Love in Between (2022)

↠ Love in Between ô Sandi Lynn - Love in Between, Love in Between My name is Lily Gil and today was supposed to be my wedding day That was until I found my fianc having sex with my sister in the church moments before I was supposed to walk down the aisle I grew up w ↠ Love in Between ô Sandi Lynn - Love in Between, Love in Between My name is Lily Gil and today was supposed to be my wedding day That was until I found my fianc having sex with my sister in the church moments before I was supposed to walk down the aisle I grew up w
  • Title: Love in Between
  • Author: Sandi Lynn
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  • Page: 464
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Love in Between
↠ Love in Between ô Sandi Lynn, Love in Between, Sandi Lynn, Love in Between My name is Lily Gil and today was supposed to be my wedding day That was until I found my fianc having sex with my sister in the church moments before I was supposed to walk down the aisle I grew up with a famous rock star father who was nothing but a womanizer who cheated on my mother every chance he got Cheating and lying was all I ever grew up with and I vowed nMy name is Lily G
  • ↠ Love in Between ô Sandi Lynn
    464 Sandi Lynn
Love in Between

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  1. I can t for the life of me understand all the 4 5 star reviews I wanted to like this book, I really did The synopsis pulled me in I mean how could it not A woman catches her fiance cheating with her sister on her wedding day and a man who lost the love of his life in a tragic accident The possibilities of two extreamly broken people meeting, falling in love and ultimatly healing each other were endless But the excutation was awful She kept bouncing between first and third person The timeline was [...]

  2. FREE on US today 5 16 2015 Duet is complete.BLURB My name is Lily Gil, and I was supposed to be getting married today That was until I found my fianc having sex with my sister in the church moments before I was supposed to walk down the aisle I grew up with a father who was a womanizer and cheated on my mother every moment he had the chance He would even stoop as low as to take me and my sister with him on his trysts when we were younger Cheating was all I grew up with, and I vowed never to live [...]

  3. This book needs workI liked it, I will read the next one for shiz but still IT NEEDS WORKThe author sooooo needs to work on the emotional aspect of the book and the bloody pace and dialogue delivery Messed up.The MOODS of the book are fuckinggggg annoying One moment people are bloody furious then the next they are winking at each other then the next they are emotional then they are all hugging like buds.And I was like getting fucking whiplashes because of these bipolar bitches.I LOVED the charac [...]

  4. 4.5 StarsWOW you all are going to LOVE Luke He is totally Swoon worthy for sure What happens when the lives of two people who no longer believe in love are suddenly changed by fate Meet Lily, all her life she has been surrounded by cheating, her father was a womanizer and cheated on his mom through his whole life The Day Lily is to marry her fianc she finds him in a room in the church with her sister Vowing to never live her life like her mother did, Lily packs up and moves to Santa Monica putti [...]

  5. Sandi Lynn has become on of my MUST buy authors she has given us Ellery and Connor Black and NOW with her new book Love in Between she has given us Luke Matthews Lily thought she was going to have the prefect live, marry the man she loved, working at a school and working at a career in photography, but when she walks in on her soon to be husband in the church minutes before walking down the aisle having sex with her sister her world changes in an instant after moving away from her life with her [...]

  6. Love in Between is an incredibly good book In my opinion, Sandi Lynn has written another winner Luke and Lily are what I call a perfect couple It wasn t love at first sight for them, although the mutual attraction was obviously there Their friendship developed at a realistic pace, which made it believable for me I absolutely loved the fact that there were no major misunderstandings, that took a big part of the book to resolve This seems to be a common event in romance novels these days and it w [...]

  7. I hate when I m in the minority I loved the premise of it, but I couldn t get into it.How in the world did she get the impression Sam was gay on their first meeting I re read that and couldn t find anything other than he says Luke is his BF, which maybe she thought was boyfriend instead of best friend I don t know The potential was there, I don t know if it was my frame of mind or what, but I quit because I felt like I had the whole thing figured out before I got started and didn t care to find [...]

  8. A REVIEW just because Oh me Oh my Seriously though I came across this one on and since I ve read the authors Forever series 1 2 I figured I d enjoy this one too Well, perhaps enjoy is too tame of a word how about I chokengtitik

    komachokeng I loved this one The book opens with Lily Gil s wedding day She is holed up in that room in the church, married ladies you know the one where you are putting on finishing touches with your mother, bridesmaids, every female who means something to you, with he [...]

  9. This has to be one of the worst books I ve ever read I read a LOT and I read a lot of independently published books, so I m not new to writers not having a good editor However, I WISH that this author had used an editor The writing was TERRIBLE It completely took away from what was a promising premise to a book The writing was so stiff and uncomfortable I felt like I was being told feelings and emotions, rather than feeling them along with the characters One huge thing that annoyed me was the ti [...]

  10. This is one of those great feel good stories You know the ones that warm your heart with moments from a cute kid Charley a hot yet slightly broken male Luke his funny and hot best friend Sam a strong yet slightly broken h Lily and of course her two BFFs Giselle and Gretchan Not only did I like the lead H h but I loved the characters that surrounded them Knowing there is another book coming out not until 2014, cause yes, Sandi Lynn loves to torture us LOL I was nervous going in because the new tr [...]

  11. Love In Between is a delightful story with a very likable very attractive cast of characters Luke is definitely a perfect book bf 3 Lily is the nice, sweet gf who at times over react but is quick to apologize They are good together and are lucky to have found happiness in each other I enjoyed it and I m looking forward to finding out what happens to them and their friends

  12. I ll be there with you I ll be there for you, and I ll be there to catch you if you fall Luke MatthewsSandi Lynn did it again , she has given us another man to dream about Mr Luke Matthews Can you say swoon worthy OMG And to think some people thought that she couldn t top Conner Black ,but boy we were wrong I have to admit I didn t think of Conner not even once in this book Luke Matthew was amazing from his tough attitude in the beginning of the story to the charmer he became towards the middle [...]

  13. review can also be found here facebook SLiTsReaD My name is Lily Gil, and I was supposed to be getting married today That was until I found my fianc having sex with my sister in the church moments before I was supposed to walk down the aisle that pretty much sums up the start of Lily s story.Hurt and angry, Lily decided to leave and start fresh far away from her family.Luke Matthews lost the love of his life in a car accident His been mourning the loss of his fianc for a year He had but abandone [...]

  14. Is it just me or is a stained cliche growing on NA romance books I stumbled upon this one as a freebie over the weekend I mean who doesn t love freebies And it sounded alright, a bit like it was going to be very predictable But then again I m in the need of some quick reads as the end of the year is upon us and let s face it those challenges aren t going to finish themselves So I threw caution to the wind started my kindle up and began and torturous love story These two are broken, as fate would [...]

  15. What a cute story I loved Luke, he s dreamy and definitely book boyfriend material I think Lily had a tough childhood and acted childish than was necessary at times, but I understand her pain and why she is the way she is Charley was very cute and loved how she would put Lily and Luke on the spot at times Can t wait for the next book I d love to spend time with Luke, Sam, Gretchen, Lucky and the rest of the gang D

  16. Sandi u did it again I love the story of Luke and Lily I didn t think anyone could ever take the place of Connorbut Luke has stolen my heart Ladies make sure you mark your calendar for sept.5 you will want to read this book.

  17. 4.5 Stars Sandi Lynn is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors This book was exactly what I was looking for A wonderful read

  18. Love in Between is the first storyline in Sandi Lynn s new Love series The premise focuses on Lily and Luke two twenty something adults who have suffered heartbreak and loss Both believe they are broken and unable to mend, but none so than Luke who lost the only woman he has ever loved What ensues is the building of a relationship between two strangers who begin the slow process of healing and finding themselves once again.This is also a story that introduces several secondary characters friend [...]

  19. I tried my best to finish this through, really, but I just couldn t get past the 85th page The writing was horrid I ve read a lot of stories and novels written from the first person narrative, however those books were able to convey the story without doing it in an I did this I did that I then did those manner Here s an excerpt from the story I lifted the box out of the Explorer, and then carried it to the door of the apartment building I set the box down for a minute while I opened the door wit [...]

  20. I read the blurb and decided to give it a try The story seemed intriguing On the day of Lily s wedding, Lily catches her fiance doing the nasty with her sister Brynn and wait, that s not the bad part, the bad part is that her mother knew all about it, but she chose not to tell Lily.The reason being, she did not want to hurt Lily s feelings I mean seriously What the hell is wrong with you, woman You knew that the dude was cheating, but you did not tell your daughter because he said that he ll sto [...]

  21. Wow I absolutely enjoyed this book It wasn t heart aching like Forever You This was light and a book that made me swoon all over Luke Matthews I also love Lily, she kind of reminded me of Elle from the Forever Trilogy with her strong personality yet sweet presence And all the supporting characters Gretchen, Giselle, Sam, Maddie, Lucky and Charley were great as well It was a light hearted story about two broken people who found love despite the fact that they don t believe in it due to different [...]

  22. Fantastic book I am hoping Lily never forgives her sister Brynn I mean, it would be one thing to cheat once but this was an on going affair and to do to moments before the wedding Unforgivable And I also find it hard to believe the hoe feels any guilt especially if it turns out she s still with or in touch with scumbag Hunter In love or not, those two are so disgusting and don t deserve an HEA together, IMO I m very interested in hearing the pathetic excuses they have to give but otherwise I hop [...]

  23. I really enjoyed this book I am looking forward to book 2 I hope it has a little of Lucky, Giselle, Gretchen and Sam The only thing I did not like was Luke pressuring Lily to forgive her mom and sister, when he could not do the same thing with Adam I think learning your sister is having a months long affair with your fiance on your wedding day, it s pretty big And then learning your mom knew and did not tell you I think Lily was entitled to her anger and if she wished not to see them, Luke shou [...]

  24. It was ok, two broken people who try to chase away each other s monsters You know what they say it s easy to decide for another person but when it comes to your own problem you always end up screwing it up Sequel, you say I don t know if it s worth the wait I might ve forgotten the story by the time it is out PS It would be fun if it dragged the gay angle a bit further, haha.

  25. Good one although the premise topic that mostly about the hero that seemed so important at first I didn t feel like during the book it had much importance

  26. I think that maybe I shouldn t of compared this to the FOREVER Black series which I love I was expecting with this book The characters in FOREVER Black had attitude, sex appeal and some drama That book had my emotions involved Love in between did not ignite my emotions at all The book was ok The story line was real and very easy to relate to which the author does extremely well The issues are ones all of us could experience and why I love her as an author This book however did not seem to captu [...]

  27. How stinking adorable is this story I mean, it had potential of being overly drama filled, but it was done perfectly.Lily, ready to start her new life after a disaster of a wedding day walks in on her fiance screwing her sister , she moves in next door to two outrageously hot guys, one who she likes in a friend way, and the other who she was wants to choke due to his hot cold personality.Luke, struggling to live day by day after the tragic death of his fiance, did not bank on having a hot girl m [...]

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