Guidebook to Murder (2022)

[PDF] Read ✓ Guidebook to Murder : by Lynn Cahoon - Guidebook to Murder, Guidebook to Murder In the gentle coastal town of South Cove California all Jill Gardner wants is to keep her store Coffee Books and More open and running So why is she caught up in the business of murder When Jill s [PDF] Read ✓ Guidebook to Murder : by Lynn Cahoon - Guidebook to Murder, Guidebook to Murder In the gentle coastal town of South Cove California all Jill Gardner wants is to keep her store Coffee Books and More open and running So why is she caught up in the business of murder When Jill s
  • Title: Guidebook to Murder
  • Author: Lynn Cahoon
  • ISBN: 9781601833044
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Paperback
Guidebook to Murder
[PDF] Read ✓ Guidebook to Murder : by Lynn Cahoon, Guidebook to Murder, Lynn Cahoon, Guidebook to Murder In the gentle coastal town of South Cove California all Jill Gardner wants is to keep her store Coffee Books and More open and running So why is she caught up in the business of murder When Jill s elderly friend Miss Emily calls in a fit of pique she already knows the city council is trying to force Emily to sell her dilapidated old house But Emily s gumption gIn the gen

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  • [PDF] Read ✓ Guidebook to Murder : by Lynn Cahoon
    264 Lynn Cahoon
Guidebook to Murder

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  1. Jill Gardner has left behind the fast paced life as a lawyer and a marriage gone south to settle South Cove, California and open a book store Coffee, Books, and More Things maybe slow at the shop but they are peaceful until, a sudden call from her dear friend, Miss Emily, things quickly go downhill Miss Emily is receiving threats to kick her out of her home, Jill thinking to find out about this and check on her friend find herself in devastated when she finds her friend dead Dealing with the lo [...]

  2. a most excellent 5 star read review to come guidebook to murder a tourist trap mystery I knew right away I was going to like this book What a hoot I don t take notes while reading, that would so wreck the book buzz I get but, upon reflecting for the book review I could not stop chuckling Jill Gardner, owner of Coffee, Books and More in the small town of South Cove, California is just like all the rest of us, she is plagued with self doubt, yet strong and tuff when she needs to be She fantasizes [...]

  3. In the quiet coastal town of South Cove in California, Jill Sanders sets up her shop Coffee, Books, and More Jill loves to read and wants nothing than to make the shop a success Things turn out to be not so quiet when she gets a desperate phone call from her elderly friend Miss Emily It seems the town council is issuing her ultimatums to get her old house in shape or else Miss Emily seeks out Jill s assistance, but when Jill arrives, she finds her friend dead The police are sure it was of natur [...]

  4. A good start to a cozy series that takes place in a cute little town where nothing ever happens outside of the normal When Jill, a gal in her thirties, decides to run away from the big city and big career she lands in South Cove where she feels right at home from the day she arrived An elderly woman, Miss Emily, an older resident, befriends her and their relationship blossoms into a a very strong mother daughter type bond After a call from Miss Emily concerning a legal matter Jill decides to go [...]

  5. The setting and premise of this cozy mystery were appealing a bookstore coffeeshop an hour or so from San Francisco, and a heroine who has escaped hectic city life after a divorce The premise held up evil developers pursuing and maybe murdering locals to do their dirty deeds and make loads of money Many cozy heroines have love interests But the writing of these scenes read like parts of a bodice ripper which I found very annoying It made the book seem as though it couldn t decide whether it was [...]

  6. When Jill Gardner moved to South Cove, CA she was looking for a fresh start after her divorce and a quiet life running a caf bookshop But then one of her close friends, Miss Emily tells her the council and a developer are trying to bully her into selling out and shortly thereafter she turns up dead Jill knows there is something hokey going on and convinces the town s detective to investigate.Adding to her woes, Miss Emily left everything to her except the family bible which she left to her greed [...]

  7. Jill Gardner owns Coffee, Books, and More in the city of South Cove, CA When Jill moves to the California coast, she meets and becomes close friends with a sweet, elderly lady, Miss Emily Miss Emily has no one to look out for her, and she becomes like a mother to Jill as their friendship flourishes When Jill finds Miss Emily dead in her bed, grief hits her hard Did Miss Emily simply die of old age, or did something sinister happen to her Jill s friend, Amy, works for Mayor Baylor, who s a mean s [...]

  8. Review originally published at The Bookwyrm s Hoard.Guidebook to Murder takes the well known unexpected inheritance plot and gives it almost too many twists in the form of additional treasures, a mayor and developer intent on condemning Jill s new house to put up condos, and several other possible claimants to Miss Emily s estate Throw in an attractive but possibly married police detective, a series of threats, a sudden disappearance, and tensions around Jill s coffee shop and bookstore, and poo [...]

  9. South Cove California is a tourist stop along the coast Jill Gardner owns Coffee, Books, and More and she just wants to make enough to keep the business open She is relatively new to the town It was meeting Miss Emily one day that convinced her to move to South Cove Miss Emily is an elderly woman who has had a bunch of businesses crop up around her home Her house needs a lot of work but when she receives a letter telling her the town council is going to condemn her home or force he to sell to a [...]

  10. This is the kind of book that I love It had everything that I look for a great plot, a wonderful mystery, an amazing heroin, a murder that I didn t figure out, and topped of with a hint of romance This is a fantastic read.

  11. A special thank you to Kensington Books and NetGalley for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review A wonderful series to curl up with on a rainy afternoon A light and entertaining read Think small business, quaint town, shops, espresso, bookstore, cafe, coffee, galleries, inns, and a good cozy mystery which GUIDEBOOK TO MURDERoffered full of lovable and not so likable characters and friends in this small South Cove, CA tourist town.Jill, a former lawyer has inherited Miss Emily s house [...]

  12. First in a new series that I received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review A very strong start and really likeable characters A very solidly plotted mystery as well.Full Review jennoklikes post 814918

  13. I am a dyed in the wool horror, and science fiction fangirl I love the sound of organs slowly sliding from an eviscerated body I relish the moans from the undead Nothing makes me happier than the vision of an apocalypse be it by invading alien horde, off course meteors, or plagues that only spare type AB positive, left handed children under the age of 10.675 years of polish decent But I also love reading stories about little old ladies, lazy Scottish police constables, and slightly plump cookie [...]

  14. What a great book I ve read Lynn Cahoon s Cat Latimer books, but this is the first Tourist Trap mystery I ve read There were than one mystery in this story, which made it rich and complex But it was a fast read for me, not wanting to put it down There were several reasonable suspects, and I didn t solve the mysteries until they were revealed in the book I loved Jill, owner of a book coffeeshop in a coastal California tourist town She was realistic to me, with flaws and weaknesses, wit, and a dr [...]

  15. Guidebook To Murder by Lynn Cahoon is a great start to a new cozy mystery series Jill is the owner of a bookstore coffee shop who s elderly friend is murdered She inherits her friends house and the problems that go along with that The mayor and council are threatening to destroy the house unless it s brought up to meet regulations Jill only has a month to accomplish this And if that isn t enough to handle, her best friend is missing With all these problems to handle and worry about, she enlists [...]

  16. I really enjoy good mystery books that keep me on the edge of my seat, and this book definitely fulfills that requirement I also like when the book has a reasonable ending that ties everything together and the guilty person isn t a character that showed up in the book for exactly one sentence The murderer should be someone the reader has become familiar with This book had a very nice, pulled together conclusion The main character, Jill, is an attorney who left behind the big city because she met [...]

  17. Guidebook to Murder delivers exactly what readers of cozy mysteries expect a lightly themed, not too gruesome murder mystery set in a small town with a dash of romance The story isn t unusual or particularly inventive, but it s not boring, either Many of the plot elements are typical of cozy mysteries flexible job that allows time to investigate, outspoken BFF, romantic tension, savings fund inheritance that means the main character doesn t have to worry too much about making money , but Cahoon [...]

  18. This first book in the planned Tourist Trap Mystery series was a light, entertaining reading experience featuring a part of the country that I m not familiar with That held my attention along with a main character who owns the kind of little shop I ve secretly wanted to have Jill Gardner owns Coffee, Books, and More in South Cove, California, a small community along the coastline of the Pacific Ocean Moving from the big city after her divorce Jill found her niche in a shop that allows her to cat [...]

  19. I love a good cozy mystery and Guidebook to Murder was just that I have found a new series to visit, full of new characters I call friends.Jill Gardner has just inherited Miss Emily s house and money Being South Cove s resident grump, Miss Emily wasn t loved by many In fact, the city council has been after her property for years The City Council wants to tear down her house to make way for a retail store, she isn t willing to give it up The fight has turned nasty and involved threatening letters [...]

  20. Guidebook to Murder delivers exactly what readers of cozy mysteries expect a lightly themed, not too gruesome murder mystery set in a small town with a dash of romance The story isn t unusual or particularly inventive, but it s not boring, either.Many of the plot elements are typical of cozy mysteries flexible job that allows time to investigate, outspoken BFF, romantic tension, savings fund inheritance that means the main character doesn t have to worry too much about making money , but Cahoon [...]

  21. Quaint, pretty South Cove, California, is home to Jill Gardner, a former lawyer who has found her bliss in running a bookstore caf , Coffee, Books, and More When she was a newcomer in town, octogenarian Miss Emily was her first friend, offering iced tea and a sympathetic ear Now the town is threatening to knock down Miss Emily s ramshackle house to build sleek condos Jill goes to see her friend and to mow her lawn, only to find the old woman dead in her bed, with a teacup and a Regency romance o [...]

  22. Guidebook to Murder by Lynn Cahoon 4 STARS I liked Guidebook to Murder Would love to see these characters back into another mystery I really liked Jill and how she worried and cares both for her friends and strangers This is a cozy mystery The town has character Jill has lived in South Cove for 5 years When she came to town to look around she met Miss Emily and was convinced this was the place to live Jill used to be a lawyer Now she owns a bookstore coffee shop Now she is getting threats all ov [...]

  23. I received this book through Netgalley in exchange for my honest review Thank you to Netgalley, to Kensington Books, and to Lynn Cahoon.This book takes place in a quiet coastal town in South Cove, California Jill has left behind her career as an overworked lawyer and opted to live the quiet life as the owner of a little shop called Coffee, Books, and More Her life was satisfactorily uneventful until she discovered the body of her dear friend Miss Emily Convinced that Miss Emily has been murdered [...]

  24. I love a good cozy mystery Especially if it s one I couldn t figure out and I couldn t figure outGuidebook to Murder A Tourist Trap Mystery by Lynn Cahoon I loved the protagonist, Jill Gardner Jill is independent and believable She loves to read and eat and those are my two favorite things to do also I ve always wanted to renovate a fixer upper, since that s probably not going to happen at least I can read about someone doing it Jill was doing it because her friend and neighbor was murdered and [...]

  25. I really enjoyed this book a lot, and look forward to in this series Cahoon is an excellent writer Her writing is crisp, and the story keeps moving at all times The characters and situations are believable and, while the mystery is good, it s a lot of fun as well The only thing that annoyed me was she was a little heavy handed in the romance between Jill and Detective Greg She laid the he s not interested me he s just being a good cop routine on a little thick and you knew that the surprise whe [...]

  26. I loved this book, to me it has everything I like to read in a cozy Likable characters, humor, a little romance and a crime that I can t figure out right away This book has it all Jill the main character is likable and intelligent, she has a murder and a disappearance to figure out, while trying to save a home that she has inherited There is an interesting mix of characters I actually laughed out loud in a few spots, and I didn t figure out who did it, and when it was explained it made perfect s [...]

  27. I was not to impressed with our heroine Her venture into being a sleuth seemed to be of a whim She didn t seem to have a true calling to interject herself into a mystery and come to a solution There were some unbelievable moments such as, the fact that she didn t know the sheriff or whether he was married or not After all, this is a small town and she seemed to know everyone else Then, like any normal person she didn t want to ask if he was married This is not a series that I will continue read [...]

  28. Guidebook to Murder is the first book in the Tourist Trap Mystery series and, after reading it, I m looking forward to the next book Jill Gardner owns a small coffee book shop and lives in the apartment above it But, when her elderly friend, Miss Emily, is murdered and bequeaths her house to Jill, Jill s life changes dramatically What happens when she moves into the house and starts renovating it will keep you turning the pages Don t miss this one

  29. In southern California, Jill just wants to take care of her bookstore coffee shop and live a quiet life in her quiet small town Sadly Jill s life is anything but quiet and peaceful One of her best friends is murdered, one is missing, and she invites her eccentric aunt to help with her store Add a hunky detective and dirty politics to the mix you have a highly amusing book.

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