Fearless (2022)

[PDF] Fearless | by ã B.B. Reid - Fearless, Fearless Take one last ride with Keiran and Lake and the rest of the Broken Love gang in this fifth and final installment as they face stronger enemies and bigger obstacles while fighting to hold tight to the [PDF] Fearless | by ã B.B. Reid - Fearless, Fearless Take one last ride with Keiran and Lake and the rest of the Broken Love gang in this fifth and final installment as they face stronger enemies and bigger obstacles while fighting to hold tight to the
  • Title: Fearless
  • Author: B.B. Reid
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 191
  • Format: ebook
[PDF] Fearless | by ã B.B. Reid, Fearless, B.B. Reid, Fearless Take one last ride with Keiran and Lake and the rest of the Broken Love gang in this fifth and final installment as they face stronger enemies and bigger obstacles while fighting to hold tight to the tattered existence of their love When faced with broken love Have you ever had the feeling you were a stranger Out of reach I watched and mourned me Nothing moved Breathed Take one last ride
  • [PDF] Fearless | by ã B.B. Reid
    191 B.B. Reid

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  1. Review now posted 5 My Dark Prince Forever, Lake I ll love you I took my sweet time to write my review because I indeed needed the time to process everything and the fact that this series is actually over These characters became one of my favourite from the first book With each new book I fell and inlove with all of them despite the fact that at one point I wanted to strangle every one of them This serirs had me bouncing on my chair from anticipation, bitting my nails of fear about what is goi [...]

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  3. So the reason I wanted to wait a little before writing my review is because I wanted to write it with a clear head and this book left me with one hell of a book hangover As expected I loved every word of this book From the Title to the Dedication to the Acknowledgements There s not a minute of this book I didn t thoroughly enjoy.Whilst I m absolutely gutted that this series is now over, I don t think the author could ve written this book Hell this whole series any better than she did She ended i [...]

  4. Reading Fearless was like visiting your old best friends I ve missed Lake, Keiran, and the gang SO much In Fearless, we see a whole new side to Lake She s no longer Keiran s victim or plaything Ok, well maybe in the bedroom But that s it If you want to test me you better be sure you re ready for the consequences Don t threaten me, Keiran I m not your plaything any Keiran has grown, and changed a lot as well but regardless of how much he s changed, he s still the dark prince And I love him for it [...]

  5. ARC kndly provided in exchange for an honest review Title FearlessAuthor B.B ReidSeries or Standalone Series, Book 5Category Dark Romance, New AdultCharacters 5Plot 5Scorching Level 5HEA Not tellingI have followed B.B Reid from the very first book and these characters hold a very special place in my heart and in my bookworld This book made me emotional because we watch these characters go through hell but ultimately every sacrifice has a purpose.We follow Lake, Keiran, Willow, Dash, Keenan Sheld [...]

  6. The perfect finale to the series Lake and Keiran are one of my favourite characters I read the whole series mostly for them Willow, Dash, Keenan and Sheldon have amazing stories too They all make one hell of a band Thank you for the amazing journey, B.B Reid So here Lake is in trouble for something that leaves everyone shocked She is facing murder charges Huh I wasn t seeing this Keiran can t do much about it, especially his way He is hurt and feels betrayed by the only one he thought he could e [...]

  7. 10 big stars for theEpicconclusion of the series ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest reviewI feel so excited yet sad for reviewing the last installment of the series This part had everything twists, suspense, action and many emotions spilling all over the story.I also felt very happy and content for this book because had all the characters of the series but from Lake s and Keiran s point of view, what can i say both were my favorite characters from the start not that i do [...]

  8. i was going to give this book 3 stars but to be honest I don t feel like it deserves them I rolled my eyes so much las night reading this that I woke up today with freaking migraine I started this series when the first book came out Fear Me was so wrong but so good It trapped me I wanted to know about Kieran and I wanted him to be a better person.I never warmed up to Lake In the first book I understood her bravery and her wanting to stand up for herself and not be affraid and I was damn proud b [...]

  9. OMG I m freaking out Finally, I ve got my hands on this book.And now, here I m and just wow I can t even think about anything My brain is working so hard it ll explode This book as any others in this series is playing with your mind Believe me, it s a dirty game It ll laught in your face while the only thing you ll want to do is yell at it I don t need to say this story is brilliant.After the previous book s ending I had to have this book immediately And I ve got my time with it The story put me [...]

  10. 5 Big Bad Wolf stars for my beloved Keiran And for the rest of them, of course But if you know me, you would know also that i m a fuckin addict to him Like Lake How would I ever be able to fix my broken love when he was still afraid of the dark Honestly, I don t know what to say about this seriesI adore the finale of this awesome series and at the same time, i feel such sadness How can i live without them How I will miss all those guys so much and my dear Keiran even But i feel a little bit hap [...]

  11. Review by Lisa Kane I crave your fear and I want you safe But I need to control you Fearless brings the Broken Love series full circle Even after four previous books, so many questions remained unanswered Who was responsibility for Kennedy s kidnapping and why Who killed Mitch Who killed John Not to mention I wanted closure for Keiran and Lake Dash and Willow are finally getting the happiness they deserve and have a baby on the way and Keenan and Sheldon have Kennedy and might as well be cemente [...]

  12. Her fearless chase was breaking us Is this the end, or a new beginning I don t know where to begin, how to even construct my review in a form to do this masterpiece justice without over thinking it One thing that rings true though is that THIS is the book you have to read, the series you must read this year Fearless, from the cover to the words written behind it is all about Lake Monroe We witness not just the change happening in her, but her complete transformation from shy, fearful girl to bra [...]

  13. 4.5 Stars More Keiran Lake This is the fifth book in the series, they need to be read in order, just a heads up I can t go into much detail in fear of spoilers So, this will be vague.All the answers and You ll love this ending Cheers to epic endings and romance with edge Who killed Mitch The million dollar question Will this tear our favorite couple apart or bring them closer I battled, was conflicted with this one, this is a favorite series for me, but I felt a bit disconnected at times I blam [...]

  14. 4.5My main issue was that this book was too easy, no major issues like the previous books Yes, we did have issues here, but they were resolved fast On the other hand I guess I shouldn t complain, because they did go through hell and back in this series right So this is their good things happen to those who suffered before book Loved the jumping forward in the end And as always love Keiran.

  15. 5 FEARLESS STARSI don t know where to begin with this review, so I ll start by saying I was introduced to this series by my bestie and if I had known beforehand what I was getting myself into I would have dived into this series long before she mentioned it to me Why you may ask Well it s simple I was captivated and owned by Keiran Masters from the start, and now I can say from beginning to end Fearless, in all honestly was 100% about Lake She s the true hero in this story because not only has sh [...]

  16. Re reading UPDATED 07 04 2016I AM DEAD NO MORE CAN WILL OR SHOULD BE SAID B.B Reid you are an evil woman Now I want to know what is Q and Di s story UPDATED 04 04 2016 1 day to go and then it s out OMG I am so freaking excited right now And we have a release date 5th of April, you can t come any sooner This is so me right nowThen I m likeMY OVARIES ARE READY FOR MORE KINKY KEIRAN AND LAKE SEX COME TO MAMAAAAAA

  17. It took long to write this review cause I really wanted to pour my heart out but I still don t know how to write I have never read any books like these series especially this particular book There are no words to describe it I feel like crying every time I think about this book because it has everything in it, talk of romance to obsession to thriller yeah right , not to talk of possessiveness, hatred etc Perfect girl for keiran Who said a soft heart can t tame a hard heart Perfect for eachother [...]

  18. 3.8 stars This review will have some spoilers, you ve been warned Sadly, I don t think that any book in this series will ever compare to the magic that was the first book or the second book for that matter But, with that being said.WowKieran and Lake have really grown up The nostalgia this book made me feel was awesome I ll try and make this short, sweet and to the point Things that I liked the first 40% of the book was incredible The plot,the suspense, the way everything was coming together the [...]

  19. SPOILERS The only reason this book even gets a 3 star is because I love Kieran I m sad to say goodbye to him As the book started I thought this could be good It was fun to be back in Kieran and Lake s crazy relationship And then as the book went on, it just kept deteriorating PROS only Kieran can pull off being an overly possessive asshole and still be desirable He is a true bad boy to the core I love having the original Keenan back and not the version from Fear Us the epilogue was great CONS th [...]

  20. Just a few thingsI am so sad to say goodbye to my all time favorite series.Also, to my all time favorite book boyfriend ever sob This book gave me mixed feelings I ll explain why, but it may contain a few SPOILERS, so be warned Lake drove me a little nuts It seemed like she narrated her feelings one way, then her actions played out something completely different Her narration said, I love him and I ll fight to the death to keep him But then her actions said, Lie, lie, lie and run EVERY TIME he u [...]

  21. I can t believe it s over This series especially Keiran and Lake s story has most definitely won my heart and managed to successfully embed itself to the very depths of my soul Fearless is the conclusion to Keiran and Lake s dark, twisted and gut wrenching tale that will leave you feeling all but morally corrupt, yet full of tainted love and redemption at the end It will continuously toy with your emotions, mess with your brain and push you beyond your limits This book was packed with so much an [...]

  22. And with this book the story endsd what a story it wasI m so grateful to B.B Reid for the emotional roller coaster she put me throughout this series D But at the end it was all worth it because this is an amazing story If you ve read the story of the Broken Love gang so far then you are definitely going to read this one If not and you are looking for a love story that stands well on the edge between NA and DARK then this is THE ONE for you Reading order complete series 1 Fear Me 2 Fear You 3 Fea [...]

  23. You were born among monsters, she lifted my face when I hid in her shoulder, but you were not meant to walk with them I have been following this series since I met Keiran Even then I was addicted to him His dark persona just really got me and no matter how crazy some scenes are, for me this is my kind of CRAZY and this in a GOOD way I have devoured it because as I said I am addicted to the lead But importantly, I am addicted to the plot I love how it was written excellently Every detail was wri [...]

  24. I am so incredibly sad that this series is over I ve watched Lake and Keiran grow from small little pipsqueaks to 2 amazing adults.You MUST start this series from the beginning with Fear Me You ll be totally lost if not Oh, how the mighty have fallen and you can bet your ass that Keiran is mighty But, I think Fearless brought to light just how mighty Lake has become I had faith in Lake from book 3, but I wasn t sure I mean, how do you survive your tormentor turned lover You become him, or at lea [...]

  25. I so so loved it I love Keiran and Lake and the whole gang My only thing is I wished Keenan was a bit like funny Keenan in his book instead of the angery and pushy man But yeah I get it and I still love him It was a roller coaster of feelings and twists and turns.But I loved it so much, it was very fun to be part of their journey They ve been trough so much and we get to see Lake grow a bigger pair of balls.Keiran is still very possessive and very alpha and they are just so perfect

  26. 5 STARS Keiran Masters, my dark prince , she touched my face again, you find out who you really are It s hard to say goodbye to the series you love so much.Keiran Masters, you ll always have a special place in my heart.

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