Hana-Kimi, Vol. 2 (2022)

✓ Hana-Kimi, Vol. 2 Ó Hisaya Nakajo David Ury - Hana-Kimi, Vol. 2, Hana Kimi Vol PERSONAL BESTHigh jump champion Izumi Sano has realized that his slender new roommate Mizuki is a girl but he s decided to keep her secret so she doesn t get kicked out of their all boys high school ✓ Hana-Kimi, Vol. 2 Ó Hisaya Nakajo David Ury - Hana-Kimi, Vol. 2, Hana Kimi Vol PERSONAL BESTHigh jump champion Izumi Sano has realized that his slender new roommate Mizuki is a girl but he s decided to keep her secret so she doesn t get kicked out of their all boys high school
  • Title: Hana-Kimi, Vol. 2
  • Author: Hisaya Nakajo David Ury
  • ISBN: 9781591163985
  • Page: 446
  • Format: Paperback
Hana-Kimi, Vol. 2
✓ Hana-Kimi, Vol. 2 Ó Hisaya Nakajo David Ury, Hana-Kimi, Vol. 2, Hisaya Nakajo David Ury, Hana Kimi Vol PERSONAL BESTHigh jump champion Izumi Sano has realized that his slender new roommate Mizuki is a girl but he s decided to keep her secret so she doesn t get kicked out of their all boys high school Now they re becoming good friends without worrying about guy or girl stuff or so Mizuki thought until Izumi kissed her one night Before Mizuki has time to freak out PERSONAL BESTHig
  • ✓ Hana-Kimi, Vol. 2 Ó Hisaya Nakajo David Ury
    446 Hisaya Nakajo David Ury
Hana-Kimi, Vol. 2

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  1. Re read The art has already improved argh Sano under the shower and the story is less messy than in the 1st volume Mizuki cried several times and, of course, my eyes were watering, it s really a story I m always involved in even after than 5 re reads Sano did great and was drunk, ahem and really started building links with Mizuki The scenes between the brother and the doctor were very funny, adding an humorous touch to the most heavy part A good sequel, with plenty of feelings.

  2. I m finding this series a bit hard to follow so far I m not the best manga reader, but I m looking at a pretty high confused following ratio for so early in the series Maybe it ll get better as I become familiar with the characters, the writer, etc.

  3. This manga is a bit hard to follow for me I m going to read Volume 3, but after that I probably won t continue on with the series.

  4. La fandom que llevo dentro quiere ponerle un 3 m nimo, pero no puedo darle esa nota a un manga que bromea sobre la homofobia Me parece que la intenci n no es mala, pero hay algunas bromas que est n fuera de lugar.

  5. I returned to Japan a few months ago meet my idol, high jump athlete Izumi Sano I enrolled in Sano s school A boy s school Disguised as a guy And yet there s an all girl s school across from the one Sano attendsGood volume but I m hoping to see something actually happen in terms of plot.Welp, it s shojo So, stalker Mizuki has infiltrated the harem paradise but turns out she s a terrible stalker She had no idea that her idol quit high jumping And yet she makes it seem like he s some god to her.Ho [...]

  6. Review posted 8 9 2011 at Owl Tell You About It.Okay, officially love this manga It s so cute and funny I love Miyuki She s sweet, but she also stands up for Sano She believes in him so much that she even gives him the strength to overcome his injury He has a psychological block now that he s physically healed, but Miyuki s faith in him drives him never to give up It s so sweet.Of course, there s some of the normal female obliviousness in this series Sano knows that Miyuki is a girl He keeps con [...]

  7. I m mostly reading these because I actually enjoyed the Television Series all three of them The manga is, of course, the original but it s not quite as dynamic as the series were There are pros and cons to both, I suppose I think perhaps I should have read the manga first However, I typically dislike Shoujo and Harem manga, so I still feel that I m breaking new ground for myself by reading them in the first place If anything, the antics are amusing and since there are so many different character [...]

  8. It s getting easier to distinguish the characters, though I m not sure if that s because I m getting used to them or if the art s getting better And while I didn t like some of the plots quite as much in this volume, I m still loving the characters.Second time reading Definitely still enjoyable This time, it wasn t so much that I didn t like the plots, but rather that I just got tired of them Kagurazaka just got kind of old, and I got tired of all the taunts and jokes about the high jump and ev [...]

  9. I adore this manga, it s so funny, and so cute I love the fact that Sano knows Mizuki is a girl, but neither knows the other suspects each other, and they re living in a room together both pretending that she s a boy, while both knowing different it s so delightfully awkward I also love that Mizuki s brother is the typical idiotic American I always have to laugh at Japanese stereotypes of Americans, especially since most of it is true I m looking forward to the next volume, I can t even guess wh [...]

  10. Oh my god 1 I loooove this seriesss It s my favorite shoujo series and my second favorite manga series of ALL TIME I just love everything about it I would totally do what Mizuki did though I don t think I could get away with it especially not in a Japanese school _ WELL That s just not fair Anyway, It s sooooo funny AH It s all so great I can t contain the fan girl in me O I even loved the TV series Especially the Taiwanese one Ella and Jiro were hilarious

  11. Seems like I was biased in my first review because the story is not getting better, and while I fully enjoyed the first volume, several things in this one made me roll my eyes a couple of times First, Ashiya Mizuki cries too much Very whinny, but at the same time typical shoujo character she is optimistic.Second, Sano is getting too soft, a bit corny And Nakatsu and Minami have practical none scenes, which means less laughs.

  12. I still have trouble with the names but view spoiler THE DOCTOR KISSED MIZUKI S HOMOPHOBIC BROTHER hide spoiler That was the best part okay okay OKAY.And now I know the korean drama version of this manga only took the main idea of the story, because this is so different I loved this volume, and I m very very eager to read the next one

  13. The second installment in the series, and another fabulous romp Mikuzi is still causing confusion and angst in her male classmates, but only a select few know why I devoured this book, unable to pry myself away from the story I love this kind of manga and anime, so it was a nice end to the day Five stars

  14. I ve given up The art just isn t pretty enough for me, and I don t find the characters compelling enough to continue Except for Nakatsu, so if anyone reading this could enlighten me on what happens to him then please do so It seemed like such a cute manga too Such a shame I just couldn t get in to it Maybe I ll try again some day.

  15. MEH.I m trying to like this, but it s really not doing it for me I love me some gender bending, but this one falls kind of flat I just don t feel connected to any of the characters None of them stand out or are even interesting le sigh

  16. Mizuki goes to an all boys school to meet her high jump idol, Sano In volume 2, her brother comes and discovers her situation, threatening to take her home to America unless Sano can overcome an old injury and make a high jump Meanwhile, Mizuki gets into various funny situations.

  17. I DO NOT RATE MANGA DON T ASK ME WHY, I JUST DON T Better than the first I am in love with the characters, especially Izumi See, in every single adaptation they made him the ultimate asshole, but he s actually really sweet in the manga I m so happy I decided to read this

  18. Improves on volume 1 a lot, mostly because there is less focus on Sano s secret pain and on Sano as possibly the only sane person in his entire school Mizuki remains charming but bland in the way that all too many shojo heroines are I keep wishing she was Haruhi from Ouran.

  19. An awesome series with a bit of a cliche plot line girl dresses as boy and falls in love at all boy school The characters are very likeable however, and a good love triangle is setup Nice art as well I never finished it because it s a lonnng series and I could not afford them all.

  20. I love this story Ashiya and Sano are becoming good buddies and I wonder if he will ever tell her he knows she is really a girl I am farther along in the series and can t get enough The story line is great and the artwork is amazing.

  21. I can t remember if Mizuki s brother in the live action was her half so that was interesting revelation.

  22. good for people who enjoy romance i LOVE these series Its amazing but after book 10 you get annoyed at the characters.

  23. Mizuki s brother makes a surprise visit This was pretty good And the doctor was hilarious and random as usual.

  24. The story is less chaotic, but I m getting tired of some of stereotypes We ll see if the next one is any better.

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