Metaltown (2022)

[PDF] Metaltown | by ☆ Kristen Simmons - Metaltown, Metaltown Metaltown where factories rule food is scarce and hope is in short supply The rules of Metaltown are simple Work hard keep your head down and watch your back You look out for number one and no o [PDF] Metaltown | by ☆ Kristen Simmons - Metaltown, Metaltown Metaltown where factories rule food is scarce and hope is in short supply The rules of Metaltown are simple Work hard keep your head down and watch your back You look out for number one and no o
  • Title: Metaltown
  • Author: Kristen Simmons
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  • Page: 292
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[PDF] Metaltown | by ☆ Kristen Simmons, Metaltown, Kristen Simmons, Metaltown Metaltown where factories rule food is scarce and hope is in short supply The rules of Metaltown are simple Work hard keep your head down and watch your back You look out for number one and no one knows that better than Ty She s been surviving on the factory line as long as she can remember But now Ty has Colin She s no longer alone it s the two of them againstMetaltown where fact
  • [PDF] Metaltown | by ☆ Kristen Simmons
    292 Kristen Simmons

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  1. Win a copy of Metaltown Review posted on The Eater of Books blog Metaltown by Kristen SimmonsPublisher Tor TeenPublication Date September 20, 2016Rating 4 starsSource eARC from NetGalleySummary from Metaltown, where factories rule, food is scarce, and hope is in short supply.The rules of Metaltown are simple Work hard, keep your head down, and watch your back You look out for number one, and no one knows that better than Ty She s been surviving on the factory line as long as she can remember But [...]

  2. I may be a tiny bit biased.But hey, until we have , here are 10 Things You Should Know about METALTOWN 1 The quick and dirty rundown of the story Colin and Ty know to keep their heads down They wake up each morning at dawn, search for clean water, and take their spots on the factory line The work is hard, the pay inconsistent, but it s the best shot they have of surviving the streets So when Ty is hurt on the job, Colin knows he has to do something No work means no food or shelter, and he s not [...]

  3. Crooked men run Metaltown, an industrialized city where children are exploited for labor If the children want rights and proper pay, they must rise up in rebellion and fight for what they deserve.In this dystopian society, people are divided into three classes the working poor of Metaltown the educated but struggling middle class of Bakerstown, and the wealthy elite of the River District Clean water is scarce Most food is genetically engineered from synthetic substances, released to the public a [...]

  4. Omg so stinking good you guys And Kristen Simmons be proud, you had tears welling in my eyes at that one part Full review to come but Simmons has created an amazing and raw story of perseverance A story of friendship and family and fighting for what you believe in Definitely get this on your must read list immediately Full Review 9 11Metaltown is a raw and gritty story of perseverance, a story of friendship, family and fighting for what you believe in, no matter the cost In Metaltown, as long as [...]

  5. Dear Kristen Simmonsyou get me, okay I loved everything about this book and that s even though you made me cry.Full Review If I haven t told you this yet, you are going to want to add Metaltown by Kristen Simmons to your to be read list shelf I am fairly certain I hit every single emotion while reading Metaltown and I can t even tell you everything There are so many things that I loved about this book and I am fairly certain that I won t be able to give it the justice it deserves in my review I [...]

  6. Way back when, I read Kristen Simmons Article 5 I looked up my review, which said in short loved the story world didn t love the romance Well, in the immortal words of Yogi Berra d j vu all over again I thought Metaltown s story world was really well crafted I m not sure if this book is supposed to be alt history or sort of dystopian futuristic, but it takes place in a bleak, gritty world that feels turn of the century industrial and post apocalyptic all at once Food and clean water are scarce, [...]

  7. Metaltown has been on my to read list for quite some time, and I can definitely say that it s nothing short of incredible This dystopian tale brings readers into a polluted industrial nation, where three unlikely young friends decide that it s high time they question the ruthless factory run society they live in Sort of as if Six of Crows and the 1995 film The Mangler were combined, Metaltown brings together many themes and genres, from steampunk to environmental to young adult, and it does so i [...]

  8. This book wrecked me It s a slow burner with a lot of world building and character development, but the plot has plenty of twists and turns and action, too I really respect the way Kristen Simmons can write a dystopian novel that presents a totally fictional world that contains so many elements relevant to the real world Class differences Labor disputes Environmental destruction Endless war These elements resonated so much with me and Simmons never resorted to becoming preachy or overtly politic [...]

  9. I had been so excited to read this book for ages As I adore Kristen And I thought this one seemed so amazing Then I was lucky enough to win an ARC of it, and now I have finally gotten to read it But oh I have so many thoughts about it And most of them are not good At all Sobs I m just angry I m so, so angry.I m giving this book two stars I had hoped to rate it higher But it was impossible I had so many issues Sigh But I also feel like this book could have been amazing The writing is gorgeous The [...]

  10. NOTE I first published this review as part of the group My Favorite Things column on Speculative Chic, 6th February 2017.Some stories have resonance if you read them at a particular time.I didn t plan for Kristen Simmons s Metaltown to be my first read of 2017, but that s when my library copy arrived The novel felt instantly familiar, as it fits the classic underdog plot But instead of a feel good story, Metaltown is dark and dystopian and not everyone gets a happy ending.Mostly the story rings [...]

  11. Click here for my full review and from my blog, KissinBlueKaren.Are You Team Ty or Team Lena METALTOWN is a YA Dystopian with a little love triangle problem I thought Ty had a little attitude problem Lena didn t really know any better because she was so sheltered in her fancy house I started off liking Ty, but then I could see that she made it almost impossible to root for her I didn t want Colin to like her either Ty had very few redeeming qualities as the story moved on Having the boy she lov [...]

  12. I had high hopes for this story not because of its comp titles steampunk Newsies meets Les Mis but because it felt like such a me story gritty dystopian setting, multi POV, ragtag bunch o fellas trying to overthrow via shenanigans And if I m being honest, the world building is probably my favourite aspect to this book.The biggest hurdle was the slow build up by which I mean it took 250 some odd pages for something exciting to happen I can handle slow pacing but given the nature of this story, I [...]

  13. The beautiful book cover and premise caught my interest A book about a trio of teens rising up to stage a rebellion Friends who work together against the odds Yes please Anything but the usual lone heroine and love triangle bothersome romantic relationships in dystopian fiction At least that s what I gathered from the book summary.The worldbuilding was great but I wished it could ve expanded upon the ongoing war The world gave a sort of steampunk and industrial revolution vibe that was just del [...]

  14. Disclaimer I received an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.DNF 61%I made it 61% through this one but I am bored to tears right now and don t think I have the energy to muster a cause to push through to the end I don t even want to skim tbh This one has such an interesting premise and is something that should be interesting, but it is dry and dull and I give zero cares about the characters and their lives There was one burst of life at about 40% that made it seem like this one w [...]

  15. 3.5 starsI am going to be honest, Metaltown was never one of my most anticipated reads Sure, it sounded interesting, but I mainly read it because Shannon accidentally slept through the signing, and I got it signed for her And I ended up reading it because why not.The world is split between the rich and the poor The ones that can afford it can live in the nice suburbs, while the ones that couldn t lived in places like Metaltown, where labor is strictly focused on manufacturing for the war Kids an [...]

  16. This was Metaltown Things didn t change in Metaltown You changed, and if you didn t you paid Beautifully written as always, Kristen This book was dark and gritty, and perfectly portrayed the struggles of the world It was such a beautiful and and heartbreaking story I love that it showed the power of rising up and letting your voice be heard The unfairness of everything really struck me, I thought Kristen did a fabulous job driving that home I really felt for the characters and their hardships.My [...]

  17. The rage for Dystopian books has passed in my library Vaguely futuristic setting with orphans in rags working for an evil guy at horrible jobs, although the rich characters seem to have a decent existence I would have liked discussion on why things were the way they were Will pass unless I get another wave of demand for Dystopian books.

  18. When I started Metaltown I was expecting a standard YA dystopia with all the tropes typical for the genre Nothing outstanding, just your classic Novel Recommended by the Author of Much Better, More Famous Book well, in this case we talk about Sara Raasch who penned Snow Like Ashes so I am not so sure about the last part.Anyway The only thing you need to know about Metaltown is that it is most definitely NOT a dystopia instead you get a book about social justice, child labour, workers rights and [...]

  19. Work Hard Keep your head down Watch your back tries to calm down Well, I can t stop talking about how much intense and exhilarating this book made me feel I mean, I thought I would regret buying it just because the first five chapters introduced me into nothing but talk about introducing the characters And the other characters that had also appeared without even the slightest description of their own backgrounds especially the district areas until they were revealed in the latest chapters Yep Ev [...]

  20. Source Library Genre Young Adult, Science Fiction Dystopia Rating 4.0 Full Review Pending Not a fan of the ending Almost as thought it was done for shock value, rather than anything else Perhaps Simmons was sending a message that this is a harsh world and anything can happen Full Review Gizmos Reviews gizmosreviews 201Published September 20th 2016 by Tor Teen

  21. Could have done with character development and a little bit plot, not to mention the unnecessary and forced romance, but otherwise, I didn t hate this I really enjoyed the concept and her writing, and it avoided all of the annoying shoved down your throat messages from other books of hers that I ve read And I wasn t bored So there was that.

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