The Hollowing (2022)

Unlimited The Hollowing - by Robert Holdstock - The Hollowing, The Hollowing The victim of a violent attack Alex Bradley is a damaged and visionary child Little does he know that the distorted creations of his mind are alive inside nearby Ryhope Wood Then the forest claims hi Unlimited The Hollowing - by Robert Holdstock - The Hollowing, The Hollowing The victim of a violent attack Alex Bradley is a damaged and visionary child Little does he know that the distorted creations of his mind are alive inside nearby Ryhope Wood Then the forest claims hi
  • Title: The Hollowing
  • Author: Robert Holdstock
  • ISBN: 9780765311108
  • Page: 442
  • Format: Paperback
The Hollowing
Unlimited The Hollowing - by Robert Holdstock, The Hollowing, Robert Holdstock, The Hollowing The victim of a violent attack Alex Bradley is a damaged and visionary child Little does he know that the distorted creations of his mind are alive inside nearby Ryhope Wood Then the forest claims him and his father goes in pursuit along with a scientific expedition looking for the secret of mythago genesis
  • Unlimited The Hollowing - by Robert Holdstock
    442 Robert Holdstock
The Hollowing

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  1. I read this 15 years ago based on a Realms of Fantasy magazine review, and the memory of it has stuck with me I almost want to read it again to see if I feel the same way about it.I didn t love it at all, but it was fascinating and dark It interested me in much the same way Exquisite Corpse by Poppi Z Brite and Under the Skin by Michael Fabre did and I was turned off for many of the same reasons as with those books There s a distance and coldness to the story The characters are stark and well dr [...]

  2. K rt ja Mitago me a cikla gr mata Ar o gr matu ar iepriek j m vieno tikai Mitago me s un Tallis t vs no gr matas Lavondyss Si eta galven l nija ir sekojo a P c vair k k gadu ilgas promb tnes no Mitago me a atgrie as Tallis t vs Vi ir diezgan izmain jies un saikne ar m su pasauli vi am rodas tikai, ja blakus atrodas Alex Bradly, pazudu s meitas draugs P c k da laika ar is puis ns paz d Mitago me a biezokn Skaidra lieta, ka vi a t vs Ri ards dodas vi u mekl t un atgriezt m su pasaul oreiz pastaiga [...]

  3. Having read the last book Lavondyss first, I suppose I came ill prepared for The Hollowing I was disappointed My reason for this is purely personal, having to do with character motivation and justification, both of which I feel are lacking in the main protagonist There is the makings of a heart breaking novel here, but it failed, in my opinion.I realize I fly in the face of literary acclaim and public opinion It s not the first time In my defense all I can say is I m a very critical reader.While [...]

  4. After taking his last story into the roots of mythology about as far as he could comfortably go and still retain readers abilities to follow exactly what he was trying to do, Holdstock pulls back slightly from that extreme and decides to go with a much conventional story instead Or at least conventional by his standards.Set a couple years after Tallis, the young girl who was the star of the last book, vanishes into the woods, the book chooses to focus on a minor character who was one of her few [...]

  5. I truly enjoyed reading this book It was such a departure from my previous reads Plus, I think the wheels are in motion for the next big wave of books fantasy reading Hello J.R.R Tolkien The Hollowing is about Alex, a boy who is sucked into an under world of multi dimensional fantasy In order to stay alive, he creates historical figures ready to go to battle in order to protect himself Alex s father, Richard, enters this fantasy world via hollowings and meets up with a team of explorers and toge [...]

  6. I love the Mythago woods books They give me the absolute best of both worlds, meaning the realm of the fantastical and the history of the real world If I could pack everything I wanted into one book or even series , this would definitely be it.The Hollowing is no different Once again, the reader returns to Ryhope Wood and what a return

  7. Dare to enter Ryhope Wood and see the adventures that await you This is core fantasy literature This author never dissapoints

  8. thebookloversboudoir.wordpresAfter the disappointing, The Bone Forest, the Mythago Wood series returns to top form with The Hollowing.I loved The Hollowing This book touches on events in the second book, Lavondyss, focusing on Tallis s disappearance and events from the first book featuring the Huxley s but is a complete, stand alone tale.Ryhope Wood and the creatures of Myth spawned within it are much darker in this book, as they area created by the mind of a brain damaged boy They Mythago s hav [...]

  9. After the rich and strange journey taken in Lavondyss this was rather a letdown, adding little to the growing myth cycle of the series, and stitched together by a plot that ultimately failed to hold together.

  10. On page 301 out of 320 I threw this book across the room I had been losing patience with it for a while, because it is a vague purposeless ramble through some kind of Campbellian fantasy forest, full of weird mythical figures, in which nothing is explained and nothing seems to have any point WHAT IS THE POINT OF THIS STORY.And then we learn the point, which is apparently that everything you ever learned about myths was wrong, Sir Gawain is THE BAD GUY and the Green Knight some kind of benevolent [...]

  11. When Tallis Keaton s father stumbles out of Ryhope Wood months after disappearing to look for his lost daughter, it starts a chain of events that leads to the disappearance and supposed death of young Alex Bradley The Hollowing follows Richard Bradley s attempts to find his son several years later, with the help of a group of scientists who are camped in the wood studying the mythagos It was never clear to me exactly what was so warped and dangerous about Alex s mythagos, and I found the ending [...]

  12. pretty damned good til about page 80 when suddenly really bad exposition shows up really bad it s as if holdstock took a potty break and the editor snuck in to clear up the story so bizarre and intrusive i quit reading too bad too, cuz i have so wanted to find some good fantasy i m no stephen king fanatic, but have been in search of engaging fantasy ever since reading eye of the dragon very satisfying, especially by avoiding characters like farfetchal in search of long lost horshitlant only to e [...]

  13. A creepy, mystic read as always Should be read before bedtime and in the evening for max experience Brilliant and intelligent writing and execution.Follows Richard who one day almost hit a naked man on the road holding a mask The Moondream mask Richard s son get obsessed with this man coming from Ryhope Wood And one day he gets too close to the mask, too close to Ryhope and is taken Richard starts is quest rescuing his son, but the wood is a dangerous place with tricksters and strange beings, mo [...]

  14. I wasn t even aware this was part of a series and jumped into this with no prior knowledge something I would never normally attempt , but it turned out I didn t really need to know that much The story strange, and dark, and somewhat psychological turned out to be very intriguing and fairly self contained The best part of this book was its setting, the unpredictable, uneasy woods that can manifest dangerous mythical beings, as well as the excellent prose.

  15. Alkumets sarjan kolmas osa on ik n kuin sekoitus ensimm ist ja toista osaa Kirja on myyttej ja taruja tulvillaan jopa liikaa, niin ett meno ityi v lill v h n h myksi ja raskaaksi lukea Kirjassa oli jotain samankaltaisuutta t h n sarjaan kuulumattoman Muinaisuuden kosketuksen kanssa Molemmissa on p osissa teini ik inen poika, joka pist ns haisemaan Holvi mets n ei kolahtanut samalla tavalla kuin Mets n henget, mutta hyv se silti oli.

  16. I read this years ago and remembered it but not the title I googled and googled and by random chance found it Thank goodness I read this last during a nasty bout with strep and with a surgery and boring hospital stay looming, I m glad I rediscovered this entertaining book I can well remember being sucked into the othetworld along with the character and feeling spooked by the sinister characters It has that dangerous and mysterious world right under your nose feel.

  17. I put off reading this book for a long time because I really didn t like the third book in the series, which wandered too far away from the connected myths I loved about books 1 and 2, but The Hollowing recaptures the excellence of the series Perhaps it was a little predictable in its outcome than the first two books, as it conformed to the structure of the heroic quest myths that it incorporated, but I still really enjoyed it.

  18. I found the third book in this series the most surreal so far hard to follow, at times but rich with often overlooked sources from myth folklore I m still, hooked, though Holdstock s prose is effortless in its lyricism, and I find myself devouring whole books Or perhaps they ve been devouring me.

  19. Maybe it was because I read this book as the 3rd in the series just started Avilion , but I had a hard time connecting it to the other 2 books I also stuggled with Alex s part in the Mythagos and the concurrent plot of the Trickster Coyote I think my review will improve if I read the series again, or pehaps it will make sense to me once I read Avilion.

  20. What can I say, the cycle of Mythago Wood just gets better and better, book after book These books are really haunting and take you to a whole new level of fantasy.

  21. I liked the beginning and part of the middle, but the book felt really disjointed as if two different people were writing it.

  22. Awesome I think I came late to this revisitation of Ryhope Wood the one from Mythago Wood , but it was really good again.Makes me want to go bosky

  23. as with the other books in this series, it is really quite good i did not enjoy it as much as the first few, but it had some fine moments, and different mythological nods from previous outings.

  24. I loved this at the time I read it I have not gone back to see if it still is as enjoyable and has the same impact.

  25. More of Holdstock s development of the Mythago series Previous readers won t be disappointed Good stuff

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