Deadly Little Secret (2022)

Unlimited Deadly Little Secret - by Laurie Faria Stolarz - Deadly Little Secret, Deadly Little Secret Some secrets shouldn t be keptUp until three months ago everything in sixteen year old Camelia s life had been fairly ordinary decent grades an okay relationship with her parents and a pretty cool pa Unlimited Deadly Little Secret - by Laurie Faria Stolarz - Deadly Little Secret, Deadly Little Secret Some secrets shouldn t be keptUp until three months ago everything in sixteen year old Camelia s life had been fairly ordinary decent grades an okay relationship with her parents and a pretty cool pa
  • Title: Deadly Little Secret
  • Author: Laurie Faria Stolarz
  • ISBN: 9781423111443
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Hardcover
Deadly Little Secret
Unlimited Deadly Little Secret - by Laurie Faria Stolarz, Deadly Little Secret, Laurie Faria Stolarz, Deadly Little Secret Some secrets shouldn t be keptUp until three months ago everything in sixteen year old Camelia s life had been fairly ordinary decent grades an okay relationship with her parents and a pretty cool part time job at the art studio downtown But when Ben the mysterious new guy starts junior year at her high school Camelia s life becomes anything but ordinary RudSome secrets sh
  • Unlimited Deadly Little Secret - by Laurie Faria Stolarz
    135 Laurie Faria Stolarz
Deadly Little Secret

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  1. Two stars might be just a little too generous, but that s me, all heart At the beginning of the summer, Camelia almost got hit by a car, but a mysterious boy pushed her out of the way and then disappeared without a trace Camellia spent three months wondering about the boy, wanting to thank him for saving her life When the new school year started, he was suddenly there, but so were the rumors that he killed his girlfriend and was exonerated due to lack of evidence What s worse, when Camelia tried [...]

  2. Spoiler ish So the beginning half of this was way too reminescent of Twilight How you say well1 It starts off with a near death accident involving a car2 guess who comes in to save our girl Camelia You got it, our creepy guy Ben that she has never met until that moment3 The have a science lab class together, where Ben acts as if Camelia is repulsvie.4 Everyone at school thinks Ben is creepy and Camelia shouldn t be hanging around him5 Ben has a secret but he tells Camelia after about 3 days of s [...]

  3. 2.5 5 stars.When I read about this book I thought it genuinely sounded unique and interesting I do still feel it was a unique story, but I still felt a bit disappointed by it The story didn t have much going on at all What was there flowed quickly and the whole book was read in a few hours so that was one good thing.Camelia meets Ben when he saves her life This part and the whole scene as partners at school felt a bit too TwilightishThere were quite a few similarities in the plot as well that I [...]

  4. Reviewed by May A for TeensReadTooThree months ago, Camelia s life was saved by a mysterious boy She doesn t see him again, until the first day of her junior year His name is Ben Carter and everybody in school claims that he killed his girlfriend Camelia doesn t know who or what to believe, but she does know one thing she is irresistibly drawn to him and his touch But shortly after Ben s sudden appearance in her life, Camelia begins receiving chilling phone calls, various packages, and strange n [...]

  5. To be fair, my 2 star review comes from the viewpoint of an adult reading a novel meant for kids in their early teens My 12 year old self would have loved Deadly Little Secret and given it at least 4 stars What I didn t enjoy about this book was the lack of depth I kept feeling that I was reading a book that really wants to be a made for tv movie It has a lot of dialouge while it is interesting and keeps the book moving, there is nothing behind it Camila is not very reflective, and we don t know [...]

  6. Deadly Little Secret surpassed my expectations It was suspenful, thrilling, and intriguing all in one book From the cover you get the impression of ghost, mystery, and a combination between paranormal and romantic Which, is all this book is about I am so happy I read it One gloomy day as Camelia walked, something unexpected happened, she almost got run over by a car, a mysterious guy reached out and saved her life She felt his touch and it thrilled he she felt it all over her body, even though h [...]

  7. So smug I guessed the stalker hehe Feel like Nancy Drew DAt first I had a lot of suspects but then I finally limited them down to one and I was right She just won t listen And so I ve started a plan I just hope she appreciates all my efforts all my work to make her happy Once and for all God he s crazy This book was making me crazy, I needed to find out who it was and therefore I could not put this down.She was out in front of school this morning, looking for attention Like a total slut.The fron [...]

  8. Camelia Hammond is starting her last year of school, but instead of looking forward she can t help but look back, to three months ago at the end of the last school year when her life was saved by a beautiful boy who then disappeared She still tingles from where he touched her.Yet when, on the first day of school, she sees him, Ben Carter, the new boy with a bad reputation and an even darker history, he pretends he doesn t recognise her and insists he never saved her life He avoids her until one [...]

  9. This is definitely a suspense novel and it totally delivers on that front I actually don t gravitate toward this genre but I am and as of late For the most part I m pretty bad at reading them cause I just can t take it I ll flip to the end and see the outcome like a naughty reader, but I forced myself not to do it this time I m glad I did because it would have ruined the story.Camelia is a normal girl for the most part, but an event happens that changes everything A guy named Ben saves her fro [...]

  10. Camelia sounds like Chameleon almost died three months ago, when she bent down to pick up her earring in the parking lot and nearly got hit by a car Before she knew what was happening, a mysterious hot guy had shoved her out of the way, saving her life, before running off when she tried to thank him.She is, of course, determined to find out about Ben, the mystery guy But when she confronts him in the hall and tries to thank him, he pretends he doesn t know what she s talking about.Camelia s che [...]

  11. So I absolutely love Laurie faria stolarz She is an amazing writer and is my favorite author This book I read in a total of like 4 hours I seriously was to enthralled to put it down I definitely didn t see the end coming this is a must read Go to thebookhangovercast.wordpress for the full review

  12. This was an awesome book I really liked this book It had me guessing every little thing, putting everyone as suspects I thought this was a really cool read I am really ready to reach onto the next book to see what holds The role that Ben plays is unique, I would not have guessed that would be the issue of what was going on until later CameliaCamelia was a strong character It s nice to know there a few people who don t care about what others think and what they think of others She was really brav [...]

  13. DNF %12 Este libro fue como Primer cap tuloAh, interesante Esta seguro que desea borrar este archivo Si, segurisima

  14. Originally posted The YA Bookwormi have seen a lot of reviews that this one is very twilight ish, i didn t believe it cause does the title Deadly Little Secret sound twilight in the making to you i don t think so.but then this is the first scene of the bookthe very famous car saving scene in twilight, so i was still in denial that this one is twilight in the making kind of book but then the resemblance are piling up like camelia and ben became LAB PARTNERS and Ben has this cold touchanother one [...]

  15. So sixteen year old Camelia feels a little like an old lady She likes things planned out and organized and she doesn t go out much except to work where she creates pottery This all changes when she meets Ben Ben is a new transfer student with a history He was a suspect in his ex girlfriend s murder and even though he wasn t convicted, in most people s eyes he s good as guilty He gets harassed at school and no one makes friends with him except Camelia They ve met before when Ben saved Camelia s l [...]

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  17. For me this book was about 2.5 stars I wasn t extremely excited that the first half of the book was so much like twilight I know authors are inspired by books but they should make it their own and the first half was very similar to similar.I also didn t like when Camelia s best friends, Kimmie and Wes, were in the dialog They were very immature and annoying Wes didn t have a male s point of view and Kimmie sounded like a ten year old I also didn t understand how every guy that Camelia talked to [...]

  18. 2.5 stars I felt rather irritated with the main character throughout this book The beginning starts in a Twilightesque scenario where she is saved from being hit by a car when the new guy in school pushes her out of the way As she is lying there, he touches her stomach for some strange reason, and what with the weird moment of touching and his saving her life, she is drawn to him despite the rumors floating around school that he killed his girlfriend At the same time, Camelia begins to get odd t [...]

  19. Good concept, awful writing style First of all, the one liners are awful The first 50 pages were like a stupid disney sitcom and I was cringing the whole time Next, there s the fact that this whole thing is a wannabe Twilight The guy is like a sad, annoying version of Edward and the girl is just dumb Then theres the instalove ohmygodddd He walks in the room and I know I m in love with him Literally they re in love within two seconds and she acts as if its the biggest deal in the world when he le [...]

  20. Ok, so I picked up this book because I am going to get to the meet the author and I wanted to make sure I had read at least one of the books she wrote I wasn t sure what to expect at all I didn t know if I would like to story line, and boy was I pleasantly surprised Blurb from Until three months ago, everything about sixteen year old Camelia s life had been fairly ordinary decent grades an okay relationship with her parents and a pretty cool part time job at an art studio downtown But when Ben, [...]

  21. This review does have some unmarked spoilers, but these are about general events and do no concern the conclusion of the mystery First the heroine was in a near fatal car crash, saved only by a mysterious gorgeous stranger who quickly vanished Then, said brooding stranger became her reluctant lab partner, who refused to speak to her Then there were long conversations about how the young couple s extraordinary chemistry might cause the hero to lose control, resulting in her tragic death.Wow I did [...]

  22. The Deadly Little Series is a string of novels following the life of sixteen year old Camelia who falls in love with the mysterious Ben, despite rumors of him being responsible for his girlfriend s death As the story advances, Camelia learns the reason for his strange behavior, and what really happened that fateful day at the cliff Ben is gifted with a supernatural power, psychometry, the power to see things through touch or interaction with a person or object When Camelia is targeted by a terri [...]

  23. Die hard fans of Laurie Faria Stolarz, Twilight, Ever, who can t get enough of their favorite characters and stories will likely enjoy this first book in Stolarz s TOUCH series.I wanted to like Deadly Little Secret I liked Stolarz s Blue is for Nightmares series, even when it switched to graphic novel format with Black is for Beginnings But, I couldn t help but feel like I had read Deadly Little Secret before The characters are straight out of the Blue is for Nightmares series girl, ex boyfriend [...]

  24. Dnf it I am sure this is snark worthy but someone else can do it Unless someone bribes me with chocolate LolEdit Sony bribed me with chocolate, so here I go again LolEdit review to come.Edit Disclaimer Snark and gifsThe fact that the beginning of this book was literally like Twilight made me rage.The one positive thing I can say is that the stalking was not romanticized.If someone is stalking you Please Call The Fucking Cops.The characters were two dimensional and lacking substance.I hated this [...]

  25. Until three months ago, Camelia s life has been pretty ordinary two best friends, an okay relationship with her parents, a cool job at the pottery store downtown But when she s saved by a mysterious boy who leaves without a name or explanation, all she wants is to see him again for some closure, to say thanks She actually does see him again Ben Carter, who, rumor has it, murdered his ex girlfriend He becomes the scapegoat to everyone but Camelia, even when her friends tell her to be careful When [...]

  26. From what I m reading, I was not the only one who though this was eerily similar to Twilight Handsome stranger magically appears just in time to save your life Drawn to his touch and his odd colored eyes He insists that he s too much of a danger to you and needs to stay away Yup, I think I ve heard it before.However, I really did enjoy Deadly Little Secrets I ve never been one for suspense novels, but I was very intrigued by this one The passages written by Camelia s stalker had me shivering it [...]

  27. Never ever read this if you re alone or you re easily creeped out This book hold the record for scarying me out of my wits while reading it I was reading it at my dorm alone and I can tell you that, that is very conducive for hyper brain activity The only time that I could relax was when my dormmates were there It s not a ghost story It s like Pretty Little Liars but creepier For me it s new It s not about vampires, fairies, or sorcerers The only reason I gave it a 4 star is because it really s [...]

  28. This was my first time reading a Laurie Stolarz novel and I m excited about the 2nd book titled Deadly Little Lies which is due out November 2009 It s full of suspense and it kept me guessing throughout the book This was a real page turner and I ended up reading this book in one sitting I love Laurie s writing style and I can t wait to read of her books She has a series called Blue is for Nightmares that I can t wait to start reading.

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