Lev (2022)

Lev Best Read || [Belle Aurora] - Lev, Lev From the moment Lev Leokov spots the young woman hiding behind her hair in the middle of the gentleman s club he can t take his eyes off of her For the very first time in his life he is affected Hav Lev Best Read || [Belle Aurora] - Lev, Lev From the moment Lev Leokov spots the young woman hiding behind her hair in the middle of the gentleman s club he can t take his eyes off of her For the very first time in his life he is affected Hav
  • Title: Lev
  • Author: Belle Aurora
  • ISBN: 9780994371010
  • Page: 195
  • Format: ebook
Lev Best Read || [Belle Aurora], Lev, Belle Aurora, Lev From the moment Lev Leokov spots the young woman hiding behind her hair in the middle of the gentleman s club he can t take his eyes off of her For the very first time in his life he is affected Having been told his entire life that he can t process or understand emotion he considers it a big deal When Mina Harris gets caught red handed with a wallet that isn t hers sFrom the moment Lev Le
  • Lev Best Read || [Belle Aurora]
    195 Belle Aurora

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  1. Did you miss it LEV is now LIVE on all platforms US gp product B016 UK gp product B0BN barnesandnoble w lev bKobo store.kobobooks en us eboiBooks itunesle us book id10

  2. FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED 4.5 stars I don t know what love is But if I could love anyone I pressed a gentle kiss behind her ear, pulling her close I would love you Very much I LOVED this book It was perfect SO HEART WARMING My heart is overflowing with happy feels Seriously, if you want a UNIQUE story that is SWEET, SWOONY, and SEXY, with a romance that is downright freaking ADORABLE, then read this book I loved EVERY single thing about it First, here s the blurb From the moment Lev Leokov spots th [...]

  3. Lev A Shot Callers Novel They say penguins mate for life He reached up again and jerked hard at his tie And I want to be your penguin When I found out that Belle Aurora released a new book I was excited because I read her previous series friend zoned and loved it so much.She has such a unique captivating writing style that makes you feel like you re living the story not just reading it So when I read the blurb I dropped EVERYTHING and couldn t start reading fast enough From the moment Lev Leokov [...]

  4. No rating,DNF around 40%Lev is obviously gorgeous just not enough for me to carry on with thisI know it s fiction but this was totally unrealistic for me.Mina has been on the streets for 7 years,when one night she goes into a club.She is hungry and desperate and attempts to steal a wallet from a man.Enter LevHe gives her 3 choices.She picks option 2 I ve actually forgotten what the others were I was so disinterested Anyway he takes her back to his,of course,beautiful home.Gives her a job.She get [...]

  5. I looked He was already staring.5 ThatAssThough STARSMina and Lev Lev Leokov was the definition of the word man.He d earned it He certainly acted like one.He found me, whether he knew it or not,I was his, in a way You know what they say Finders keepers.How does she look, Lev Like art, I responded sincerely Que the round of applause Belle Aurora never seizes to amaze me She has debuted a new series and if the installments to come are anything like the first it ll be a favourite of mine Despite th [...]

  6. Rating 5 HEART WARMING StarsMy Views Heart warming story of two people who were destined to be together and Belle Aurora recreated the magic of Friend Zone with this one Lev is a wonderful start to the series and I devoured this delicacy in one sitting.It feels so good to have a five star read after such a long time.Style of writing Belle Aurora is one of my favourite authors and I have read nearly all her contemporaries that she has written and published Her style of writing has always been the [...]

  7. Re read 12 15 17Get it here 4.5 StarsWarning Lev Leokov will cause your ovaries to explode and your panties to go flying.The moment Lev saw the small woman enter his strip club, he was interested He didn t know why and couldn t comprehend what he was feeling just from seeing her, but he knew he had to have her But then he see s her take his brothers wallet and swallows down the disappointment to confront her Mina was desperate and hungry when she walked into a strip club, planning on seducing so [...]

  8. 4 Mouse stars What would happen when you see that one of your all time favourite authors is having a new book A book related to one of your favourite series Well that s an easy question In my case I couldn t drop everything because, you know DUTY CALLS BUT as everytime after Belle Aurora s book without one I was blown away by her writing style, humour and ideas Lev Minamet in a inconvenient way but they saw something trust worthy in each other They were like twosoulsthat were waiting to meet in [...]

  9. LIVE amzn 1P9abxc5 LEV 3 3 3 STARS You deserve better than the unfortunate life you were dealt Such an amazing story sigh I loved it so much Belle Aurora did an amazing job with this funny,emotional,intense story I loved everything, the story,the characters even the secondary characters were so captivating that you can t stop yourself from loving them all Mina and Lev will be now a part of my heart Mina is homeless.e struggles to survive,she can t find a place to live and food.She decides to go [...]

  10. They are so adorable that it s hard to not fall in love with em both Lev was Good, Stupid sometimes but i loved him, and his relationship with his daughter is so sweet Belle Aurora is becoming one of my Favorite authors, her books are AWESOME I would be his rock when his reason floated away And he would be the person I needed to remind me that I was no longer alone in the world A perfectly imperfect friendship had somehow formed, and losing Lev was not an option.He found me, and whether he knew [...]

  11. 4 Mouse Stars At 24 years old, Mina has been living in the streets for the past seven, but yet she now feels like she reached the end of the road Without any money and hungry she does the only think she can to be able to get some money for food, she tries to steal a wallet in a club.But she chooses the wrong guy and when Lev catches her and finds out why she s doing it he offers her a house and job With time feelings between Mina and Lev start to get stronger and even though Lev s saved her life [...]

  12. 5 My Lev Stars ARC kindly provided by Author in exchange for an honest review LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED Lev This book is so romantic, so well written, so fun, so dreamy and I can keep going on and on with positive adjectives to describe what an awesome read this was If I was still changing my profile name depending on my favorite book boyfriend, I would call myself Lev s mouse actually I ll carry that name in my heart forever Mina Harris was living on the streets, hungry and alone when Lev found her Lev [...]

  13. 3.5 Sweeter than Candy Stars She s a disaster, I told her Trouble follows her everywhere She corners me when I don t wish to speak She smiles and laughs at things that aren t funny She steals food right out of my hand I shook my head All of which makes her perfect I m keeping this short and sweet because better reviewers have already done a bang up job I should start off by saying I really enjoyed the majority of this book In fact, the first half had my hopes up that this would be a 5 star read [...]

  14. 5 I See You Stars BR with Patty Dee Mina Harris is a 24 yr old woman who has been living on the streets for the last seven years After her mother died, she became an orphan went into foster care Things didn t work out and she s been homeless since the age of 17 Out of options she makes the decision to steal something gets caught Who knew this would be her lucky day.She meets a gorgeous man named Lev Leokov, and instead of turning her in, Lev helps her He co owns the strip club Bleeding Hearts wi [...]

  15. 6 AMAZING STARSYou can slap me now because I don t know why it took me so long to read this book This book was absolutely perfect Why do you ask I read it in one sittingI was hooked from page oneI kept on looking at my reading percentage and I got sad because it kept on going up, meaning my book was going to finish soonIt had everything I look forward to in a read with a lovable Heroine, alpha hero and top notch storylineYou did good Belle Aurora The book has a damsel in distress theme, but a sa [...]

  16. As much as I tried to, I couldn t get that WOW factor by reading this book What I loved most was the way Lev s character progressed Lev s character made this book The complexity of this hero and history brought him to life and made the other aspects of the book better In contrast, I thought I would love Mina, but I struggled to connect with her character What didn t work for me was the plot and the way Mina s character developed near the end Lev is such a unique hero This generally stoic person [...]

  17. re read my favorite parts 8 2 2016 I love you,Lev3 This is Mina.She was homeless.I found her.I mkeeping her.She loves me.So we re getting married Not that it s your business Anika,but there would beno point in Mina moving.Mina proposeed to me two days ago And I ve accepted Where the heck was I when this proposal was happening Um Remember In the car.You told me that you planned to marry oneman,and that one man would be me.I agree with you.I think you should marry me That was hardly a proposal,swe [...]

  18. I heard a buzz, so I closed my eyes and went with the flow 4.5 Stars This book cover started popping up everywhere Lev was the book everyone was talking about I didn t know who wrote it, what it was about or even how long it was novel or novella Sometimes I just get a feeling in my gut that tells me to just go for it So I did I don t always have success, but sometimes I get the sort of gem that reminds me why I love reading romance This was a rough cut diamond.The story starts with us meeting Mi [...]

  19. OH Lev he is such a smooth talker While he wishes to be normal , he blows normal out of the water They say penguins mate for life He reached up again and jerked hard at his tie And I want to be your penguin Lev is the whirlwind story of Lev Leokov and Mina Harris.Lev is his brothers enforcer The one who handles problems at the family club When Lev spies Mina stealing a wallet from his brother, he is shocked to find that Mina didn t take all the money Feeling an instant connection with her, he sa [...]

  20. OK I m officially addicted Belle Aurora s books D First she got me with Twitch He s from the book named RAW and now she got me with Lev Leokov He was fucking amazing I loved him a lot And I m definitely going to read Belle s other books asap D A face like yours makes men stumble over themselves faces like yours are carved into statues, immortalized in stone for the world to see over the ages You are art No one else It s you, Mina It s always been you He spoke softly, I just needed to find you No [...]

  21. 3.5 starsI have absolutely no idea why I didn t like this one I can t pin point what exactly didn t wow me Maybe it was all the coincidences, how everything fell to place after 50% all neat with a bow on it too, maybe it was the sexy times that lacked description, depth and length after the first time, maybe it was all the sweetness I like glitter and rainbow farting unicorns but there s a limit and the blatant set up for the rest of the books in the series Maybe it was me being too fussy.And a [...]

  22. Loveeeeeeeeeeed this book DCan t wait to get my hands on the books of the rest of the characters

  23. And it s happened again From the first few pages I started falling in love with Lev it s true love, I mean it this time A beautiful, broken man Awkward and silent A strong and dark alpha Yet so honest and vulnerable in what he is, a man incapable of understanding emotion, helping a broken and desolate soul for reasons he couldn t explain except for the fact that she made him feel I had a hard time getting behind the h There were things about her that annoyed me no end She was wonderful and perfe [...]

  24. 4 Penguin STARS Belle Aurora is my auto click author since RAW LEV was her new baby and I m intrigued At first, I didn t feel positive about this book This book is the opposite of dark romance that I ve anticipated So, here we go my first Russian mafia Mina Harris is a homeless woman until she met Lev at a gentleman s bar, Bleeding Hearts Mina caught in the act by Lev Despite this unknown woman, she intrigued Lev and quickly offer propositions for her Mina will work at the bar and live with Lev [...]

  25. Mina has been homeless since she was seventeen years old We first meet her when she is twentyfour and on the brink of starvation She is literally at the end of her rope and is willing to do anything just to survive That s why she decides to enter a gentlemen s club and steal an unsuspecting man s wallet Lev isn t like other people He is completely honest and upfront, but cannot read other s emotions This usually leads to him being brass and sometimes hurtful I happened to love this quality and a [...]

  26. 5 Stars for Lev Loved him 3 Stars for The Story It was really weak and repetitive Rounded off to 3.5 StarsI really wanted this book to be a 5 star read It started off so well, like my kind of book Mina, a helpless, homeless 24 year old meets a dashing Lev at an underground club I really liked Lev s character I always say I m a sucker for the dark, brooding, taciturn type But somewhere along the way Lev started to change and I wish the author had kept true to his original self Mina was really har [...]

  27. 5 I LOVE Lev Absolutely, positively, deep to my soul, adore him Stars Swoon Sigh Salivate Lev is mine This book has shot right to the top of my favorites list of not just this year, but of my all time favorites There wasn t one thing that I didn t adore about this story From the lick worthy cover, to the strong yet defiant Mina to the perfectly imperfect quiet alpha hero Lev I fell in love Mina is struggling She s struggling to survive She s struggling to find a place to fit She s struggling wit [...]

  28. One handsome Leokov Who could say no to that So this series cause we have at least 2 books to come in this one is nothing similar to Friend Zone This series is a bit dramatic than funny as hell, as the previous one.So what to say about this one Good things do I need to say anything else ,kidding So MINAA loving, caring and adventurous soul that due to the adversities in life she ll end up hiding herself in the streets and relying of the very little kindness she s able to find in people A girl [...]

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