Kissing Kate (2022)

Unlimited Kissing Kate - by Lauren Myracle - Kissing Kate, Kissing Kate Kate was Lissa s best friend They ve shared everything for four years Then one night at a drunken party Kate leaned in to kiss Lissa and Lissa kissed her back And now Kate is pretending Lissa doesn Unlimited Kissing Kate - by Lauren Myracle - Kissing Kate, Kissing Kate Kate was Lissa s best friend They ve shared everything for four years Then one night at a drunken party Kate leaned in to kiss Lissa and Lissa kissed her back And now Kate is pretending Lissa doesn
  • Title: Kissing Kate
  • Author: Lauren Myracle
  • ISBN: 9780142408698
  • Page: 336
  • Format: Paperback
Kissing Kate
Unlimited Kissing Kate - by Lauren Myracle, Kissing Kate, Lauren Myracle, Kissing Kate Kate was Lissa s best friend They ve shared everything for four years Then one night at a drunken party Kate leaned in to kiss Lissa and Lissa kissed her back And now Kate is pretending Lissa doesn t exist Confused and alone Lissa s left questioning everything she thought she knew about herself and about life But with the help of a free spirit new friend Lissa sKate was Lissa s b
  • Unlimited Kissing Kate - by Lauren Myracle
    336 Lauren Myracle
Kissing Kate

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  1. Dear Kissing Kate,Why did you do that to me You gave me an interesting premise, decent main characters, and pretty good chemistry between the main couple something I find majorly lacking in most YA books, especially YA LGBT , but you failed in one of the most important areas your subplots sucked ass You re like that guy going down on his girlfriend who pulls away and refuses to continue, no matter how much she begs What s your problem Your MC, Lisa, isn t bad In fact, I kind of liked her She s o [...]

  2. I picked up this book hoping for a teen girl struggling to figure out her sexuality Instead, I get a book about lucid dreaming, which I have no interest in There is barely any mention of her questioning her sexuality.

  3. This book had many great moments, but upon reflection, I am not sure if I really liked it I was certainly hooked on it, and read most of it in one sitting, but I felt like I was just expecting it to get better, and I m not sure it ever did I felt that Lissa s emotions were incredibly genuine and well depicted, and her struggle with Kate seemed very real Yet, at the same time, I was annoyed with the various subplots that I felt skewed the focus of the story There were quite a few cliche moments, [...]

  4. This book frustrated the shit out of me I was all about it at first Lissa and her supposedly best friend since elementary school Kate go to a party where Kate gets a bit tipsy and kisses Lissa Things went a little PG 13 and now for some reason Kate is ignoring Lissa It s hard to review because the book then goes off on some weird deep end randomly delves into the topic of Lucid Dreaming , won t go there It s also hard to review because there is barely any character definition of Kate aside of ho [...]

  5. I wasn t going to rate this but I got 10 pages in and couldn t stand the writing style or the whiny main character, so I m giving this 1 star anyway

  6. Kissing KateLauren MyraclePenguin Group, 2003, 198 pages, 7.99Friendship, Homosexuality, Lesbians, Identity978 0 14 240869 8One summer night at a party, Kate, a drunk 16 year old, kisses her best friend Lissa After awkward weeks of avoiding each other Kate tries to reconnect with Lissa and pretend like nothing has happened and just be friends Lissa tells Kate she wasn t drunk and isn t sure how she feels about Kate or herself Kate tries to talk Lissa out of being a lesbian, but Lissa s new frien [...]

  7. This review is also posted on my blog view spoiler Well That was adorable and much easier to read than probably anything else I ve gotten through this year It was a good portrayal of someone just discovering their sexual identity, I thought.I did feel like the first half was just stuffed with boring filler and unimportant doings, but that may have just been me I also felt like Lissa was TERRIBLY ANNOYING during that first half, and I found it very hard to like her or care about what happened Tha [...]

  8. I almost didn t want to write a review about this book because I didn t really enjoy it Still, I m trying to keep up with all of the books that I ve read this year I think that I ve only missed a couple of reviews so here it goes.I Didn t Like It.Kissing Kate is the story of two best friends, Kate and Lissa One night at a party, a very tipsy Kate approaches Lissa and kisses her In fact there s quite a bit of kissing going on and minor touching When Kate s boyfriend and a couple of guys approach [...]

  9. If I d read Kissing Kate in high school, it probably would have been one of my favorite books Reading it then would have shown me that it was okay to question, okay to feel what I was feeling In that sense, Kissing Kate is a good first coming out to yourself book Yet reading it as an adult, I can see the things that could be construed as flaws Overall, it s a good read I think Adult Lissa would look back at this time in her life, and be like.

  10. This book isn t easy to rate it s a quite complex story and after you finish it it leaves you with mixed feelings Lissa is very confused and lonely Her best friend, Kate, after kissing her is ignoring her And so Lissa is questioning everything she knew about herself, or didn t know Trying to figure out who she is And then at her work place there s this new girl whom she knew at elementary school and who at all cost wants to be her friend.If you expect here an ordinary lesbian romance you are ver [...]

  11. When I first read the Title of the book Kissing Kate, instantly, I felt as though this book would be exhilarating I kept flipping through the pages hoping it would get better, but it never did I am highly disappointed in the author because I feel like this book is missing essential details and scenes The author had a whole bunch of useless information like Darlin s role in the movie was completely pointless The part where Ariel and Lissa went to visit her gay cousin was also pointless because th [...]

  12. This book started off really great, honestly But then towards the end, with about 50 pages left, then 25, I was kind of like Is that it I was convinced she would fall in love with her new friend, since that seemed to be the direction it was going but nope Not that I mind but now I kind of just don t see the point of her character other than Lissa s character development The point being, this book kind of justleft me hanging Like I don t know if it was a choice or if it s length of the novel, but [...]

  13. During a party one night, Lissa is surprised when her best friend Kate leans in to kiss, but even surprised by Kate s reaction when Lissa kisses her back Now abandoned by her best friend, Lissa has to try to figure out what that kiss meant and what it means about who she is now Kissing Kate is a simple and sweet story Lissa is kind of lost, without really realizing just how lost she is, because she doesn t wallow in it She doesn t rage or become rebellious she doesn t turn to drinking or to ove [...]

  14. ♫✯Em loves Hollenstein✯♫❤the summertime and butterflies all belong to your creation❤ says:

    I actually started writing a movie script for this

  15. Spoilers varying from major to minor ahead Warning Proceed carefully When a book handles a dangerous,powerful, hard subject such as coming to terms with your sexuality and accepting it I feel as if it should be fantastic, should make me bawl or something along the same lines The premise was fascinating It sounded real in a way that I can t imagine myself in, but can see other people having as a reality The cover was pretty And when I first met the main character, I sort of like her Besides that, [...]

  16. I borrowed this book from the library because first of the all, I really liked the cover and second of all, the blurb on the back sounded interesting.Now, after finishing the book, I think that those were the only two good features of this piece of fiction.Okay, okay That is a slight exaggeration The story begins with a prologue that is also repeated later in the story that sort of tells the reader what had happened between two best friends, Lissa and Kate, at a party Kate gets drunk and she and [...]

  17. GENRE Fiction Realistic fiction, problem solving, romanceBJECT THEMES Homosexuality, lesbians, friendship, accepting who you are, breaking upMMARY Kate and Lissa have been best friends for four years, doing everything together Then one night at a party, a drunken Kate kissed Lissa, who reciprocated After that, they ignored each other for weeks Lissa was a wreck She was confused over her feelings for Kate, and was struggling to understand what had happened between the two of them When they finall [...]

  18. I suppose this is one of the very few LGBT young adult books I ve read, and like any other book, it had its strengths and weaknesses The thing that definitely stuck out with this book was the vital element of realism The moments described in the book are very down to earth, honest moments that teenagers experience, no matter their orientation One of the things I didn t really like about Lauren Myracle s Internet Girls series was that, while funny and good reads, they were nothing like what I exp [...]

  19. I didn t love this book as much as I wished I did The lucid dreaming aspect of the book was one of those things that did not work for me Every time Lissa tried it or discussed it I was just kind of done It s a major element and it put me off I would not have kept going if it wasn t for how short the book is and the characters that I liked.Loved the side plots that involved Ariel and Darlin They are just great characters Ariel reminded me of a friend I had in high school She s a free spirit, whic [...]

  20. The Little BookwormOne night at a party, Lissa s best friend leans in for a kiss and Lissa kisses her back Now Kate is ignoring Lissa and pretending nothing happened while Lissa is angry and confused The two friends use to mean everything to each other and one kiss is getting in the way But Lissa knows it must mean something As she experiments with lucid dreaming, Lissa tries to come to terms with what kissing Kate means.I ve only read a couple of things by Lauren Myracle, but I ve enjoyed them [...]

  21. I really enjoyed reading Kissing Kate The book is a look into the lives of two best friends whose friendship ends when the two girls share a kiss Lissa discovers that she has always been in love Kate, while Kate precedes to pretend Lissa does not exist This causes problems than meets the eye because everyone at school knows them as Kate Lissa and Lissa doesn t believe she has the charisma or the confidence to survive in high school on her own.It is true that there could character development, [...]

  22. Kissing Kate was okay I loved the idea of the story I loved the main character but it really did not go any where for me I understand Lissa was coming to terms with her sexuality and trying to be happy, I guess, but it wasn t enoughGay for me P I don t know It just wasn t much Its a good story for people trying to find their way with who they are Personally it wasn t my favorite Not to mention the ending was blah I was looking forward to romance To me this book just didn t quite meet my picky b [...]

  23. I enjoyed this book and appreciate the hard task of tackling such a tough subject as teenage homosexuality I appreciate what the author did with it and would definitely read of her books.While I thought this book did a good job at pulling out the different emotional aspects that Lissa is going through, I felt like it never went quite far enough or did enough The resolution felt smudged and somewhat awkward We d like to think that Lissa is going to be OK, but you re left with the feeling that yo [...]

  24. There were some great moments in this book And those moments were when we actually got glimpses into the relationship between Lissa and Kate I thought the progression of thier relationship was well done and the main character, Lissa, was interesting and funny I felt that some of the supporting characters took away from the story sometimes and I didn t care much for the lucid dreams stuff I guess what I m trying to say is that I liked the parts in this book that actually dealt with Lissa s sexual [...]

  25. This was a really sweet story and it had a good message, I personally just found it a little slow and overly quirky at times A little too much time was spent with characters talking about events that had already happened before the start of the book, so not many events actually transpired IN the book, making it drag a little towards the middle Lissa as a character wasn t as developed as she could have been, but she was realistic and sympathetic all the same As far as the supporting characters, J [...]

  26. In my limited knowledge of the gay lesbian experience, this book seems to capture the angst that a teen would go through when coming to terms with her lesbian sexuality I appreciate that the physical aspect isn t sensationalized and that the author, instead, delves into the inner turmoil and confusion that Lissa, the protagonist, experiences after her best friend kisses her at a party Thought Lissa s ruminations ring true, some of the plot choices Myracle makes seem a bit contrived Mom and Dad a [...]

  27. First off, I have to get this out I can t finish it, I am a adult who loves LGBT books of any sort but this one is worst than the last one I read ughn we say drama much about two girls who had a drunken kiss and won t speak seriously This book was lucky cheap but I will say this I am not going to read some book about dreams when I face enough of them my own some nights, I was hoping for a reason of the non friendship that didn t exist besides Kate ignoring Lissa over a drunken kiss, I mean the p [...]

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