The Great Ordeal (2022)

☆ The Great Ordeal ✓ R. Scott Bakker - The Great Ordeal, The Great Ordeal Praised by fans and critics worldwide R Scott Bakker has become one of the most celebrated voices in fantasy literature With The Great Ordeal Bakker presents the long anticipated third volume of The ☆ The Great Ordeal ✓ R. Scott Bakker - The Great Ordeal, The Great Ordeal Praised by fans and critics worldwide R Scott Bakker has become one of the most celebrated voices in fantasy literature With The Great Ordeal Bakker presents the long anticipated third volume of The
  • Title: The Great Ordeal
  • Author: R. Scott Bakker
  • ISBN: 9781468301694
  • Page: 162
  • Format: Hardcover
The Great Ordeal
☆ The Great Ordeal ✓ R. Scott Bakker, The Great Ordeal, R. Scott Bakker, The Great Ordeal Praised by fans and critics worldwide R Scott Bakker has become one of the most celebrated voices in fantasy literature With The Great Ordeal Bakker presents the long anticipated third volume of The Aspect Emperor a series that stands with the finest in the genre for its grandiose scope rich detail and thrilling story As Fanim war drums beat just outside the city Praised by f
  • ☆ The Great Ordeal ✓ R. Scott Bakker
    162 R. Scott Bakker
The Great Ordeal

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  1. The Darkness That Comes Before reviewThe Warrior Prophet reviewThe Thousandfold Thought reviewThe Judging Eye reviewThe White Luck Warrior reviewFinally, the next installment of the Aspect Emperor and the next chapter in the epic story of Aka, Khellus, the Three Seas, and the genocidal space aliens has been published I have waited five years for this one and it has than lived up to my high expectations I can see why Bakker ended up splitting the last book into two the other being The Unholy Con [...]

  2. I m having real trouble reviewing this book I m a huge Darkness that comes before fan, and if not as enthused about Aspect Emperor still reading each installment rabidly to see where the unpredictable tale goes The Great Ordeal without a doubt, has got to be the most confusing, provoking, bizarre 2nd Apoc book yet, so despite several criticisms I have the book definitely succeeds in moving a reader.So where to start Well I ll probably add a spoiler section at the end to go into depth, but I ll [...]

  3. 503 brilliant pages I loved it This is another supposed trilogy which has turned into four books but I don t mind at all The the better I say Kellhus has been one of my favourite book characters since the very beginning and he still does not let us down Parts of the final battle scene were made all the splendid when he demonstrated some of his wizardly skills Some of it was pretty gory It was interesting for example how they solved the problem of feeding thousands of soldiers on the march They [...]

  4. Another dark gem from Bakker but honestly I wouldn t say this is his best work This is supposed to be the first half of the final book and it showed as majority of the book though still enthralling seemed like a set up for the final one In fact, I thought I was gonna give it a highly rated 4 stars, but then the last 4 chapters blew my mind, scene after freakn scene This book, for me, has one of the most exciting endings in the series.There s so much I d love to say but I d hate to be the one to [...]

  5. Fans of R Scott Bakker s The Second Apocalypse series slog on, book after book, chapter after chapter, one page to the next, seeking revelation In Earwa, Bakker has crafted a world so dense and possessed with epochal mystery that readers find themselves consuming every morsel only to be twice as hungry for Meat Through his five Earwan novels thus far, Bakker has conceived and kindled the reader s lust, patiently starving us on our journey, hoarding his greatest secrets With The Great Ordeal, th [...]

  6. Review by Durand Welsh on behalf of Grimdark MagazineLink to original review grimdarkmagazine blogs ne WARNING Contains Minor Spoilers The Great Ordeal, the penultimate novel in R Scott Bakker s Aspect Emperor series, is finally upon us His fans have been waiting a long time for this one, and it s a testament to the quality of Bakker s work and the loyalty of his readership that the wait hasn t dampened their enthusiasm.Outside his fan base, Bakker s novels themselves have had an uneven receptio [...]

  7. I m at a bit of a loss for what to say about this volume It was certainly enjoyable, but after what I considered the superlative efforts of the first two books in this part of the series The Judging Eye and The White Luck Warrior I was perhaps a tad let down by this one Most likely this is due to the fact that, frighteningly like GRRM, Bakker was forced to split what was supposed to be one book into two in this case the originally proposed final volume of the Aspect Emperor series has now become [...]

  8. As much as I have adored Bakker s style throughout this slog of slogs The Great Ordeal does not feel like the payoff worth the weight of years behind it The book seethes with intellect, with possibility and dense worldbuilding, but in the end, I m sad to say, it suffers from a sense of too much set up and not enough time on the actual journey which, in one half of a grand finale, is far from what one would desire.Don t get me wrong there are parts of this book which sing with the classic Bakker [...]

  9. It would be impossible to discuss anything that happens in the third book of R Scott Bakker s Aspect Emperor series without massive spoilage so I m only going to hint at what s happened since the end of The White Luck Warrior and offer a few thoughts on the series NB I m going to assume readers of this review have read the latter book and will not avoid mentioning events from it.The last book ended on several cliff hangers In Momemn, Maithanet had been assassinated and Esmenet had seized total c [...]

  10. The Board is set, the pieces are moving I can t think of a better description for The Great Ordeal If you ve made it this far then you re most likely a fan of the Grimdark masterpiece that is The Prince of Nothing saga Fans have eagerly awaited years for this volume, and let me be the first to tell you, the wait was worth it If you haven t given this series a try, then I urge you to If you re a fan and you ve come this far, then prepare to have your mind blown Bakker has cemented his place in th [...]

  11. The long awaited third book of the Aspect Emperor series is finally here The previous instalment, The White Luck Warrior, ended on a bunch of cliffhangers everyone arrived at places, be it Ishual, Ishterebinth, Momemn or the high north In part three, we move even farther away from the normal human world, and the series becomes even heady and cryptic.For an epic fantasy, a lot of the story revolves around apparent madness We follow the machinations of the transhuman, passionless Dunyain, the mad [...]

  12. Actual rating 3.5 stars Too much setting the table, not enough eating dinner.Honestly, this book is a 5 star read at times, a 2 star read at times, and an overall frustrating experience in if only I had the time to go back and re read all of the books in the series, or at least the two preceding this one Thankfully, this book starts with a What Has Come Before section where the previous trilogy and the other two books preceding this one are summarized Although it is dry and dense as hell, reader [...]

  13. To be fair, you have to have a very, very high IQ to understand Bakker s books.The story is extremely subtle and without a solid grasp on philosophy and literature, most of the story will go over the typical reader s head There is also Bakker s nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into the characterization and prose The prose for example, drew heavily from Greek literature The fans understand this stuff, they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of Bakker s choice o [...]

  14. Spoilers everywhere Just some notes, rather than a proper reading It was narcotic for simply being so strange 180 xenos as opium.Injunction that the living shall not haunt the dead 122 meets the horror of the Real 122 And that horror is to be controlled to see a thing was to possess power over it this was the truth behind the Unreality The World was Real only to the degree it resisted Desire, and she, like her Dunyain father, could crush the resistance of the Real 191 che that commences commands [...]

  15. These are my favorite books in the world really , but this one didn t do it for me.1 Not a lot happens.2 view spoiler There is a big surprise at the end, except that I ve been expecting that surprise for 3 books now, so it wasn t such a big surprise hide spoiler 3 Every single Ishterebinth chapter is like a total word salad of made up nonman words They read like they were written by some text generation neural network trained on the nonman parts of the first 5 books Mu miorn the in between soul [...]

  16. Hard to qualify this one Suffers a bit from A Feast for Crows syndrome half of the book that was planned I had this book built up as much, much in my head Add to that, Bakkers books practically beg for a reread After I ve had the time to go through it again, I might feel different As it is, I still really liked it, but the unfulfilled potential still gnaws at me It was either Werthead from Wertzone or Patrick from Pat s Fantasy Hotlist who said the complete book could have been Bakker s A Storm [...]

  17. Just reading the previously in from previous books in the series I was amazed at the depth and breadth of all that has happened Bakker s writing is so dense and filled with amazing words for peoples, roles, magical schools, countries, and on and on, that it made the going slow at first All that was made worthwhile as the Kelhus s Great Ordeal itself rolls toward its climax There are also separate threads for Esmenet s trials back on the throne, Sorweel s journey through Ishterebinth with Kelhus [...]

  18. Another intricate, smart, deep, thrilling entry from R Scott Bakker Poignant, gripping, tightly paced a rarity for Bakker , and of course layered with revelation about the core ideas of the series and the philosophies of the characters and the author I can t say much without going into spoilers, but suffice to say that the central plotlines are well explored, well thought out, and conclude on very strong notes This book didn t feel like half of a split book it was whole and complete in itself.If [...]

  19. Bit dissapointed Never thougt I d give a R Scott Bakker book anything less than 4 stars.It has some epic chapters, but in my opinion anyway, there is WAY to much filler I didn t seem to notice this in the other books, that I re read about 4 times before this one came out thoughts Should not have been split up in 2 parts fillerllerller to much focus on minor uninteresting characters you know who I mean creating characters to kill them later, stretch the story DAGLIASH other spoilery stuff that I [...]

  20. Still contemplating what I think on this one review to come sometime later Certainly the best and weirdest of the Aspect Emperor series so far.

  21. This book deserves negative stars All of the Aspect Emperor books go down in intelligence and actively undermine the good work done in the Prince of Nothing books that set up this series Since this is the third book in the series I m getting tired of saying this so I will just give a couple of example of how stupid this book is.Achamian, a sorcerer, is on a suicidal mission to find the Dunyain monks, monks that survived the first apocalypse and the intervening 2,000 years by hiding The Dunyain k [...]

  22. With the fourth and final book in the Aspect Emperor series coming out later this month, I decided to revisit this volume in preparation For this second read, I actually got a free book on Audible so I could listen to it, as I had time to listen than to sit down with an actual book just now It probably goes without saying, but you definitely can t start here this book only works if you read the Prince of Nothing trilogy as well as the first two books of the Aspect Emperor series Even though the [...]

  23. The Great Ordeal penultimate volume of the Aspect Emperor No Longer A Trilogy, the conclusion of which, The Unholy Consult, was released yesterday is not only a compelling novel but also very useful as a physical object A nine inch by six inch by three inch rectangle with the words THE GREAT ORDEAL across the front in an emphatic font is basically the world s best portable Demotivator.The book itself proved helpful in getting me to forget all the real life grimness by diving into some fantasy gr [...]

  24. First impressions as this book definitely needs multiple re reads Brilliant writing as always, prose almost scriptural, which is fitting Lots of plot advancement, although it s only part 3 in the series, so almost every thread is still left hanging, hopefully to be resolved in the next book And the metaphysics Oh the metaphysics I feel like I need to study philosophy for years to really get my head around it, but interesting revelations about the Gods Overall, a very difficult but gripping, not [...]

  25. This book was so crazy that in some long sections I had no idea what was going on For the most part I enjoyed this book but many times it could be a difficult read Trying to understand all the weird terminology and spelling of places, names, and things can get a bit confusing I felt there was too much time spent on Sorweel and Proyas and not enough time spent with Akka, Esmi, Serwe, and Kelmomas The ending of all the major POVs was incredible and some shocking and some awesome unexpected reveals [...]

  26. Remains the best epic fantasy I know exciting, taxing, in equal parts annoying and endlessly satisfying, beautifully written, stupefying, and mind blowing The world building rivals Tolkien s and the thematic ambition is off the scale.

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