He Who Fears the Wolf (2022)

[PDF] Read ☆ He Who Fears the Wolf : by Karin Fossum Felicity David - He Who Fears the Wolf, He Who Fears the Wolf Inspector Sejer is hard at work again investigating the murder of a woman who lived alone in the middle of the woods The chief suspect is another loner a schizophrenic recently escaped from a mental [PDF] Read ☆ He Who Fears the Wolf : by Karin Fossum Felicity David - He Who Fears the Wolf, He Who Fears the Wolf Inspector Sejer is hard at work again investigating the murder of a woman who lived alone in the middle of the woods The chief suspect is another loner a schizophrenic recently escaped from a mental
  • Title: He Who Fears the Wolf
  • Author: Karin Fossum Felicity David
  • ISBN: 9780156030496
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Paperback
He Who Fears the Wolf
[PDF] Read ☆ He Who Fears the Wolf : by Karin Fossum Felicity David, He Who Fears the Wolf, Karin Fossum Felicity David, He Who Fears the Wolf Inspector Sejer is hard at work again investigating the murder of a woman who lived alone in the middle of the woods The chief suspect is another loner a schizophrenic recently escaped from a mental institution The only witness is a twelve year old boy overweight obsessed with archery and a resident at a home for delinquents When a demented man robs a nearby bank aInspec
  • [PDF] Read ☆ He Who Fears the Wolf : by Karin Fossum Felicity David
    208 Karin Fossum Felicity David
He Who Fears the Wolf

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  1. This book is the third in the series I was a little disappointed with this book Many chapters dealt with three characters Morgan, a bank robber Errki, a mentally ill young man and Kannick, a 12 year old delinquent I really didn t care for them and sighed whenever the next chapter involved them The investigation of the crimes is barely evident But I muddled through I still like Inspector Sejer, and got to know a little bit about Skarre These two should be prominent in the books The ending was a [...]

  2. He Who Fears The Wolf is the third outing in Karin Fossum s intelligent and frequently profound series featuring Chief Inspector Konrad Sejer and his choirboy good looking subordinate, Jacob Skarre The second novel to appear in English translated by Felicity David , this tale takes three individuals who would typically fall into the category of dysfunctional misfits and occupy the outer fringes of society and contrives their meeting Often shunned and eschewed due to their status as local harbing [...]

  3. I d pretty much sworn off of detective novels, but two things made me pick up a few of Karen Fossum s crime novels the Norwegian settings and the promise of a good psychological thriller in the tradition of Ruth Rendell or Minette Walters In a nutshell, the books were what I d expected He Who Fears the Wolf was the one I liked the best of the three I read the other were Don t Look Back and When the Devil Holds the Candle One thing that is quite notable about Fossum is that she gets inside the he [...]

  4. I usually have a stack of Scandinavian noir books waiting to be read When push comes to shove and I cant think what to read ill grab one from the pile Some from authors I ve read many times before and some are first time outings This is my first Fossum book I was intrigued by the blurb on the back it didn t strike me as the usual murder mystery.The author has given us an interesting set of character to observe it this tale It strikes me that the Inspector for which this series is based about tak [...]

  5. Fossum has an interesting style Not quite thriller for me, but suspense with loose procedurals and with very interesting characters and histories for the bad guys I haven t found another author whose style would be quite like this Part of Inspector Sejer series can be read separately and out of order 3.5 stars Very good characters and histories, but a bit too easy an ending, and could have had a bit action.An old woman living alone in the woods is found murdered, and it falls to Sejer to invest [...]

  6. I plan on giving all of my Karin Fossum reviews the same statement because I don t even want the hint of a spoiler on this woman s fantastic work Fossum s writing gave me my love of Scandanavian mystery writers and I seek those writings out Hands down,though, Fossum s work is the best I have come across so far.

  7. The writing and creative force behind this book deserves stars, but for me I don t want to go there any This lady knows sick minds, and I must admit to not liking to spend my sleepless night reading improbable pairings of ugh, how to start Let s try the beginning Sejer is walking to work when he sees a dude with a strange scarf wrapped around his neck and a certain look and his alarm bells go off He turns around and follows this young man into a bank and then decides everything looked normal so [...]

  8. I m a Fossum junkie She can do no wrong and this small story suggests that I may indeed be right in my estimates.Herein is the usual Fossum ethical challenge as presumptions are pealed back Tragic of course there has to be tragedy in Fossum s crime stories anguish and angst But this one is served up almost as a homage to Harold Pinter Outside the door is society which is both our mother and our tormentor Tis very dramatic in the story telling sense Containment in one room Characters forced to co [...]

  9. This is the third Inspector Sejer book and I am beginning to see why writers whose books I have enjoyed Ruth Rendell, Jo Nesbo have sung her praises.This story takes us to two crimes that are related, linked by a lunatic escaped from the asylum What makes it interesting is the way the author has written this it s about the characters, what led them to where they are in life, and how things unfold unexpectedly when their lives intersect What really pleased me in this story, however, is what is h [...]

  10. A friend and I have been reading lots of Scandinavian mysteries since we finished the Stieg Larson books We read all of Henning Mankell, who is probably the best mystery writer around today, along with Ruth Rendell, but both of them are getting away from what I would consider pure mystery He Who Fears the Wolf is the first Karin Fossum I ve read and I enjoyed it The premise is interesting A bank robber kidnaps a schizophrenic boy who is being hunted as a suspect in the brutal murder of an old wo [...]

  11. At first I had a hard time getting into the book then I couldn t put it down It opens with Errki who is a mental patient Then the story jumps to Dr Sejer almost witnessing a bank robbery and becoming part of the robbery investigation The story again jumps to a boys home where one of the boys witnessed Errki at the scene where an older lady was killedThen it all starts coming together.The intersecting worlds of Errki, the robber known as Morgan , Kannick Snellingen, and Inspector Sejer and his as [...]

  12. A person can t see much when the Devil is holding the candle Here s the situation We have a murdered woman, found at her home in the deep woods Back in town, we have an early morning bank robbery, with a hostage taken We have an escaped mental patient, last seen roaming the same woods and for good measure, throw in a fat juvenile delinquent, armed with a bow and arrow How do all these things come together Well, you ll have to read this highly enjoyable mystery, set in Norway, to find out.This is [...]

  13. Amazing book, even better than the first one This book is the second book in the Inspector Sejer mystery series This book spends time peering into insanity, and what insanity really is, and how insanity can present itself in different ways in different individuals A stunning book, with great character development, and wonderful dialogue Translated into English from it s original Norwegian An old woman who lives in an isolated forest cottage is brutally murdered Who could have done it Very surpr [...]

  14. A very enjoyable read I went in expecting a police procedural but this book is of a thriller, though I d say the psychological complexity of the characters makes it better than your run of the mill thriller I felt that the plot relied a bit too much on coincidence toward the end, but I found the characters engaging enough that I was able to overlook this pretty easily A good follow up to the first Inspector Sejer book, Don t Look Back.

  15. I really enjoyed this book I felt the cross cutting between the detectives and the people in the cabin was well done The pyschological depths of character that Fossum was able to create made me care for the characters.

  16. I found this book impossible to put down I highly recommend all of Fossum s mysteries I ve read four and they were all creepy, unpredictable, absorbing She excels in the creation of psychologically twisted characters.

  17. Yay Another Northern European mystery writer this one from Norway I loved the main character in the book and his voices, and that you really, really don t know who does it until the very end and you even care Another good book to hide under the covers with.

  18. Fossum s characters come to life, and she moved me to empathy even for the bad guys The ending was abrupt.

  19. This is the first book i read from Karen Fossum, i didn t know that this is the third book in the series, and i have to say that i really liked it, other than the fact that the ending is kinda a cliffhanger.I loved the parts with Errki and Morgan, since Errki is a really well made character and it was funny to see how the two of them will work together.I thought that i ll give it 4 5 stars, but the conclusion of the case, even though i actually had a feeling of what actually happened to Halldis, [...]

  20. He Who Fears the Wolf by Karin Fossum is the third book of the Inspector Konrad Sejer mystery series set in contemporary Norway The story begins with and is primarily focused on Errki, a resident of The Beacon mental asylum There is a related murder mystery, the death of Halldis Horn, an older woman living alone in a deserted forested area Her death is reported by an extremely obese young juvenile delinquent, Kannick, who also lives in an institution Guttebakken Inspector Sejer is walking along [...]

  21. Pr za Karin Fossum m a osobne oslovuje kv li klasickej v stavbe detekt vneho pr behu ta sa ahko, aj ke sa zaober a iv mi probl mami Tento rom n sa na nieko k ch miestach st va aj vahou o viacer ch ot zkach s visiacich s vinou a trestom Do popredia sa dost vaj diskusie o predsudkoch, prezumpcii neviny a spolo ensk ho milosrdenstva Ke e rom n p vodne vy iel v roku 1997, odzrkad uje sa v om koncept n rskej humanity Je preto ot zne, ako by autorkine vahy ovplyvnila sk senos n rskej spolo nosti s ext [...]

  22. La Norvegia un mondo per noi abbastanza sconosciuto, dove, per esempio, si pu andare in prigione per irregolarit amministrative e lo si fa prendendo un appuntamento con la prigione stessa, e le sue comunit rurali sono enclave chiuse, dove matura una diversit che facciamo fatica a sospettare.I protagonisti sono appunto tre disadattati, due lupi, e un futuro lupo, agli occhi dei benpensanti, pronti ad attribuire loro tutte le colpe.Ci vorr una grande umanit ferita per riconoscere, anche se tardiva [...]

  23. This was an OK psychological style mystery novel, translated from the Norwegian At numerous moments in the book, characters pause and have introspective dialogs, described in almost ludicrously matter of fact and understated prose This tone stayed constant, whether the subject was murder, insanity, Alsatians, or sandwiches Perhaps it is because of the translation, or perhaps simply that Norwegians are weird like that I found myself chuckling at times, in spite of the ostensibly grim goings on.Ul [...]

  24. Wow I had read the first in this Norwegian mystery series ages ago liked it but had not pursued the others but now I am hooked This is book 2 in the Inspector Sejer series and it s terrific One of the key characters is a psychotic and while I can t vouch for the accuracy of the descriptions, I would say that it s done with such compassion and intelligence that the reader truly believes they understand a bit of what it must be like There is, perhaps surprisingly, also a lot of humor in this book, [...]

  25. He Who Fears the Wolf involves a murdered farmer, an escaped mental patient, a bank robber and an escaped juvenile delinquent Through some unbelievable coincidences, the three, the bank robber and the two escapees, end up together in the woods awaiting capture This was an okay read, however with no really likeable characters or mystery to solve, it was not that engaging for me There is a side plot involving Inspector Sejer but that really didn t fix the book for me I did really enjoy the second [...]

  26. Ik las al eerder boeken van Karin Fossum en dit boek heeft me het minst van allemaal kunnen bekoren Het tempo lag wat mij betreft eerder traag, er waren weinig plotse wendingen, geen echte topmomenten van spanning Meestal kijk ik uit naar het einde van een boek, wil ik verder geraken omdat het zo spannend is en nu had ik eerder het gevoel van laat ik maar doorlezen, dan ben ik er vanaf Jammer

  27. One of the better crime books I ve read in this genre The complete sympathy the mentally ill character gets is culturally shocking because this country does not lend that attitude towards suspected transgressors The plot moves along well with the odd development of camaraderie between those working together nicely and naturally done.I will read another of this author s books for sure.

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