All the Places to Love (2022)

Õ All the Places to Love ✓ Patricia MacLachlan Mike Wimmer - All the Places to Love, All the Places to Love A picture book celebration of love by the Newbery Medal winning author Patricia MacLachlan with luminous paintings by Mike Wimmer Within the sanctuary of a loving family baby Eli is born and as he Õ All the Places to Love ✓ Patricia MacLachlan Mike Wimmer - All the Places to Love, All the Places to Love A picture book celebration of love by the Newbery Medal winning author Patricia MacLachlan with luminous paintings by Mike Wimmer Within the sanctuary of a loving family baby Eli is born and as he
  • Title: All the Places to Love
  • Author: Patricia MacLachlan Mike Wimmer
  • ISBN: 9780060210984
  • Page: 251
  • Format: Hardcover
All the Places to Love
Õ All the Places to Love ✓ Patricia MacLachlan Mike Wimmer, All the Places to Love, Patricia MacLachlan Mike Wimmer, All the Places to Love A picture book celebration of love by the Newbery Medal winning author Patricia MacLachlan with luminous paintings by Mike Wimmer Within the sanctuary of a loving family baby Eli is born and as he grows learns to cherish the people and places around him eventually passing on what he has discovered to his new baby sister Sylvie All the places to love are here A pictur
  • Õ All the Places to Love ✓ Patricia MacLachlan Mike Wimmer
    251 Patricia MacLachlan Mike Wimmer
All the Places to Love

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  1. This book was great, but considering the author, I expected it to be I wasn t prepared for the beautiful pictures They are wonderful And the story is sweet I felt like I was there, where the world is relaxed and uplifting Books like these make me wish I could raise my family in such a place full of love and happiness and memories As much as I like the book, though, it is too slow for a story time.

  2. I don t know how many times mom read this to us, but I always get a warm feeling when I see it anywhere It is a beautiful story, the pictures are stunning, and the rhythm of the story is so soothing.

  3. This book is amazing It is tender and sweet and full of wide eyed wonder at the world around us However, it is not one of those children s books written for adults My class loved it when I read it to them to kick off our geography unit.

  4. I think I was expecting from this book since Patricia MacLachlan s novellas are so beautiful This is still a really sweet story about all the dear places the little boy gets to experience as he grows up on his farm and the family that makes it special The illustrations are great, too I don t know, though, I keep forgetting that I read it so it didn t really grab me, if you know what I mean.

  5. Ellie was given this book on her 4th birthday It is a beautiful book to read snuggled with a little one.b 5 7 16

  6. This is one of my favorite children s books It is a great example of the love that is shared within a family than spans generations The artwork in this book is also beautiful.

  7. A beautiful book about a family Peaceful Serene Happy Connected Talking points if you had your choice of where to live, where would it be The city The suburbs Or the country Why What city or town and state would you like to live in What types of things would be close to your house within walking distance or driving distance

  8. This lovely picture book is about a little boy s favorite places on his family s farm The words are soothing and make you appreciate the small things in the world The pictures were stunning My baby niece loved looking at the pictures while I read to her.

  9. 3.5 An older children s book that was gifted to my brother and I when I was 4, and he was 2 Just happened to have found it recently, and figured I d give it glance through with older eyes.

  10. Beautiful story, great gift for a soon to be older sibling, and it has homebirths The artwork is gorgeous.

  11. The story itself is very sweet and endearing, however, it s the incredible paintings in this book that make it work.I had the privilege of meeting this painter when I was in college, he s from Oklahoma and he is an incredible artist His oil paintings are astounding, and then to see them shrunk down so as to fit on a storybook page seems a bitwrong But it has to work or else storybooks would be too massive to lift.Very relaxing, escapism feel to this book, about a narrator a father a mother telli [...]

  12. All the places to love is a book my mother used to read to me all the time when I was little, and even today it holds such a special place in my heart I too grew up showing my little brother all the places to love in our home.The book tells the story of Eli, a little boy born onto his family s farm As he grows up, he is introduced to all the places to love on the farm This would be a perfect book for Kindergarten as it first many of the standards for that grade, such as Identify celebrations, co [...]

  13. This was the first time I read this book In fact, this book made me think of a peaceful place I say this because one of the first places mentioned in the book was a valley Personally, I have never been to a valley, so I automatically pictured it in my head In general, this book evinced that no matter the location of a place, the reader is in control of not only what they learn, but what they experience as well This book will be a great addition to my classroom library, so children can start imag [...]

  14. No body writes books like this any Everyone is trying to be different, trying something new, using crazy characters and stupid stories It is SO refreshing, to have nice, honest, heart warming without the cheese book Books about real things The illustrations are beautiful I could just look at them all day The story is sweet and the writing is beautiful I think I am becoming a Patricia MacLachlan fan I didn t know she wrote picture books until todayI just thought she was the Sarah, Plain and Tall [...]

  15. Loved this sweet book A boy learns to love his parents grandparents farm as they introduce him to all the places to love Then, when his sister is born, he dreams about the day he can do the same for her The last page brought tears to my eyes It reads, All the places to love are here, I ll tell her, no matter where you may live Where else, I will say, does an old turtle crossing the path Make all the difference in the world I ve lived in the city all my lifeis book inspires me to head out to the [...]

  16. This is a great text to self for students have have been to a farm or text to world doe those who have not This book is about a young boy named Eli who lives on a farm Eli tells about the farm and all the special places on the farm His details give the reader a feeling of what he loves the most about the farm and what he does with his family The rich details give the reader a safe and comforting feeling This could be used as a great story for students to retell or write a story using their imagi [...]

  17. There are no memories beloved to my soul than those which are attached to my mother s small yellow kitchen.Though the color scheme has been changed over the years, yellow is what it remains, golden, warm, inviting, full of love, and yes, sacrifice ALL THE PLACES TO LOVE takes me not only to that kitchen, but to wind beaten Gulf Coast beaches, parks by a choppy bay, and the people who filled those humble places of my youth This simple, beautifully illustrated, book should be championed than the [...]

  18. The book All the Places to Love by Patricia MacLachlan uses descriptive words to provide vivid images for the reader The book focuses on a farm setting with descriptions of the farming lifestyle and animals The book metions a wide range of farm animals The book also mentions several senses, such as smell, taste, and smell The book also focuses on family and generational differences of children, parents, and grandparents on farms The book also discusses different types of landscapes This book can [...]

  19. This is a very heart touching and at times bring tears happy to your eyes if your an adult reading it to your child This is perfect book to buy for a new baby, or for an older sibling to give to a new sibling Starts with the little boys birth and all the wonderful things his family does with him in the outdoors and around the farm Teaching him to enjoy the world and environment Then his baby sister is born and he wants to share it all with her The paintings just add to the wonderful sweet story

  20. This book is very descriptive in that the boy goes through and describes his favorite places in the country feeling It instills a sense of family and family pride while describing the settings, you loose yourself in where the story takes place This can get students to write and connect to their own experiences of what their families are like as well as the environment in which they grew up in.

  21. I m a wimp, but it is hard for me to read this book without crying Even when my kids are listening, thinking, What is wrong with you, woman The text and illustrations are beautiful individually, but also compliment each other perfectly It is another of my favorite read alouds when I am feeling strong of constitution If I am pregnant or otherwise emotional, I have to fall back on Suess though.

  22. The beautiful writing of Patricia MacLachlan in this story is so seamlessly interwoven with the equally beautiful illustrations by Mike Wimmer as to make the two one, a rare and magnificent accomplishment for a picture book The story is highly memorable and deeply moving, among the very best picture books that I have ever read As usual, Patricia MacLachlan s genius for resplendent simplicity comes through in these pages with breathtaking clarity Quite an accomplishment.

  23. This is one of those books I can t get through without crying About 1 4 of the way in, my voice starts cracking and I wind up having to stop reading to gather myself together while my kids looks at me like I m nuts Maybe I am nuts My mother in law gave it to me after I had given birth to my first little boy whom I named Eli like the main character and I was overwhelmed with the tenderness and the gentle flow of the story Definitely a must have book in any storybook collection.

  24. Based off both the cover and title I was unsure if I would like the book However, the old saying goes don t judge a book by its cover The writing and illustrations flowed beautifully creating a touching story that brought to mind my own favorite places This book would be good to read to a class to help the students feel comfortable and safe in the classroom The book also does a good job of showing the importance of writing.

  25. All the Places to Love is a extremely imaginative story full of wonderful illustrations The great illustrations helped me understand the story even better The story uses a lot of descriptive words to help children notice the environment that surrounds them and the small things in life they should appreciate THis story could be used as a writing prompt to have children imagine their favorite place All the Places to Love is a very sweet and touching story.

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