Little Lord Fauntleroy (2022)

[PDF] Download ✓ Little Lord Fauntleroy : by Frances Hodgson Burnett - Little Lord Fauntleroy, Little Lord Fauntleroy Little Lord Fauntleroy by Frances Hodgson Burnett is a beloved children s novel that made a huge impact on the th century public shaping everything from boys clothing fashions to copyrig [PDF] Download ✓ Little Lord Fauntleroy : by Frances Hodgson Burnett - Little Lord Fauntleroy, Little Lord Fauntleroy Little Lord Fauntleroy by Frances Hodgson Burnett is a beloved children s novel that made a huge impact on the th century public shaping everything from boys clothing fashions to copyrig
  • Title: Little Lord Fauntleroy
  • Author: Frances Hodgson Burnett
  • ISBN: 9781934169230
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Paperback
Little Lord Fauntleroy
[PDF] Download ✓ Little Lord Fauntleroy : by Frances Hodgson Burnett, Little Lord Fauntleroy, Frances Hodgson Burnett, Little Lord Fauntleroy Little Lord Fauntleroy by Frances Hodgson Burnett is a beloved children s novel that made a huge impact on the th century public shaping everything from boys clothing fashions to copyright law Cedric Errol is a generous kind and exemplary middle class American boy who is suddenly found to be the heir of the Earl of Dorincourt Saying loving goodbyes toLittle L
  • [PDF] Download ✓ Little Lord Fauntleroy : by Frances Hodgson Burnett
    117 Frances Hodgson Burnett
Little Lord Fauntleroy

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  1. This is a really silly book that caused a generation of little boys to have to suffer through long hair and white lace collars Cedric, aka Little Lord Fauntleroy, is a goody good good little boy His mother is perfect too I bet thousands of little boys in the 1880 s wanted this book to disappear.

  2. The fact that Frances Hodgson Burnett s Little Lord Fauntleroy was such a sensation in the 1880s says as much about the contrast between the late Victorian Era and today as any anthropological study could.The story centers around Cedric Errol, a kind, optimistic young boy who lives with his mother in modest circumstances in New York City, and is friends with just about everyone he meets One day, he learns that he is actually Lord Fauntleroy, the heir apparent to become Earl of Dorincourt, and he [...]

  3. This long standing children s classic story is another from Mrs Burnett that has totally stood the test of time While the rags to riches story is almost a cliche today, in this story it is well enough done to be fresh and interesting, even to the most jaded 21st century palate It is almost the prototype, so, while there are no unexpected twists in the story and no one truly can doubt the ending, the journey there is as comfortable, pleasant and enjoyable as sinking into a well loved comfy sofa.M [...]

  4. My 8 yr old son read this book last week and told me that I must, must, must read this book He was literally jumping up and down I picked it up last night and stayed up much too late reading it and then finished it first thing this morning I loved every single character Yes, no child is as good as Fauntleroy, but neither is any mother as good as Dearest, nor all grandfathers as selfish as the Earl This book is not about the person that we are, but about the person that we want to be.

  5. Calling a child and of course, this is most usually and generally a young boy a Little Lord Fauntleroy often tends to be a bit derogatory and it can even insinuate that one thinks, that one believes the youngster in question to be supposedly rather spoiled, precocious and given to sometimes annoyingly prim and proper, rather arrogant airs and graces But actually and truly, this is is an unfortunate attitude and labelling that is in fact and indeed pretty well a majorly and strangely ironic misno [...]

  6. One of my most favorite books ever, and I m not sure why I just found it to be a very sweet story, and one I would recommend If anything, it s because Fauntleroy is so much fun to say Go on, say it

  7. I read this for a reading challenge I was alternately feeling charmed and then revolted by this child A large part of me felt I would instantly dislike such a paragon But for my sins, I am a Primary School teacher and I must admit, you do occasionally get the most gorgeous and angelic child come through the system, so I cant say it s impossible

  8. This is most certainly a Burnett book, with its theme of pure, innocent goodness overcoming greed and maliciousness not to mention the theme of beauty being associated with goodness For the first couple of chapters, I really thought that I wasn t going to like this one I still don t think it holds a candle to The Secret Garden, or even A Little Princess, but it did grow on me a bit I have a couple of complaints 1 Maybe this is my own sexism rearing its ugly head, but I did not enjoy reading abou [...]

  9. A classic story in which the good wins in the end Ah, how predictable And I m usually against predictable plots I typically don t even finish the book when the plot becomes so predictable and this happens quite often, unfortunately Then why 5 stars Because I remember I enjoyed it as a child I think small children enjoy predictability as well as surprises Or perhaps it s not so predictable for them I really wanted Cedric to prevail I really wanted his grandfather, who I could see was a good perso [...]

  10. Delightful.There is always something endearing when a child with all his innocence penetrates the crusty hearts of the adults around him.

  11. I love it But if you re wondering why I gave it three stars Merely because I read Little Princess and the Secret Garden first Somehow, Burnett s works have a pattern of their own and you d know at the end everything will be alright A happy ending Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Beruntung sekali menemukannya di gudang buku Pasfes, dengan harga murah dan diterjemahkan dengan apik Mari berburu buku buku Frances Hodgson Burnett D

  12. This is pretty terrible But hey, it does have this passage Here lyeth ye bodye of Gregorye Arthure Fyrst Earle of Dorincourt allsoe of Alisone Hildegarde hys wyfe May I whisper inquired his lordship, devoured by curiosity What is it said his grandfather Who are they Some of your ancestors, answered the Earl, who lived a few hundred years ago Perhaps, said Lord Fauntleroy, regarding them with respect, perhaps I got my spelling from them.

  13. I put this aside for a while and find a month and a half later that I have no interest in returning to it Just not my thing I can t blame it on the author s writing style because I love The Secret Garden, but I ve never known an angelic child don t get me wrong, I adore my grandchildren, but they have their naughty moments like every other child I ve ever known and just can t feel any sense of reality in the few pages I read.

  14. I read this in school when I was 10 or 11 That was, wait for it, half a century ago Since it was a school project, I doubt that I appreciated it as much as I did this time around It s the classic example of how good can change bad and innocence and trust can overcome self indulgence.

  15. This was a sweet little story that highlights the power of kindness, generosity and friendship Cedric Errol, aka Little Lord Fauntleroy, was a perfect, little angel boy Such a perfect kid, in fact, that any mother who reads this book will be instantly disappointed in their own ogre like offspring in comparison lol He s handsome He s kind He s caring He s baby Jesus saintlike I mean, don t get me wrong, I liked him as a character, but he s kind of setting the bar RIDICULOUSLY HIGH for other littl [...]

  16. Ricordi d infanzia L ho letto da ragazzina e poi basta La copia originale andata persa nel tempo, per cui ne ho scaricato una versione digitale inglese da Project Gutenberg che non corrisponde a quella registrata tra i miei libri, ma non avevo voglia di creare una nuova scheda ogni tanto, sono di una pigrizia da far schifo Allora mi era piaciuto e mi aveva appassionato e divertito Se lo riprendessi in mano adesso, non so come andrebbe Per cui preferisco tenermi l idea piacevole che ne conservo n [...]

  17. It s taken me years to get around to reading this odd considering that I grew up in love with The Secret Garden , and I m so glad I did because this story is incredible, funny, poignant and unforgettable all at once Little Lord Fauntleroy offers a strong message of kindness and mutual respect for readers of all ages, and also brings up the futility that comes along with bitterness and greed Burnett s striking prose is as usual beautiful like classic film, and the characters feel very much like r [...]

  18. There is a charm to older, classic children s novels that is undeniable I don t care how many people tell me they are too goody goody I love that there are novels that inspire children to goodness, and in so doing, inspire the adults in their lives to the same Lesser known than her novels, The Secret Garden and A Little Princess, this novel is just as sweet and uplifting A delight to read I have treasured images in my mind of my little boy s face alight as I read this book to him when he was abo [...]

  19. Imagine having an incredibly beautiful 7 year old boy look up to you in every way and believe you good even when you are nasty Would you want to reform yourself or disabuse him of his illusions because he is so annoyingly flawless

  20. Another Burnett that touched my childish heart Of course it is not about a little girl, so it cannot hold the same place as Secret Garden or Little Princess, but it is there nonetheless.

  21. I absolutely loved this book A classic that I should have read years ago I always looked at it and thought it would be boring I was so wrong It is a wonderful story about being able to make a difference with kind words and a loving heart This was so well written that I didn t want to put it down until I turned the final page.

  22. The Secret Garden is one of my favorite books and definitely in my top ten films I ve never been as great a fan of the book A Little Princess, as I prefer the film version, but it too is a lovely book that I enjoyed reading This wasn t as good as either of them, primarily because it felt less like a book and like a summary of a book It claims to be the book in its entirety, but I felt like I was reading a detailed outline, with only a few conversations fleshed out for the author s future refere [...]

  23. Original post at One More PageWould you believe that I have never heard of Little Lord Fauntleroy until this year When I was a kid, I only knew of little Cedric Ceddie Errol through this morning cartoon that I watch during summer vacation, same as where I first found out who Sara Crewe was Ceddie is a little boy who lives with his mom and dad in New York His dad passed away, and shortly after, they found out that Ceddie was actually the next in line as the Earl of Dorincourt in England, and so h [...]

  24. A character that I ve constantly seen referenced but had never read It is definitely a product of its time slow to start and with an extremely dry wit that still caused my family to laugh out loud on several occasions we read it aloud in the car One of the funniest lines wasn t in the novel proper but in the authors biography Her Burnett s adult novels are of a sentimental vein which is now thoroughly out of fashion The language is a bit repetitive the Earl s smile is almost always grim , and an [...]

  25. A long time ago I saw a movie so I knew what to expect Maybe, I would have loved this book when I was 7 and hated it when I was 14 Now at 21, I think it was OK ish I wanted to give this book excuses, first Frances Hodgson Burnetts novel, first published in 1885 and all that But Mark Twains The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn was first published in the same year My biggest issue is Cedric Errol aka Little Lord Fauntleroy Why The sun shines out his backside That s why The supporting characters are [...]

  26. This got two stars because it s really not quite as terrible as it could be Not that that s saying much I feel as though all the things that make The Secret Garden by the same author so unique in that era of children s literature are completely lacking in this drivel And I really do like Frances Hodgson Burnett However, the plot of this novel is WEAK WEAK WEAK And, although I don t want to give anything away for those of you just pining to read this, let me just say that the only thing boring t [...]

  27. I never realized before this time through that this book is a Prodigal Son story in reverse First, it s a completely Mary Sue story Little poor child immediately charms every adult he meets He has a huge vocabulary Everyone who sees him recognizes he s handsome and intelligent and has a heart of gold He s perfectly perfect in every respect Fortunately I didn t find him annoying, but I suspect he could be.The Earl is the Prodigal Son even though he s the grandfather He s explicitly described as h [...]

  28. I would have liked to give this book three stars simply because I love other books by this author, but that doesn t seem justified when I have only read the first quarter of the book and have no desire to continue reading At this point most of the major conflicts introduced at the beginning have been resolved, and I fear the rest of the book will be continued descriptions of how kind, patient, loving, beautiful, and perfect little Fauntleroy is This one just isn t for me I think I ll stick with [...]

  29. Greetings If you wish to read the book review, then skip down a few paragraphs to the section so marked in all caps and emboldened I wish to preface this review with a brief tale about my efforts to read the book Why Well, this is my canvas, and I ll paint what I want, thank you very much.I saw this movie once when I was a child preteen, or thereabouts It was the Alec Guiness Ricky Schroeder version, and I remember I kind of liked it, but never did pick up the book Such things didn t really occu [...]

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