Knitting Under the Influence (2022)

[PDF] Read × Knitting Under the Influence : by Claire LaZebnik - Knitting Under the Influence, Knitting Under the Influence When you re in your late twenties and nothing in your life seems to be falling into place knitting is an awfully seductive way to spend your free time After all as long as you re following the instr [PDF] Read × Knitting Under the Influence : by Claire LaZebnik - Knitting Under the Influence, Knitting Under the Influence When you re in your late twenties and nothing in your life seems to be falling into place knitting is an awfully seductive way to spend your free time After all as long as you re following the instr
  • Title: Knitting Under the Influence
  • Author: Claire LaZebnik
  • ISBN: 9780446697958
  • Page: 455
  • Format: Paperback
Knitting Under the Influence
[PDF] Read × Knitting Under the Influence : by Claire LaZebnik, Knitting Under the Influence, Claire LaZebnik, Knitting Under the Influence When you re in your late twenties and nothing in your life seems to be falling into place knitting is an awfully seductive way to spend your free time After all as long as you re following the instructions you can knit row after row with the knowledge that the pattern will emerge and you ll end up with just what you wanted Life on the other hand doesn t come with
  • [PDF] Read × Knitting Under the Influence : by Claire LaZebnik
    455 Claire LaZebnik
Knitting Under the Influence

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  1. It s a cute book The knitting content isn t huge, but so what, it s a novel and it s not about knitting, it s about three women who are friends and they all knit I liked it The circle of friends in the book is as diverse as a real knitting circle which I thought was great I also enjoyed the content about Autism, Behavior Modification, and Scientific Experiments Good stuff, I tell ya It s chick lit with a conscience I ve seen a lot of people complain that there s not enough knitting content in th [...]

  2. Warning maybe somewhat spoilerish I don t have the spoiler check box on my app.And I think Barbara purposely lent me this book to get a reaction out of me It worked.Predictable and easy to read It s 400 pages, but I finished on three train commutes to work I pretty much expect chick lit to be predictable, so I didn t have an issue with that I like fluffy reading.My issue was with the characters and I really wanted to jam a knitting needle into their eyes well, maybe just Kathleen s nose as she d [...]

  3. I guess chick lit is a guilty pleasure The book caught my eye because it s about a knitting circle, but it s below average predictable and formulaic The characters are either unsympathetic or immature for their ages, and you can tell who will end up with whom almost the instant the characters are introduced I finished the book because I became invested somewhere around page 200 the book is needlessly long, too, by the way, coming in at 400 pages but, yeah Skip this one.

  4. I m not sure why I picked this up, probably because I liked the idea of women who bond over knitting But this isn t funky DIY knitting, it is 300 cashmere yarn to prove you love your asshole boyfriend knitting It pretty much just confirms my hatred of chick lit, particularly the part where it glorifies gross consumerism, being thin to the point of disordered eating, and empowering platitudes as a substitute for real human connection and friendship I have no idea if this is representative of the [...]

  5. This book is your typical chick lit I sat down and read it last night, cover to cover, without breaking a sweat It took me four hours, but would have taken me less than that if my husband hadn t kept interrupting, playing songs and trying to start an impromptu singalong in our home office The story centers around three women, Lucy, Sari, and Kathleen They get together to knit and get drunk and the book follows them through I would guess about a year of their lives The time frame is not so clear [...]

  6. I really liked the friendship between the girls and how each one had a very different story to tell i liked how the issue of autistic kids was handled with sensitivity as well both humourous and serious it was a fast and though provoking read

  7. Terrific book by one of my favorite authorsIn this frequently humorous novel set in the glitzy world of LA, three best friends who are in their late 20 s regularly connect to knit together and gossip about their lives Two of the friends, Lucy and Sari, have known each other since childhood, and Kathleen is a latecomer to the team She is a fraternal triplet with two identical twin sisters who have been actors since babyhood As such, they are, I assume, purposely reminiscent of the Olsen twins.Kat [...]

  8. Some part of the book were good, some not so.I appreciated each situation of each character, and each romance could have been quite good by itself, with a development thorough.But I can t stand this kind of dynamic three fast friends who share every juicy details about their love lives, drinking and being supposedly exceedingly cool and it was especially clich and complacent in this book.I may prefer young adult novels by the author

  9. On the surface this novel is a standard piece of women s literature , a book telling a story about women, for women, and the sort of book my mom reads far too often, and that gets my hackles up After all, I read books written about men and that may have in sexist times been expected to be read by men, so what makes this women s lit stuff different Is it impossible for a man to enjoy a book about women I don t think so, and I think that the issues addressed in this novel are ones a man might be [...]

  10. UGH I hate it when authors treat me, the reader, as if I am an idiot I think LaZebnik thinks her readers are morons though since I could feel my brain melting while reading this book, perhaps she was just trying to help by compensating for this effect as the author repeatedly, and tediously, told us who the three protagonists were each and every time any of them was mentioned My thoughts were, OK, I get this one is insecure about her weight and eating poorly because of it , I get this one is a s [...]

  11. A deplorable book about deplorable people living deplorable lives Disappointing from the beginningdisappointing to the endwith no redemption, no moral, nothing to point to as a reason to stick with it The only reason I did was because I had somewhat liked one of LaZebnik s other novels and thought this story would prove to have some of the charm If You Lived Here, You d Be Home Now had Wrong.First of all, I recognize this is Chick Lit usually not a genre I enjoy but really, what chick meaning hi [...]

  12. I didn t have to think when I bought this book THE TITLE includes the word knitting and so it seems I was destined to pick this off the shelf at some moment It combines the two things I love most, fiction and knitting HOW COULD IT GO WRONG So, of course it goes wrong.Clarie s Lazebnik s book Knitting Under the Influence immediately grabbed my attention because it seems the only thing I love than habitually knitting these days is talking about it ceaselessly Lucky you The story follows the lives [...]

  13. Knitting Under the Influence is about three friends in their mid twenties who have a knitting club together and support each other through various trials in their personal and work lives Kathleen is the wild child and the odd one out in a sibling relationship with her other triplet sisters They are identical and she not They are also short and have a flagging movie career that they started as children I kept picturing them as the Olsen twins and her deadbeat father as Michael Lohan She s worked [...]

  14. I had my doubts when I started reading this book I wasn t sure how well a knitting book would translate into a contemporary, chick lit type of novel I love to knit, I just wasn t sure how it would translate into novel form Then, after I started reading, I wasn t sure if I d like it in general, not because the writing was bad, but because the characters were a little hard to relate to The author didn t go into great detail about them, choosing to give them substance as she told their individual s [...]

  15. I d rate this higher if the handling of the characters romantic storylines didn t gross me out so much.For all that Jason has supposedly become so much sensitive and humble since high school, he certainly lives to disregard Sari s boundaries and refusals We re told that Sari is leading him on, but what I see happening is that Sari is trying to be professional, and Jason keeps pushing her to give in He keeps pushing her way, way times than would be understandable from a guy who s giving her a c [...]

  16. I was buying books at Barnes and Noble for school and came across this one in the Bargain Books section so I bought it Can t wait to read it, but I have school to focus on for now.Ok, so I ve just finished this book last night at probably 11 ish and it was GREAT I just love when an author takes multiple people as their main characters and follows their lives, connecting them in some way by knitting in this book I kept wanting to learn to knit I love that Kathleen ended up with Sam, I really want [...]

  17. I didn t care much for Kathleen or Lucy when they were first introduced and only kept reading because Sari was tolerable Which I find rather amusing since by the end of the book it was close to being the other way around, Sari was on my nerves and Kathleen was sympathetic Lucy was improved simply by dealing with David than with James I still wish James had walked in front of a bus.Some of the knitting felt like sections of my NaNoWriMo efforts, grafted heh in to stretch the word count I think [...]

  18. Okay, I ll openly admit that I am a chick lit junky, which would have many of those people I went to grad school frothing at the mouth I can t help myself This one, however, was surprisingly refreshing It is complex than most Not as good as Jennifer Weiner s books, but I d put it right below Good In Bed The most intriguing character for me was the biologist, which I think you were supposed to be concerned with the woman who worked with autistic children That storyline was good, and I enjoyed h [...]

  19. I loved this book I read it in literally 7 days because I couldn t put it down I love knitting and love the occasional cocktail so putting the two together makes a good combination I loved the three different stories of the girls and their friendship Also I like how it ended nicely I hate when books leave you hanging Makes you realize that life isn t too difficult as long as you have friends to help and support you I can t tell too much about it though because that would be spoiling.

  20. Inexcusably awful chicklit very few scenes read convincingly, the dialogue and ideas are cliche and surface deep, and the characters are adorned with silly traits gimmicks to make them distinguishable from one another but the move is unsuccessful The plotline, though obvious from the first chapter, is executed quite poorly the final chapter is particularly cringeworthy I tend to like occasionally reading some brain junk food, but this wasn t even enjoyable.

  21. This was a an okay book that I forced myself to finish It was about four friends that enjoy getting together every Sunday gossipping and knitting, two things that always go together But there were times that I wanted to reach in the book and smack the crap out of each of the characters This book is a chick book, so if you are a big fan of those you will like it.

  22. Knitting Under the Influence bu Claire LaZebnik is an easy, breezy chick lit novel about three twenty something young women, their love lives, careers, and shared love of knitting It s also about, loyalty, friendship and ultimately figuring out who you are and what you want.Kathleen is the fun one Beautiful, flighty and full of life, Kathleen has spent years living off of her famous actress sisters When she ultimately moves out, she misses the life she had and also realizes that she has no real [...]

  23. Better than average three young women finding love chicklit The difference is that the characters actually manage to grow up a little over the course of the book.LaZebnik has a breezy style and chooses the background and a main plot point from topics she understands Read the About the Author section if you re interested The point is that the knitting components of the book are natural rather than feeling grafted on sorry a little knitting pun there , and the sections dealing with autistic childr [...]

  24. This book was certainly enjoyable, if fairly predictable Knitting doesn t play a huge role in the story, making it accessible to the non fiber obsessed I enjoyed the romances gone sour at least as much as the happy endings Sari s storyline felt a little bit forced, and it irked me that the therapist was getting involved with a client without any repercussions.

  25. the plot was predictable and light, which was fine because that s what I was looking for this readt there were so many typos in the epub version, rusty I found it a total drag top read.

  26. I bought Knitting Under The Influence on a bit of a whim I was enjoying some American Chick Lit and Claire LaZebnik came to my attention as a new author to try Knitting Under The Influence seemed like the best place to start it sounded wonderful so I purchased it for myself It s taken me a while to read it but I finally made some time to give it a read and boy am I happy I did so So happy in fact that I ve already purchased another of Claire s books because she s such an easy writer to read Knit [...]

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