The Underneath (2022)

The Underneath Best Read || [Kathi Appelt David Small] - The Underneath, The Underneath There is nothing lonelier than a cat who has been loved at least for a while and then abandoned on the side of the road A calico cat about to have kittens hears the lonely howl of a chained up hou The Underneath Best Read || [Kathi Appelt David Small] - The Underneath, The Underneath There is nothing lonelier than a cat who has been loved at least for a while and then abandoned on the side of the road A calico cat about to have kittens hears the lonely howl of a chained up hou
  • Title: The Underneath
  • Author: Kathi Appelt David Small
  • ISBN: 9781416950585
  • Page: 329
  • Format: Hardcover
The Underneath
The Underneath Best Read || [Kathi Appelt David Small], The Underneath, Kathi Appelt David Small, The Underneath There is nothing lonelier than a cat who has been loved at least for a while and then abandoned on the side of the road A calico cat about to have kittens hears the lonely howl of a chained up hound deep in the backwaters of the bayou She dares to find him in the forest and the hound dares to befriend this cat this feline this creature he is supposed to hate TheyThere is noth
  • The Underneath Best Read || [Kathi Appelt David Small]
    329 Kathi Appelt David Small
The Underneath

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  1. I review lots of books Oodles of caboodles of books And a lot of the time my thoughts can basically be boiled down to very simple sentences Me like book Book good or conversely Me no like book Book bad It takes a very special story to knock me out of this frame of mind When you pick up a copy of The Underneath by Kathi Appelt and you read the words, A novel like this only comes around every few decades, on the back cover you re forgiven if you scoff a little Uh huh Suuuuuure it does But doggone [...]

  2. There is nothing lonelier than a cat who has been loved, at least for awhile, and then abandoned on the side of the road.This is the breathtaking opening sentence of The Underneath a sentence that has already been over quoted and will probably lose its luster once it is revealed as The Great Deceptor What follows this ingenious sentence, however, is not nearly as captivating Kathi Appelt s asinine debut novel is inexplicably receiving buzz as a contender for the Newbery Medal Perhaps after readi [...]

  3. A reading journal of Kathi Appelt s The Underneath, as captured in emails to a friend who enjoyed itSubject Progress Report 1Once the accolades for The Underneath started rolling in and I knew I d be reading it, I decided to keep my reading experience as pure as possible and started avoiding anything about it Didn t want too much hype for it to live up to, hadn t read a single plot summary, didn t look at the back of the book or the inside flap of the jacket Just started it cold at lunch today F [...]

  4. Wow What a book What a story What an amazing piece of writing.Now I admit it took me a while to read this one While I definitely enjoyed sad animal stories as a child, now, with the occasional exception, I avoid them And so, when I received a gorgeously packaged ARC of Kathi Appelt s The Underneath, I admired it as it is handsomely illustrated by David Small , and then read the flap An abandoned calico cat, about to have kittens, hears the lonely howl of a chained up dog Nope Not for me Until so [...]

  5. I am not a good enough writer to tell you why you must read The Underneath.I read a lot of books and I like most of them, but honestly, there are few that set themselves apart as books both magical and haunting, so well crafted that the prose makes my heart ache with longing to read and .The story is a simple one a calico cat, abandoned in the woods when she is pregnant, discovers the shack of a violent, broken man, known as Gar Face, who is so evil he shot his own dog That dog, Ranger, has liv [...]

  6. I gave this award winning book to my daughter a few years ago when she still found reading of a chore than a joy I thought, here s a warm fuzzy story about a dog and a cat who become friends it s an award winner it must be good she ll love it Well, she didn t make it through the first 20 pages before discarding it I recently picked it up looking for a quick read and couldn t have been surpised by what I found I hadn t read than a few chapters before I recognized it as something extraordinary [...]

  7. I cannot give this a rating since I cannot decide how I feel about it On the one hand, I think the author has succeeded brilliantly in creating a world, a mood, a sense of place, a unique tone, a great bunch of palpable characters, a mesmerizing tale There is this rippling effect, formed with recurrences of phrases, that makes me feel I am in the middle of that mysterious swampy land and that the land itself engulfs me There is the unflinching treatment of cruelty and evil embodied by Gar Face t [...]

  8. I m not really sure how to explain my feelings about this book While I recognize that the writing is compelling and builds a great deal of suspense, I was just annoyed throughout the book I m also not convinced that this will be an attractive book to kids, who are the targeted audience, as far as marketing efforts go And of course, the book has been nominated for the National Book Award and has all sorts of rumblings for the Newbery I can only say I hope it doesn t win the Newbery It would be an [...]

  9. This book had me crying on page one It s a dark story about an abused dog, an abandoned cat, and her kittens who come together to try to forge a life under the porch of a creepy, damaged man who enjoys killing things It s powerful and disturbing and there s an awful lot of death for a children s novel.The story meanders back and forth between 1000 years ago and today It has an interesting rhythm to it as the story builds to its ultimate climax I loved the writing, I loved most of the characters [...]

  10. A novel for children, young people and yes, an old gal like me I found this story to be almost poetic in its telling It certainly is full of the cliches of poetry music of nature, the sound of great symphonies heard in the wind of trees, the kettle drum rage of a storm and the purity of death coming to take one away from the pain of living when it is necessary in the shape of a glowing hummingbird Its short chapters seem to me to be purposfully written that way to carry us along quickly from sce [...]

  11. I believe my heart grew while reading this book It shows how everything is connected and how love conquers all.

  12. I loved this I wasn t sure about all of the magical themes because I was planning to read it aloud to my 10 year old and my eight year old But we really enjoyed it They were so enthralled by the story and the rhythm of the prose is really captivating I think this book is best enjoyed when read aloud So many children s books are written so awkwardly that they re just not fun to read aloud So glad we tried this one and I m planning to read other books of hers my girls Warning animal lovers There i [...]

  13. Hmmm, couldn t decide whether to give this 1 star or 5 A lyrically written book however devastating the words may be Rumor has it that this might win the Newbery this year why I read it I can t imagine ever giving this book to a kid There s child abuse, animal abuse, animal death, betrayal, every bad thing a human could do to another human or animal Hard to read if you are a dog cat lover Can t imagine who this book was written forever well done the writing.

  14. Wow The Underneath is one of the best children s books I ve read in a long time.How d she do that I ll be posting an interview of Kathi Appelt asking her just that.Here s the link Please take a look at my interview of Kathi Appelt, author of THE UNDERNEATH, on the Imaginary BlognnhazenimaginaryblogspoLynn

  15. Appelt, Kathi 2008 The Underneath.The Underneath is a novel that I would have avoided at all costs as a kid I was a wimp Big time Seeing the dog and two kittens on the cover That would have made me suspicious or wary from the get go Reading that it is for folks who love, Sounder, Shiloh, and The Yearling would have sealed the deal I wouldn t have gone near this one No way No how.As an adult, however, how can I help but fall in love with The Underneath It s beautiful It s simply beautiful Like a [...]

  16. It s good, if you re in the mood to be patient with poeticness Contrary to what this seems like from the cover, you don t have to be an animal lover Actually, if you are an animal lover, it might be too much for you or if you re someone who gets very emotional about books.Usually, when I read a book, I have a pretty secure feeling that even though terrible things might happen to the characters, it s all going to turn out all right in the end.But when the worst happens early in the book, you just [...]

  17. I finished this book about 4 hours ago, and I m still a bit bumfuzzled about how to respond to The Underneath I need to be able to choose three and a half stars.I had read so much lofty praise that perhaps my expectations were too high Don t get me wrong I liked the book I think I reacted to much of it as was expected I loved the calico cat, Puck and Sabine, and the first line killed me and I don t even like cats I loathed Gar Face and Grandmother Moccasin, the Alligator King made me very nervou [...]

  18. It is hard to know where to begin in describing this book as it has some many different pieces, a survival story, a love story, a myth, told from many different perspectives It is getting rave reviews and the writing is lyrical, the story line original and complex but also appealing Who can resist a sweet old dog who has been badly treated or two kittens just learning how very cruel the world can be Then there s the 1,000 year old snake with her memories of love and loss, her desire for revenge, [...]

  19. My daughter read this book in school and went on and on about it for weeks And, like a good mother, I responded with, uh huh, that s nice dear while really thinking about other things.Then I bought her a copy and decided to read it myself It hit me like a ton of bricks I couldn t believe my daughter liked it so much because she is an insane animal lover Her whole world revolves around knowing and preserving every animal species alive today.But this is a good story, and probably realistic than w [...]

  20. I found Appelt s comma infused writing repetitive and very distracting The writing, it was so full, round, globular, and it distracted Distracted, it did Yes Very distracted, I was.Aside from that which actually had me cursing aloud at than one spot I found the story to be very Newbery like With that many tragedies and the plethora of dead evil parents, how can the committee resist It s a shoe in.I can see that the story was essentially sweet and ended in a hopeful fashion, but I was not partic [...]

  21. Fabulous Young Adult book I will later post an excerpt about memory being like a soft blanket Memory is a slippery thing When something terrible happens to you, like the loss of someone you love, like the loss of a mother or a father, or perhaps a twin sister or an old hound, memory can turn into a soft blanket that hides you from the loss Kathi Appelt

  22. God, this was beautiful And heartbreaking Equally suspenseful and delightful, it had me on edge right from beginning to end It is poetical and atmospheric, and yet there s this impending sense of doom hovering above every word.I had no idea how it would end I just devoured every word.

  23. This book was my favourite when I was younger, I remember reading it when I went to America for the first time.

  24. Where to begin with this powerful story of pain, suffering, betrayal, love and redemption The most obvious place is underneath the porch of the tilting house where Ranger lives with the calico cat and then cares for her two kittens, Sabine and Puck But that s not where the story begins or takes the reader it goes way back to a time when shape shifting animals take on human forms for love and ancient people still hear the voices of the trees This powerful telling made me stop after just a few cha [...]

  25. Oh my Oh my, oh my I m in love Judging by the huge list of glowing reviews in the front flap, I had mixed expectations diving in But boy, oh boy, was I wrong Boy, oh boy The story is written in a poetic fashion, but you know what It doesn t really seem like it s trying too hard to be poetic I got the impression that the author didn t sit at the keyboard and think for 2 hours about what she was going to write to make it good She just let her thoughts flow, and whenever she thought of a plot eleme [...]

  26. I know I can t do justice to this book I ve waited several days since reading it to write my review, and I still don t feel up to the task How can I convey the beautiful writing One of the reviewers on the back says this book reads like a ballad sung I agree I think it would be an amazing book to read aloud Each chapter is like a lyrical poem, written in prose, that could stand on its own Yet together all of the chapters work together to tell two stories that take place years apart but that conn [...]

  27. I confess that I only read the first 25 and unusual for me last 7 pages of this book I read that much and just couldn t read any Even if the overall message of the book is one of love and redemption or whatever the professional reviews promise, I just can t tolerate what I d have to do to get there I.e read the whole thing I mean, the illustrations are charming The shamanic themes are intriguing The writing is beautiful and powerful and therefore very effective, which makes reading about the an [...]

  28. There is nothing lonelier than a cat who has been loved, at least for a while, and then abandoned on the side of the road Be prepared for this sort of gloom throughout.There are some powerful moments there are times when the writing grated on my nerves, although I had the sense that perhaps an oral telling would have made the repeated phrases palatable Chapters are the two page type that flip around wildly in some cases, between either end of a thousand year span Endure, and it will coalesce, b [...]

  29. This Newbery honor book has some of the most lush, descriptive, poetic, gorgeous, rich, and alive writing I have read While it is a book for older children, it feels like one of those books my high school English teacher made me analyze to find deep symbolism and hidden meaning I m just glad I don t have to write a paper about it I cannot believe I loved a book with cats and dogs and snakes and alligators as main characters, I m not really into animal books I had no idea what I was getting into [...]

  30. Gar face tugged at the old hound.The dog coughed,and few feet he stumbled.No matter The man pulled at the chain I LOVE this book It is a very emotinal book, it made me cry in some of the parts This book is really meaningful to me because I am an animal lover, and this book talks about animals and how they get beat up by thier owners, and stuff like that This book will keep you turning pages because if you start reading it you will want to find out whats next and keep reading and reading and it j [...]

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