Hana-Kimi, Vol. 4 (2022)

Ú Hana-Kimi, Vol. 4 ↠ Hisaya Nakajo David Ury - Hana-Kimi, Vol. 4, Hana Kimi Vol CLOTHES MAKE THE MANAll male Osaka High School is holding its annual war of the dorms and for the students there s no escape Unfortunately even though she d be happy to just compete in the mete Ú Hana-Kimi, Vol. 4 ↠ Hisaya Nakajo David Ury - Hana-Kimi, Vol. 4, Hana Kimi Vol CLOTHES MAKE THE MANAll male Osaka High School is holding its annual war of the dorms and for the students there s no escape Unfortunately even though she d be happy to just compete in the mete
  • Title: Hana-Kimi, Vol. 4
  • Author: Hisaya Nakajo David Ury
  • ISBN: 9781591164586
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Paperback
Hana-Kimi, Vol. 4
Ú Hana-Kimi, Vol. 4 ↠ Hisaya Nakajo David Ury, Hana-Kimi, Vol. 4, Hisaya Nakajo David Ury, Hana Kimi Vol CLOTHES MAKE THE MANAll male Osaka High School is holding its annual war of the dorms and for the students there s no escape Unfortunately even though she d be happy to just compete in the meter relay Mizuki is forced to enter the Cross Dressing Pageantd pretend to be a boy pretending to be a girl Worse still a rival dorm targets Mizuki as a threat to theirCLOTHES MAKE T
  • Ú Hana-Kimi, Vol. 4 ↠ Hisaya Nakajo David Ury
    282 Hisaya Nakajo David Ury
Hana-Kimi, Vol. 4

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  1. And now if anyone asks me where I learned the phrase little smut monger I can cheerfully point them to Hana Kimi Volume 4 _

  2. This is easily the weakest book in the series thus far It s mostly just a bunch of uninteresting school festival crap, as is thoroughly overdone in anime and manga rather often, all on the literary level of a bad sitcom I would have rated it two stars, but there is a shorter story in the back of the book called The Thirsty Moon in this translation, and it s good enough to justify the cover price all by itself a solid four star story On balance, I think that makes the fourth book in this series w [...]

  3. This book was quite a funny read I find it hilarous that the guys even have a cross dressing competition But there was one problem with this bookWhat s up with that end story At first, I thought Oh, neat, an extra little story to read and began reading through Then I started, as usual, getting really into my book It was all broken by one little line however I am your father WHUUUT Ok, so for those who read this little end story, you ll know what I mean by soap opera For those who haven t, don t [...]

  4. La autora empieza a profundizar en el pasado de ciertos personajes, y eso me gusta Adem s, muestra a chicos que no est n avergonzados de tener como hobby coser maquillar, sin que esto tenga que ver con su orientaci n sexual o sea visto como algo malo por sus compa eros.

  5. owltellyouaboutit 2012 03 05 hana kimi volume 4 This volume picked up pretty well with the dorm wars There were funny moments and cute moments and sort of serious moments The guys from the other dorms are pretty much terrorizing Nanba They ve also turned to dirty tricks to try and win Mizuki becomes nervous when Nanba makes her sign up for the beauty pageant I have to say, it was pretty amusing to see all the guys in her dorm dressed as girls Mizuki was a very adorable Alice And Izumi looks gorg [...]

  6. Hana Kimi s still awesome I m really surprised it s still holding my attention, but I love the characters and the new plots are still a lot of fun.This volume also includes the bonus story The Thirsty Moon , which is actually a bit of a disappointment.Second time reading Character groooooowth It always makes me happy, especially in shoujo manga I really love Mizuki and Sano and Nakatsu and all the background characters whose names I don t know I love them all And I love the messes they get into. [...]

  7. The one thing I m seeing as I re read through these is that there are some extra one offs at the ends of some of them I don t really mind them, but the artist s style is so similar sometimes it s hard to tell I m reading a completely different story.And as much as I love Hana Kimi, I m getting pretty tired of the back and forth Sano hates me Why s Sano angry at me Yay Sano s not mad at me OMG Sano s mad at me again I m going to die Despite that, still 4 stars.

  8. This was a fun volume all about the school festival It looks like we re slowly starting to see Ashiya and Sano admit their feelings for each other However the one shot, The Thirsty Moon, was a new level of messed up Super melodramatic with a Flowers in the Attic love theme So far I haven t particularly liked any of the one shots at the end They all seem to have some level of incest and a whole lot of insta love which leads to sex and then abandonment in some form or another.

  9. WHY IS MIZUKI SO INNOCENT I CAN T BELIEVE IT Seriously, she can t realize when someone has bad intentions I don t like that about her, but her character has always been like that, plus she s very happy and optimistic about everything, so it s cool I STILL WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT NAKATSU.I m a bit confused about how the festival works and stuff, but I get the basics, I guess Also all of the boys from the other dorms are complete mean retards and I dislike most of them.

  10. I binge read all of Hana Kimi It s easy to see why that is so easy once you get into the second chapter of the series Hana Kimi is filled with complex character moments, tension, and fun All the characters come to life and its hard to put the story down I ve read my fair share of manga over the years and will continue to I have the feeling that Hana Kimi will remain one of my favorites I can t wait to get in a reread.

  11. Five stars for the actual story, but the creepy little side story at the end was kind of a o_o moment Still enjoying this series, picked up the next five after this one in Canberra on boxing day These will be the books that end the year for me, and finish my challenge Still loving the cute little triangles, but some of the characters are running through my head as a different name and face and it s getting a little confusing All these pretty boys

  12. Oh my god 1 I loooove this seriesss It s my favorite shoujo series and my second favorite manga series of ALL TIME I just love everything about it I would totally do what Mizuki did though I don t think I could get away with it especially not in a Japanese school _ WELL That s just not fair Anyway, It s sooooo funny AH It s all so great I can t contain the fan girl in me O I even loved the TV series Especially the Taiwanese one Ella and Jiro were hilarious

  13. This series just gets cuter and cuter I almost can t stand it This volume introduces the school festival and the competition between the dorms begins but it also brings trouble I have to admit, all the little author notes throughout the manga are the best The author has a great sense of humor and it really shows through in these little sidebars.

  14. Meh, some development but it all feels like filler That oneshot though was awful Literally every cliche for the most melodrama drama ever was in there incest, revenge, angst, arranged marriage, woe is love interest, etc.

  15. An awesome series with a bit of a cliche plot line girl dresses as boy and falls in love at all boy school The characters are very likeable however, and a good love triangle is setup Nice art as well I never finished it because it s a lonnng series and I could not afford them all.

  16. This is one of those times when I get annoyed at the short story fillers at the end The main story I d give three stars or so, but the short story really ruined it Depressing, weird, and incesty No thanks.

  17. It was funny to read this because I remembered nothing It s the school festival and the guys were doing several competitions in sports and then they wore costumes Nothing really interesting and the bullying side was a bit annoying, but it was fun to see Sano being jealous.

  18. First book for BookTubeAThon down A book that you really want to read Honestly, I actually like the manga Sano than I do the drama Sano Just one thing that I miss about the drama is how much we actually get to see the side characters but I really enjoyed this book.

  19. I love the side story at the end of this volume which is why it s the only volume in the the series that I own

  20. In this volume we get some insights into the psychology of Minami and awkward moments between Mizuki, Izumi Nakatsu.

  21. I DO NOT RATE MANGA DON T ASK ME WHY, I JUST DON T The start of my favorite arc of the story And can we talk about Minami on the cover because I can t.

  22. The three dorms competes for 3 days in the school s festival Well, a lot of stuff happens in this one Good volume as usual.

  23. I m thinking I m beyond enjoying these stories that are based in high schools Just too simple of problems Not complex Lack of character depth Neh.

  24. I love this series but I m a sucker for tragedies and I loved the Thirsty Moon short story the best out of all Hisaya san s work

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