The Butter Battle Book (2022)

☆ The Butter Battle Book ¿ Dr. Seuss - The Butter Battle Book, The Butter Battle Book Illus in full color Dr Seuss chronicles the feud between the Yooks andthe Zooks from slingshots through sophisticated weaponry until each side hasthe capacity to destroy the world The language amuses ☆ The Butter Battle Book ¿ Dr. Seuss - The Butter Battle Book, The Butter Battle Book Illus in full color Dr Seuss chronicles the feud between the Yooks andthe Zooks from slingshots through sophisticated weaponry until each side hasthe capacity to destroy the world The language amuses
  • Title: The Butter Battle Book
  • Author: Dr. Seuss
  • ISBN: 9780394865805
  • Page: 453
  • Format: Hardcover
The Butter Battle Book
☆ The Butter Battle Book ¿ Dr. Seuss, The Butter Battle Book, Dr. Seuss, The Butter Battle Book Illus in full color Dr Seuss chronicles the feud between the Yooks andthe Zooks from slingshots through sophisticated weaponry until each side hasthe capacity to destroy the world The language amuses the drawings are zestyand humorous and the demand for this book will be large School LibraryJournal Provocative packs an allegorical punch The parade ofincreIllus in full co
  • ☆ The Butter Battle Book ¿ Dr. Seuss
    453 Dr. Seuss
The Butter Battle Book

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  1. Lovely one In every Zook house and in every Zook townevery Zook eats his breadwith the butter side down The Boys in my Back Room inventedthis rigcalled the Eight Nozzled, Elephant Toted Boom Blitz

  2. Recommended and recited by my wife.The battle lines are drawn and the fight gets real There s a think tank working its way furiously to trump the enemy.Yooks and Zooks and their different styles of applying butter on the bread.The book inculcates respect and the very essential feeling of tolerance into children The unity in diversity.

  3. 6 stars Being a huge fan of Dr Seuss works over the years, I was in that mode where I wanted to read everything that was written by him and I remembered reading The Butter Battle Book many years ago when I was little Well, I stumbled upon The Butter Battle Book again when I got older and at first, I was a little hesitant about reading this book again because of its war themes and I usually do not like reading books about wars, but after reading this classic book by Dr Seuss, I actually found mys [...]

  4. We all are intimately familiar with the glorious rhyming and the honest joy of reading a Dr Seuss book aloud Considering some of the check outs that my kindergartner has brought home this year the kind I begrudgingly cracked open and read each night with the sort of over taxed smile and forced lilt necessary to make it through the inane children s books seeing a Dr Seuss was a great relief One that I ve never read or heard of to boot Unfortunately, the nightly recite until turn in time for this [...]

  5. Reviewed for THC ReviewsThe Butter Battle Book is another of Dr Seuss s titles which reflect his activist side Through satirical humor, he explores the ridiculousness and futility of war The Yooks and the Zooks have an age old disagreement over which way to eat their bread, butter side up or down, and as a result, they eventually start a war over it They begin with sentries guarding the wall separating their borders which of course, could be taken as a metaphor for anything that separates us fro [...]

  6. Okay you are probably wondering why I am talking about this book In my Language Arts class my students had to read The Sneetches by Dr Seuss Today I read The Butter Battle Book also by Dr Seuss The idea is they are to compare and contrast the two books Needless to say my very knowledgeable sixth graders proceeded to tell me how the Butter Battle Book is actually a political story about the Cold War I almost dropped my teeth Why A few years ago when I did a lesson on the Berlin Wall my 8th grade [...]

  7. This is clearly a parable for nuclear proliferation, and no doubt Suess condemns it However, there is no clear moral drawn in this story, and the events are left unresolved What will happen We will see Therefore, the reader is left to draw his own conclusions As a parent, you can read this any way you like with your child the liberal can focus on the frivolity of war and the dangers of mutually assured destruction the conservative can, in contrast, argue that peace will ensue between Zooks and Y [...]

  8. A very clever book, really impressed with this one Shows how to respect somebody if they are different or if they believe in something you don t understand It then goes on to show if you don t that hatred can turn into a conflict with each side building bigger and bigger weapons, until you end up in a stand off with a big boy boomeroo Really well done and it leads up to some very interesting discussions with the child you read it too.

  9. Me and Rae loved this story When we hit the end, she wanted to know What happens and it was fun to tell her that it was up to the reader to determine what will happen Does the Yook drop his bomb and kill himself and the Zook Or what if the Zook drops his bomb first Is the first one to drop his bomb surprised to find it is a dud Will the Zook win, as he has every time before, and history prove that it is always repeating itself Which way is the right way to butter your bread

  10. I love activist Seuss books This book is good, but makes me a little perturbed I want to laugh at the stupidity of it all, but it s not funny In other Seuss books, like the Lorax, there s of a child like tone to the story My kids felt the tension in this book and the oldest one even shouted, Can they stop being weird and just hug They need to stop fighting and get along There you have it Like many world problems, there is no resolve in this story It left my kids a little irritated They may be t [...]

  11. Another Seuss work with a social undertone, this one is about prejudice and war Two groups hate each other for what amounts to a completely ridiculous reason, and each thinks they are better than the other Through classic indoctrination, their governments feed citizens the ideas that they are different and must hate one another.A random and rather juvenile act of violence instigates a full assault war, and it is interesting to watch as the two sides compete to see who can build a better, destru [...]

  12. A response to Cold War nuclear proliferation and mutually assured destruction as told through buttered toast.

  13. Wow Just wow In all of my thirty one years, I have never actually read the Butter Battle Book It must be one of the only Dr Seuss books I ve never read I had no idea how dark and gritty it was going to be Keep in mind, it IS just a children s book, so it isn t like there is blood and guts and brains spilling out of cracked skulls or anything, but still This book, short and silly though it may be, takes a hard, honest look at war and how out of control and dangerous it can become It was actually [...]

  14. Yes I m counting this as part of my reading challenge I need to build my book count lool I had to read this for this volunteering program I do and this book is part of the curriculum to teach kids about conflicts and stuff And I think this is one great book to show conflict in a way that s humorous and in a way that can show kids how conflicts can arise and become unnecessary but personally I think you should have your butter on the top not the bottom so I can see how the Yooks would hate the Zo [...]

  15. I missed Dr Seuss so I picked up this beauty of a book.What I never realized as a child was the social statement in this book.Dr Seuss uses this story as a reflection of the Cold War, mutually assured destruction, to illustrate how silly conflict can be The artwork is abstract and beautiful, as always.Dr Seuss was a genius.

  16. One of the most profound and powerful of Dr Seuss s books I would recommend it to politicians and men and women of the armed forces everywhere Or even just those who like to quarrel and tend to let things get out of hand over heated emotion Sigh I know war and fighting and a system of defense is important towards a countries safety and preservation or what not but by now after paying attention to history and war and all the blood that has been shed can we find a better way to solve our problems [...]

  17. celebrityreaders.wordpress When I was a young girl, my father used to read Dr Seuss books to me before bed He would do accents and speak in a comforting rhythm that never failed to lull me to sleep It s one of my earliest memories of reading And one of my fondest.I knew once I found out I was going to be a mother that I would get to pass on that love of Dr Seuss to my daughter I m confident it will turn into a tradition because my daughter loves to read Dr Seuss to me I can only imagine when she [...]

  18. Basic plot The Yooks and Zooks escalate their battle over the all important question of which side of the bread should be buttered.In Gulliver s Travels by Jonathan Swift, Lilliput wars with Blefuscu over whether an egg should be cracked at the little end or big end I tend to crack them in the middle, suppose that makes me a complete heretic , but the symbolism implied that Swift was making fun of the fight over Catholicism vs Protestantism between England and France People are fighting about 2 [...]

  19. I am a Dr Seuss fan, and my 5 year old is, too No exception here for either of us, though I and my son, I think don t think this is his best work I remember being old enough when this book came out in 1984 to know that it was controversial, in part because it is a book for children that takes on the arms race in the period when there was a Soviet Union, the made for TV movie The Day After, and Reagan jokingly announcing My fellow Americans, I m pleased to tell you today that I ve signed legislat [...]

  20. D DIt s high time that you knew, of the terribly horrible thing that Zooks do.In every Zook house and in every Zook town every Zook eats his bread, with the butter side down In those day, of course, the Wall wasn t so high and I could look any Zook square in the eye For a while that worked fine All the Zooks stayed away and our country was safe Then one terrible day a very rude Zook by the name of VanItch snuck up and slingshotted my Snick Berry Switch Part1 youtube watch v qkqzdPart2 youtube wa [...]

  21. I am currently discussing the allegory with my students We are reading Animal Farm, as is the standard allegory fare I thought I would mix it up a bit and throw them something they weren t expecting, so I chose The Butter Battle Book As a small child, this wasn t one of my absolute favorite of Seuss s stories, but I still liked it As an adult, I truly love and appreciate it True, it does present a very simplistic view of a very complex problem, but it s a children s book That s how they do Very [...]

  22. This was a Dr Seuss book I hadn t even heard of before finding it at the library last week I can kinda see why After reading it to my son, I m not entirely sure it s a children s book I don t mean in the sense of being inappropriate so much as just cynical and a bit too real, despite the fact that the entire argument in the battle stems from which side of the bread the butter should go on.My husband immediately picked up on it being a Cold War parable, and it is it s a fictional, Seussical send [...]

  23. This book is a political piece that is extremely relevant for kids It is a chance to talk about how our voices can be misused and abused to hurt others, particularly if we are not carefully looking at how we stand on certain issues After reading this book I would have students read on the Cold War and have students read personal memoirs of people who lived during that time After exploring the fears of that time and examining personal stories, I would have students write an I was a witness piece [...]

  24. Personally I loved The Butter Battle Book and this paragraph shows why It is about 2 groups of creatures one group likes there bread with the butter spread under it and the other group likes there bread with there butter spread over it and because of there differences they go to war But the part I liked was the contraptions they made they were so big and so crazy looking and every time they lost they would upgrade the contraptions and the words in the book even rhymed through out the whole story [...]

  25. I m not really sure how I feel about this book The ending really threw me for a loop, I turned the page and there was nothing I thought that maybe my book had had a page torn out or something, I just thought it was a little abrupt I don t think that I would recommend this book, it wasn t nearly as cheery as most of Dr Seuss other books Taken from my book reviews blog reviewsatmse 2009

  26. This children s book contains an amazingly powerful message identifies a social flaw the way we often judge look down on others for ridiculousdifferences and a wedge formsows and before you know it we have nuclear proliferation Dr Suess stylet there are no winners when it comes to war is very profound way to examine our world and our world s historya lesson never too early to learn did I mention I liked this book

  27. The story is about a yook and his grandpa s tale about he versus the zooks They are having this rivalry about what side of the butter should be up They have fought many times but who will win I liked the book but I think it is just a little to boring for me This book has no books in it s series I rated this book a 4 out of 5 I really would say this is a okay book and it s a good one to start with.

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