Mud on your Face (2022)

↠ Mud on your Face ↠ Rachel McGrath - Mud on your Face, Mud on your Face Gus is a seven year old boy who comes from a very large family with eight brothers and sisters Sometimes Gus feels left out picked on or even forgotten by his family He wonders what life might be li ↠ Mud on your Face ↠ Rachel McGrath - Mud on your Face, Mud on your Face Gus is a seven year old boy who comes from a very large family with eight brothers and sisters Sometimes Gus feels left out picked on or even forgotten by his family He wonders what life might be li
  • Title: Mud on your Face
  • Author: Rachel McGrath
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Mud on your Face
↠ Mud on your Face ↠ Rachel McGrath, Mud on your Face, Rachel McGrath, Mud on your Face Gus is a seven year old boy who comes from a very large family with eight brothers and sisters Sometimes Gus feels left out picked on or even forgotten by his family He wonders what life might be like if he had no brothers or sisters and if he was an only child On a family camping trip Gus finds himself lost in the woods left behind by his family A different adventGus is a sev
  • ↠ Mud on your Face ↠ Rachel McGrath
    185 Rachel McGrath
Mud on your Face

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  1. Rachel McGrath s Mud on your Face is an adorable, well written children s book that makes for a great bedtime story It is fun and entertaining read that children will enjoy and learn from.Mario Tereso s illustrations are cute and add a lot to the story Young ones enjoy looking at them while the story is being read I would definitely recommend this book to parents of young children In addition to being a good story for younger children, it is a good book for older ones to practice their reading s [...]

  2. Cute story about Gus, picked on by his multitude of siblings, and how he learns you don t always want to get what you wish for All younger siblings should read it Feel good tale with a happy ending.

  3. We were fortunate enough to receive an arc of this wonderful story and because it is a children s story, I asked my almost nine year old daughter to rate it The first thing she said was Mommy, I wish we could give it ten stars So there you have it, out of the mouths of babes.Not only was this a really sweet story, it also brought home very valuable life lessons like being kind to your siblings as you never know how your actions will make them feel as well as being careful what you wish for I wat [...]

  4. This is a great children s book with a lovely story and likeable characters Be careful what you wish for you might just get it I wish is the nature of the story, that and human personality clashes in families Easy to follow the story, a child would likely be captivated by it Poor Gus is in complete turmoil when his adventures begin, but by the happy ending we are all calm reader and characters alike Good for bedtime reading with the kids Also likely to get them talking about any issues of bullyi [...]

  5. Really thoroughly enjoyed this children s story I read it to my neices and they were hooked, I wasn t allowed to stop I got this pre release via the blurb website on a PDF, and now I am going to have to buy a hardback copy as a gift to my lovely neices I don t think they would forgive me otherwise.A great story, really wonderfully illustrated, and one that will be remembered a long while.Another great work by this author, albeit in a different genre completely McGrath is truly versatile as a wri [...]

  6. Sometimes you just don t know how good you have it until a little Milly comes into your life A great story with a nice lesson about family dynamic s I m looking forward to reading this to my son soon.

  7. Fantastic illustrations and a heartwarming story with a nice little twistI enjoyed reading the story and so did my daughter, who I let read first this morning She also enjoyed Gus s story and even got upset for him with all the bullying he had to endure 5 isn t enough.

  8. A sweet adventure perfect for reading along with kids Quite fun and full of exciting mishaps and flights of delirious fantasy.

  9. Mud in Your Face is a great story, with a timely talking point for children of all ages, when faced with the same kind of uncertainties It is also a valuable aid for parents to reinforce the message to be careful what you wish for The author skilfully signposts the trail in a gentle and measured way, using a mysterious friend called Milly to help a confused young lad called Gus to discover the answer through a series of adventures, with a new and exciting twist to the story waiting around the ne [...]

  10. Mud on Your Face is a sweet, lovely book for imaginative children Gus is a really likeable protagonist that a lot of children will easily relate to While Gus s huge family is unusual, the sibling rivalry that goes on between the brothers is something that plenty of us have experienced and Rachel McGrath weaves a beautiful story around this issue The writing is polished and so easy to read I liked the little details such as the children being named in alphabetical order this added a quirkiness to [...]

  11. Gus really is a likeable character He finds himself setting out on an adventure that children will love It s a beautiful written family story that children and adults will hold dear to their hearts It sends out a message that is delightful The author cleverly puts you inside the head of Gus My grandchildren are going to love this I was the youngest of nine and I loved it A lovely story with a lovely message.

  12. Be careful what you wish forSweet story for kids age 4 and up Educational and thought provoking Enough pictures to keep up the kids interest yet enough text so that the book suits perfectly for the older kids as well As a pre school teacher I would see this book as a great educational tool Something I would probably use as an opening for a discussions etc.

  13. I was given a copy of this book pre release, and it was just a joy to read.The morale of the story is about family, and recognising that what you have is important but it is also a fun and enjoyable book to read, one that will appeal to audiences of all ages.Another great work by this author.

  14. Mud on your Face is a delightful, little story, suitable for children s reading at, I guess, eight and above It is a beautifully written and lovingly illustrated book that is neither too long to wear at a child s patience, nor too short to be boring and predictable Like all good children s books, it imparts an important message that children can take away as a moral or a lesson on life There are two morals to this story I suppose value what you have and be careful what you wish for, both of whic [...]

  15. A great read for kids young and old, with plenty of illustrations throughout.Gus is a young boy who endures a lot of teasing from his brothers To them it s just playing, but he doesn t find it so funny Their latest prank is to shove him face down in a patch of mud as the family walk back to their car through the woods after a camping trip By the time Gus picks himself up, the others have gone and he s alone and lost in the woods.As he wanders, he meets a mysterious girl named Milly who promises [...]

  16. A great adventure where a young boy finds out things aren t always as they seem When he gets lost he thinks his family doesn t even miss him until a new friend helps him find the truth I myself grew up in a house with two older brothers and a live in cousin who chose me as the object of their entertainment on most occasions so Gus s dilemma with his siblings was very familiar The story is written in an entertaining way and pulls you into its clutches You really feel the pain, the joy and the los [...]

  17. This was such a wonderful story I m trying to teach my son to read, and he also happens to be the middle child, so he could relate with the little boy who felt left out because of his siblings The story was fun and clever, but it delivered a great message for kids My son loved every minute of it This is such an entertaining read, and I recommend it to all parents with young children The author did a great job of creating a story that s enjoyable for everyone, not just children The pictures are c [...]

  18. Gus is a typical middle child from a big family who feels a little left out, and wishes to have a chance where he is not always surrounded by big and little siblings.He makes this wish, and suddenly he is on an adventure with a new friend who takes him through samples of what life could be like if he was indeed an only child.Lots of fun Great pictures Perfect ending Kids will love the story and will want to see from Gus and Milly

  19. Mud on your Face is a charming adventure narrated by Gus, 7 year old boy, who is the butt of jokes metered out by his brothers Don t be fooled this is a story for good readers 8 12 I also have a feeling mums and dads will enjoy reading it, because it has a moral to it Be careful what you wish for Definitely, not your typical children s book, it is written in a delightfully old fashioned style with gorgeous illustrations, which are unusual but which matched the story perfectly.

  20. Mud on your Face is a wonderful story for imaginative children eight and up It is beautifully written with well develop characters Gus and Milly are delightful and engaging characters The illustrations are vivid and wonderful McGrath is a gifted writer, her characters are lively and thought provoking While the message convey in this book is targeted to children, I feel it speaks to all ages Mud on your Face is an extraordinary book Well done

  21. A delightful read from the beginning to the end Gus begins his story faced with a mixture of emotions Anxiety, fear, anger and then a sense of adventure Rachel McGarth captures all this in the wonderful story Mud on your Face.Children have a lot to take in and learn from Gus and his adventure and the moral about careful what you wish for I also found the illustrations clear and colourfulother talking point for children All in all a book worth purchasing.

  22. CUTEI often buy children s books to read them before I buy them for my grandchildren This was a nice little story, although it was rather repetitive in places Suitable for children in large families and a warning to parents to reassure each and every child of a large brood they are loved and wanted The illustrations were clear, even on my black and white Kindle screen

  23. Such an incredibly cute story, and the lovely part about it is that it contains a really valuable message for kids about family, and not wishing for something you don t have.Gus is a fun, likeable character his chance meeting with Milly makes for a nice little fantasy The illustrations are a brilliant addition Definitely a good book to read with the kids

  24. A wonderful read for children probably best suited to those around 8 11 years old Its well written in a way that will be enjoyable to the younger generation, with pictures to entertain, and lots of fun, drama and fantasy.A great debut child s novel from this author and I look forward to

  25. This is a great read for any child I can see where a middle child would really benefit from reading this book I love that it doesn t dumb the subject matter down I intend to send it to a grandchild as a gift.

  26. Mud on your FaceMud on your face is wonderfully written I m highly recommend this book for Bedtime reading I must send this one to my grandchildren.

  27. Mud on your face is a delightful story about family life, and appreciating the people we love, the characters are fun and appealing to children and the illustrations are bright and well drawn

  28. Excellent Children s Book.Gus feels neglected and bullied by his brothers.Quote This time my brothers were older and cunning with their pranks On a family camping trip he gets lost and thinks none of his family will miss him.Gus meets a mysterious little girl named Milly, and has an extraordinary adventure with her This delightful children s story, complete with wonderful illustrations, is an engaging book about family It s geared for a younger audience, or for parents wanting to read to their [...]

  29. Be careful what you wish for And just because this is a story about an eight year old boy doesn t mean that the concept doesn t apply to everyone, young and old For young Gus, his thoughts have consequences, which quickly come to light and shock him into taking responsibility for all his wishes, good and bad and is instantly and mysteriously shown how they materialize in the world by a lovely young girl who is as mysterious as she is sweet and wise A cautionary tale for all ages

  30. A fun, action, adventure fantasy story which makes you giggle out loud as you follow Gus through his ups and downs The illustrations are great and add to the storyThe text is large, making it an easy read for kidsThe ending has a nice morale to leave the reader smiling and learning.

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