Swallowing Darkness (2022)

Swallowing Darkness Best Download || [Laurell K. Hamilton] - Swallowing Darkness, Swallowing Darkness I am Meredith princess of faerie wielder of the hands of Flesh and Blood and at long last I am with child twins fathered by my royal guard Though my uncle Taranis King of Light and Illusion cl Swallowing Darkness Best Download || [Laurell K. Hamilton] - Swallowing Darkness, Swallowing Darkness I am Meredith princess of faerie wielder of the hands of Flesh and Blood and at long last I am with child twins fathered by my royal guard Though my uncle Taranis King of Light and Illusion cl
  • Title: Swallowing Darkness
  • Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
  • ISBN: 9780345495938
  • Page: 317
  • Format: Hardcover
Swallowing Darkness
Swallowing Darkness Best Download || [Laurell K. Hamilton], Swallowing Darkness, Laurell K. Hamilton, Swallowing Darkness I am Meredith princess of faerie wielder of the hands of Flesh and Blood and at long last I am with child twins fathered by my royal guard Though my uncle Taranis King of Light and Illusion claims that he is the true father since he abducted me from my home betrayed and defiled me And now he has branded my guards as a threat to my unborn children Bearing an heiI am Me
  • Swallowing Darkness Best Download || [Laurell K. Hamilton]
    317 Laurell K. Hamilton
Swallowing Darkness

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  1. Wow Just, wow This was probably one of, if not the best book in the Merry Gentry series I dont want to give any spoilers away, so Im gonna make this review brief There is a TON of action in this book Lots of magic, and unbelievable circumstances and somehow, Merry doesnt seem quite so helpless in this book In fact, she pretty much kicks ass She s bold and commanding, and acts much like a Queen should act I also didn t feel like I was constantly waiting for all the s t to hit the fan More good t [...]

  2. So here s the thing I tend to cut the Merry Gentry books a little slack than I do the Anita Blake books, possibly because the Merry books never pretended to be anything other than what they are So while the power ups and addition of new men would bother me in Anita verse, I tend to roll with it in Merry verse.And yes, she does add new men, even though she is finally pregnant and should have narrowed her man harem down the the six yes, six fathers However Sex is kept to a minimum, and there is a [...]

  3. Loved this book, loved this series What a fascinating world LKH has created I was disappointed with the lack of sex in this book though I was glad she finally had sex with the yummy goblin twins Holly and Ash but that was it for sex in this book Poor Doyle never did get his blow job Why is it necessary to start a hot sex scene and then have them all stop and talk Then they start up again, only to stop and talk some Fuck already Some of her guard have gone without for centuries I doubt they want [...]

  4. Laurell K Hamilton managed to write a book with only two sex scenes, both of which were brief.I am THRILLED that she has begun to listen to some of the fan feedback I ve seen I enjoyed this book than I ve enjoyed any of her last 6 or 7 releases, mainly because I managed to find a plot I ve been reading her books for years and had almost lost hope that she had lost the original magic that I enjoyed Now, I find myself becoming hopeful that I will enjoy of her books in the future.While I enjoyed [...]

  5. Ponder if you will for a moment these things 1 The vast majority of Laurell K Hamilton s Meredith Gentry series has been sex than plot a recent book had a 90 page sex scene 2 One of the main characters in the series is nicknamed Darkness and 3 The latest, seventh, book in the series is Swallowing Darkness Combining those three facts, what would you think was awaiting you if you picked up this latest novel Surprisingly, the first sex scene doesn t even begin until page 150, and though Meredith s [...]

  6. Swallowing Darkness is the seventh book in Laurell K Hamilton s Meredith Gentry series, which follows the events in the life of Princess Meredith NicEssus, who has finally beat out her cousin Cel in the race for the Unseelie throne by becoming pregnant with twins However, now she has to contend with assassination attempts and bring power back to faerie as well as deal with the loss of Frost Yes, loss gets to be put in quotations marks, because I never for one second thought that Frost was goin [...]

  7. It is extremely difficult to write a review for a book without incorporating spoilers for those who have not read the entire series However, I am determined to do my best because Meredith Gentry novels deserve to find a home on many new readers bookshelves Of course, I recommend starting with the first in the series, A Kiss of Shadows Meredith Gentry, 1 , but future readers should note that Swallowing Darkness Meredith Gentry, 7 surpasses all the previous books in the Gentry saga.Hamilton proved [...]

  8. Looking for a kickass heroine Swallowing Darkness by Laurell K Hamilton gives us a pregnant heroine with awesome powers and raging hormones How can I not love it Seriously, in this 7th book of the Meredith Gentry series Meredith is finally pregnantwith twins no less But instead of becoming softer Merry has had it with her enemies No bargaining or backing down She will do whatever she needs to protect her mates and her unborn children All I can say isabout time In previous books in this series M [...]

  9. Synopsis I am Meredith, princess of faerie, wielder of the hands of Flesh and Blood, and at long last, I am with child twins, fathered by my royal guard Though my uncle, Taranis, King of Light and Illusion, claims that he is the true father since he abducted me from my home, betrayed, and defiled me And now he has branded my guards as a threat to my unborn children.Bearing an heir has placed me halfway to my aunt s throne, that much closer to my reign over the Unseelie Court and well ahead of he [...]

  10. The Good Another painful book for Merry Another book where she proves she s strong enough to handle all that is thrown at here, even when she doesn t always believe in herself A huge amount of action in a relatively short period of time means the book is extremely fast paced Now down time, no opportunity to emotionally deal with all that s being thrown at us Hamilton is on a role with consistent plot progression in the last few books and Swallowing Darkness takes us into some very unexpected pla [...]

  11. On the one hand, I know that LKH is trying to keep new readers from feeling too lost if they start late in the series On the other hand, there are way too many character descriptions that we ve seen before, in as much detail as we originally saw them There are too many similes take a risk and just say he was a hot cup of cocoa on a cold winter s night instead of relying on as if and like Too many sudden miracles, one piled upon the other And the dialogue has gotten repetitive characters repeatin [...]

  12. I ve read every book in the series and this, the 7th, is a return to the promise of the first book, before plot was left far behind in favor of porn Sex is all good and this book has it, for sure, but it also has a plot, finally Unlike most of Hamilton s later books, I found myself reading to find out what would happen rather than who the lead character would screw next or what, and how It s still not stellar fiction but it entertains I didn t pay for it though Definitely not worth the hardback [...]

  13. What you need to know Major plot points are resolved to the degree that it s really easy to understand why I ended up with a phone call at 2am asking if this was the last of the Merry books The sex is down to a scene and a half, which might not actually be a selling point for the Merry series, seeing as it was based on the sex first, questions six books from now philosophy.Of course, for the first 250 or so pages, we repeat the same scenes over and over again to the point even I found it tedious [...]

  14. For all of those that have complained that her books are nothing but sex would appreciate this oneI for one have never complained about the context of her books This book had a lot of action, a lot happened in this book.Merry is having Twins.d I am very happy with the father s I had wondered how Hamilton was going to tackle that issue, but I am very pleased with how she did.Merry is faced with a lot of challenges in this one, a lot of decisions, some very difficult to make.There is a lot of acti [...]

  15. I was getting tired of this series The last few have not held my interest they ve been short time periods, and convoluted plot lines and shifting loyalties And, though I never thought I d say this, the sex scenes were even dull How many times can Merry say, I don t want another lover I won t take another lover What I have to, in order to save all of Faerie Oh, OK This time, though, what scenes there were, were relevant, and there were way less of them, allowing the actual STORY to develop When h [...]

  16. Genelde b t n Merry Serisini seviyorum ve her ne kadar seks i erikli oldu u i in ele tirilse de bana kal rsa insanlar g rmek istedikleri taraflar g r yorlar.Kesinlikle Merry serisinin g l bir kurgusu var Bu inkar edilemez Bu itap bunun en b y k kan t Harika bir giri geli me sonu Doyle ve Frost neredeyse ba roller de bu kitapta En sonunda me hur Cel de ortal a d k l yor Merry nin ba na gelenlerde Fatmag l arat r cinsten D Harika bir kitap ger ekten de

  17. I am genuinely torn about whether this instalment in the Fairy Sex Saga deserves a fourth star Probably because Stockholm Syndrome results from reading 500 pages of this nonsense within just over 24 hours In some ways, though, this is the most satisfying of the Merry Gentry books to date There is some actual resolution to several plotlines and only one somewhat perfunctory full sex scene Merry continues to collect magical powers like free pens, whilst constantly reflecting on her pregnancy and w [...]

  18. The long awaited culmination of Laurell K Hamilton s fey series It wraps up so many plots and loose ends that Hamilton has posted notice to her web site that this is not the end For folks who ve stuck with the series this long and I know folks who ve given up a few books in for want of plot , this is your reward There s plot, plot, and plot More magic, and less s x In fact, she goes all the way to the second to last chapter for an actual s x scene There s one that gets started then interrupted [...]

  19. This book Book 7 , in my opinion, is so far the best in the fairy series The writing is very fast past, as everything seems to be happening at once good or bad This is not very much different from the other books in Ms Hamilton s fairy series, at least this book takes place over a couple of days, as at least one of the books takes place in only one night The story beings with Meredith in the hospital, and as the saying goes things have to get worse before they get better I don t want to give any [...]

  20. Well, I ll give it two stars instead of one since she managed to actually have plot and not just orgies this time around But it was very frantic, hodge podge plot rather than enjoyable plot It was OMG SO MUCH MAGIXZ kind of plot and of course, a bazillion amazing, never before known possible things happened.The book ended in a quick, couple paragraph summery a la Anita Blake style and made it sound like the series was over and done with It could have easily been a final book Supposedly though it [...]

  21. Finally Redemption for Laurell K Hamilton I have invested a lot of time into reading both of her series and this one is finally back to where it should be heading Enough of every other page with mindless s , she has gotten back to the story, the magic that we are all looking for Let s see if she can continue with the next book and also spread this into the Anita Blake books It seems Ms Hamilton has finally realized she is loosing faithful readers and needs to change her path.

  22. I have plowed through this series faster than any other, and have enjoyed most immensely This one was definitely my favorite so far, lots of action, lots of love and lots of answers The only thing I am concerned about is there are two books left in this series yet technically Ms Hamilton could have ended the series after this book if she had felt inclined to do so This book held a lot of answers we ve been waiting on in there series, so are the other two books just fluff Is she going to blow ope [...]

  23. This book is full action,creatures,magic,and enough dramatic soap opera dialogue to make Erica Kane proud All jokes aside I just know our descendants are going to find this series thousands of years after 2012 and use this as the for dummies guide to starting their polygamist cult Be afraid be very afraid Preggers with 2 children by 6 baby daddies Merry is fighting for all she holds dear in a balls out fairy guns blazing Rambo style battle with surprisingly very little sex on the side.On the gos [...]

  24. I read this because I found the series to be entertaining and I wanted to see what happens to the characters After reading previous books, I got a feeling that this series would never end because each book covers a day or less I do not like that the main character gets anything she wants It s like the author is writing her own personal fantasy The main character gets power after power after power, everyone else gets powers, she brings people back to life, the people that hate her really don t ha [...]

  25. Merry is pregnant, Frost is gone, Andais is once again going back on her word, Cel is as crazy as ever, and still they re adding people to her bed I m beginning to think Hamilton is obsessed with sex and has lost her ability to write about anything else This makes me very sad as her series have wonderful foundations prior to their degredations to these points and the characters have the potential for a lot depth than they seem to be given in the long term Overall I felt this would have been an [...]

  26. When I started reading the Meredith Gentry series, it was with the full knowledge that this series would be all about the porn LKH seemed to be writing these books so that she could get out her urges for crazy sex scenes and leave the plot to the Anita Blake series.So my question after reading this book is, what the heck just happened here This book is FULL of plot Events happen Things change Politics get complicated Storylines reach a conclusion And there s only one sex scene that is remarkably [...]

  27. While this is not my favorite series, this book took us where we needed to go While it is not the end of the series, it could have been had she wanted to make it so It ends a critical story arc and opens the path for intrigue and mystery There is almost no sex in this book, which will surprise many Hamilton readers but it wasn t called for and wasn t necessary This tied up external plots and even a few internal ones as well I hear Laurell s voice, literally, as I read this She has expressed som [...]

  28. I spent most of the time while I was reading this book laughing, and not in a good way.Without giving away too many plot points, basically, there s a girl who is a faerie princess but she s mostly human and brownie She s set to inherit the faerie throne except there are many beings who would rather she not.Her power is sex and she has lots of it, with lots of beings like faeries and weres and even some goblins Oh, and she s pregnant with triplets from six different fathers or something.I know th [...]

  29. I think this is of a 3.5 star book for me It was enjoyable and I was flipping the pages in quick time but for some reason I just felt like this story lacked for me I think it s the Goddess thing that is making me distrust the plot Can we believe anyone is ever dead when the Goddess seems to bring people back I don t know I just felt like the whole Goddess thing allows too many outs for the author Write yourself in a jam Poof The Goddess wills it to be this way And one does not question the Godd [...]

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