Unicorns in the Rain (2022)

Unicorns in the Rain Best Download || [Barbara Cohen] - Unicorns in the Rain, Unicorns in the Rain An invitation from a stranger on a train takes Nikki to unicorns and the boarding of an ark Unicorns in the Rain Best Download || [Barbara Cohen] - Unicorns in the Rain, Unicorns in the Rain An invitation from a stranger on a train takes Nikki to unicorns and the boarding of an ark
  • Title: Unicorns in the Rain
  • Author: Barbara Cohen
  • ISBN: 9780689307355
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Unknown Binding
Unicorns in the Rain
Unicorns in the Rain Best Download || [Barbara Cohen], Unicorns in the Rain, Barbara Cohen, Unicorns in the Rain An invitation from a stranger on a train takes Nikki to unicorns and the boarding of an ark
  • Unicorns in the Rain Best Download || [Barbara Cohen]
    434 Barbara Cohen
Unicorns in the Rain

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  1. This little gem of a book is a retelling of the Noah story, set in a dystopian world uncomfortably close to our own Nikki, a college student with the ability to communicate with animals, is on a filthy train, on her way to spend Thanksgiving with a grandmother who does not want her Nikki s mother is traveling with a boy friend Nikki s uncaring family could, of course, occur in our reality but details slowly accumulate suggesting that this is an alternate world, or the near future Nikki has been [...]

  2. Yes, it s still good, even though I m 34 now, and it really was better than the other stuff I was reading at the time I can definitely tell why it blew me away at 13 and, though it didn t quite hit as hard this time, I still liked it.Misremembered the plot a little Completely missed some of the world building the first time I didn t realize this wasn t quite our world, probably because I didn t have enough life experience to know the difference Sex and drug references a little heavy handed I thi [...]

  3. Here s the thingis is not a kids book My 10 year old daughter found this book in the kids section of the local library and wanted to use it as her evening read She asked me to read her the first bit and as I went along I came across discussion of drugs and sex I would agree that it is a young adult book, but should not be in the kids section of the library I stopped reading it to my daughter, but decided to finish it for myself The story idea is a great one, but not very well written A quick eas [...]

  4. The cover of this book, not to mention the title, makes it sound a bit twee, but it s most definitely not It s dystopic, thought provoking, sad, perhaps a little poignant, and it s one of those books that seems to stay with you, leaving footprints in your mind that don t fade with time I first read it maybe 20 years ago and still revisit it on a regular basis it doesn t have quite the same impact now, since I know what happens at the end, but it still works its magic on me every time It s not fa [...]

  5. I cannot write a faithful review of this book because I read it over twenty years ago from my Washington County public library All I could remember it being about was a freaky, weird story dystopian teen fiction was pretty scarce back in 1990 set in the future and the very last page where the girl is about to get on the biblical ark with her new boyfriend and cries for the forlorn unicorns getting left behind Or maybe she was crying because she would miss hot showers This was one of those storie [...]

  6. I don t want to rate this book It has taken all of the years I ve had internet searching to finally today track it down As I child I was told that a great many books in the house were off limits until I was 30 For better or worse I figured well may as well read them now Parts of this book destroyed me There are scenes of animal brutality that I have never recovered from in these pages I have no idea as to the plot any, but certain moments are seared forever in my mind s eye I m sure this book ha [...]

  7. So I made the mistake of re reading one of my favorite books from childhood As a kid s book it definitely is a solid four stars As an adult read, it deserves two stars I would argue that some fantastic kid s books are solid adult reads too but not so for this tale In terms of a fantasy book, which is what it is than fiction, it s entertaining and thought provoking I would recommend this book to anyone under the age of fourteen.

  8. I read this off the library shelf in junior high and then couldn t figure out what book it was for the next 23 or so years But a LiveJournal community called _What Was That Book_ helped me find it again and I m thrilled A young adult novel about the family that was collecting the animals for the ark, and the culture around it It s creative It s thought provoking I read it in a night, and I m so glad to have found it again.

  9. With the sheer number of books I read, it s often hard to remember just what a book was about or what my impressions of it were This book stuck with me I can still remember parts of the story as if I saw it in movie form And just hearing the title still makes me contemplate the events in the story.It s basically a modern day Noah s ark, with unicorns in it A bit weird and sad and thought provoking.

  10. I love this book It is the only book I ve ever read which, upon completion, I started again immediately I was much younger when I first read it, and I was very taken with the notion that we are merely repeating ourselves, with slight variations each time Reading it again, older, I find that I am also quite taken with the understated way Cohen deals with faith and epiphany I wish there were of it.

  11. Found it in the teenscape section of my library back in the day, and bits of it stayed with me for years It was one of the books that got under my skin and though I couldn t remember the title or author for almost two decades thanks internet , once I found it again the cover was IMMEDIATELY recognizable I haven t read it since I was 12, so I d want to track it down again before really reviewing it.

  12. Read this in about the 5th grade a loved it and remembered it so powerfully that I finally tracked down a copy last year and then couldn t bring myself to read it incase it wasn t what I recalled It s short, almost a vignette, but still emotionally powerful I think I m giving it an extra star for adolescent memory though.

  13. A surprisingly real feeling re telling of Noah s Ark, from the point of view of a young woman in a world very much like our own ok this was us before the Internet and cellphones It s thoughtful, a little romantic, sweet and sad.

  14. I read this one because it is one of the choices on my son s reading list for Freshman English I have to say I did not care for the story It was easy to read, but not very interesting to me.

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