Alchemist of the East (2022)

Ý Alchemist of the East ✓ Aporva Kala - Alchemist of the East, Alchemist of the East The Alchemist of the East is an enchanting saga of gaining wisdom following one s heart and above all chasing one s dreams This is a story of Sushyo a toy maker from Mesopotamia who wishes to trav Ý Alchemist of the East ✓ Aporva Kala - Alchemist of the East, Alchemist of the East The Alchemist of the East is an enchanting saga of gaining wisdom following one s heart and above all chasing one s dreams This is a story of Sushyo a toy maker from Mesopotamia who wishes to trav
  • Title: Alchemist of the East
  • Author: Aporva Kala
  • ISBN: 9789384439668
  • Page: 400
  • Format: ebook
Alchemist of the East
Ý Alchemist of the East ✓ Aporva Kala, Alchemist of the East, Aporva Kala, Alchemist of the East The Alchemist of the East is an enchanting saga of gaining wisdom following one s heart and above all chasing one s dreams This is a story of Sushyo a toy maker from Mesopotamia who wishes to travel all over the world and spread the message of peace and joyousness From his home in the city of Nineveh on the banks of river Tigris he voyages to the land of seven rivThe Al
  • Ý Alchemist of the East ✓ Aporva Kala
    400 Aporva Kala
Alchemist of the East

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  1. Alchemist of the East is a stirring tale of a toy maker named Sushyo whose journey from Mesopotamia to the fertile lands of the Sapta Sindhu Harappa is actually a tale of self realization through various people, places and events that are destined to lead him towards a specific goal As he progresses his coming of age is for a definite purpose that to wage a war of righteousness as also to avenge the wrongs with help from the Alchemist of the East Yatrayamini, who is the soul of universe They are [...]

  2. A unique story after the clect Club plus sect writing of Amish TThis is how a historical fiction is written As a bonus a reader gets deep insights into the releam of philosophy spirituality and history A well written book Beats the original Alchemist.BUT WE SHOULDN T FORGET THAT ALCHEMY ORIGINATED IN THE EAST in s lucid way the suthor describes the society, arts culture and literature of the Indus valley civilization As he observes Everyone has i him to be his personal god GET INSPIRED AND LIVE

  3. Alchemist of the east did wonders in explaining the truths about life It helps in understanding ones value It explains the role of destiny and it makes the faith on God stronger than ever The book was a nice treat and a different plot added cherry on the top.You can read the complete review here thesubtlebraiding 2016 03

  4. Why Four Stars for motifs of Avesta and Rig Vedic periods The book hasn t other things which could make me rate it that high My honest rating would be TWO stars Now the book and who i am I am a doctorate in philosophy and hence know a bit about philosophies, religion and Gods of the world What Mr Kala tries here is a mumbo jumbo of facts and gives it a twist of the contemporary and serves his dish with a flourish of a seasoned actor author HE FAILSagine Gandhioops.andhy in Rig Vedic time he does [...]

  5. The book s synopsis promised so much, bit the book disappointed me What Mr Kala wanted to convey was lost with bad writing and confused plotline The story had so much potential, and and things would have been better if the plot line was a bit refined and writing a bit polished Major disappointment Grammar and spelling mistakes I m still confused if it is Kalarth or Kalarath The only thing I loved any the book is probably the values and the wisdom within the words I would have definitely loved th [...]

  6. I won this book in a giveaway through the GoodReads giveaway program.The story is about a boy, Sushyo, who in time finds and seeks his destiny In the process of doing so, he learns how to face life.I really liked the style of writing Rich vocabulary and descriptions make up for an enjoyable story Definitely worth a read.

  7. i have read The Alchemist by Paul Coelho nd the book Alchemist of the east matches that, even going a step further by providing the key to happinessing wisdom The author has pledged the earnings from this book to the relief operation for the victims of kedarnath tragedy in the Himalayas and his efforts should be supportedkudos for practicing what the author writes about.

  8. Fair enough read A blend of many things and how harrapan civilization met rig veda i fail to grasp Many concept got intermixed and technically speaking there are flaws But as a story i found it inspiring and the conversation between the two leads was interesting Perhaps, the author should try writing a love saga

  9. A wonderful tale f love Sushyo, the the mythical hero rises to fight the Greek queen It has wisdom, adventure and a heroine, the incarnate of Shakti.And Ghandy for peace the author makes a historical novel into a contemporary novelGO FOR IT

  10. Celebrating life of love,adventure, chasing one s dream and wisdome universe conspires to make one a person, personal god

  11. An ambitious attempt to write an inspirational fable along with proto historical detailing The author succeeds in his attempt to create an aura of wisdom and learning This book transformed the way i lived my life i am a different man now The author has pledged the earnings from his book to the victims of a tragedy which is laudable.A must readgo for it.

  12. A fresh view on the wisdom and the way we approach our dreamsMust read for a person who has an interest in mytho history, philosophy and leading a life of success and value Beats Alchemist of Paul Coleho go for it

  13. Santigo is replaced by Sushyo Alchemist of Coelho gets an eastern twist to the tale A new Alchemy of evolution comes out in simple , easy fableLet us welcome an aouthr with deep insight into living This book is a must for lovers of a good storyFor peace, brotherhood and evolution of personalitys spirituality can be a part of daily living and wisdom is the sole mantra of birthGO FOR IT

  14. A lovely book on growing up though with a historical background, it is a tale of the present timesA modern Sophie s world and Alchemist with dollops of eastern mysticism and Zoroastrian love of life MUST READ

  15. A faced paced historical thriller by the author of the philosophical thriller, LifeLoveKumbh AOTE moves at a breathless pace from Arriaana to Sapta Sindhu to the Aghan pak border And there is an epic war like the MahabharataFull of wisdom and adventure Beats Coelho

  16. lovely writings, full of wisdom and adventure that equals to meditation that is , i suppose the primary aim of books, to make us see things in a different perspective Kudos to Mr Kala for giving us a book of living, loving and life itself When the Indian writings have touched its nadir, by inane writings and soft pornography, here is a whiff of fresh airGo for it

  17. A simple book about a complex part of our history during the Indus valley civilization, though the author never mentions the time period Indeed it is a timeless tale of Love, adventure and Wisdom.A MUST READ.

  18. Sushyo s journey is described pretty dynamically throughout the book I liked the parts narrating his adventures through lands and oceans, partnering with the girl he loves The zeal of their youth exudes beautifully from the chapters and complements the wisdom of the sages who accompany them on the journey My major peeve was the editing, thoughRead the full review here oneandahalfminutes 2017 0

  19. The author comes up with a tale of growing up, giving it a historical setting I found wisdom is ample quantity and quality A must book for growing up.Sushyo ,the Ariannian counterpart of Shiva is the protagonist of this tale of adventure and valor The Alchemist is the Shakti incarnate Yatrayamini and the adversary is the Greek Queen KassandrraWith a huge battle and twists, this book moves at a fast pace and breath taking landscapes India s first histo geographical novelGo for itgo for the symbol [...]

  20. A unique perspective on history and mythology The author focuses on the role that Zoroastrian culture and mythology played in framing the basic tenets of Hinduism and the holy book Avesta has lot of similarity with the Rig VedaThe author s style is engaging and he makes a book full of wisdom, very engaging, so much so that i read it in one go.ree hours flat I am re reading it now, to absorb and drink deep into the metaphysics A wonderful book for personal transformationGo for it

  21. Good ReadA must read.When compared t othe Alchemist, this book, focuses on wisdom and antiquity the Author has successfully managed to create an atmosphere of intrigue and adventure while supplying the reader with little nuggets of wisdom It talks of peace and brotherhood and that itself is laudable Moreover, the author has pledged to donate his share of earnings to a cause of flood victims in Uttarakhand, which is commendable and needs to be supported Go for it

  22. A lovely book about growing up and learning The author gives it a historical background and moves at a thrilling pace to teach and convey message of peace Above all a book of wisdom and pursuing one s dreamMUST READ

  23. A historical thriller as a background but the real drama is of learningwisdom And the surprise element is who is the Alchemist in this story no spoilers intendedGO ON READ THE BOOK BY THE AUTHOR OF LIFELOVEKUMBH

  24. A deep insightful book by the author of LifeLoveKumbh While the latter was a take on literature, philosophy and humor, the former is a look into history, mythology and wisdomMUST READ

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