Crossing the Threshold of Hope (2022)

↠ Crossing the Threshold of Hope ☆ John Paul II Vittorio Messori - Crossing the Threshold of Hope, Crossing the Threshold of Hope Fifteen years into his Papacy and on the eve of the third millennium Pope John Paul II goes to the heart of his personal beliefs and speaks with passion about the existence of God about pain suffer ↠ Crossing the Threshold of Hope ☆ John Paul II Vittorio Messori - Crossing the Threshold of Hope, Crossing the Threshold of Hope Fifteen years into his Papacy and on the eve of the third millennium Pope John Paul II goes to the heart of his personal beliefs and speaks with passion about the existence of God about pain suffer
  • Title: Crossing the Threshold of Hope
  • Author: John Paul II Vittorio Messori
  • ISBN: 9780679765615
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Paperback
Crossing the Threshold of Hope
↠ Crossing the Threshold of Hope ☆ John Paul II Vittorio Messori, Crossing the Threshold of Hope, John Paul II Vittorio Messori, Crossing the Threshold of Hope Fifteen years into his Papacy and on the eve of the third millennium Pope John Paul II goes to the heart of his personal beliefs and speaks with passion about the existence of God about pain suffering and evil about salvation and about the relationship of Catholicism to other branches of the Christian faith With the humility and generosity of spirit for which heF
  • ↠ Crossing the Threshold of Hope ☆ John Paul II Vittorio Messori
    176 John Paul II Vittorio Messori
Crossing the Threshold of Hope

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  1. Read this when it first came out and loved it even then Just finished listening to it again I hear so much of his philosophy now that I m sure I didn t appreciate 15 years ago both because of my age and spiritual immaturity then and also because of how little I knew about and understood the profound depths of his wisdom and holiness Even now, I wonder how much of it I begin to grasp The book reminded me of Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger s Salt of the Earth The Church at the End of the Millennium An I [...]

  2. Very good book if you want to understand the position of the Catholic Church as it stands today on modern social issues, and why these things are not opinion based, but reflect a consistency with the faith from centuries before Sin does not change but remains the same Temptation is what changes, and our culture is full of new temptations that lead us to sin Yet the eternal truths about sin have not changed at allII puts the transition of old to new into perspective and explains the foundation of [...]

  3. My first Lenten read this year I chose this because Pope John Paul II 1920 2005 will be canonized next month April 27, 2014 When he died in 2005, the Catholic Church waived the 5 year waiting period for the road to canonization to start He was proclaimed Venerable in 2009 and Beatified in 2011 So far, he is my favorite pope He came to the Philippines twice in 1981 when I was 17 years old and a college student in Baguio City and in 1995 during the World Youth Day I did not have the chance to see [...]

  4. I really enjoyed this book It is fairly short and so a quick read It is interesting in that it is formulated from questions posed by a journalist and the written answers that Pope John Paul II sent back to him when there interview wasn t able to happen I was recently having conversations about the Catholic Church s opinion of other religions and how much I liked how very open they were This book quotes from the Nostra Aetate The Catholic Church rejects nothing that is true and holy in these reli [...]

  5. St Augustine said, Audi partem alteram hear the other side As a Protestant Evangelical, I had grown up hearing only the Protestant side of why Catholics are at best Christians with a lot of traditionalist baggage and at worst not really Christians Have you ever heard someone ask, Are you Catholic or Christian with all sincerity In an effort to get my information from the proverbial horse s mouth, I went to the top The Pope This book is a good introduction to Pope John Paul II s post Vatican II C [...]

  6. I am trying to read books about Christianity This book is a collection of QA by Pope John Paul II about religion, especially Christianity The good side, this book expresses many view of Christianity by one of the most important figure in 20th century The bad side, most of the questions are answered indirectly Sometimes I feel that the Pope didn t answer the question at all And the answers are highly theological and confusing.I don t like many of the points expressed in this book, especially theo [...]

  7. I inter library loaned this book since Fr Barron of Word on Fire ministries said that his we have a reasonable hope that all people are saved quote followed the teaching of St John Paul II JP2 as outlined in a part of his Crossing the Threshold of Hope It seemed as though Fr Barron was promoting universalism The Does Eternal Life Exist chapter got to the heart of the matter.Overall, this book was a written dialog between a secular reporter and the Pope The reporter asked all the overarching ques [...]

  8. This is one of the most significant theological works of the 20th century, if not one of the most important ever produced in the Christian tradition I put it right next to my St James Bible and Reinhold Neibuhr s Moral Man and Immoral Society on the bookshelf It s or less the transcript of an interview that Pope John Paul II had with a British journalist The journalist forces His Holiness to confront the most controversial questions facing the Roman Catholic Church, including Christianity s rel [...]

  9. Be not afraid to read this book.I loved this Q A between an Italian journalist and St John Paul II, but it did present some challenges This book is unique in that the style is informal, yet the content ranges from deep philosophical theories JP II s patented phenomenological background to theology in his replies he refers to many of the Church s Encyclicals and the Magisterium s documents issued after the Second Vatican Council The range of topics covered the renewed Marian devotions, human righ [...]

  10. When Saint John Paul the Great was pope, I was very young I didn t follow his works, ways, and wonderful moments of holiness God blesses great communicators in a variety of ways though, and JPII will communicate to the world for years to come because his writing ability is amazing I am overjoyed to be able to read his works, ponder them, and discuss them with others For anyone considering this book, I advise you to envision yourself holding the book while holding a conversation with the Lord Why [...]

  11. I really like this book I picked it up at a thrift store and always admired Pope John Paul from a distance I wondered about what the content would be like as i have not read many Catholic writers I was delighted that he took seriously the intellectual dilemmas of the west and how they are couched in the development of thought especially rationalism and empiricism in the last few hundred years I was glad to see that he saw this as a significant threat against a Christian critical realism I think [...]

  12. Some reviewers have criticized the Pope s lack of directness in answering some of the questions The Pope doesn t deny that some of the most persistently questioned issues of Christianity, Catholicism and faith aren t easily answered He contends, though, that faith does lead to wisdom and to better understanding of both the vague answers and reasons for that uncertainty Yes, it s a circle of faith and logos the seen and the unseen progressivism and traditionalism etc, etc, etc And, I m okay with [...]

  13. Each chapter centers around a question by an Italian journalist to the Pope about issues of faith and life Some chapters are interesting, a bulk of them center around Catholic issues of the 80 s and 90 s, so it s a little out of date Still, the chapters on the truth about God and the exclusivity of the Christian witness have great depth and get you thinking These few chapters alone are worth the book if you can get it used or at the library However, I wouldn t recommend purchasing a copy of this [...]

  14. Read this when it first came out As I recall I was a bit disappointed Mystical, densely written, and hard to pin down I d like to give it another reading, see if I missed something probably He was a great pope, and he loved poetry, and you pick up on his poetic sense while reading it Given that Poland has had some of the greatest modern poets most of whom I read after I read this book , I figure JP II was reading them, and they were influencing him.

  15. While I found this a difficult read, in the end I was left with an overwhelming sense of hope.I read slowly, with a great deal of introspection, and still was left wondering at the end of some chapters But what was the answer to the question Other chapters were clear, and I have great respect for the mindfulness and wisdom characterized by Pope John Paul II.

  16. It is a little okay, a lot rambling It took me three reads before I started to understand some of what he was saying but it reads really fast , but JPII was is a saint, and one of the most important thinkers of our age.

  17. 3.5 starsWonderful essays by HH Pope John Paul II These were my religious readings for part of the year back in 2003 2004 Really challenged a lot of my ideas and understanding of my faith and doctrine, esp socially and theologically.

  18. Interesting to poke around in makes you wonder if they re really John Paul s ideas or the ideas of the office of the Papacy Either way there are lots of points that made me go what the hell how can he write that

  19. I was a kid for most of John Paul II s pontificate and never really had the awareness or maturity to realize what a great pope he was while he was in his prime, to borrow a phrase usually reserved for atheletes He was simply a picture on the wall in the classrooms of the Catholic school I attended as a kid When he died in 2005, I had fallen away from the church I was a college kid who had gotten the idea that I understood the world perfectly fine without the Catholic faith of my youth and didn t [...]

  20. What a fantastic book Crossing the Threshold of Hope is an engaging interview with Pope John Pope II Because it is an interview, there are a large variety of topics addressed throughout the entirety of the book This is the book s greatest strength After finishing, I was profoundly satisfied with how much had been covered Of all the topics discussed, I found the most interesting sections to be Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, and In Search of Lost Unity which is a chapter of ecumenism.Pope John Paul II [...]

  21. Excellent book.St John Paul s words are powerful May read again sometime I very much enjoyed it I highly recommend it to anyone.

  22. A literary first, the musings of a Pope on paper, translated into the vernacular, sold as a book to the masses

  23. So refreshing to read John Paul II again He speaks with such a piercing insight to so many varying topics in this interview that you can t help but be impressed by the dexterity and wide range of his intellect The other thing that really struck me was his optimism This is not na vet The man has such faith in the Lord that he knows that God has the victory It s refreshing to hear in times such as these Renewed my gratitude for this saint s life.

  24. This is the first of JPII s books that I ve read and it s a bit difficult to transition from Benedict XVI s lyrical books on Jesus to this short question and answer format book by his predecessor That said, the book reveals a lot of insight on several issues notably his high regard for the fruits that Vatican II would eventually bear and which we are just starting to see Given that he was writing this eighteen years ago when things still looked pretty dim , it impresses me that he was so consist [...]

  25. I started reading this book during the eve of Pope Francis Laudato Si On Care for Our Common Home, and I was glad that there really are a lot of things that St John Paul II has already discussed in the pages of this book which is in fact the first time he responded to a series of secular press interviews What I particularly liked here are the obvious philosophical undertones, whether implicit or explicit, which are evident all through out and we see here the saint s familiarity with the thinkers [...]

  26. This work provides excellent insight into the late Pope John Paul II s thinking, his faith, and his humility The journalist asking the questions that the book was built around, Vittorio Messori, poses some very hard, pointed questions, albeit respectfully and as a fellow believer The Pope understood each of the questions and their implications, but his answers were seldom the hard edged kind that would convince a skeptic or unbeliever Rather, each of them was couched in the Pope s own conviction [...]

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