Keeping You a Secret (2022)

[PDF] Keeping You a Secret | by º Julie Anne Peters - Keeping You a Secret, Keeping You a Secret National Book Award finalist Julie Anne Peters delivers a moving modern classic love story with a coming out theme now with a fresh redesigned cover With a steady boyfriend the position of Student [PDF] Keeping You a Secret | by º Julie Anne Peters - Keeping You a Secret, Keeping You a Secret National Book Award finalist Julie Anne Peters delivers a moving modern classic love story with a coming out theme now with a fresh redesigned cover With a steady boyfriend the position of Student
  • Title: Keeping You a Secret
  • Author: Julie Anne Peters
  • ISBN: 9780316009850
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Paperback
Keeping You a Secret
[PDF] Keeping You a Secret | by º Julie Anne Peters, Keeping You a Secret, Julie Anne Peters, Keeping You a Secret National Book Award finalist Julie Anne Peters delivers a moving modern classic love story with a coming out theme now with a fresh redesigned cover With a steady boyfriend the position of Student Council President and a chance to go to an Ivy League college high school life is just fine for Holland Jaeger At least it seems to be But when Cece Goddard comes toNational Bo
  • [PDF] Keeping You a Secret | by º Julie Anne Peters
    440 Julie Anne Peters
Keeping You a Secret

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  1. I have added an update to this review, please scroll to the bottom to view Honestly, I didn t know what I was getting into when I plucked this book from the Kobo Store I was bored last night, waiting for my sister so we can fire up our little New Year s Eve party, and decided to flip through a short book on my phone I was feeling like a contemporary so looked up the genre and got a bunch of hits There was no synopsis on the kobo site, so I picked this book because the cover reminded me of My Sis [...]

  2. i know all of you are off writing your damn novels this month, but don t forget to support me in my own writing project NaReWriMo, where i write reviews for teen fiction and you all applaud my brave attempts to keep up despite finding it harder and harder to be charming as every book underwhelms me and i am forced to resort to gimmickry like adding soundtracks a different song to each paragraphis is my last gay teen novel for class, so i wish i could be all flamboyant and anthemic and proud abou [...]

  3. Reviewed by Me for TeensReadTooThe second book I ve read by Julie Anne Peters, KEEPING YOU A SECRET is another sure fire winner about the highs and lows of first love, the terror and joy of coming out , and the good and the bad that is the thing called family Holland Jaeger is the It girl everyone envies she has great friends, she s President of the Student Body, she s the girlfriend of Seth, she s the popular girl who can be counted on to always get along with everyone That is, until Cece Godda [...]

  4. I have been reading a few lesbian romance novels lately and haven t written a review on them because I was kind of hoping they would just fly under the radar here on and not get noticed I m sure that anyone that knows me, and knows that I am a 29 year old straight man will probably think that I m just reading them because I m a dirty old pervert who wants to read about two women together If that s what you think then you are only about 5% right, the thing is I grew up on horror That s all I ever [...]

  5. i m on a semi professional kick of reading books with young protagonists dealing with sexual awakening it s semi professional because, while i m slated to teach a class about teens sexuality, teaching is never far from the soft nub of my life, and i tend to teach what my mind is working at figuring out at the time managing to do this requires a constant whirlwind of reading list changes and in between semesters reading my mind re adjusts its focus constantly, and even a tiny little adjustment is [...]

  6. Reading through the YA fiction available for GLBTQ readers has been a somewhat disappointing experience I would really give book this book 2.5 stars because there are some things the book does right, but really I can only classify it as okay While the topic in this book is really important, I would love to see it handled by a truly skilled writer such as Laurie Halse Anderson The writing in Keeping You a Secret is just not that great and I m sorry that GLBTQ YA lit often seems to fall into this [...]

  7. I really didn t like this book It was given to me by a friend who figured I d like it because I like girls, too How wrong they were Cece doesn t seem like any person I know or would encounyer, as I doubt anyone is quite that out there about being, well, out That didn t bother me so much as just how manipulative Cece was as the story progressed She seemed to not even care about Holland, just so long as she had her own place that she could crash at The big reveal about a previous girlfriend who ha [...]

  8. when i first bought this book from the store i didnt read the back cover or the first page I just thought the title was interesting and decided to give it a chance To be honest, looking at it during first glance i thought the cover was of a boy and a girl and didn t even realize it was a gay couple Reading the first few pages i was alittle skeptic on weither i d like it or not because id never read anything like it before It turned out to be one of the most beautiful and amazing stories i have e [...]

  9. Let s start with some positives.I loved the writing It was simple, yet so captivating I read this book in only two hours Peters also really gets you to care about the characters In most books, sure I like a certain character, but I wouldn t be sad if they suddenly vanished But I very much would have cared if any of the characters in Keeping You a Secret had vanished Actually, there was one character I didn t like but we ll get to her later Holland especially had a very real personality I could i [...]

  10. This is a story about a girl that loved a girl and lost everything because of it and BECAME Many call this a coming of age story, but its far than that This is a true account of what really happens still today Holland found herself when she met a girl that changed everything that she knew and allowed her to be her true self But as many discovered this secret, she found herself left by all that she once called friend, and all she loved as family When all was said and done, the one that remained [...]

  11. Poorly executed Characters lacked, and the romance was terrible There has to be better LGBT books out there than this Besides the so so writing, this book promotes stalking and abusive relationships friendships and boyfriends girlfriends.I would not recommend this book to anyone, and this is coming from someone who donates monthly to HRC.

  12. Why do our queer novels and movies always have to write about this massive plight that their gayness inevitably is Everything that happened was so extreme and exacerbated to the point of annoyance A girl who has no idea that she s gay meets a girl, falls in love and leaves her boyfriend for it that s all I ever really want from my lezzie mellodramas But then they have to throw in crazy things like homophobic spray paintings on lockers, tire slashings out of some anti gay retribution, sneaking ar [...]

  13. 07.07.17 update says that I read this in 2014 and gave it 5 stars but I have literally NO MEMORY of this book whatsoever Is it worth getting a copy for rereading purposes or was I just really easily impressed by lesbian rep a few years ago

  14. This book is quite literally awful I recognize it is for, what, 13 year olds but it makes me feel weird that she is writing about seniors in high school in the absolutely most juvenile way I tried, I really did, to think of my 13 year old self and what reading a book like this could have meant to me Unfortunately, I read far better stories with far better LGBT characters as a 13 year old Not many, but enough for me to know this isn t my only option.The writing is terrible She uses words that do [...]

  15. When I saw it on when I was looking for books one or two years ago, I had no idea it was a GLBT novel Although, I read GLBT fan fictions, reading a novel about sexuality is just refreshing.This book gave me some sort of connection to Holland I can identify myself with her in terms of just being who I want to be It s hard to live on people s expectations that once you ve got the freedom of doing what you want, you don t know what you would do with it.Julie Anne Peters showed in this book that the [...]

  16. Holland is, by all appearances, the perfect high school student She is student council president, she s taking extra and advanced classes in pursuit of a college scholarship, she s on the swim team, and she has a popular and devoted boyfriend Despite all this, she feels pressured by her mother, friends, and guidance counselor to pursue a particular kind of life that she s not sure she wants Everything changes for her one day when CeCe transfers from another school CeCe is confident, beautiful, a [...]

  17. Realistic and lovely to read It was a fast read, too A little sad, but sometimes that s how life is.

  18. If you don t know what this book is about, then beware that my review contains general spoilers about the topic, although I avoid specific spoilers about events in the story.Keeping You a Secret is a coming of age story that is humorous, thought provoking, and at times traumatic I read somewhere that it could be considered a modern update to the classic Annie on My Mind, and I did see some similarities they are both written in first person by a protagonist who is president of the student council [...]

  19. I must confess I was half expecting something like a revised Annie on my Mind I would be okay with it, but I am glad it turned out to be something so different You are a witness to the change, you can feel the change Suddenly everything you thought to be true vanishes and you are left with nothing but yourself This self, though, you don t recognize its reflection in the mirror it doesn t look like you any But what did you look like before You no longer remember And suddenly you find yourself hav [...]

  20. I was disappointed in this novel While it is contemporary than Annie on my Mind in its portrayal of a teen realizing she is a lesbian and starting a relationship with another girl, it paints a truly horrific picture of what could happen if a girl doesn t keep her new found sexual identity a secret Holland s mother not only kicks her out of the house, allowing her 10 minutes to pack her belongings in a garbage bag, but she changes the locks on the doors of their home Although her mother had been [...]

  21. Whenever I found this book here on , I was excited to read it I myself struggle with my own sexuality, and decided to read this because I would finally be able to read a book that I could relate with.Holland Jaegar is a student with a boyfriend and true friends She is ready to go to college and makes her mother proud for getting the life she never got Her boyfriend loves her, as they ve been dating for about a year.Then comes along Cece Goddard, the out and proud lesbian who just came to the sch [...]

  22. High school senior Holland falls in love with a newly transferred student named CeCe Initially closeted, together they face the consequences when they are outed I have a hard time with YA because I find much of it superficial, but large chunks of this story were very true to life and believable The main character s voice was strong and consistent The family dynamics and sense of socioeconomic issues were also strong I was not expecting the ending to be as dramatic as it was, but for the most par [...]

  23. I read two YA GLBT books in one day, which left me very, very glad that I am not 12 years old In any event, Keeping You A Secret worked for me The you in the title isn t entirely who I would ve expected from first glance, which I liked very much I thought the last fifth or so of the book was tempered with a little too much information e.g this is what you can do if you re disowned by your family at the age of 17 for being a homo However, I can very much see how helpful this read might be to some [...]

  24. I had a hard time rating this one I kept swinging between a 3 and a four so 3.5 stars.I enjoyed the characters and how normal their relationship was like any other teenage relationship with certain consequesnces sure and I appreciated that this author could portray that I did like the MC, but I loved her love interest Cece She was utterly human, forgivable flaws and all There is nothing really extraordinary about this no new way of showing things or twisted plot lines, or OMG amazing writing Jus [...]

  25. 4.5 stars I read this in almost one sitting stupid responsibilities got in the way and it was PERFECT This should be a book taught at schools if it isn t already because the whole book is basically set in a school and it deals with LGBT bullying It could make people learn a lot of things that they didn t know The main character is one of the best main characters ever She never makes bad decisions and she s just a great person in general HOLLAND PLEASE BE MY BESTFRIEND Freaking loved this Everybo [...]

  26. Ironically, or not perhaps, it was my girlfriend who recommended this book for me It s the first gay teen couple book I ve read, and I can honestly say it shocked me just a bit at how cruel some people, in modern day, can be to a person just because of a single characteristic about them Peters described most of my emotions perfectly, as well She was delicate on dropping the gay bomb, but it was a very good book with reality playing a really big role.

  27. I love Julie Anne Peters YA It s possible I read this when I was younger, but even reading it at 23, I was still able to connect to the highs school characters I think this is a great discussion about sexuality, growing up, friendship and external societal and familial pressures I was impressed by the ending not at all shying away from some very real problems surrounding LGBT youth.

  28. This was a lot intense than I had expected The beginning dragged a bit and I didn t care much for Holland until she actually came out but all the drama with her family was, WOW, very intense And I thought this character really grew and changed so much throughout the novel I found myself actually taking a lot away from this book, in terms of life lessons and learning what it must be like to come out I guess I naively assumed that a lot of people are like Winslow okay with gayness but a whole lot [...]

  29. Keeping You A Secret by Julie Anne Peters is one of the absolute best books that i have read this year It s about a senior girl who is on the verge of figuring out the point of why she s living She started off her 12th grade year as the president of Student Council She had the perfect boyfriend, he drove her home after school, he was never self centered, and he was in love The most perfect family, she had an angel for a baby sister and her mother was very understanding The only hard part of her [...]

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