Hotter After Midnight (2022)

¿ Hotter After Midnight ☆ Cynthia Eden - Hotter After Midnight, Hotter After Midnight A Seductive Nighttime World Dr Emily Drake s psychotherapy patients tend to be a little unusual Instead of midlife crises and mother fixations Emily treats vampires with blood phobias and sex demons ¿ Hotter After Midnight ☆ Cynthia Eden - Hotter After Midnight, Hotter After Midnight A Seductive Nighttime World Dr Emily Drake s psychotherapy patients tend to be a little unusual Instead of midlife crises and mother fixations Emily treats vampires with blood phobias and sex demons
  • Title: Hotter After Midnight
  • Author: Cynthia Eden
  • ISBN: 9780758226020
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Paperback
Hotter After Midnight
¿ Hotter After Midnight ☆ Cynthia Eden, Hotter After Midnight, Cynthia Eden, Hotter After Midnight A Seductive Nighttime World Dr Emily Drake s psychotherapy patients tend to be a little unusual Instead of midlife crises and mother fixations Emily treats vampires with blood phobias and sex demons looking for meaningful relationships But healing these powerful beings requires an important rule Never trust a shifter Especially not one like Detective Colin Gyth A Seductive N
  • ¿ Hotter After Midnight ☆ Cynthia Eden
    278 Cynthia Eden
Hotter After Midnight

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  1. I read this book awhile back and don t have a lot of recollection of the details of the story however, I do recall having a hard time forming any real connection with the characters, but I did enjoy the plot To be honest, my favorite parts of the book were the sessions with Dr Emily Drake s psychotherapy patients A Succubus who wanted to be looked at as than just a sex symbol, a vampire who didn t want to drink blood those were some funny characters While I think this book suffers from FITSs, F [...]

  2. 3.5 starsAuthor Jacquelyn Frank describes this book as A cross between CSI and Medium, only hotter and with a hero that truly has bite , and that is a fairly apt summation Hotter After Midnight is an unusual mix of police procedural, paranormal romance and suspense Dr Emily Drake is a psychotherapist who specialises in treating Other supernatural beings whose existence is still considered myth and fairytale by most of humankind Her psychic gift of awareness and the ability to see into minds only [...]

  3. I m feeling lazy, so I m just going to say that I agree with almost everything that Quinn wrote in her review The only dissenting note is, I didn t have a problem with the insta lust between Colin and Emily and that s why this book worked better for me than for her.

  4. Hot, paranormal romance, review to come Loving Cynthia Eden.Review This one had a real romantic suspense crossed with paranormal feel.We have a murderer that the people in the know know is a shifter However the rest of the world is unaware of the existence of these creatures And by creatures I don t mean just your standard vampires, shifters, demons In this world we have every sort of creature you could ever imagine Djinn s, charmers, witches and warlocks just to name a few We have Emily Drake o [...]

  5. It s hard for me to definitively describe this book as erotica vs romance I will say that I enjoyed reading this book Emily is the Monster Doctor, a shrink for the monsters When we first meet Emily, she is trying to help a newly turned vamp who is disgusted by the thought of drinking blood Emily herself is human, but has always had the ability to recognize the Other When Emily is called in to profile a serial killer, it becomes clear that the killer is an Other If that wasn t bad enough, she has [...]

  6. I thoroughly enjoyed this paranormal It has a distinctive taste of Ms Eden s writing and I loved it It is interesting and easy to read and the story flows without problems The world building was interesting too and as soon as I finished this one, I have to grab the next in the series LOLI loved Emily s definition as Monster Doctor for me it was fun I laughed at the beginning when she s psychoanalysing a vampire with blood phobia She s great and tries to have her life under control Obviously this [...]

  7. 2.5, if other books in the series will align to 3 stars or than this, i ll probably lower my rating to 2chokengtitik

    titikchokeng s i lowered my rating sigh Buddy with Glamdring 3

  8. Emily is a human or is she psychic psychologist, affectionately known as the Monster Doctor Colin is a sexy shifter cop But what kind of shifter is he Were s are the most dangerous And volatile And they mate for life And must be avoided at all cost because they are so dangerous Has it been mentioned that they are dangerous Boy, oh boy I hope the cop is anything but a were Let s see, Emily hasn t been in a relationship for a while, dresses sensibly, and is sex ay Sound familiar Secret shifter cop [...]

  9. I really, really, REALLY wish there was a sensuality listing on books That way I wouldn t have to ruin with a rating a book that others might like I picked this up on Kindle The synopsis describes it as a paranormal romance It is actually an erotic paranormal If your a graphic sex scene skipper like me , you won t have much of a book left to read Unfortunately what is left of the story just isn t very well written either It rates two stars because the suspense at the end was actually pretty good [...]

  10. 1,5 stars It took me a week to read this book Partly because of lack of reading time but also because when I finally could find time to read, I couldn t be bothered to do it Here s why 1 The plot was lame 2 There was no characters development whatsoever.3 As a result, I couldn t connect with the heroes.4 The end was botched But as the plot was lame to begin with, I suppose that this was to be expected That being said, I think this author has good books, I just picked poorly.

  11. As far as I m concerned, this book is hot before, during and after midnight I really liked this story, the first of the Midnight Trilogy Emily Drake has been able to see the Other as in all mythical creatures ever since she was a child Now she s a shrink to the things that are the cause of what goes bump in the night That s actually a rather cute idea When savagely mutilated body of a demon turns up, an old friend and Captain of the Atlanta PD calls her in for her help Detective Colin Gyth is in [...]

  12. Hotter After Midnight has a little bit of everything It has mystery, gore, sexy scenes, a romance between a shifter and a human and some great suspense moments Doctor Emily Drake has been dubbed the Monster Doctor since she helps the supernatural deal with issues that she has a special ability to gain insight to She is going about her business as usual when she is called to help on a grizzly murder case which puts her right into the cross hairs of a killer I enjoyed this story which has many sig [...]

  13. I want to read this but I m distracted by the cover I hate cover repeats One Real Thing.

  14. another great start to a great series Very typical Ms Cynthia Eden s style of writing Alpha male, independent female, whole lot of sudden burning chemistry, good suspense and overall enjoyable and exciting plot.4.5 stars

  15. Just finished reading the Midnight trilogy by Cynthia Eden and I must say I really enjoyed the books about the Others the humans that grow to love them Each story can be read individually, but you ll enjoy the books if you read them all, in order Because while each book is a standalone, with a separate love story, there is also a fourth love story that takes place over the course of all three books In the first book we meet Dr Emily Drake Known as the Monster Doctor, she s not your average shri [...]

  16. the characters could have used a little development There wasn t enough to explain Emily s past precisely enough for me I d have liked to know I liked the plot, it had me turning pages well after I should have gone to bed The characters were entertaining enough, but I wouldn t say completely memorable as of yet The love scenes were very steamy and just the way I like em perfect LOL If someone puts this under erotica, I wonder what a normal love scene is to them I will most definitely continue [...]

  17. Just No This book was ridiculous and the characters so When someone is stalking you, barging their way into your house in the middle of the night, getting physically threatening with you, as well as verbally threatening, and all within the time frame of having known each other for Maybe two hours And you re ATTRACTED to this dick bag No, hun Bye.

  18. This one took a bit of time to finish, but I really liked it I got a bit tired of the her cream references though Could Cynthia not have found another word for errrher cream But that s the only complaint I really have Oh And some unanswered questions she left in her book.

  19. I loved this story It has the paranormal component combined with the mystery of who done it Great story that I totally recommend you read Loved the characters, the storyline and the dialog

  20. This wasn t a bad book but it could ve been better The pace was alright, the mystery ok enough to keep you reading if not a bit predictable The characters, however, were a different and complex story Emily Drake, a supernatural creature Other, as they are referred in the book psychologist helps out the police in a murder investigation with abnormal circumstances She gets called in by a, what I can only call, good old friend, the Captain Danny McNeal to aid detective Colin Gyth in this murder wh [...]

  21. I love Cynthia Eden s paranormal romance novels and for me, this was the one that started it all I love when I start reading a series at the beginning and the writing and characters only get better with time, and this is a very good example of that While not the most polished book by this author, the bar is set very high from the getgo, the romance is spicy and sweet at the same time, and the characters are interesting and easy to root for.One of the common issues that has to be resolved in a pa [...]

  22. Very good read a paranormal page turner with an action plot Romantic suspense urban fantasy with a serial murderer plot and there are some unexpected twists before the murderer is finally revealed The heroine Dr Emily Drake, the so called Monster Doctor, is drawn into a serial murder case first to identify the paranormal elements of the case and then as the profiler on the murderer The hero is Colin, a cop who tries fiercely to deny his werewolf nature and is appalled to find that Emily can easi [...]

  23. Emily Drake has seen monsters all her life Shifters, Demons, Vampires and lots of other creatures that go bump in the night She s a shrink with a thriving clientele of Other creatures Vamps that can t drink blood, shifter s that can t shift even a succubus that wants to be thought of as than a sex symbol Emily is also has strong empathic talents which she often uses to help her patients.Colin Gyth is the lead detective in a brutal homicide when his boss tells him to get Emily to take a look at [...]

  24. 2.5 stars.I don t know what rubbed me wrong in this book It has all the elements I usually like in romance an interesting setting with an original interaction between humans and supernatural beings an Alpha hero in law enforcement a smart heroine no purple prose a bit of mystery Still I never found myself really immersed in the story, my mind was hovering and what I usually overlook when I am engrossed in a story slowly became annoying.I think I didn t like the initial interaction between hero a [...]

  25. I loved this story Colin and Emily were likeable characters that were dynamic and interesting.Emily Drake was a psychic empath who was a psychologist to the Other, supernatural beings including demons, shifters, charmers, etc Brought in on a case by our hero, Colin Gyth, a detective for the Alanta PD and a shifter, Emily s life takes on a roller coaster pace She is used as a profiler for a highly public murder where the suspect butchered his victim, thus being dubbed the Night Butcher.Through a [...]

  26. This review was posted at Under The CoversThis book was a recommendation from November s Pick It For Me Challenge I ended up reading a different book for the challenge, but this one seemed like a good story and I couldn t be happier right now that I chose to read it.There was hot, explosive and raw chemistry between the hero heroine I liked Emily s character shrink for the Others, Monster Doctor, LOL and the fact that, while being human, she can sense feel SBs Supernatural Beings Colin also did [...]

  27. 3 1 2 stars This was a pretty good shifter romance The paranormal world was unique but not totally different and out there The heroine was a human who could see Others and tell which sort they were In this set up the different types of Other could only recognize their own specific type of Other The element of mating was of the she s mine sort which I personally like It s not really something I get tired of since it s one of the reasons I read shifter stories in the first place.I did feel like th [...]

  28. Emily Drake is minding her own business treating patients in her psychiatrist practice when she suddenly has a very tall and dangerous man knocking on her door asking for her help.Cops need help trying to locate a killer who isn t human And of course, that s Drake s specialty She can see what she calls the others Non humans Colin Glyth is a cop who is assigned to stick with Emily and protect her while she is helping out the police department And he s than interested in just protecting her He s [...]

  29. i love the idea of a monster doctor a shrink for the others out there i love it so much i think someone should make an entire series based on the patients and their sessions this book was a little light on the doctor front but it was great none the less our doctor acted as a resident psychic and profiler leading the few police officers aware of the other world to a serial killer although this was very crime based it didn t fall into a procedural nightmare there was still some mystery of the cha [...]

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