Coinman: An Untold Conspiracy (2022)

☆ Coinman: An Untold Conspiracy ↠ Pawan Mishra - Coinman: An Untold Conspiracy, Coinman An Untold Conspiracy Huffington Post Best literary fiction book of Independently Published Prejudice takes place in a plethora of forms It sprouts a rare growth when a clerk called Coinman can t stop jingling the coi ☆ Coinman: An Untold Conspiracy ↠ Pawan Mishra - Coinman: An Untold Conspiracy, Coinman An Untold Conspiracy Huffington Post Best literary fiction book of Independently Published Prejudice takes place in a plethora of forms It sprouts a rare growth when a clerk called Coinman can t stop jingling the coi
  • Title: Coinman: An Untold Conspiracy
  • Author: Pawan Mishra
  • ISBN: 9780692475676
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Paperback
Coinman: An Untold Conspiracy
☆ Coinman: An Untold Conspiracy ↠ Pawan Mishra, Coinman: An Untold Conspiracy, Pawan Mishra, Coinman An Untold Conspiracy Huffington Post Best literary fiction book of Independently Published Prejudice takes place in a plethora of forms It sprouts a rare growth when a clerk called Coinman can t stop jingling the coins in his pocket It s a seemingly harmless addiction but it s one that comes to rule his life and begins to invite the wrath of virtually everyone around him His work en
  • ☆ Coinman: An Untold Conspiracy ↠ Pawan Mishra
    399 Pawan Mishra
Coinman: An Untold Conspiracy

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  1. Thrilled Bewitched, captivated and mesmerized by the beauty of it Seriously Well, to begin with My assumptions before reading the book It is a mystery and thriller novel with the detective named Coinman similar to James Bond, Detective Gopichand etc He is going to solve crimes, murders and cases never seen solved before Criminals will shiver hearing just his name He is the God of the city The cover itself shows that some bigger racket is going on under police s nose but Coinman will be ultimate [...]

  2. You can never imagine what human minds are capable of Thoroughly enjoyed it You hardly expect any book to be as enchanting as this.Let me tell you, the characters are super duper simple, real life ones and extremely likable Coinman is a person you meet or see in a day to day life He sits with you He talks to you and you don t behave well with him Yes, he s that tragic person What it s like to hear his story You better find it out reading it Why Coinman Couldn t the author come up with any other [...]

  3. In the book Coinman An Untold Conspiracy by Pawan Mishra, In the story, we meet the main character Kesar who because of his obsession with the coins becomes Coinman But his whole life was a tangle of various events that the condition to become the way it is His mother and father are full of love for him but also those directed him throughout his life, holding all the strings in his hands His father and mother take responsibility for his education, work, and marriage He listens to the decision of [...]

  4. Thanks to the author for allowing me to review his book This one is a fairly difficult book to review, because while certain elements were dong very well, the book didn t stay within the lines of how it began, how it progressed, or how it ended It started out as a pretty funny Milton like office satire, with tons of details that really showed us how horrible the corporate world is in bright and shiny satire.The way the Coinman was shown to us, I was frankly expecting this to turn into a fantasy [...]

  5. Refreshingly unique, humorous, and honest As someone who is predominantly drawn to the YA NA Fantasy Paranormal Sci Fi genres, reading literary fiction was indeed a departure from the norm With that said, I found the underlying dynamics of Coinman An Untold Conspiracy to be a rather accurate satirical representation of contemporary life Although I am neither terribly familiar with office politics, nor with living in India, I found Coinman to be a highly relevant tale concerned with addressing th [...]

  6. I received this book in exchange for an honest review Thanks to the author, Pawan Mishra, and the publisher,Lune Spark LLC, for providing me with a copy.I can honestly say that this book is unlike any other I have read before Whilst reading, the first two notes I made were curioser and curioser and is the Mad Hatter our protagonist This book started, in a word, oddly But it was odd in the most wonderful and fantastical sense I loved the personal manner used when addressing the reader, I loved t [...]

  7. As an author myself, it takes a really great book to drag me out of the depths of my writing and get me to take a break This book was fantastic We have family in India and this story was true to the culture I laughed and was fully immersed in the story to the point where I had to remind myself where real life ended and began For me, that s the true test of a great book I will definitely be reading it again Bravo

  8. Very few books are written once This is one of those books Most of the books I read, except for the classic stories or the different books that come out once in a while, have something or the other that I would have read somewhere else.As I started the book, I was a bit lost on the first page, but since the writing was wonderful, I kept going for on the promise of intelligent writing It was very soon that I fell in love with the writing every word, every sentence I read seemed to be refined very [...]

  9. Coinman An Untold Conspiracy by Pawan Mishra is the story of a junior level office worker in India Known as Coinman due to his habit of never ending tinkling of coins in his pocket, Kesar is the laughingstock of his office He even does not find solace in his home as his wife Imli a passionate actress completely dissolves herself into different characters on a regular basis Something unexpected happens when his office colleagues getting tired and irritated of the continuous jingling of the coins [...]

  10. This hilarious and often insightful and interesting book, follows the story of Coinman, a guy with a habit he can t seem to break Wherever he is, he s always with his hands in his pockets, listening to the sound of the money His glamorous actress wife finds her husband s vice incredibly annoying, to the point where she prohibits coins from being brought into their home As their ridiculous behavior gets the attention of the Coinman s colleagues from work, it changes them in different ways and wha [...]

  11. I had a slightly hard time getting through the first few dozen pages but it was worth it when I did The story is curious, in a setting that is unusual for me at least but I found it thoroughly enjoyable.If you re looking for something different from the usual fare then I d recommend this.

  12. Sharing the review from SPR Coinman An Untold Conspiracy by Pawan Mishra is a quirky, heartfelt novel about finding your identity and keeping it.The search for personal fulfillment is a lifelong journey for most, and along the way, it is necessary to establish the identity you want, the work you cherish, the people you respect, and the love you deserve In Pawan Mishra s oddly charming novel, readers are welcomed into the strangely neurotic, passionate, and unfulfilled existence of Coinman, a sim [...]

  13. Thanks to the author, Pawan Mishra, and the publisher,Lune Spark LLC, for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I feel completely grateful that I was given the opportunity to read this, even if it is not one of my preferred genres and to find that I actually love it Coinman is the story of view spoiler Kesar, hide spoiler , who has an obsession with jingling coins in his pocket However this bad habit drives his peers into hating him Soon he is isolated and become [...]

  14. I received an audible copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a fair review.Actual rating 3.5Coinman An Untold Conspiracy is beautifully written and the story is nothing like what I ve encountered before The story revolves around a man with OCD who likes to jingle coins in his pocket, so his coworkers nickname him Coinman The group of people he works with constantly gossip about him, spread rumors, mock him and pull pranks on him basically bullying him Coinman doesn t have the easie [...]

  15. This story was an enjoyable read because it is clever, unique, and charming The seemingly ordinary, mundane setting and cast of characters lend themselves to a plot with a curious twist A well conceived and well written treat for the fun of reading.

  16. Note I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review It all began with high expectations I rarely read literary fiction but when I was presented with an opportunity to read Coinman I thought of giving this one a try as the author is a fellow Indian Though initially I had a few reservations about reading it, this book turned out to be a really interesting one Coinman is a really unique read about a man who is obsessed with jingling coins.Author Pawan Mishra has don [...]

  17. This was a very quirky, satiric look at office politics and their often ridiculous nature.The main character is Coinman, a nickname given him because of his constant habit of jingling coins in his pocket a habit that drives all of his co workers absolutely insane I really enjoyed his character at the same time that I often felt sorry for him I also enjoyed the exaggerated nature of everything Tulsi s beauty, Ratiram s wisdom and, of course, Coinman s habit itself I also liked the glimpses into I [...]

  18. I received this book for free via First Reads.I sometimes finish a book and think I have never read a book like it before That was definitely the case here.The main theme for a lot of the book is bullying Both in the workplace and domestically It is interesting that the main character is never portrayed as weak despite the fact he is bullied The supporting characters maybe could have been fleshed out a little but the titular character is fascinating enough to make up for this.I enjoyed the stor [...]

  19. Author Pawan MishraTitle Coinman An Untold ConspiracyGenre Humour, FictionSynopsis Coinman, a junior level office worker in India, has a number of eccentricities The laughing stock of the office, he finds no release at home, his wife Imli, an obsessed actress, completely vanishes into each role When tough bully, Hukum, beautiful enchantress, Tulsi, and the office sage, Ratiram, unite the office to conspire against Coinman, they have no inkling of an apocalypse looming in the office.Review This i [...]

  20. This story is a modern day parable Coinman, Mishra s protagonist, is often hapless, frequently pathetic, and always likeable His seemingly harmless compulsion to finger the coins in his pocket leads to chaos at work he s singled out, harassed and brutally bullied by his colleagues , and there s trouble in his marriage he is henpecked and abused by his ridiculously self centered wife The Coinman s troubles take place in India and the prose reflects an Indian sensibility and cadence If the novel h [...]

  21. Unique is the first word that comes to mind when describing this book The second would be refreshing, it was refreshing to read such a unique story I love the quirky nature of Coinman, he was entertaining and fun I loved the storyline and the issues dealing with his co workers as well as his wife I think that this story holds its own in the story world and I cannot sit here and say oh yah I have read this story before I really think most people who like to get outside the comfort zone and try ne [...]

  22. I love a real life parody and they don t come much better than Coinman An Untold Conspiracy I gave up office life a few years back but reading this novel took me back there and put a real smile on my face page after page Pawan Mishra has done a superb job of bringing his characters to life with verve and wit that infuses his plot A genuine delight to read and one I would definitely recommend.

  23. its massively twisted and coiledFirst of all a huge thanks to the author for providing me with a copy of the book to read and Kavita Rameshfor recommending me to the author though i am sure after reading this he wouldn t be too happy about it and you probably would want to hide to save yourself from the wrath of the author and let me know where you plan to hide so that i can join you as well P I admit that the book is a lot different and definitely stands unique from its contemporaries but perha [...]

  24. Review from IndieReader with a 5 star rating Social commentary highlighted through a curmudgeon s antics in COINMAN This articulate, wryly amusing creation focuses on simple situations that often have an unexpected, almost magical, twist The anti hero known as Coinman is an irritating co worker, an inattentive husband, a not so dutiful son yet his apparent lack of love conquers all.Coinman his real name is Kesar gets his nickname for his disturbing habit of constantly jingling coins that occupie [...]

  25. I received this book to review as part of a initiative The synopsis of the book appealed to me as it is set in an office environment and my background in human resources and organisational behaviour added fuel to the metaphorical fire The protagonist of the book is a chap called Coinman, your average office goer who finds himself at the brunt of office politics and a victim of bullying behaviour It was difficult for me to not classify the various miseries that Coinman faces as gross misconduct [...]

  26. Coinman An Untold Conspiracy is a literary fiction that takes everyday workplace dynamics to preposterous levels in a satirical story written with much intelligence and dry wit What I loved most about this quirky little tale is that anyone with a job can relate to Coinman s plight On the one hand, much of the bullying behaviors performed by the sadistic antagonist Hukum and the rest of the staff seems to be an unrealistic stretch for adults, and is reminiscent of playground behavior than that w [...]

  27. This was a great read It explores an eccentric workers habit of jiggling coins, which leads him to be subjected to bullying by the coworkers Trying not to reveal too much about the story or the plot, let me explain why I love this book so much.Most importantly, I find the writing to be honest and passionate The satirical aspect is brought with intelligence and wit exaggerations are intended to highlight the universal truths of life Mishra has vividly written the characters into existence the psy [...]

  28. This is a very interesting read I found it hilarious and entertaining Coinman is such a funny, laughable character who I would want to be friends with There are many incidents throughout the story and in the office where one would laugh hysterically Caught between the stress at home with his wife, Imli, an actress, and his goofy friends at work, Coinman goes on all sorts of crazy, humorous stunts in order to cope with these people It turns out that Coinman isn t even his real name His silly frie [...]

  29. This is an enjoyable novel about a man with a peculiar habit and events in his life I have never lived the office life, and it seems to be a reproduction of the school class, as in this story The author, Pawan Mishra, describes well the tyranny of the bullies and the group dynamics This is why I call this a novel, not so much as humor It made me pensive than it made me giggle Which is not a bad thing There are a lot of interesting, bizarre characters and twists in the story All comedy balances [...]

  30. The mind numbing sound of relentlessly jingling coins was something the people of the office, the center stage of this story, hadn t quite learned to live with yet Coinman is an absolute delight I found myself absorbed in the life of this low level office worker in Northern India His eccentricities are intriguing and I found myself laughing out loud in amusement at some of the antics that happen in his life His wife and boss are a trip to read and you find yourself rooting for this man to overco [...]

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