Burned (2022)

[PDF] Download ↠ Burned : by Ellen Hopkins - Burned, Burned I do know things really began to spin out of control after my first sex dream It all started with a dream Nothing exceptional just a typical fantasy about a boy the kind of dream that most teen girl [PDF] Download ↠ Burned : by Ellen Hopkins - Burned, Burned I do know things really began to spin out of control after my first sex dream It all started with a dream Nothing exceptional just a typical fantasy about a boy the kind of dream that most teen girl
  • Title: Burned
  • Author: Ellen Hopkins
  • ISBN: 9781416903543
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Hardcover
[PDF] Download ↠ Burned : by Ellen Hopkins, Burned, Ellen Hopkins, Burned I do know things really began to spin out of control after my first sex dream It all started with a dream Nothing exceptional just a typical fantasy about a boy the kind of dream that most teen girls experience But Pattyn Von Stratten is not like most teen girls Raised in a religious yet abusive family a simple dream may not be exactly a sin but it could beI do know things really began
  • [PDF] Download ↠ Burned : by Ellen Hopkins
    141 Ellen Hopkins

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  1. The format in which the book is written is, to say the least, slightly on the brilliant side The content was intense and emotional I love this book, because I hate it Let me explain why At first as I read the book I got too cozy with it, I assumed like with so many other books, that this one would end up happy, that somehow the main character would get out of her own personal hell and have a better life I was in for a bitter and harsh awakening.The further I got into the book the upset I got, h [...]

  2. This review has attracted some attention and discussion and caused some misunderstandings I have edited it to be objective.Please humor me as I soliloquize about a side issue instead of writing a review although really it doesn t matter whether you care to humor me or not I m going to say my say just the same Isn t the internet wonderful MWA HA HA HA Oh, the rush of unchecked power Crankhappened to pass briefly through my hands on its way to some library patron, and I gave it a quick glance ove [...]

  3. Wow I found this book original, disturbing, horrific and completely nothing like I expected it to be.Firstly, I didn t realise it was in verse form and when it arrived I was a bit reluctant to begin seeing as my past experiences with novels in verse are Dante s Inferno and Paradise Lost Must I say any But I went against my initial instinct and found that I loved the way the style just flowed, I read page after page and suddenly realised I d devoured half the book in less than an hour this is a b [...]

  4. Whoa No words.I ve discovered Ellen Hopkins.P.S This is my favorite quote for the book God is love, she said And He respects love, whether it s between a parent and a child, a man and a woman, or friends I don t think He cares about religion one little bit Live your life right, Pattyn Love with all your heart Don t hurt others, and help those in need That s all you need to know And don t worry about Heaven If it exists, you ll be welcome.

  5. This author doesn t have a clue about what Mormonism is about or how women are treated in the LDS church Her writing sets Mormon women in the same stereotype as fundamental LDS women or even worse Please see the following for further clarification findarticles p articles miMy gripe with this is that people who know nothing about the LDS Church read this book they will get a very skewed and incorrect viewpoint about the LDS Church and LDS women.

  6. This book was absolutely AMAZING I think I will have a hard time reviewing how I felt about this bookAGHHH STILL SO GOOD THE SECOND TIME.

  7. This 531 page book is written entirely in poems, some simple verse, some experiments with form Pattyn Von Stratten is a repressed 17 year old who has been raised by an alcoholic, abusive father and an overwhelmed mother Pattyn s life consists of taking care of her six younger sisters and learning to be a good Mormon girl But, when the school librarian feeds her love of reading, she starts to realize that there is to life than the sexist society that her bishop encourages After Pattyn rebels aga [...]

  8. Being LDS myself and having some of the LDS beliefs extorted, it reminds me of how much I appreciate the truth of the religion and what I do know Being in the midst of abuse in a personal experience in Utah, the book does hit close to home in many ways and is realistic to the core in some aspects This would be a great book to use in a group discussion of abused survivors and also a reading group I am going to go back over it and read it again Can be a very helpful and almost therapeutic book for [...]

  9. In my limited realm of experience, beginnings led to endings Now read that a few times over, and let it sink in.The whole time it took me to read this, I realized that there was not, nor would there be any closure for me This book destroyed me in the absolute best way I didn t want it to end.Pattyn Von Stratten is a teenage Mormon, and from the very beginning, you can see that that lifestyle is not for her She feels detached, and rightfully questions everything She is habitually oppressed by her [...]

  10. melissa413readsalotI m am just in pain from this book This is the first I have read of this author s work, but it will not be the last I loved and hated this book so much I hated the way Pattyn was treated by her alcoholic father and their community They were Mormons and they wanted all women to do as their husband says and didn t care if the wife was beaten It s whatever the husband decides There is a lot to it, but I m not going into all of it Pattyn started having dreams about boys She had a [...]

  11. I hate this book because of the unrealistic and unfair portrayal of Mormons If you re going to write a story about a group of people that you re not a part of, you owe it to that group of people and your readers to portray them accurately As an amateur writer, I wouldn t even think of writing a story about another religion, especially if I was considering criticizing that religion, without doing extensive and personal research on it When you re a professional and famous author with the power to [...]

  12. I finally finished last semester well and I am back to having a little bit of freedom I have enough time to read 1 2 novels a week, so hopefully I can catch up on my reading goal this year I can t believe I haven t read a book by Ellen Hopkins yet and I m so glad that I finally did because it was bloody amazing Did you ever, when you were little, endure your parents warnings, then wait for them to leave the room, pry loose protective covers and consider inserting some metal object into an electr [...]

  13. Spoilers This book smarts of ex mormon anti mormon anger I don t know what church the author or the character got her information from, but it certainly wasn t mine If I had ever experienced what the girl in this book did by the hands of leaders and members I certainty wouldn t be mormon and probably wouldn t be keeping my mouth closed either I don t doubt abuse in the LDS church happens, especially abuse of power, because what religion is clean and of scandal, controversy, and lies Let s not fo [...]

  14. Interested in of my reviews Visit my blog He was a dream A safe dream.Safe, because he was unattainable, something to adore from afar.Like a snow drenched mountainor an evening star.The Storyline17 year old Pattyn Von Stratten is the oldest child in a Mormon family which consists of an alcoholic and abusive father and an extremely overwhelmed mother Unconsciously, she starts to rebel little by little from her strict family s rules After her father catches her in a moment of rebellion she is ine [...]

  15. Burned by Ellen HopkinsEllen Hopkins has several novels out that would put off most people by their size Crank, Glass, and Impulse, for example, are pretty thick in size After opening them, you will soon realize they are written in poem form Ellen Hopkins is known for writing edgy novels about teenagers life I felt angry, frustrated I felt like I didn t belong, not in my home, not in my church, not in my skin Burned, just like any other Ellen Hopkins book, is about a girls struggle through her t [...]

  16. I understand that there s this cult of people who love Ellen Hopkins novels, and I didn t mind that it was written in verse thought it was fine, and the verse accentuated all of the dramatic moments in a cool way That said, the story was very cliche with a LAME, abrupt ending It s another downer teen book cloaked in verse to try to make it meaningful Yes, Pattyn had a horrible life, and yes, considering her home life, it s no wonder that she turned to men and sex to make her feel loved and wante [...]

  17. Not doing a full review I read this fast but can t say I enjoyed it It s very problematic in its thoughts on Mormonism to say the least I m not Mormon but one of my best friends is This paints the religion in a bad light that I don t think is fair or accurate Based on Hopkins writings, I highly doubt she has any personal experience with the religion.

  18. Once again Hopkins brings to her readers a riveting, profound coming of age story And it may now be my favorite so far Hopkins has a way with words, a way to draw you deep into the minds of her characters, deep in the middle of their stories, and you journey together This one touches on a couple of issues with me One being organized religions There are still religions out there that try to dictate the way their members should live their lives And they have been a part of it for so long that they [...]

  19. Dear Ellen Hopkins,I love you, and literally can t wait for the sequel So please, write faster Actually I d rather wait for an amazing book, cause you can t rush perfection, and that s exactly what this author is perfect I love this book It basically tells the story of Pattyn Von Stratton, a young girl struggling with who she is, who her family is, and a question many people ask themselves, Is there a god This book asks a lot of religious and philisophical questions As all of Ellen s books do Th [...]

  20. This is a young adult fiction novel about a Mormon girl who discovers who she is With an alcoholic father and an always breeding mother, she gets herself into trouble with the wrong crowd and as a form of punishment must go live with her Aunt J for the summer in Nevada There she falls in love with Ethan, an older boy, and together they learns the lessons of life She becomes pregnant and upon returning home, is beaten by her father and eventually runs away with Ethan only to have him die in a car [...]

  21. Did you ever, when you were little, endure your parents warnings, then wait for them to leave the room, pry loose protective covers and consider inserting some metal object into an electrical outlet

  22. Quick review for a quick read that I picked up from my library s audio collection Powerful and really wonderful character exploration, which is typical of Ellen Hopkins s books Pattyn is a young woman living in a tightly knit religious community and abusive household She strongly laments her inability to grow as a young woman in relationships, in asserting herself among other things as well as watching her mother being subjected to her father s fists After a series of incidents in which she acts [...]

  23. Ok Hi As some of you might know I already wrote a review for this novel, and then my internet decided to hate me crashed killed my soul So Let s hope that doesn t happen again For some reason, I ve always avoided Ellen Hopkins novels When I was just a wee little 11 year old redheaded gremlin, I made the stupid decision to read Crank I think due to the sex, drugs, abuse, alcohol, and mature themes, my poor tween mind was scarred for life, and thus the unspoken rule to never pick up another Hopkin [...]

  24. So eresting Written in prose form made it fun to read The story was a little off Well, a sad story, but written from an LDS perspective The author was WAY off on the LDS religion Sounded like FLDS to me A lot of FLDS stuff happening sband beating his wife daughters, the Bishop community members turning a blind eye because he s the man of the house and he must be right, husband decides if when his wife can get a drivers license, girls are expected to marry and procreate, wife s eternal salvation [...]

  25. TW Abuse and Suicide3.5ish When you were big enough to cross the street on your own, did you ever wait for a signal, hear the frenzied approach of a fire truck and feel like stepping out in front of it Did you wonder just how far that rocket ride might take you When you were almost grown, did you ever sit in a bubble bath, perspiration pooling, notice a blow dryer plugged in within easy reach, and think about dropping it into the water Did you wonder if the expected rush might somehow fail you A [...]

  26. Oh the things that were wrong with this book Where do I beginObviously and unfortunately abusive and alcoholic families exist in all types of households, religious or non religious I felt this story was presented in such a way that the author was trying to impress that Pattyn s situation happens in many LDS households, and I simply don t believe that s the case It unfortunately happens, but from my understanding it is not a regular occurrence The largest issue I had with this book is the way mal [...]

  27. Nope Nope Can t finish it Justnt Justo many feels Too Many FEELS.I can be bullied in real life to the point of contemplated suicide, and not shed a tear Sister s Keeper Meh Titanic Puh lease Don t make me laugh Creepy dark novels that have you looking over your shoulders for psycho killers or stalker rapists Please I live for intense novels A free verse, intense and sad novel about very real personal and world issues, with relatable characters, situations and religious struggles I m bawling like [...]

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