RoomHate (2022)

Ä RoomHate ☆ Penelope Ward - RoomHate, RoomHate Sharing a summer house with a hot as hell roommate should be a dream come true right Not when it s Justin the only person I d ever loved who now hates me When my grandmother died and left me half of Ä RoomHate ☆ Penelope Ward - RoomHate, RoomHate Sharing a summer house with a hot as hell roommate should be a dream come true right Not when it s Justin the only person I d ever loved who now hates me When my grandmother died and left me half of
  • Title: RoomHate
  • Author: Penelope Ward
  • ISBN: 9781523662449
  • Page: 396
  • Format: Paperback
Ä RoomHate ☆ Penelope Ward, RoomHate, Penelope Ward, RoomHate Sharing a summer house with a hot as hell roommate should be a dream come true right Not when it s Justin the only person I d ever loved who now hates me When my grandmother died and left me half of the house on Aquidneck Island there was a catch the other half would go to the boy she helped raise The same boy who turned into the teenager whose heart I broke years ago Sharing a summer h
  • Ä RoomHate ☆ Penelope Ward
    396 Penelope Ward

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  1. FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED 4.5 stars WOW What an addictive, unputdownable book It was a mix of crazy intense angst and the most heart warming love story you can imagine a total emotional rollercoaster with twist after twist that kept me glued to the page I absolutely LOVED it Sharing a summer house with a hot as hell roommate should be a dream come true, right Not when it s Justin the only person I d ever loved who now hates me When my grandmother died and left me half of the house on Aquidneck Isla [...]

  2. I m a sucker for angsty, forbidden love stories that put you through the ringer RoomHate is exactly that type of story I loved every minute of this book, even when I hated it This is a story of first loves and broken hearts Telling the story of two childhood friends that life took in different directions, only to bring them back together years later, RoomHate is a gripping emotional read It s amazing how some loves stay with you forever, despite your every effort to move on.When Amelia s grandmo [...]

  3. This is the kind of read that you ll have to devour in one sitting or you will feel like you re being tortured while you wait to read again Trust me, people It is THAT good If you have a weakness for those sexy soulful musician types, Justin will ring ALL your bells 10 times over Minimum I was a bit wary at first, thinking that there would be cheating and you may read at ease There is no cheating and with the exception of one sexy as hell voyeuristic moment there isn t anything inappropos The st [...]

  4. DNF at 25% Oh Gentle Reader Gentle Reader As you know, i wasn t gifted the Angry Reader moniker i earned it On a popular sports romance book that sent me into a tizzy the likes these hallowed halls have rarely seen Something about a threesome and then his dick only wanting her Bc it s rational when our sex organs make our decisions But i digress I d been so happy lately reading the recommendations of the Book SoulMate Avoiding romance books at all costs But this one had so many good reviews So m [...]

  5. I really wasn t sure what to expect with Roomhate, but after reading the blurb, I knew I had to take a chance I am not a huge fan of second chance romances or the friends to lovers story BUT this friends to lovers story was just something , special and I adored it Justin and Amelia were best friends growing up, but when Amelia was fifteen she moved away We don t know all the details but know that this move destroyed their friendship It s been years and now they are brought back together when Ame [...]

  6. 2.5 Stars I usually like this author s work, but this one didn t work for me I didn t enjoy the love story and the prose felt stilted and a little monotoned at times The ending, however, was simply fabulous.

  7. I look like a total knob head sitting here with permanent smile slapped on my face but I don t give a fuck I ve just finished one of the most beautiful books I have ever read Oh my fuck I m just so giddy as fuck right now I want to do naked cartwheels round the living room I knew going into this book I was going to get the same feels I always do when reading a Penelope Ward book and RoomHate is most definitely up there with one of the greats The thing I love about her books is that it s not just [...]

  8. 2.5 StarsI did not hate this book, but I didn t especially love it either Since this book came out and basically became a hype, I was so thrilled to read it especially because the synopsis is so interesting and I ve been hearing lots of good things about Penelope Ward That s why I m so bummed thinking about how this book became a disappointment for me.At 1 10%, I found the story promising My reaction was like,At 11% to 39%, At 40 43%,At 44% onwardsI guess I just didn t like the plot and how the [...]

  9. LIVE US UK RoomHate is a sweet enemies to lovers romance with all the lovely trademarks of a second chance love story It s about fear, hope and never ending, all consuming love I was super excited to begin my first Penelope Ward story and knew that I was in for a sexy reading treat with plenty of emotions on display and palpable chemistry, and I have to say that I was not disappointed I got my feels and a dose of warm emotion whilst reading about the romance of Justin and Amelia It s told in fir [...]

  10. Ain t no sunshine when she s gone It s not warm when she s away Ain t no sunshine when she s gone And she s always gone too long Anytime she goes away Discovering Penelope Ward was an excellent surprise for me I really like her style, her pattern of writing and the sweet mixture she adds in every book love, hate, rediscovery and happy ever after Room Hate was the first read for me and I ve loved it from the beginning The characters were amazing and made a wonderful pair, despite their difference [...]

  11. RoomHate is LIVE and on limited time release sale amzn 1TksrpE iBooks apple 1PgsvE7 kobo bit 1POvSnW Nook bit 1PLGnSL

  12. 4 Barcode tattoo Stars I seized that Penelope Ward is with us this week in the Shh Indie Star Chat feel free to join the fun here goo Zjtq0M and decided to read her newest release which, I have to say, I was a little bit scared because of the mixed reviews I am a fan of her books and this one, even though is not my favourite by hers, I definitely enjoyed RoomHate is a stand alone novel and it tells the story of Amelia Payne and Justin Banks These two started as best friends when they were little [...]

  13. Trepidationwas strong with this book With half my friends loving it and the other half DNF ing it, I was torn However, I have really enjoyed the other P.W s books I ve read so I couldn t let this one pass me by And that was a good thing overall I had an issue with the lack of maturity in some of their sexual situations thoughts etc which was really odd considering there is a real lack of sex scenes But I digress to the story Justin and Amelia basically grew up together, both of them not having a [...]

  14. Part OneRoomHate starts off with Amelia going back to her grandmother s beach house where she grew up before leaving to live with her dad at the age of fifteen She left to get away from her best friend Justin after learning a secret he had kept from her She always regretted her actions, but never had the courage to try to apologize to Justin But now that her grandmother has passed away and left her and Justin the beach house, she might get her opportunity When Justin shows up with his serious gi [...]

  15. 4 The way it was meant to be Stars Amelia and Justin started as best friends as kids, to falling in love, until one bad decision made Amelia run away Now, almost ten years later, after Amelia s grandmother death she finds out that her she left her beach house to both her and Justin She s not happy about it and he s even less as he s set on showing her from the first moment they both set feet in the house But being together again brings everything back, including old feelings Can this be their se [...]

  16. 4.5 Stars ARC provided by author Sometimes the thing we fear than anything, is really what our soul craves the most I can still see his face like it was yesterday I could never forget it.Amelia Payne is a middle school teacher from Providence, Rhode Island She is 24 newly single Her grandmother passed away a month ago left her half of her summer house on Aquidneck Island Amelia heads to the Island she loved as a child to spend the summer there When she arrives she learns she isn t the only one [...]

  17. 4 The Way It was meant to be Stars Genre Contemporary RomanceType StandalonePOV First Person Female Sometimes the thing we fear than anything, is really what our soul craves the most Justin Amelia Payne as a teacher had the summer off and after her grandmother s death she inherited her home on the island where she was raised when she was a child Amelia had always being very insecure and because of it she made a harsh choice when she was only fifteen years old She trusted her best friend Justin [...]

  18. Find me on Instagram Twitter Sometimes the thing we fear than anything, is really what our soul craves the most I m a VERY picky romance reader and 90% of all the romance books I pick up, I end up DNF ing about halfway through That s why it s really hard for me to find a romance that actually keeps me invested even after the couple gets together So many people have recommended Roomhate to me but I just kinda set it aside because of my high expectations My hopes weren t too high for this one but [...]

  19. 2.5 StarsI had a hard time finishing this one I think I only finished it because I thought maybe part 2 would be better This review will be full of spoilers so if you plan on reading this book beware Amelia and Justin meet when they are kids at Amelia s grandmothers beach house They both go to the same school and become best friends Until Amelia discovers a secret Justin has kept from her She runs away from everyone to go live with her father She was 15 at the time Now 9 years later her grandmot [...]

  20. His voice suddenly vibrated through the mic This last song goes out to all the people who ve ever had a certain kind of friend who drives you crazy the kind that gets under your sin and stays there even when they re not physically present The kind with dimples you ve been dreaming about since you were a kid The kind that s confusing as all hell That kind If you can relate, this song is for you RoomHate is a new adult novel, written by Penelope Ward, and follows the chaotic relationship of Amelia [...]

  21. Forgive me if I gush during this review I just finished this one, so there is a lot still going on in my head and heart right now For what seems like forever, I ve been looking for that it book A romance book that hits all the marks, those things you can t seem to put into words but you ll know them when you find them A love story that had complexities to it that just felt like they belonged in the story because they are real issues that would exist in THAT sort of situation A love story that he [...]

  22. Complimentary Copy Provided by the author Penelope Ward in exchange for an honest reviewThank you TITLE RoomHate AUTHOR Penelope Ward GENRE Contemporary RomanceRELEASE DATE February 15th, 2016MY RATINGA slow build up like a freshly brewed coffee in the morning, you savor it, sip by sip, like this book I savored every little page bit by tantalizing bit I loved the slow build up then like fire works exploding it all worked out in the end to how it should veThis pulled me through the wringer, my em [...]

  23. Max 2.5 stars This book starts with an intense feeling of angst, regret, frustration, lust, attraction and sexual tension that whatever the heroine feels, you feel The writer makes sure with her talented writing that all these feelings are conveyed to you as strongly as they are felt by the heroine I was aching in my heart while turning the pages, sobbing every now and then OK, I know I will be in the minority but, then I was disappointed about the direction the story took All this anger, the at [...]

  24. 3.25 STARS I was really expecting to love this book based on the blurb review, that I couldn t wait to dive into this one Unfortunately I didn t end up loving it as I hoped.The story started off really good I liked that we got a bit of their childhood to know how they became best friends However, as the book progressed I started losing interest This was mainly due to the long wait for Justin and Amelia to actually get together Before they did a lot happened where they weren t together I ended up [...]

  25. 4,5 STARS The mysterious girl with the eye patch The best friend The teenage fantasy The girl who stole my heart then broke it and took it with her when she ran away The estranged friend The forbidden roommate The girlfriend The mother of my babies Amelia and Justin met when they were kids , at her grandmother s house Since the very first moment, they become inseparable.But 5 years later, some secrets are revealed Secrets, that should remain hidden Amelia left living with her father Justin staye [...]

  26. Shhh pls don t tell my husband but yeah if I d be Amelia, I would totally bang Justin too hahah D LOL anyway, I just love Penelope s books Always so sweet, so funny and so hot And I hope you love this book as much as I did Justin swooooon

  27. 5 BEA utiful stars I absolutely LOVED this book RoomHate is a romance that will pull on your heart strings and bring out a myriad of emotions in you This book is well written and very hard to put down I liked the strength and vulnerability that the author balanced in Justin I truly loved how the relationship between him and Amelia evolves they don t just end up in bed and fall in love in one chapter, it s a beautiful progression This is a sexy story that deals with the turmoil of loss and the ho [...]

  28. Audiobook reviewDNF Chapter 16 24This brought out a lot of emotions for me, but sadly they weren t the kind of emotions I want to feel when reading listening to a book I felt annoyed, frustrated, and pissed off at times throughout the first 16 chapters of listening this book I ll add a spoiler tag for my breakdown of what didn t work for those of you that don t love spoilers like I do view spoiler The narrator wasn t the best I really didn t enjoy her male voice, and I think that it could ve bee [...]

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