Tattoo (2022)

Tattoo Best Read || [Jennifer Lynn Barnes] - Tattoo, Tattoo Bailey Morgan isn t the type of girl who shows a lot of skin but somehow she ends up in a dressing room at the mall with her friend Delia applying a temporary tattoo to her lower back Never one to s Tattoo Best Read || [Jennifer Lynn Barnes] - Tattoo, Tattoo Bailey Morgan isn t the type of girl who shows a lot of skin but somehow she ends up in a dressing room at the mall with her friend Delia applying a temporary tattoo to her lower back Never one to s
  • Title: Tattoo
  • Author: Jennifer Lynn Barnes
  • ISBN: 9780385733472
  • Page: 216
  • Format: Paperback
Tattoo Best Read || [Jennifer Lynn Barnes], Tattoo, Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Tattoo Bailey Morgan isn t the type of girl who shows a lot of skin but somehow she ends up in a dressing room at the mall with her friend Delia applying a temporary tattoo to her lower back Never one to suffer fashion doubt trendsetter Delia knows exactly where she wants her own tattoo on her stomach right where her shirt ends can you say midriff Annabelle the quiet onBailey Morgan isn t the
  • Tattoo Best Read || [Jennifer Lynn Barnes]
    216 Jennifer Lynn Barnes

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  1. Wow.If I hadn t already read and liked the second book, Fate, there is no way I would have picked it up after reading this Tattoo wasn t awful, but the plot wasn t good enough this time to make me overlook the glaringly juvenile tone of the book It was also too short to flesh out any of the characters, so what you re left with is four stereotypes The Tough Girl, the Intellectual Girl, the Beautiful Girl, and the Ordinary Girlwho naturally can t really be ordinary, because she s secretly got ties [...]

  2. Barnes s Golden book about four friends who get special powers from their temporary tattoos has some fun moments, despite the far out premise Even 15 year old narrator Bailey acknowledges the surreal situation when she considers explaining what s going on to her mother An evil fairy princess who doubles as one of the three Fates is sucking out the souls of innocent people, and my friends and I have been imbued with the powers to stop her, but we only have the powers for like another twelve hours [...]

  3. When you read this book, you ll either love it or hate it, but you ll probably love it if you were a teenager or on the younger end The tone, writing, and voice of this book was very juvenile I know that since it s being told from the pov of the main protagonist I should allow for some leeway, and I did but there comes a point when you step past that boundary It quickly became obnoxious and grating Not to mention when Bailey came to some of her puzzle solving conclusions it s like Hello That wa [...]

  4. Tattoo is the first of a two part story It introduces four friends, Bailey the main character , Delia, Annabelle, and Zo Bailey narrates the story, for the most part, and we read the majority of the plot through her voice Delia is a fashion goddess, flirty and a cheerleader Annabelle is the quiet one of the group, practical and smart Zo is a tomboy and Bailey s other half One day at the mall, Bailey buys a set of 4 temporary tattoos there s to the story than that, but this is the extremely summ [...]

  5. My Thoughts This book was a fun quick read We start off by getting to know all the girls I will admit I had a hard time following at first Mainly because the girls seemed so much alike I had trouble keeping them straight We don t get too much detail surrounding each girl so I had to remember who was who Once the story unfolded though, it came together The girls became individuals They go and end up buying tattoos that are supposed to be temporary right before a big dance they are looking forward [...]

  6. I m just laughing at me and the books I put on my list when I was in high school sigh I also DNF this book The writing sucked so much I wanted to poke my eyeballs out Also the characters were all so cliche I gave up on this book probably 50 pages in Don t read it I gave it 1 star on.

  7. I started reading this book today and was able to finish it too since I m making up for the time that I ve been too busy on school and my desktop crashing plus the fact that my to read books are piled mountain high, but of course there is an exaggeration to that, just 270 books and counting So, I think I stumbled on this book on my first weeks of the second semester in my school and thought that this might be a cool story with somehow the likes of Melissa Marr s Wicked Lovely and somehow I was r [...]

  8. I picked this up after an increasingly common, depressing yet good YA novel that populate the genre I needed something that was light and not a complete waste of space I picked exceedingly well Not only that but it is also my first official faerie book and I really liked it The concept is fun, plonk a temporary tattoo on your skin and develop a telekinetic power The pace is speedy without sacrificing character development, meaningful without resorting to trite high school nonsense and hilarious [...]

  9. Four girls Four temporary tattoos Four magic temporary tattoos And a powerful evil being out to ruin the school dance Tattoo, for me, read like a less emotional Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants sprinkled with fairy dust Four friends the fashion forward one, the brilliant one, the tomboy, and the oh so average narrator decide on a whim to wear the pretty green swirly temporary tattoos given to them by a crazy lady in the mall to their school s dance But these tattoos give them powers Fashion gir [...]

  10. Bailey, Zo, Annabelle and Delia are the best of friends, despite their obvious personality differences They spend their days doing what most fifteen year old girls do, talking about school, boys and shopping Until one day, while shopping at the mall for the perfect nail polish color, I might add They stop and a strange cart and buy items of protection, and Bailey buys a set of tattoos that give the girls powers She of course, is descended from fairies, and somehow gets prophecies sent to her tha [...]

  11. Okay, so the setup is completely unbelievable And the plot is driven by sensibility than sense I still enjoyed the book because the four friends at its heart are so charming.Bailey, as viewpoint character, is kind of transparent i.e she s the most bland a compromise or middle of the road personality This is a good thing, though, because the friends need that central bridge to tie them together The others all complement each other through their differences The main thing the author has accomplis [...]

  12. Feels like the travelling pants as fairy induced world savers Hmm I ve almost reached the middle The four girls are very different from each other, That might be nice but maybe they are too obviously stereotypical The sensible genius professor s daughter , the cute and misbehaving tomboy motherless , the big breasted and confident girly girl mall addict and fashion expert and the normal girl next door narrator, unsure, secretly in love, fiercely loved by her friends The plot is not boring A gyps [...]

  13. Tattoo is the story of a group of friends that find themselves with temporary tattoos that change their lives The friends find themselves with some pretty interesting changes, setting people on fire, reading minds, seeing into the future and the ability to turn trash into fashion I almost forgot, Bailey also starts hearing voices proclaiming the coming of a great evil force They girls must save the world from being destroyed with their new found powers.I liked this book a lot The girls were well [...]

  14. You know a story is good when they can make a completely out there topic seem believable Tattoo did just that.While out shopping with her friends, Bailey happens upon four temporary tattoos that end up having strange powers While it sounds completely strange in a summary, I swear it becomes completely realistic Everything is well thought out and there really isnt anything that can be improved upon The writing is comical and most definitely in a teen s voice Most everything thay was said was some [...]

  15. Three teen friends spend an average day at the mall shopping and find this tiny shop with interesting fake tattoos But what might have been a typical teen scenario turns into an unwitting quest to right an ancient wrong BY applying the tattoos, the three friends inherit different powers that send them into another world It s a cute blend of girl friendship and girl power I think with a focus on the supernatural that is prevalent in so many books today, my teen readers will like this book So on t [...]

  16. This was too too slow for me Most of the time, if a book is interesting and I want to find out what is next I will take and read it everywhere Not this book I only read it at my lunch time which veries from 30 to a hour It is about 4 girls who save the world from becoming unbalanced between good and evil They get their powers from temporary tattoos, one has vision of the future, another can read minds, another can change objects into something else and the main one is apparently has a blood tie [...]

  17. Tattoo was a unique story Very unique I liked how the characters interacted with each other they were all close friends and knew each other well And also, the powers they got from the temporary tattoos were interesting.

  18. While this book wasn t as fantastic as others that Jennifer has written, it was still a great book I loved the mythology woven into it

  19. Tattoo by Jennifer Lynn Barnes features four friends on an adventure together Delia, Annabelle and Zo are friends with the main character, Bailey Bailey has a crush on Kane Lawson, which is portrayed honestly and in an awkwardly cute way We ve all had similar crush experiences The four friends are shopping at the mall and purchase fun accessories to match their personalities Bailey chooses temporary tattoos because she can t decide on anything else The tattoo set contains four temporary tattoos, [...]

  20. There was one point where I was saddened by the gullibility factor, view spoiler because Keiri could totally have been on Alecca s side and no one even stopped to think hey, maybe spilling our guys isn t the safest policy hide spoiler Also, view spoiler why was the seal at the school That seemed a bit much hide spoiler But otherwise, this book was a fun read I liked the friendship between the girls, and I liked the mythology mix in Not sure if I d offer it to my little middle schoolers, but defi [...]

  21. From mystical prophecy to cutting edge chokers, Tattoo is a great book for those who love magic and fairies things like that I thought the beginning was a great start, however it leaves you confused and puzzled, which is good if you like something that will make you want to read , but not in taste of those who want the facts completely in hand I loved the adventurous vibe each page, and there weren t too many clich s I felt like some of the dialogue, though may have been needed for some readers [...]

  22. Such a fun book, I think I may have found a new found love in JL Barnes writing, since it makes up for a perfect summer beach read and is totally worth giving a read between big intense or serious books.4 5 and this is the first in the series Such a fun filled, friendship centered, light fantasy read R

  23. Barnes s tale published when she was still a teen herself or in her v early 20s, iirc , still has an authentically teen feel although, is hanging out at the mall still a thing It s a light, fun urban fantasy romance with good female friendships and yetI was super not in the mood and I can t tell if it s me or the book.

  24. This book was an interesting one at most, but honestly, it was a bit cliche I felt like they defeated Sister Death way too easily Also, kinda unfair Bailey got to keep her powers and get Annabelle s

  25. I am a big JLB fan This was probably my least favorite of her books I thought it was alright, but I didn t love the basis the celtic magic I still liked the characters I could tell that this was one of her earlier books I think she is much stronger in the recent books.

  26. funny tale of coming of age with a twist Bailey learns she isn t just another teen with ordinary problems and she isn t crazy when she starts to hear voices interesting take on mythology and the teenage years

  27. I read somewhere that the second book was much better than the first book and at the time I kind of remembered the book being okay I decided to reread the book in preparation for reading the second book My memory must have been fuzzier than I thought it was because this book was not fun and the characters were very one dimensional.

  28. It s been a while since I virtually browsed the braille stacks at the National Library Service, and I figured the young adult section would have something that elicits a smile something fun and light.It was author name recognition that initially drew me to this She has a solid YA following, and I figured there were probably good reasons for that.I didn t merely read this book, I enjoyed it It focuses on four 15 year olds who hit the mall, pine for the eye candy hot guy, and save the world in thr [...]

  29. Bailey, Zo, Annabelle, and Delia were at the mall for one of their routine shopping trips when Delia decided they needed a special accessory for the big dance Stopping at a little booth in the middle of the mall seemed like the perfect place for each girl to find the perfect item Delia, the shopping guru, chose a choker style necklace first Annabelle found a pretty barrette, and Zo found a beautiful crystal that could be slid onto a chain for a nice necklace Finally, Bailey started to look for s [...]

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