and other police cases and it keeps you hooked from the start.

  25. Spoilers ahead.All The Pretty Girls is a good, though rather generic, serial killer crime story The main story is about the serial killer, a man who sleeps with women, throttles them, then cuts off their hands what a prince I love that this deranged psycho has CONSENSUAL sex with all these women No matter what town he goes to he can immediately find the young brunette with brown eyes and a rather specific medical background who will sleep with him We find out that he s a REALLY handsome man, but [...]

  26. 2.5 starsGood grief, this freaking book was all over the place Normally, I can keep track of lots of things going on in a book, but this one went too far.In this book 1 A serial killer is murdering girls at least 4 by the first 90 pages 2 A serial rapist is on the loose whole other case 3 An up and coming drug dealer has hired someone to murder a witness IDK, It wasn t fully explained.4 There is some kind of backstory with the main character being assaulted but it never fully explains that eithe [...]

  27. This was a great mystery set in Nashville, TN where Nashville Homicide Lieutenant Taylor Jackson and her boyfriend of 4 months FBI Special Agent and Profiler Dr John Baldwin are trying to catch the Southern Strangler who has been killing young brunette women who either work for community hospitals or are associated with them in some way, even as a patient The pattern is odd the killer grabs a young woman, rapes her, abuses her, chops off both hands, then leaves the body with one of the previous [...]

  28. Loved this book Loved Taylore main characterloved the southern settingloved the creepy serial killer plot in this first book.It is different from other mysteriesrt of refreshing in a serial killer with tons of subplots kind of waylots of surpriseslots and lots of mystery.Taylor is the strong savvy detective who can handle almost anything She is recovering from an almost deadly attack.ough this seemed to have happened in another book but I think that All The Pretty Girls is the first book in this [...]

  29. All the Pretty Girls written by J T Ellison and published in 2007 by MIRA Books Serial killer novels are a dime a dozen and this one really didn t have much to make it stand out Homicide Lieutenant Taylor Jackson is introduced and, along with her FBI profiler lover John Baldwin, crashes her way through several murder investigations Profiling was a bit like being a criminal yourself The battle to track down the murderers was not especially compelling, with sloppy, scatterbrained work, but the cha [...]

  30. Well This is a series I m late coming to this was written in 2007 but one I ll definitely stick with I really enjoyed it I like there were crimes occurring than the main one running through the whole story and therefore it held my interest throughout as we got to meet a whole host of differing police personnel and criminals I changed my mind throughout as to who was the guilty party in the main crime featured I had three differing ptotagonists on the go.I like Taylor a great deal She is a good [...]

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