The Sweet Gum Tree (2022)

Û The Sweet Gum Tree ✓ Katherine Allred - The Sweet Gum Tree, The Sweet Gum Tree Sweet tea corn bread and soup beans everyday fare for eight year old Alix French the precocious darling of a respected southern family But nothing was ordinary about the day she met ten year old Ni Û The Sweet Gum Tree ✓ Katherine Allred - The Sweet Gum Tree, The Sweet Gum Tree Sweet tea corn bread and soup beans everyday fare for eight year old Alix French the precocious darling of a respected southern family But nothing was ordinary about the day she met ten year old Ni
  • Title: The Sweet Gum Tree
  • Author: Katherine Allred
  • ISBN: 9781419953248
  • Page: 496
  • Format: Paperback
The Sweet Gum Tree
Û The Sweet Gum Tree ✓ Katherine Allred, The Sweet Gum Tree, Katherine Allred, The Sweet Gum Tree Sweet tea corn bread and soup beans everyday fare for eight year old Alix French the precocious darling of a respected southern family But nothing was ordinary about the day she met ten year old Nick Anderson a boy from the wrong side of town Armed with only a tin of bee balm and steely determination Alix treats the raw evidence of a recent beating that mars his bacSweet te
  • Û The Sweet Gum Tree ✓ Katherine Allred
    496 Katherine Allred
The Sweet Gum Tree

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  1. 5.5 stars You re the only one I ve ever wanted, Alix, the only one I ll ever want That s a promise Oh WOW What a BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING book Love love love I m a mess it was an intense, utterly riveting book that I literallycould notput down, that kept my heart racing, kept me near tears for a good chunk of it, that had me hanging off of every word that I read, and the story just ripped my heart out but yet still had a very sweet ending.The writing was beautiful and flowed effortlessly, the characte [...]

  2. BREATHTAKING Books like The Sweet Gum Tree are why I love to read Filled with beauty, symbolism, heartache, forgiveness, redemption, and an undying love all around this ultimate love story turned out to be one of the greatest books I ve ever read Since the synopsis for this book is generous and intriguing enough, I don t feel a summation of the story here is necessary But I will say that each and and every one of these characters had been broken and slowly redeemed and held a special place in my [...]

  3. He brushed my hair back You re the only one I ve ever wanted, Alix, the only one I ll ever want That s a promise God, I can t lose you again His whisper was harsh, filled with pain Not now, when I ve waited so long to hold you I think it would kill me But I m so damn scared you ll hate me when you find out the truth This was both heartbreaking and sweet 3Amazing romance that spans decades, from childhood sweethearts to adult intense love.3The story I didn t want to stop It scared me You re the b [...]

  4. 5 Beautiful Stars If you are like me, and have just had this book sitting on your e reader for months and haven t gotten around to it, do yourself a favor and bump it to the top of your TBR list Such an amazing, beautiful, sweet, and at times heartbreaking story.Alix and Nick as adults Alix French and Nick Anderson both grew up in the same small town They meet when Alix is 8 and Nick is 10 Alix comes from a good family She lives with her grandfather Judge , her mama and her two aunts Nick doesn [...]

  5. 3.75 starsI liked this one Didn t make the five star mark for me The misunderstanding was a bit too much for me The fact that Nick felt no compulsion to stay irritated me a bit Saying that, it was quite a good read You can t turn love on and off like a light switch, no matter how hard you try All you can do is wall it off, one brick at a time, until you ve created an impenetrable fortress around your emotions And once that fortress is built, you camouflage it so well that even you can t see it a [...]

  6. You have to read this UTTERLY MAGNINIFICENT book Nick and Alix s love story will compell you like no other This is the book I have wanted to read since I can t even remenber What I loved most about it was all the emotions it induced in mebut most of all, I could not get enough of Nick, Alix and their loveThis is one of the, hands down, most beautiful books I have ever read It is actually one of the best books I ever had the pleasure of reading ever,period This book made me feel things hardly any [...]

  7. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG deep breaths Holy shitat was THE BEST EFFING BOOK I ve EVER read.hands down TWENTY stars Omg I have a headache and my eyes are sore from the fifty million full on sobs I did I shall have a full review soonFORE I GO INTO THIS REVIEWEVERYONE NEEDS TO READ THIS BOOK EVERYONE READ THIS BOOK I MEAN IT READ THIS BOOK Thank you If I could give this book EVERY star in the world, I certianly would My emotions are still raw after finishing this book at 5 this morning So a decen [...]

  8. The Sweet Gum Tree started out brilliantly Expertly setting the scene of smalltown livin in the deep south, I was hooked Even so when little Alix French befriends a boy from the wrong side of the tracks by introducing him to her favorite books They become a fierce unit and it s easy to see they are destined soul mates I loved Nick and Alix Together Apart Not so much, because they were stupid Period When things begin to happen to keep them apart, the book fell apart for me too Here we go again, [...]

  9. Dumbfounded Gobsmacked Speechless Blown away Overwhelmed That was me after finishing The Sweet Gum Tree at 3am this morning What an absolutely stunning book I picked it up yesterday afternoon and didn t put it down until the very last page Absolutely amazing There aren t enough adjectives for me to express how much I loved this book.I cried Quite a lot You know when you re reading a book and you know you re going to get your heart broken, but you just can t help turn the pages and you can feel y [...]

  10. Re read 11 23 14Still powerfulill pissed off5 Pissed Me the F k Off StarsThis book actually made me create a whole new shelf my pissed me the fuck off shelf And yet, I m giving it 5 stars Believe me, I am as confused as you I knew immediately after reading this that I was either gonna rate this 1 star or 5 stars, because I had a love hate relationship going on with this thing The whole time I m reading this And yet, I couldn t put the damn thing down I stayed up late and am now sleep deprived Al [...]

  11. I Could Not Put This Book Down If you re in the mood for a gripping, emotional roller coaster love story, then this is the book for you But I m exhausted Not just from staying up late because I couldn t put the book down but also from the emotional drain this book puts you through But it s so worth it The story is about the growing friendship of Alix and Nick They first meet when Alix is eight years old and Nick is ten Alix is from a decently wealthy, high moral family and Nick is from the wrong [...]

  12. 5 Broken Hearts Stars Alix French was 8 years old when she went to the scrap yard with her grandfather Judge and met 10 year old Nick Anderson While Nick is getting a part off an old truck Alix sees that Nick has been beaten by his father and runs to get some bee balm and tends to his wounds Their friendship grows from this act of kindness and so the journey begins Alix is from a very respected country living family Nick is not that fortunate His father is the mean town drunk that everyone hates [...]

  13. No one should have to go through life with only half a heart, he whispered To be completely honest with you all, I never would ve picked this book up for its cover I don t particularly judge too much on a book s cover but it reminded me of those indie romance novels with half naked men and women clinging to each other plastered right on the front cover XD BUT I decided to put my hesitations aside and dove right into this book After bringing The Sweet Gum Tree to a close, I had no regrets except [...]

  14. This thing was like a fricking telenovela and I LOVE telenovelas Thanks to Alona for reading this with me This book tells the story of a girl who grows up in a small Arkansas town She falls in love with the wrong boy, but, of course, he s really the right boy There are lots of cruel twists of fate ABUSE SURPRISE PREGNANCIES SHAM MARRIAGES MURDER I really enjoyed this book The writing was great I loved each and every ridiculous plot twist I didn t mind that I stayed up until 3am to finish it I lo [...]

  15. NOW AVAILABLE ON CLICK HERE 5 starsThe Sweet Gum Tree has been in my TBR forever, and good thing I already owned it because you can t even buy it right now I almost feel guilty for reviewing it Read this book it s awesome Oh, wait, you don t already have it Sucks for you Rumor has it, the author is coming out with a new and improved version, fresh with a not so eyeroll ey cover Thank God That cover did this book a serious injustice It was the sole reason it took me so damn long to pick it up Don [...]

  16. 5 Stars Originally Read 3 25 2015 4.5 Stars Re Read 8 1 2017 Overall Opinion This will definitely be staying on my favorites shelf after this re read I ate this book right up the second time just like I remember doing the first I was actually worried that I would not feel the emotions that I did the first time I read it, because I knew what was going to happen While I didn t blubber cry like I remember doing the first time , I did shed quite a bit of tears still That tells me that it s just that [...]

  17. This is one of the best romance books I ve ever read Set in the south and begins when the lead characters are children drawn together by tragedy Great storyline with wonderful characters This is a book I read over and over it is that good And my treasured copy will always have a special place on my keeper shelf Update on 1 8 17NOTE I first read Alix and Nick s story back in 2005 long before I joined I ve read it many times over since then However, I ve never posted a decent review or added it to [...]

  18. Okay then Do NOT try reading this story without at least two boxes of Kleenex by your side And, prepare for emotional exhaustion when you re finished though, in the very best way It s sweet, funny, endearing, heartbreaking, and ultimately full of love It s truly an emotion driven masterpiece, in my humble opinion This story draws you in so deeply that it s a shock to the system when you emerge back into real life As a story, it attracts and satisfies because we are all emotional creatures, and a [...]

  19. Hands down, the most ENJOYABLE book I have read this year I know that I say that a lot and I do read a lot of incredible books but I guess the reason why I am making such a statement about this particular book is because it had me from the first page I was smiling from the moment I started reading it because I immediately had a gut feeling that I was going to love it It was just my kind of book from the get go.The I kept reading, the I was certain that it was going to be a heart wrenching jour [...]

  20. This book was very frustrating It read almost like fiction it was so emotionally wrenching, but it also had one of the stupidest Big Misunderstanding plots I ve ever read, and a really weak characterization particularly on the hero s part Maybe it was because the book was written in first person, but while the heroine was really well drawn, the hero acted like a dim wit and not at all like the man he was supposed to be.The hero is described as smart, admirable and crazy in love with the heroine [...]

  21. When I started the Sweet Gum Tree I knew from the moment I read the first paragraph that I was in for an exceptional book, and I was right The 1st person narrative of Alix French, the heroine, was soothing with her descriptive, velvet tone of life in a small Arkansas town Her story begins when she is 8 years old and meets the 10 year old hero, Nick Anderson Nick is from the wrong side of the tracks, with a disasterous family life of only a father, who is the town drunk, and who arbitrarily beats [...]

  22. WOW The Sweet Gum Tree is an emotional, gripping tale of a love so raw and bittersweet that will leave you breathless This will grab your heart and take it on one fantastic ride.NickThis is beautifully written, with characters that are realistic and wonderfully flawed For all you romance fans, you can t go wrong with this I highly recommend it

  23. I think they call this kind of a book a sleeper , where it slowly creeps into popularity one review at a time until it becomes a bona fide and popular hit Written in 2002, published in 2005, and it just now seems to be finding its reading public In the last year this book was recommended repeatedly both here and at , and I am so glad to have read it Simply wonderful, and what a surprising and strong epilogue Sniff, sniffI thought it lived up to the hype If you like historicals with a southern ch [...]

  24. Spoiler Free Review 5 STARSGenre Adult Romance Read This Book It s A MUST READ THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS I HAVE EVER READ I wept like a baby when i finished this book I consider this a must read, it kind of reminds me of Beautiful Disaster b cause the book summary barely scratches the surface of what this book is about The author manages to take you on this journey that will completely suck you in I fell in love with all the characters both main and secondary and i needed to know how all the [...]

  25. I just want to cry until I fall asleep What a beautiful journey, I don t know how to review this book Nick, you ll ALWAYS have a place in my heart yeah, you ll have to share it with guys but I promise you ll have a special place.Alix, I am kinda mad at you now but I love you anyway.Jenna, I want to read your story with view spoiler Hugh hide spoiler THE CORE OF THE SWEET GUM TREE NEVER CHANGESREVIEW TO COME if I can stop crying br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br

  26. This story was beautiful, a true honest to the heart love story The author could not have allowed the reader to feel, hurt or love than if it was actually happening to yourself The character development was so thorough and captivating The story had a depth and flow It broke my heart and then picked it right up again.This is a story that has sat collecting dust on my TBR shelf since joining Good reads On My usual quest to find a 5 star book, my friend Anna recommended that I read this with out d [...]

  27. Buddy read with Rachel You can read her review here No one should have to go through life with only half a heart I usually judge my novels on the basis of 1 how well I liked the characters, 2 how much I enjoyed reading about them, and 3 how emotional I felt on their behalf, or CEE Characters, Enjoyment, and Emotions for short.Characters 3.5 stars The characters are well rounded and real, but the only problem is that I didn t like any of them I didn t like Alix because I couldn t identify with he [...]

  28. 4 Bless Her Heart Stars I don t know how I missed this little beauty, but I am thankful for the fabulous reading community here on GR s brought this to me as a gift Keeping this short, this book was beautifully tragic This is the first time I have read a Katherine Allred book and I am completely impressed with her writing style She has light and beautiful flow that makes even the harshest of situations seem less She created a love story for the ages that started with Alix and Nick, ages 8 and 10 [...]

  29. I am totally and utterly exhausted this book is one HELL of an emotional roller coaster Review to come when I ve had some sleep and I ve finished bawling my eyes out I m a complete and utter mess and need to be alone for a while but damn this book is freaking AMAZING Okay I had some sleep and in all seriously I really don t know where to begin with this review I don t think I need to summarise the book, it is too deep and complicated and I would not be able to stop myself from revealing spoilers [...]

  30. LOVED IT I can see why it was a favorite for so many people I read it in one sitting, staying up until the wee hours of the morning Even when I was done, I kept thinking about the book and all the wonderful characters, especially Nick and Alix The story just grabs you from the first page and doesn t let go of you until the end, and even then I wished there was It was roller coaster ride of joy and heartache This is one book that you can read over and over.

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