Chasing Shadows (2022)

↠ Chasing Shadows ↠ Tom DeLonge A.J. Hartley Paul Costanzo - Chasing Shadows, Chasing Shadows Chasing Shadows is the first book in the multimedia Sekret Machines franchise that will reveal fascinating secrets surrounding the true well documented events of Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Writte ↠ Chasing Shadows ↠ Tom DeLonge A.J. Hartley Paul Costanzo - Chasing Shadows, Chasing Shadows Chasing Shadows is the first book in the multimedia Sekret Machines franchise that will reveal fascinating secrets surrounding the true well documented events of Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Writte
  • Title: Chasing Shadows
  • Author: Tom DeLonge A.J. Hartley Paul Costanzo
  • ISBN: 9781943272150
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Hardcover
Chasing Shadows
↠ Chasing Shadows ↠ Tom DeLonge A.J. Hartley Paul Costanzo, Chasing Shadows, Tom DeLonge A.J. Hartley Paul Costanzo, Chasing Shadows Chasing Shadows is the first book in the multimedia Sekret Machines franchise that will reveal fascinating secrets surrounding the true well documented events of Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Written by award winning creator Tom DeLonge and academic AJ Hartley in a powerful collaboration with top government advisors that keep the truth on course in this historical thriChasing Sha
  • ↠ Chasing Shadows ↠ Tom DeLonge A.J. Hartley Paul Costanzo
    197 Tom DeLonge A.J. Hartley Paul Costanzo
Chasing Shadows

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  1. Sign this and I ll show you I got an advanced readers s copy of the book from To The Stars There was a lot of hype around this project so I could not miss the opportunity to get an early access My expectations were pretty high but I was not disappointed Book totally lived up to them It s a thriller about the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena and the covert world of secrets and conflicts most of the people are not aware of While being written as fiction, the story is based on real life events gleaned [...]

  2. part Tom Clancy, part xfiles, this is a long novel very densely packed with plotting and characterization the pacing is well done making it seem like a shorter book and the ending is, pardon the cliche action packed also titles to come yay

  3. I ordered one of the 100 advanced readers copies from the publisher and thoroughly enjoyed it It s essentially an adult thriller about the development of unidentified aerial phenomena and how it s overseen and kept secret by governments and financial institutions throughout history This book particularly focuses on WWII up to the present day It s not a book about alien abductions or a crazy drunk dude seeing lights in the sky as people might assume it s about the reality of advanced technology a [...]

  4. Disclaimer I am a believer A believer that alien life exists and they have been visiting Earth as long as humanity has existed.Where to begin on this one As I was listening to the excellent narration by Paul Castanzo, I kept thinking is this fiction or non fiction I came to the conclusion that it was categorized in my mind as historical fiction Then I got to the Afterword and there it was officially stated that, It is a project that involves science and history, politics and religion, fiction an [...]

  5. 1939, Krakow, Poland The Nazi s had rounded up Jerzy Aaron Stern son brother , mama, papa, Ishmael son brother.The parents were soon gassed burned to death 12 1944, Wenceslas, Poland Jerzy Ishmael were stuck working at Wenceslas mines Ishmael was shot killed by the tower guards for trying to escape with his brother Jerzy had somehow managed to escape Going from village village he soon met up with Mrs Olga Habernicht His journey several near death adventures continued In 1945, Jerzy later immigra [...]

  6. This book is part of Dennis Lehane and part X Files all rolled into one If you re a believer you ll see the mad genius behind this book, and if you re not a believer alien technology has crashed earth and secret government agencies have been reverse engineering it for decades you might just start to change your mind I love that the fictionalized parts of this book are the mundane pieces like the names and places of the characters The true parts are the most jaw dropping.

  7. There are no words for the absurd amazingness of this book All I can say is that I will be impatiently waiting for the next installment Thank you to Tom Delonge, for taking a chance on your dreams You have brought us all on an extraordinary journey

  8. Action packed Fast paced Kept you wanting I liked how they wove facts into fiction and vice versa Looking forward to the next instalment.

  9. If you ve ever wondered if the government lies to its citizens, or if advanced technology exists, or if other life is out there, then you should probably read this book My husband recommended this book to me and even though I m not a big sci fi fan and I disliked Tom Delonge s other book, Poet Anderson, I decided to give this one a try And holy moly, I m sure glad I did The main author, AJ Hartley, is an incredible writer and I was very impressed that he could flawlessly weave so many different [...]

  10. As a young boy having heard of how my own Grandmother and her teenaged daughter and son, saw an unexplainable craft of some type from their rural home in a remote part of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, I was hooked into a life of passionate research trying to understand what exactly what they saw She didn t like to talk about it much as there was no reason to disrupt the world and belief systems she had grown to be comfortable with So I have read all the fascinating books on the topic, from Co [...]

  11. This book would would probably ideally be enjoyed by someone that firmly believes in alien conspiracy, the true and unwavering talent of Tom Delonge, appreciates obvious plot and is probably not that intelligent It s also unfortunate the audio book is not narrated by Tom himself, would which definitely make for a entertaining listen.

  12. After our character, Jennifer, ruminates about a Breakaway Civilization than half way through this novel, I was pretty sure the authors were familiar with the work of Richard Dolan After all, he coined the term in reference to this subject matter But what was even clear a quarter of the way in was that Tom Delonge and A.J Hartley are on the same trail with this phenomena as W.A Harbinson was decades ago Except, by the end, we get a twist I didn t see coming which made this novel all the enjoy [...]

  13. The book is supposedly based on actual events and other true stories, but is this marketing to drive interest in the series or is it fact Expect the beginning to be slow and the rest of the book to be interesting My only disappointment was that, once again, our problems started with the Nazis This seems pass and would be believable if others were responsible for our troubles.

  14. I picked up this book because I like Tom DeLonge s music and appreciate his collaborative style in creating a multimedia experience for readers, and I was engaged with this book from the start I am not one to normally ready a sort of science fiction, action book, but once I started I could not put it down I raced through this book to find out how all these characters came together and it sparked an interested to go back in history to find out what events actually may have happened I also cannot [...]

  15. I can t wait for the next book in this series It s a big book, 680 pages, but it s so action packed that the pages just fly by

  16. This book doesn t seem sure what it wants to be Somewhat grounded sci fi thriller Conspiracy theory fanfic Screed against the US government intelligence complex and a world hijacked by shady special interests I really enjoyed the beginning of this book It s setup as a loosely based on reality piece of fiction, that through mixing truth and fiction tells a hidden truth The writing style is somewhat dry, but that actually serves to enhance the idea that this is almost a historical account despite [...]

  17. This isn t a bad thriller It s not a great one, but it s not bad As for the claim that it s based on reality, that Tom Delonge is privy to secrets the rest of us are not, well it is to laugh The story presented reeks of disinformation It s the same story that s been fed to the public by people like Richard Doty a story to lead the gullible away from something Or likely, some things.Every wackadoodle UFO conspiracy is in here Die Glocke Operation Paperclip which was a real thing, but not nearly [...]

  18. Very interestinglooking forward to the next book This was a well written Sci Fi story that purports to point to a much larger reality, it weaves fictional characters and events with real characters and events As fiction I enjoyed it, couldn t wait to get to it at my every spare moment As a primer to the larger reality, I am open to it I see what he is doing and what his point is and the fact that he has that SRI scientist with him, Dr Hal Puthoff, gives a lot of weight to his efforts in my view. [...]

  19. Given the subject matter I had expected something trashy with a poor, clich packed style But it was engaging and entertaining, maintaining my willing suspension of disbelief most of the time Works well if you want a break from heavier literary writing and have a taste for the fortean The narration on this audiobook version was very good with the minor complaint that pronunciation of non English words was occasionally jarringly wrong.

  20. Despite how one might feel about Tom and or his recent undertakings, this is a very entertaining book It wasn t completely unpredictable, but there never seemed to be any yawnspace I figure Tom Delonge was the idea man while AJ Hartley was the penman, which seems to be an excellent marriage from which to birth this storyline Like any good series debut, I am left with questions, but one in particular I can t shake when s the movie coming out

  21. Pretty entertainingIt s honestly the first book I ve read in a long time I found it pretty well written and mostly entertaining considering it being the first entry into supposedly a series of books I look forward to the next chapter and do plan on reading whatever they come up with next.

  22. Great storyA great story and I can t wait for the next instalment Fiction Or fact Who knows which one it is

  23. Regardless if the underlying stories, technologies described, and potential advancements are based on fact, this was a great fiction novel.

  24. Exhilarating Absolutely fascinating work I m gonna be dissecting this book and trying to figure out what s fact and fiction Can t wait for the second book

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