Unbreak My Heart (2022)

✓ Unbreak My Heart ↠ Nicole Jacquelyn - Unbreak My Heart, Unbreak My Heart What do you do when your soul mate marries your best friend If you re Kate Evans you keep your friend Rachel bond with her kids and bury your feelings for her husband The fact that Shane s in the m ✓ Unbreak My Heart ↠ Nicole Jacquelyn - Unbreak My Heart, Unbreak My Heart What do you do when your soul mate marries your best friend If you re Kate Evans you keep your friend Rachel bond with her kids and bury your feelings for her husband The fact that Shane s in the m
  • Title: Unbreak My Heart
  • Author: Nicole Jacquelyn
  • ISBN: 9781455537969
  • Page: 195
  • Format: Paperback
Unbreak My Heart
✓ Unbreak My Heart ↠ Nicole Jacquelyn, Unbreak My Heart, Nicole Jacquelyn, Unbreak My Heart What do you do when your soul mate marries your best friend If you re Kate Evans you keep your friend Rachel bond with her kids and bury your feelings for her husband The fact that Shane s in the military and away for long periods helps but when tragedy strikes everything changes After Rachel pregnant with her fourth child dies in a car accident and the baby miraculWhat do y
  • ✓ Unbreak My Heart ↠ Nicole Jacquelyn
    195 Nicole Jacquelyn
Unbreak My Heart

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  1. 5 Awesome n Angsty StarsIf you follow my reviews at all, you might know that one of my top reading don t s is the dreaded dead ex.I know this is a non issue for some, but every reader has their own no go list And no matter how ridiculous any pet peeve might seemey are all legit because they are your own So, as I was saying, along with the cheaters and the dreaded love triangle shape of doom, one thing that can ruin a book for me just by virtue of existing is when one of the main love interests h [...]

  2. 5 Heartbreaking Stars SPOILER FREEI d pushed her aside for so long that there was no foundation to build on Just a mess of shattered pieces that I d crushed with a sledgehammer every time she d grown closer than I was comfortable with God GOD This book This heartbreaking, incredibly written, gut wrenching book If it had any of my favorite elements in it, I d feel like it was custom written for me I don t remember the last time I read a book that gripped me the way this one did To the point that [...]

  3. I don t know where to start with this review I have SOOOOO many thoughts First, this book BLEW ME AWAY It s a punch to the gut A tornado of feels so palpable it s a physical experience It s frustrating, infuriating, yet beautiful in its raw, gritty, and authentic intensity It will steal your breath and break your heart Every word is POWERFUL AND GRIPPING Unbreak My Heart is a visceral experience And as I sit here to write my review weeks later, I m reminded of how much it rocked me as a reader U [...]

  4. 4 Stars Love can overlook a lot of things I can t believe this was my first book by this author Why I waited so long to read one of her booksI don t know I have been meaning to try this author since forever and I m so glad I finally did, because I really enjoyed her storytelling and I loved her writing Like many readers I m not really an angst whore I like to read angsty books from time to time but I m not really looking for them Also, to fully enjoy an angsty read I really have to be in the moo [...]

  5. 4.5 stars Unbreak My Heart is my first book by Nicole Jacquelyn and in a lot of ways, it completely blew me away Emotional, angsty, and very well written, this book made me feel so many emotions I could hardly think straight while reading I was sad, happy, angry, worried, stressed and content At all different times I love books that bring the feels and this one most certainly did Shane and Kate s story had an impact on me and kept me completely riveted What do you do when your soulmate marries y [...]

  6. 4 STARS Love can overlook a lot of things Nicole Jacquelyn delivered a very angsty and frustrating story with a hero that will try your patience The heroine, Kate Evans has been in love with the hero Shane since they were teens would have like to read a page or two of them and their connection Shane falls and marries Kate s best friend and so she puts her feelings aside and supports her friend until tragedy strikes I cared for children that I loved than myself, gave up the small semblance of a [...]

  7. An angry, abusive dickhead and a none too bright doormatad their epic love story in Unbreak My Heart These two bogans communicate by swearing at each other and flinging insults in a way that Shazza and Dazza two of Australia s best known bogans would be proud of Ain t love grand No romance No chemistry But plenty of mentions of vomit, enough thatIalmost felt like chucking up.I really hated thisC courtesy of Forever via NetGalley

  8. Spoilers.I didn t like it But not for the reasons you might think.Unlike most of the readers who didn t love this book I didn t have a problem with the hero The hero behaves the way he behaves because the heroine lets him.I didn t have a problem with the heroine s doormat tendencies either I was prepared and I knew she was weak from my friends reviews.What I had a problem with is A Heroine s lack of good judgement and invasion of privacyWhy exactly did she go to that hotel You do NOT stick your [...]

  9. So disappointed with this one While I liked the first half of the book, the second was a failure Nothing happened that would make the hero redeem himself and while heroine finally had the guts to stand up for herself, it was too little too late.The angst was superb and the book made me furious at times, and I like when book does that, hence 3 stars but to be honest, I m not completely sure if it deserves.All because of Shane mostly Now, I like me some asshole, I really do, the worse the better B [...]

  10. 5 stars Love can overlook a lot of things If I could sum up this book in one gif, it would be this one Good gawd, this book and all of the emotions and feels It ripped me apart inside and tore out my guts I picked up this book because a fellow reviewer blogger said ANGST and I was sold Honestly I am that much of an angst whore and I have no shame.Ten years ago Kate and Shane were friends, until Shane met Kate s friend Rachel, fell in love and married her Rachel and Kate were best friends at this [...]

  11. I can barely round it up to 3 but as I enjoyed the first part of the book I will So fucking disappointed Saw all the rave reviews I think my expectations were way too high Did not like either of the characters Thought Shane was a douchebag nearly all of the time and I usually love a good asshole of a hero Kate, a doormat, from day one.Not going to say maybe it s just me Found Shane and Kate quite immature She was 30, he was probably older Not sure Didn t fucking care at the end.I don t think I a [...]

  12. 3.5 Stars Well, well, well, this is a book that will appeal to all the angst lovers who love to hate their hero, and technically this kind of book should have had me handing out stars all over the place, but something was holding me back and I can t quite put my finger on what it was.Unbreak My Heart was a gripping read that s for sure, it sure kept me on my toes, and I quite literally devoured this book in a short space of time.Kate is a heroine who is pretty much flawless, she is kind and gene [...]

  13. 4.5 stars 4.5 stars I went into this book with lots of trepidation especially since I didn t really liked the last two Jacquelyn books I read It was all for naught since I loved this book Unbreak my Heart has all the elements that would make any angst lover happy Unrequited love Check Dead ex Check Hero fighting his feelings Check And those are just some of the major ones There were so many things that made this book worked for me Aside from the emotional hook, Unbreak My Heart, also has two ver [...]

  14. TITLE Unbreak My HeartSERIES Unbreak My Heart, 1 AUTHOR Nicole JacquelynGENRE Contemporary RomanceRELEASE DATE June 7th, 2016MY RATINGA heart felt story about love, loss and second chances.UNBREAK MY HEART Is told in dual POV S Shane and Kate Starting this you know straight away from the synopsis and then the prologue that it s going to be one clusterf uck of an emotional roller coaster of a ride.Kate and Shane were two childhood friends, Shane was a foster child of Kate s Aunt and Uncle so thei [...]

  15. LIVE ALERT 6 7 16 amzn 14555379695 unforgettable stars FULL REVIEW TO COME This book WOW It was such a roller coaster ride full of emotions and angst I was totally captivated from beginning to end, I couldn t put it down I cried sad tears i cried angry tears and I cried happy tears This book was an absolute ANGST overload but a phenomenal one that you won t easily forget Lovers of angst will need to pick this one as soon as it s out it s a must readGST I can see my insides twisting reading this [...]

  16. This was not my thing Others have enjoyed it, so YMMV.I didn t do a word count, but my guess is that the f bomb was dropped roughly 14,237 times For me, that s a word that should be used sparingly else you risk sounding uneducated and trashy Especially when you re constantly using it in front of kids Jeez.Also, yes, the hero was an ass However, I didn t care all that much I thought it was kind of freaky that the heroine followed him and his wife to another state just so she could take care of th [...]

  17. 3 StarsOverall Opinion This sucked me in I was hooked, as I am always a sucker for a good cry over unrequited love BUT.I need redemption The H decided that he needed to change way too late for me, and he had made way too many mistakes for him to be worth the h s time He was downright cruel and nasty for most of the book She crossed that line into doormat status at times, and I just wanted her to wake up and demand better treatment I understand that her love for the children prevented her from ma [...]

  18. My god this book was so freaking awesome I m gonna keep this review vague, because it would be very easy for me to spoiler, which in this case, I don t want to do Katie has been best friends with her foster cousin Shane for two years and she has been in love with him almost as long Doesn t seem like he returns her feelings, especially when she brings home her one and only friend Rachel and Shane starts seducing her Rachel and Shane start a relationship together, which is hard for Katie, but she [...]

  19. After devouring and loving The Aces Series from Nicole Jacquelyn, I was over the moon when I saw the blurb for this new release I mean, come on did you read that How can you not buy this book based on that blurb alone I knew nothing much about this book when I started I expected it to be emotional and a little high on angst But I never expected the reactions that I had while reading this I am tearing up as type this, just thinking about this book Jesus My heart felt this book So deeply Kate Evan [...]

  20. Kate Evans has loved Shane Anderson since she was a child Shane didn t reciprocate those feelings, in fact, he full on shut them down and moved on to pursue Kate s best friend, Rachel Fast forward, Shane and Rachel are in their late twenties married with children Shane works for the military so he is often deployed During his deployments, Kate practically moves in with Rachel and the kids, eager to offer the family all the support she can When Rachel dies suddenly in a tragic car accident, it is [...]

  21. 3.5 s Shane and Kate were best friends at one time and spent part of their youth together Then, Shane had to go and marry Kate s best friend, Rachel, whom he has three kids and one on the way with Unfortunately, tragedy strikes and nothing s the same Except for Kate continuing to always being there for the kids and practically raising them Shane s wasn t aware of how much time Kate was around since he s in the military and goes on deployments quite frequently Unbreak My Heart BROKE my heart or r [...]

  22. 1st read June 7, 2016 2nd read February 18, 2017 3rd May 14 2017This book still that good, after reading a third time.And Shane is still an asshole But I like him And KateThey fit togetherAnd get this, what I loved the most is the love they have and when Shane grovels.The relationship she has with the kids is so heartwarming.I think I actually cry, but it s not a problem, cause I haves cried in books I know this book will not be for everyone.But try to give a try and see from there.I would still [...]

  23. LIVE on 4 Second chance Stars Unbreak My Heart is a first experience for me with Nicole Jacquelyn.It s one of those push and pull, angsty type reads that kept me turning the pages, desperately searching for a happy resolution to a unconventional romance between a man and his deceased wife s best friend Shane is a married father of three when his wife tragically dies in a car accident Her best friend has always been a pivotal part of their family, scooping in to help Rachel out when he gets deplo [...]

  24. 4 It was soooooooooo amazing stars Me gust mucho m s de lo que pens que podr a gustarme Fue una lectura simple, tranquila y cortita de solo 10 capis pero de las que mejor bien tramadas est n a pesar de su longitud.Me lo le en unas cu ntas horas y he terminado con ganas de m s.Los protagonistasKate ES estupenda, un poco dejada al principio pero una mujer de armas tomar l bueno, el tipo es un perd n por la palabra C BR N con may sculas HAY otra palabra que lo describa Yo pens que ser a de esos pro [...]

  25. Este es el primer libro que leo de esta autora y puedo decir que no te deja indiferente, algo que para m es muy de agradecer Tengo sentimientos encontrados con esta historia, que para nada va de enamorarse del marido de la amiga muerta como dicen por ah sino de una chica de la que las dos personas que m s quiere en este mundo se aprovechan sin darle el cr dito que se merece la amiga y tratan como a un felpudo el amigo amor de la infancia casado con su mejor amiga Lo que aguanta Kate en este libr [...]

  26. 4.5 stunningly angsty starsWow, what a story An intense, angst filled romance that is painful and heartbreaking, but also sweet, sexy and gorgeously romantic, and OMG the feeeeeels It made me laugh, cry, rage and swoon and I was captivated from start to finish as I rode the rollercoaster that is this tumultuous yet beautiful love story Kate and Shane have a long and complex history Her family fostered him as a teenager, and the two of them became great friends, though Kate always wanted But whe [...]

  27. 4 Stars I felt so sad and sorry for Kate.It was a feeling that went along with me all the way, like for almost 90% of the book Kate was always giving friendship, affection, companionship, tenderness, love, time Her bloody life was being sucked away from her and she was having nothing in return It was so frustrating Sadly, I couldn t quite grasp the HEA feeling I was hoping for in what was left of the story.I think the story spanned in sadness for too long The remaining 10% of it wasn t enough to [...]

  28. There are lots of reviews out there already for this, so my review is a jumble of my thoughts, and why this one really worked for me.Unbreak My Heart is going straight on my favourites shelf, and I had to make a shiny new shelf for Katie Favourite Heroine This woman is the shit I know some will see her as a doormat, and maybe she was at the beginning of the story but she soon straightened herself out and realised she was worth than the crap Shane was dishing out She knew that Shane wasn t hers, [...]

  29. 3.75 Stars It s no secret I love a brooding, asshole hero, but this one is thee BIGGEST ASSHOLE HERO I VE EVER MET This story had my emotions so twisted up It was heart wrenching and sad Some scenes made my mouth drop in horror and other scenes made me so mad I ended up crying Kate has been in love with Shane for most of her life And Shane has ignored Kate repeatedly over the years, he even married her best friend After a tragic accident Shane is a widower and Kate has lost her dearest friend Br [...]

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