Room 32: Conjuring Jim Morrison (2022)

↠ Room 32: Conjuring Jim Morrison ↠ D.R. Haney - Room 32: Conjuring Jim Morrison, Room Conjuring Jim Morrison None ↠ Room 32: Conjuring Jim Morrison ↠ D.R. Haney - Room 32: Conjuring Jim Morrison, Room Conjuring Jim Morrison None
  • Title: Room 32: Conjuring Jim Morrison
  • Author: D.R. Haney
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 465
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Room 32: Conjuring Jim Morrison
↠ Room 32: Conjuring Jim Morrison ↠ D.R. Haney, Room 32: Conjuring Jim Morrison, D.R. Haney, Room Conjuring Jim Morrison None

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  • ↠ Room 32: Conjuring Jim Morrison ↠ D.R. Haney
    465 D.R. Haney
Room 32: Conjuring Jim Morrison

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  1. Room 32 is an 11,000 word piece I wrote for a forthcoming collection of essays, all of which have to do with Los Angeles, fame, filmmaking, or all three I ve now completed roughly half of the essays for the collection, and this one is about my attempt to arrange a seance for Jim Morrison in Room 32 of the Alta Cienega Motel, his on off residence from 1967 to 1970 I had guessed, as a neophyte in occult matters, that it would be easy to arrange a seance, but I was wrong, and to me the search for a [...]

  2. A 40 minute read at 4am fitting for the subject matter It left me feeling sadness for lost time, wasted fame, and the realization that art is tragedy.

  3. Save ur time pleaseSave your money and timest part are some pictures, can t believe this was even s book, please give me a freaking break so so so disappointed It is what it is , just save your ten mins of time, who published this crap

  4. Entertainment quick readThe author could of gone on less about his difficulty obtaining a descent priced psychic and a bit of a let down when mentioned the deleted recording of the sceance but all in all it was a decent read to pass the time.

  5. Very Quick ReadWell written and with an onyeresting premise Also on location photos Like this book Like the writer Will read all i can find of his

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