Priestess of the White (2022)

[PDF] Priestess of the White | by ✓ Trudi Canavan - Priestess of the White, Priestess of the White In a land on the brink of peace watched jealously by a ruthless cult from across the sea and beset by hidden enemies five extraordinary humans must serve as sword and shield of the Gods Auraya is one [PDF] Priestess of the White | by ✓ Trudi Canavan - Priestess of the White, Priestess of the White In a land on the brink of peace watched jealously by a ruthless cult from across the sea and beset by hidden enemies five extraordinary humans must serve as sword and shield of the Gods Auraya is one
  • Title: Priestess of the White
  • Author: Trudi Canavan
  • ISBN: 9780060815707
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Paperback
Priestess of the White
[PDF] Priestess of the White | by ✓ Trudi Canavan, Priestess of the White, Trudi Canavan, Priestess of the White In a land on the brink of peace watched jealously by a ruthless cult from across the sea and beset by hidden enemies five extraordinary humans must serve as sword and shield of the Gods Auraya is one Her heroism saved a village from destruction now Auraya has been named Priestess of the White The limits of her unique talents must be tested in order to prove her worthyIn a la
  • [PDF] Priestess of the White | by ✓ Trudi Canavan
    294 Trudi Canavan
Priestess of the White

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  1. Okay, I give up I couldn t even finish this one, which is very rare for me and I had less than a hundred pages to go I had put it down one night and have not been able to make myself pick it back up again.I found it to be completely boring, despite the interesting concepts and potential conflicts This book just drug Not much action to move it along Gets bogged down in what seem to be side stories they may come together at the end, I ll never know I liked this authors previous series, so this was [...]

  2. I would have actually given this book 3,5 stars but there s no such scale After reading The Black Magician trilogy I expected this one to be better there was nothing wrong with the style of writing but I wanted something fresh, something new And here I m getting a copy of Canavan s previous novel.The motive of forbidden romance between Sonea and Akkarin is very similar to the one that Auraya and Leiard struggle with Despite the fact that they are featureless most of the characters in this book a [...]

  3. Every time I read this I enjoy it than the last It s truly one of the best fantasy series I ve ever read.

  4. Priestess of the White is the first novel in Trudi Canavan s Age of Five series.Set in a fantastical world where Gods have chosen representatives to do their bidding in the world, this novel mixes magic and religion The leaders of Hania are the White five powerful sorcerers who are guided by their Gods Auraya is the youngest of the White and the novel begins with her joining the Priesthood and her commitment to devote her life to the will of the Gods.It is the Gods will that all of Northern Itha [...]

  5. This is a review for ALL of the books, ie the whole series I started the book about 5 or 6 Months before I finished it, but never got past the first fifty pages I had liked the Black Magician Trilogy, but I thought I didn t like the theme too much in this book Yet, in the end, I think I totally prefer this series to the other There were many positive points in the series It was complex and the plot and the world seemed very well deverloped It had mature themes, which are definitely not too sui [...]

  6. At first I didn t like this book, but the intrigung sub plots and many of the characters hooked me I didn t like the main character as she was a little too Mary Sue ish and the planned romantic entanglement seemed a little too contrived I loved every other character and the world created and that than made up for it This book has strong feminist themes, such as Emmerahl teaching girls to defend herself, or becoming a whore to survive, but with no shame I didn t think this was overbearing, but I [...]

  7. Interesting and with the potential to be betterThe Good Secondary Tertiary Characters Most of the secondary viewpoint characters have some personality that make the story worth reading and some of the tertiary characters are good too Character development is lacking for most characters though Looking forward to from the Hag.Hints There are many hints at history and future of the world enough potential to make continuing the series worth while.The Bad World Building I don t find the world all th [...]

  8. This one I read it rather a short time after the Magicians Guild books and so it took me a bit by surprise how different it was.While the first series is published as YA here in Germany , the second series definitely is not There is a bit of a love plot and some sex scenes in it and of course the main protagonists are older.After I got used to the change I did definitely enjoy the book, though it didn t completely blow me away I liked the main character and definitely wanted to spend some time [...]

  9. Was looking for a new author having exhausted all the ones I know I like Ran across this in the local library I really couldn t get into it The writing was a bit clunky and the plotline seemed fairly standard high fantasy by the time I gave up The world building seemed potentially interesting, but I couldn t bring myself to care enough to keep reading I gather from other comments that this author has interesting works, so I may try another book another time.

  10. This book is well written, inventive and descriptive, but quite boring The story has good foundations, but to me it dragged on endlessly without anything happening And I just couldn t connect to the flawless heroine who set out to become even flawless Although I liked some of the side characters, there were just so many storylines that seemed disjointed from and in conflict with the main plot.

  11. This is just not fun I m having to force myself to finish it I can t even be sure if it s a good book, I m so sick of reading it The plot seems creative, but something about it draaaaaaaags Edit Finally finished it, and still completely unimpressed And after I enjoyed her other trilogy so much, too

  12. 2.5 stars Sooo, while there were some things I liked about this book, it was just too slow and long and unexciting to merit anything higher than a 2 star rating.I mean, I didn t hate it That s why I upped my rating to 2.5 stars, because this was a pretty average book There was nothing I loved, yet there was nothing that I though really problematic.So, the world building wasn t amazing.Trudi Canavan managed to convey the actual geography of the land itself to me, with the help of a map thank good [...]

  13. Edit dropped this rating down from 2.5 to a 1 because it s really not worth anyone s time Why the heck has this been rated so high It s crap, especially compared to her excellent debut trilogy The respect I had for Canavan s writing has largely evaporated I hope this terrible book was simply a dud, and not that the Black Magician trilogy was a fluke.Okay, gripe 1 Plants, animals and vehicles are given totally random names despite being albeit identical to things we have in this world Why Who blo [...]

  14. Teleurstellend Hoewel de wereld en het concept intrigerend waren, zat er echt geen vaart in het verhaal en waren de personages zo vreselijk vlak Het hoofdpersonage, Auraya, had geen enkele diepgang en ik bleef het hele boek lang tevergeefs wachten tot ze zich zou ontplooien tot een cht personage De bedoeling van het boek was wellicht het opbouwen van spanning tot de laatste eindsc ne, maar dit resulteerde slechts in een saaie en ellenlange 500 pagina s aanloop die uitdraaide op een soort van sis [...]

  15. Docela m mrz , e po tak dlouh m odkl d n m B l kn ka zklamala Bylo to a moc pr m rn vzhledem k tomu, jak se mi kdysi l bila Trilogie o ern m m govi i kdy si za n m myslet, e dneska by m nezaujala ani Sonea Kdy jsem u od Trudi Canavan p e etl a te si to mus m zkontrolovat, abych nelhal osmou kn ku, najednou bych dok zal s jistotou jej styl lehce ur it D j je zbyte n moc dlouh , konverzace jsou vla n , pohledy v ech postav jsou v dy stejn P b h, kdy je u moci c rkev, ke kter promlouv p tice boh op [...]

  16. As the first book by this author I have read, I was pleased to enjoy it so much It is pretty much standard fantasy fare, with good and evil represented by two religious creeds that end up going to war over their differences Auraya is the newest White one of the five humans who represent the Gods interests in the world As she begins to learn the skills she ll need to succeed as one of the Immortals, both magical, emotional and diplomatical, she has to face the fact that her people will be going t [...]

  17. I love the Black Magicians Trilogy, so it pains me to review another Trudi Canavan book with a DNF at 66% I like the concept of Priestess, the fragile balance between magic and the power of the gods is quite an original feeling backdrop to me Unfortunately, there are too many disappointments elsewhere After the hundreds of pages I ve read, I still don t have much of a sense of the protagonist, Auraya s personality I don t know what motivates her, what she finds funny, or what distinguishes her f [...]

  18. I was a bit disappointed by this book at first I had LOVED The Black Magician trilogy, and was sad to see that this book couldn t quite live up to the first in that series It was obviously aimed at a younger audience at least the beginning was it did get significantly darker near the end and the characters didn t seem nearly as complex Still, it was good enough to keep me entertained through all 672 pages and I would in no way dis recommend it I d just tell people to read the other trilogy inste [...]

  19. Es ist schon eine ganze Weile her, dass ich es gelesen habe und damals hab ich es sehr geliebt Ich kann mir vorstellen, dass es f r j ngere Leser ein wenig berraschender ist als f r mich, aber ich mag einfach Trudi Canavans Art Welten zu erschaffen.Die Welt und das magische System sind eher schlicht kein Meisterwerk, aber trotzdem berzeugen sie und man f hlt sich wohl Ich liebe vor allem die Traumweber und finde den religi sen Konflikt sehr interessant Die unterschiedlichen Perspektiven sind gut [...]

  20. Ich muss sagen, ich habe dieses Buch wirklich genossen Es kam am Anfang nicht sehr schnell voran, aber auch das fand ich sch n Es ist wirklich gut geschrieben und man bekommt so viel von der Welt geboten, das ich es schon fast schade fand, als es dann doch zu mehr Action kam Sehr spannend zu lesen fand ich auch die unterschiedlichen Blickwinkel die durch die Erz hlung geboten werden Auch das hat mir wirklich gut gefallen Obwohl es das erste Buch einer Trilogie ist, finde ich, dass es einen sch n [...]

  21. Fand ich gut, aber bisher nicht ganz so ansprechend wie die Soneareihe Vielleicht habe ich auch gerade zu viele B cher von Trudi Canavan hintereinander gelesen und verliere langsam die Lust an ihrer Standardformel intelligenter, weiblicher Hauptcharakter, der im Laufe der Geschichte immer st rker wird Ich lese aber auf jeden Fall noch den Rest der Triologie und bin gespannt, was da noch passiert.

  22. The Priestess in White is an interesting story, I picked it up mainly because I enjoyed Canavans previous Trilogy It is an intriguing storyline with the potential of being very good, and involves a good cast of characters across different species The story is told from the perspective of Auraya a priestess who is chosen to become on of the White, a priestess who is blesses with extraordinary powers from the gods But trouble is brewing from the south and the White must rely on all their knowledge [...]

  23. Things I like in this book 1 a heroine who is magically gifted, idealistic, and, while embroiled in a romance, NOT rendered catatonic by a broken heart 2 plenty of interesting and important supporting female characters, some of whom actually befriend and help each other something that her earlier and lauded series, The Black Magician Trilogy, conspicuously lacked 3 a sympathetically portrayed female authority figure Speaker Sirri of the Siyee 4 an intriguing religious conflict Circlians vs Drea [...]

  24. When I first started reading the book I decided that it wasn t for me with all the confusing names and changing points of view every other page There was also the completely fantastical creatures and people that were pretty unbelievable But something kept me reading I don t know what but I was intrigued about what was going to happen It was only once I got about three quarters of the way through that I was enjoying the book and could really relate to the main character s of Auraya and Tryss The [...]

  25. Judging from what I d heard I wasn t sure I d enjoy Priestess of the White, but oddly enough I ended up hooked Initially the POV shifts were jarring but once I got into the flow I found it exciting each of the recurring characters stories were compelling enough to carry a book on their own, it was like reading four or five interwoven books in one I ended up attached to them all, Emerahl the reclusive sorceress and the winged Siyee Tryss in particular.Canavan s created her own fictional setting a [...]

  26. Caution, some slight spoilers, but nothing too serious PI wish i could give this book four and half stars, becaus it really was amazng, but because it took so long for me to get into it i think thats why i can only give it four stars rather than five I loved it, but the beginning is awful No wonder the majority of people on here give up after the first few chapters, but it gets better i promise I loved Tryss character the most, and still dont really understand where Emerahl comes into all of thi [...]

  27. First Read, 2014While a tad slow and scattered at the beginning, I was thoroughly involved and enjoying the story as I read further on Despite criticisms I ve read of this series, I find Priestess of the White a strong beginning to a high fantasy trilogy with interesting races, animals, magic, and Gods.Second Read, 2015 After reading this book a second time, I really can t figure out why I only gave this book four stars the first time While this book can be slow, filled with world building infor [...]

  28. I first read the Priestess of the White when I was nine, and despite the fact that it was a hardcore fantasy book, it held my attention, prone to straying as it was For it to be able to do that then means that I can t stop reading it now I love the way everyone has so much common sense, something that I don t really have but think is nice.Auraya is so funny and strong, Leiard Mirar so amusing in their mental arguments Tryss is a babe, but it was always Mischief I loved the most How amazing would [...]

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