All I Ever Wanted (2022)

[PDF] Unlimited Õ All I Ever Wanted : by Lucy Dillon - All I Ever Wanted, All I Ever Wanted Nancy is four nearly five She talks all the time in the car on the way to nursery to her extrovert older brother to her collection of bears But then one February morning everything changes Nancy [PDF] Unlimited Õ All I Ever Wanted : by Lucy Dillon - All I Ever Wanted, All I Ever Wanted Nancy is four nearly five She talks all the time in the car on the way to nursery to her extrovert older brother to her collection of bears But then one February morning everything changes Nancy
  • Title: All I Ever Wanted
  • Author: Lucy Dillon
  • ISBN: 9781444796049
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Paperback
All I Ever Wanted
[PDF] Unlimited Õ All I Ever Wanted : by Lucy Dillon, All I Ever Wanted, Lucy Dillon, All I Ever Wanted Nancy is four nearly five She talks all the time in the car on the way to nursery to her extrovert older brother to her collection of bears But then one February morning everything changes Nancy s mum and dad split up Her father Patrick moves away from their Bristol home to Newcastle And Nancy stops talking Eva is forty four nearly forty five She didn t expecNancy is four
  • [PDF] Unlimited Õ All I Ever Wanted : by Lucy Dillon
    165 Lucy Dillon
All I Ever Wanted

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  1. This is the first book I have read by this Author but not the last.The book is about family issues and relationships there are two separate stories that intertwine in the story plus two cute children.Its a beautiful book with a heart warming story.Thank you netgalley the Publisher and Author for letting me review this book.

  2. Lucy Dillon is one of my go to books for when I need a comfort read So this week on a wet, dark, cold morning when I was not feeling my brightest or my best, this book really was all I ever wanted and actually all I ever needed to unwind with I was happy to settle into a story where I knew, despite the ups and downs that would inevitably test the characters, Dillon would deliver a satisfying read in which to escape for a few hours.This novel has two story lines centred around one family Caitlin [...]

  3. Review to come I actually listened to this on in audio format a while back, hence the lack of updates It s sweet and deals with some issues without getting too bogged down There are things for people going through similar situations to relate to, but overall I didn t find this one particularly memorable or unique.

  4. Nancy is four, nearly five She talks all the time in the car, on the way to nursery, to her extrovert older brother, to her collection of bears But then, one February morning, everything changes Nancy s mum and dad split up Her father Patrick moves away from their Bristol home to Newcastle And Nancy stops talking.Eva is forty four, nearly forty five She didn t expect to be the third wife of a much loved household name, but eight years ago, she and semi retired bad boy Michael Quinn fell in love [...]

  5. I always look forward to Lucy Dillon s books and she certainly didn t disappoint at all very moving story and follows the lives of number of people and makes you think Caitlin is going through a split from her husband and her daughter Nancy stops talking but she use to be so talkative so comes as a shock her brother speaks for her but their auntie Eva lost her husband a number of years ago but is suddenly given his diaries and she starts to read them can she cope with what she hears but she also [...]

  6. I m not notorious for reading books outside of the young adult genre on this blog but I thought I would widen my horizons when I requested this novel on Netgalley from well know author, Lucy Dillon All I Ever Wanted explores the lives of two women going through separations for different reasons and delves into the life on one special little girl.The two protagonists of the novel are sister in laws Caitlin and Eva They ve never spent much time together before but Caitlin s divorce means their pat [...]

  7. What a wonderfully heart warming and loving story, about one family, as they are going through a tough patch.When Patrick accepts a job in Newcastle, Caitlin refuses to uproot their children to move up there with him For Patrick this signifies that it is time to move on and they split up Caitlin around this time starts to see her husband in a new light, and he really doesn t come across that well in the early part of the book Joel is 10 and loves acting, he is very talkative and is a wonderful b [...]

  8. As a big fan of Lucy Dillon I am always ready to read her latest stories, so couldn t wait to get my hands on this one And after a slow start that didn t immediately grab me, I was soon drawn into the family drama and dynamics that the author writes about so well.In this book we follow two main storylines the first of which is the marriage breakdown between Caitlin and Patrick, who seem to have had it all but when Patrick is offered a job away from Bristol in Newcastle, and Caitlin is reluctant [...]

  9. Well, what a beautiful ending to an emotional, thought provoking and, at times, amusing story.Caitlin is married to Patrick and they have two children, 10 year old Joel and 4 year old Nancy Both are happy, outgoing children, but something changes in Nancy when Caitlin and Patrick hit a rough patch in their marriage and decide to separate Patrick had been offered a job miles away, Caitlin didn t want to move from the comfort of the home her Nana left to her, but Patrick goes anyway They feel like [...]

  10. Allt jag nskade r en sann feelgood med den r tta blandningen av varma fina gonblick och mer t r gt allvar Spr ket r fint, utan att bli verdrivet Det r mycket k nslor, men Lucy Dillon anv nder inga on diga ord, utan man f rst r mycket fr n personernas agerande Historien inneh ller s v l ljus som m rker och det gillar jag I synnerhet r jag f rtjust i slutet som r kta feelgood utan att vara sockers tt.Karakt rsteckningen r bra, s v l barn som vuxna som hundar framtr der med sin karakt r Det r m nga [...]

  11. I normally don t go for rom coms chick lits, whatever you like to call them but I saw this one was about selective mutism, I suffered from this all throughout primary school from half way through primary 1 all the way to primary 7, I never once spoke to my class mates my mother had it when she was a kid too, so of course I wanted to read it I ve never heard the topic come up before in fiction I was excited to see that it was being written about Hold onto your butts, amma bout to rant my ass off. [...]

  12. Book reviews on snazzybooks I haven t read any other Lucy Dillon books before, but All I Ever Wanted really impressed me It was everything I wanted it to be sweet, emotional, funny, realistic and SO well written.The characters all really struck a chord with me I loved both Eva and Caitlin in their own ways they re very different but have a lot in common too, and I really liked how they felt like real people to me The kids were lovely too Joel seems so sweet and I really enjoyed reading about him [...]

  13. Great tale of a family in crisis The cherry on top is the characterisation of the Pugs, Bumble and Bee, who bring warmth and humour to what is potentially a much difficult story Loved the kids too strong Joel and Fancy Nancy But the pugs steal the show A special mention to Eva, who is much important than you initially thinkA good enjoyable and humorous read.

  14. Bis das Gl ck uns findet ist ein wunderbarer Roman, der verdeutlicht wie wichtig die Familie doch ist Anfangs war ich etwas eingesch chtert von der Gr e des Buches, aber es war genau die richtige L nge f r diese Geschichte Der Leser bekommt die verschiedenen Perspektiven von Eva und Caitlin und zu Beginn auch von Nancy serviert Beide Frauen, auch wenn sie unterschiedlich in ihrer Lebenweise und Vorlieben sind, sind sich sehr hnlich Eva, die verwitwet ist und damit k mpft ihr Leben weiterzuleben [...]

  15. Omslaget till Allt jag nskade r bed rande Det motsvarar den fina relationen som skildras i boken mellan fyra riga Nancy och mopsen Bumble.Boken b rjar med flera missf rst nd som eskalerar och leder till att Caitlin och Patrick efter tio rs ktenskap best mmer sig f r att bo p skilda h ll Nancy och hennes storebror Joel bor med Caitlin, eftersom Patrick arbetar s mycket och dessutom v ljer att byta arbetsplats till en ort p f r l ngt avst nd fr n barnens skolor Men n r Patrick flyttar slutar Nancy [...]

  16. The day I picked up lost dogs and lonely hearts I knew my reading life had drastically become much better Lucy Dillon is the most amazing author, she takes you on this journey that s a real life situation with just a touch of magic All I ever wanted was no different Of course it was set in Longhampton with the return of one of my favourites Anna.This book struck the biggest cord with me because having a family is one of the most important things to me Having kids and dogs running through the hou [...]

  17. ktenskapet knakar i fogarna och Caitlins sj lvk nsla r i botten Den enda l sningen verkar vara att separera Men n r pappa flyttar hemifr n slutar deras fyra riga dotter Nancy att prata Deras solstr le som alltid brukade hoppa, skutta och babbla oavbrutet r helt f r ndrad Nancys faster Eva r nka och bor ensam i en stor herrg rd N r Eva g r med p att l ta Nancy och hennes bror komma och bos hos henne ett par g nger i m naden, s f r ndras tillvaron f r alla.Jag r svag f r denna typ av b cker som Lu [...]

  18. Betyg 4 av 5 Det h r r den sjunde boken skriven av den engelska feelgood f rfattaren Lucy Dillon, och den tredje som jag l ser av henne Tidigare s har jag l st Tango f r vilsna sj lar och N r livet b rjar om Tyckte mycket om dom b da tv Och jag tyckte ven om den h r boken, Allt jag nskade Ungef r som tidigare, eller kanske till och med nnu n got b ttre Boken r v lskriven, f ngslande, ber rande, l ttl st, gripande, sm rolig, snabbl st, och ganska s f ruts gbar Rekommenderar den absolut till alla [...]

  19. Jag s g verkligen fram emot Allt jag nskade fr n Dillon de gladde mig n r den dessutom l stes upp av Anne Mari K ll men jag vet inte jag l ste lyssnade ut den men den engagerade mig inte St rre delen av boken irriterade jag mig p Caitlin s naiva gn lliga inst llning till det mesta Eva f ljde d remot m v rme nyfikenhet det var tack vare henne som boken fick en trea trots allt Mysig bok men l ngt ifr n en av Dillons b sta.

  20. Hun er den bedste forfatter overhovedet Hun skaber ro, varme og en tro p det gode i verden og i mennesket Man bliver ikke klogere, mere politisk bevidst eller udsat for stor litteratur men et udfordrende sprog men stemningen og persongalleriet er s trygt og smukt at det er en lease for sj len Igen de allerbedste anbefalinger af lucy dillon.

  21. Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers for this copy.We meet Caitlin and Patrick a not so happily married couple on the verge of separation Patrick is offered a new job in Newcastle, whereas Caitlin wants her and their two children to say in Bristol In mediation, trying to find a solution for Patrick having contact with his children, it s agreed that he has his children, Joel and Nancy, every other weekend at his sister, Eva s house Eva is recently widowed from her film star husband, and now [...]

  22. I had never read any of Lucy Dillon s work before I picked this one up and I ll be sure to read of her books now I certainly went though a lot of emotions whilst reading this book It is a calming story about a family going through a rough patch in their lives.At first I thought this story would follow Caitlin and Patrick s life but it is through Caitlin that we learn about Eva, who is Patrick s older sister This was an unexpected bonus for me This really made the story complex and interesting [...]

  23. All I Ever Wanted isn t the usual type of book I read, and there were some aspects I enjoyed, and some I didn t.The book isn t a straight out romance, but what you d probably call a heartwarming and uplifting women s fic I don t usually read this genre because I m not keen on hackneyed characters and situations where everyone is perfect Luckily, All I Ever Wanted wasn t completely cheesy.We follow the lives of Eva and her sister in law, Caitlin Caitlin and Eva s brother, Patrick, are having mari [...]

  24. Da mir die bisherigen Roman der Autorin sehr gefallen haben, war ich auf diesen auch sehr gespannt Wie in ihren vorherigen Roman l sst die Autorin auch in diesem Roman wieder Hunde f r einen liebreizenden Charme sorgen Dies funktioniert auch in diesem Roman gut Jedoch braucht man eine Weile, um so recht in die Handlung reinzukommen, da die erwachsenden Hauptfiguren auf den ersten Blick nicht so ganz berzeugend sind Jedoch machen die lebhaften Kinder Hunde dies wieder wett.Dieser Roman handelt vo [...]

  25. I really loved this gorgeous novel about a family in crisis, struggling to come to terms with what happens to a family when their marriage collapses and two young children struggle to accept what has happened to their once happy family It is a bitter sweet novel but also redemptive The characters are beautifully portrayed and the storytelling is warm, full of compassion and quite wonderful.Patrick and Caitlin were once so happy but recently the stresses of modern life begin to take their toll W [...]

  26. Lucy Dillon has long been a favourite author of mine so I was really looking forward to her new book I wasn t disappointed A heart warming tale of a family going through a difficult time, and of a little girl who suddenly stops speaking There are sad moments and funny moments All the characters are so likeable including pugs Bumble and Bee and it is so lovely when Nancy begins to communicate again talking to the dogs Dad Patrick is a bit of a control freak, mum Caitlin needs space and the comfor [...]

  27. Caitlin s marriage to Patrick is in trouble He works long hours and she feels he doesn t understand what she wants any When he gets offered a job in Newcastle he sees it as a new start for Caitlin and their children, Joel and Nancy but Caitlin doesn t want to leave her house in Bristol where she lived with her Gran Their decision to separate has tragic consequences for four year old Nancy who turns from a vivacious singing dancing little girl in to a shy little girl who stops talking The childre [...]

  28. Once again a really sweet and heartwarming book by Lucy Dillon I just love how she writes something so easy to read, that manages to leave you with a warm glow, but somehow manages to put in all sorts of difficulties for the characters and thereby add much depth than a lot of other chick lit.Her books aren t the laugh out loud sort of book, but they make you think and reconsider some of your own life s choices and yet it s not like a Nicholas Sparks book that at leaves you sad and your packet o [...]

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