Lodestar (2022)

Free Download Lodestar - by Shannon Messenger - Lodestar, Lodestar Dark schemes unfold and Sophie s loyalty is pushed to the limit in this thrilling fifth book in the best selling KEEPER OF THE LOST CITIES SERIES Sophie Foster is back in the Lost Cities but the Lost Free Download Lodestar - by Shannon Messenger - Lodestar, Lodestar Dark schemes unfold and Sophie s loyalty is pushed to the limit in this thrilling fifth book in the best selling KEEPER OF THE LOST CITIES SERIES Sophie Foster is back in the Lost Cities but the Lost
  • Title: Lodestar
  • Author: Shannon Messenger
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Hardcover
Free Download Lodestar - by Shannon Messenger, Lodestar, Shannon Messenger, Lodestar Dark schemes unfold and Sophie s loyalty is pushed to the limit in this thrilling fifth book in the best selling KEEPER OF THE LOST CITIES SERIES Sophie Foster is back in the Lost Cities but the Lost Cities have changed The threat of war hangs heavy over her glittering world and the Neverseen are wreaking havoc The lines between friend and enemy have blurred and SoDark schemes unfold an
  • Free Download Lodestar - by Shannon Messenger
    191 Shannon Messenger

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  1. WOO HOO the book is DONE I can t WAIT for you guys to read I hope you love it as much as I do.Coming 11 1 16

  2. 11 12 15 I need this book so badly The cliffhanger from Neverseen is driving me crazy I need Keefe and I need to know about Prentice So, Shannon, I ll just be waiting patiently for you to crush my soul again, even though I m still not recovered from Nerverseen EDIT 3 2 16OMG WE HAVE A BEAUTIFUL COVER AND IM DYING THIS NEEDS TO COME OUT NOW

  3. Reread 1 6 18Hey, all the cool kids are sleeping with stuffed animals these days.Once again, Shannon Messenger has left me staring at the cover of her book, astonished One surprise after another That s what Lodestar was about Not one character in this book hasn t changed in some way I m beginning to enjoy Linh s quiet personality, but Tam reminds me a bit too much of Keefe AndI m not a huge fan of Keefe Especially now As for Fitz, I never cared too much about him until now, where I m proud to co [...]

  4. Actions never tell the whole story Good can be done for the wrong reason And bad can be misunderstood.I ve been a fan of the Keeper of the Lost Cities series for nearly two years now I know all the books by heart I know what I expect from each passing book And yet, the fifth book might be my least favourite of the series Let s start off with the things I found pleasant in Lodestar One good thing I really admire in the series is the incredible world building and the slowly escalating plot, which [...]

  5. Just asked Shannon Messenger in a book fair next to Paris She said that we musn t lose hope for Keefe, he will be okayShe also said that she doesn t know with who Sophie is going to end She is the most beautiful and absolutely amazing author on earth Excuse my english

  6. Dearest Shannon Messenger, I desperately need this book to be released as soon as possible Preferably right now, because I m not entirely sure my poor heart can stand the wait I m sure I speak for every Keeper fan when I say WE RE DYING, PLEASE GIVE IT TO US NOW Awesome title by the way Sincerely, YOUR INSANELY LOYAL FAN WHO IS ABOUT TO EXPLODE DUE TO AN ABUNDANCE OF FEELS AND AN ACUTE LACK OF PATIENCE aka Madame Reads Update 3 2 16 AAAAAAAAAAH THERE S A COVER THERE S A COVER THERE S A COVERRRRR [...]

  7. I JUST CANT 3 3 16 omg just look at that BEAUTIFUL COVER OMG OMG OMG OMGAND WOOOOWWW TAM LOOKS TOO CUTE FOR ME ISHH AND FITZ LOOKS READY TO EXPLODE whereas Sophie seems SO grown up already Go Sophie INT.WAITRISUNTINGDOWN 242 days people 31 1 16 Soooooo,Lodestar huh I was expecting Moonlark though,but meh,atleast there s the title EEEEPPPPPP THIS IS SO EXITING LIKE ERHMAGAWDAND PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HAVE FITZ ON THE COVERPreferably holding Sophie s hands or just having physical contact yeah And i [...]


  9. Counting the days until I can read this book and enjoy it UPDATE 11 9 2017Agh I m afraid that cliff hanger will always leave me hanging XD A truly masterful Read and one which I think is my favorite from the series But we shall see if Nightfall can become my favorite as well Since, ya know, that cover is gorgeous and I have a feeling loads will be revealed.

  10. Don t talk to me I need to cry And rage.Shannon Messenger, you are my least favorite person right now.Review to come, when it isn t, oh, 3 AM ON A SCHOOL NIGHT.Shannon Messenger, what do you do to me But I DEVOURED this I started at about midnight and ended at three Pretty good, if I do say so myself.

  11. This is going to seem like a rantI have to say I am team SophitzI hope she won t end up with keefeI mean he gives her a necklace that says trust her after he just goes and betrays herI m also afraid that he is going to the neverseen only to get information and that he will come back to the lost cities and he and Sophie will fall in loveIt is obvious that keefee likes her from the necklace to the jokes to holding on to each other when they flooded ravogBut Bianca likes keefee so it would make thi [...]

  12. This was one of my highly anticipated books of this year I loved every second This series is one of my favourites and knowing that there is not one but two books definitely is making me all the excited to continue on.Before reading THE COVER WOW MUCH LOVETHESE are some of my favourite covers ever.WHO wants to join me with selling their soul For the book now

  13. When I pick up book five of series, my first thought is always let s get this thing moving Still, this book itself was awesome even if view spoiler we are still waiting to see what happens to Prentice hide spoiler I loved the added character development of Dex s hilariously amazing parents view spoiler super, Mrs Diznee hide spoiler , Sandor, and even Marella It s amazing where her storyline has gone I especially loved that the story was back to cool symbols and codes and less violence at least [...]

  14. Waitingwaitingwaiting sigh it s going to be a while You can do it Shannon UPDATE 1 BECAUSE I M DYING HERE The lines between friend and enemy have blurred lololololololol laughs hysterically is in the middle of a mental breakdown because it isn t out yet passes out from overdose of crazy fangirl feels KEEEEEEEEEEEEEFFFFFFFFEEEEEEEEE MY CHILD WHY UPDATE 2 WWWWWHHHYYYY I HAVE TO AVOID ALL KOTLC NOW BC PEOPLE ALREADY HAVE THE BOOK HHHHHHEEEEEEEEELLLPPPPPPMEEEEEEUPDATE WITH REVIEW Sort of not reallyH [...]

  15. I LOVED IT I cannot express how much I love Keeper through simple words.I love all the characters especially Sophie And, like always, the books keep getting continuously better.But there was one problemI CAN T WAIT FOR THE SIXTH BOOK Why Why WHY I have, once again, begun waiting for the sixth book s title, cover, and description to come out Either way,SOPHITZ FOR THE WIN When I say I love ALL the characters, I mean it Here is how the Keeper series has made me feel I read the books after the firs [...]

  16. When the Neverseen make a startling move just as Sophie s term break is beginning, she decides she needs to press for everyone to take action against them But what are their plans What do the strange symbols she keeps seeing mean And what is the Lodestar Initiative she keeps hearing mentioned Once again, we are off on a fantastic adventure in this fun fantasy series Sophie and her friends and family may be elves, but they are fully real characters, and I love spending time with them The story mo [...]

  17. not having this book is putting me through the 5 stages of grief Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance looks at due date No thats not right it ll be out sooner looks again I don t care you know what I can wait I can be patient 5 minutes pass WHY IS THE STUPID BOOK NOT OUT YET AHHHH HULK SMASH writes letter dear Shannon Messenger if I sell you my soul will you give me the book now still no book life is meaningless without KoTLC I shall be in my room curled in a ball crying if you n [...]

  18. I AM SO EXCITED Favorite series on the planet I am so mad about Keefe but I know everything will be ok I have faith in you Shannon Messenger just please, please, please let Sophie and Keefe get together they are perfect for each other I love Keefe so much and if you do anything else to hurt my baby I WILL DIE IN A PUDDLE so do not be mean to your team Keefester fans please, please, please deep breath I CANT WAIT FOR LODESTAR TO COME OUT fangirl squealing

  19. Wait ok, like, hang on Is thise last book Please Just say no I mean, I read in the authors blog that she originally was supposed to be a trilogy and she s now planned to only make it five books So make the story longer Pretty please I beg of youuuu screaming because she sees a cover, description and sales date The book has officially been read I m dying inside

  20. AMAZING.I can t believe I have to wait another year for the next book to come out.I need it now The ending ended at a cliffhanger, and now I literally NEED to know what happens Sophie is an incredible character in this book again She gets another ability, though I am not so fond of it as I am some of her other talents.Sophitz almost sailed Almost Stupid Keefe I still love Keefe though It s just that sometimes he interrupts very important scenes.Ok, Shannon I am ready for KOTLC 6 Also, please rea [...]

  21. I unashamedly LOVE KotLC All of my friends are probably sick of hearing me say it by now Reading this series is like coming home on a cold winter night and climbing into your nice toasty bed under piles of blankets It s what I look forward too, it s familiar, it never disappoints Full review on my blog.I bought Lodestar because I couldn t stand waiting in the massive line to check it out at the library it took me forever to get Neverseen and because at this stage, it d take a miracle for Shannon [...]

  22. So, fair warning, there will be minor, vague spoilers, but not specifics Just for the folks who want zero details going in.SoI d give this book about 3.5 stars actually I wanted to take some time before I wrote my review after I finished the book because I needed time to think Honestly, I feel like this must be what it was like to read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix when it first came out You were waiting for this book, then when you read it you get to the end and realize that despite [...]

  23. Wow.So a lot happened in this book It definately felt like a Middle Book, but I m okay with that All of the other books were non stop tension and still getting used to this crazy world and OH MY GOSH IS THAT A UNICORN, but in the fifth book, everyone seems to be catching up and mellowing out It s nice I m super excited for the sixth book ALSO CAN WE JUST GET AN ANSWER ON WHO SOPHIE IS INTO Honestly, I feel like such a teenage girl cliche XD But the suspense This is how good romance is written Ta [...]

  24. leslecturesdemylene 2017 20 Une s rie qui ne s essouffle pas et qui ne nous laisse pas respirer une seconde

  25. I m was so sad when I finished it and excited to see what s coming next in book 6 Hoping it will be coming out soon

  26. 3.5 starsThis series has broken me Emotionally, for sure, but also in some ways that are less easy to put a finger on I know that the first couple books of this series sucked, except for that ray of sunshine, Keefe At this point, I m in so deep that I m sometimes convinced that Keefestar Lodestar is actually good Then something super fucking absurd happens and I think hmmm maybe not However, Messenger s definitely getting better at this.The reason that I love this book, and I really really do, t [...]

  27. Okay, I NEED TO READ THIS BOOK I NEED TO KNOW THAT KEEFE IS FINE I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT PRENTICE I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT SILVENY AND GREYFELL AND THE BABY But I will say something I never thought I would cry about a book, but at the end of chapter 76 when Silveny leaves with Greyfell I cried And yes, I am a boy It was sad though You have to admit, look at it Right before they disappeared, Silveny transmitted, SOPHIE FRIEND ALWAYS But the best words were her last two VISIT SOON Isn t that sad Well, I [...]

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